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$10,000,000 Challenge

2 weekends to make $10,000,000 in cash, in GTA Online... Solo

Our expert guide will walk you through everything you need to know to become a GTA Online millionaire, including key strategies for maximizing your profits and building your empire. With our step-by-step instructions and insider tips, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your financial goals in no time.

Win the Account!

At the end of the series, we’ll give away the fully-loaded $10,000,000 account to one lucky punter. Find out how to enter…

Stock Market

2023 Update to the Story Mode Stock Market Guides have dropped!

Done Lester's Payphone Hits already? On an older console, or otherwise offline?

Weekly Updates

GTA Discounts Today 16 March 2023. What to buy in GTA online

16 March 2023: Buyers Guide

Taking a bit more of a deep dive into what’s worth purchasing, from the Vehicle, property, and even weapon discounts, this week (Thursday, 23 February 2023) in #gtaonline #gta5online #gtaweekdiscount #gtaweeklyupdate #gta5 #gtav

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Story Mode

If you’re new to Grand Theft Auto 5’s Story Mode, or just need a bit of a hand getting past a partiuclar mission, Old Grumpy Gamers has you covered.


If you’re new to Grand Theft Auto Onlnie, or just need a bit of a hand getting past a partiuclar mission, Old Grumpy Gamers has you covered.

Recent DLC

Los Santos Drug Wars

Los Santos Drug Wars

Kick it with Dax, Luchidora and the rest of the Troupe at the Freakshop. With a new property, new vehicles and a free weapons workshop

Criminal Enterprises

Avery might be gone, but Clifford certainly isn't. Join ULP and unravel the mystery behind the soaring fuel prices in Los Santos. Greed, corruption, assassination.

The Contract

Franklin's set up shop, grabbed a bed for Chop and is helping the rich, famous, and infamous deal with their problems, in classic Clinton style.

Cars & Custons

The Old Grumpy Gamer team and community love to tinker with the Rockstar Editor’s photo modes.

Latest Shorts


Updates, news, offers, additional entries to giveaways and an extra flair on the Old Grumpy Gamers Discord