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16 Sept 2018: 1,000 Sub Shark Card Giveaway

Old Grumpy Gamer is giving away a Bull Shark Cash Card worth 500,000 in-game dollars for Grand Theft Auto Online. Enter by commenting on any of their videos with the hashtag: OG&E First Down. Open to all platforms and countries. Winner announced when they reach 1000 subscribers.
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Win a GTA 5 Shark Card with Old Grumpy Gamer!

Old Grumpy Gamer is excited to announce our first milestone competition! As a brand new channel with only 300 subscribers, we are giving one lucky winner a Grand Theft Auto 5 Shark Card with 500,000 in-game dollars once we hit 1,000 subscribers.

Why a GTA 5 Shark Card? Well, we wanted to make sure that the prize was something tangible and not just another giveaway that might not pay off. By giving away a cash card, we can guarantee that the winner will receive their prize without any hassle or delay.

How to Enter

To enter, all you need to do is comment on any one of our videos with the hashtag #OGEGiveaway. It’s that simple! We welcome all comments and feedback, and we look forward to engaging in discussion and finding out what you want to see from us.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on Xbox or PC, or which country you’re in – we’ll purchase the card and give it to your account so you can enjoy spending your in-game dollars however you like!

Don’t miss your chance to win a GTA 5 Shark Card with Old Grumpy Gamer. Like, subscribe, and comment on our videos using the hashtag #OGEGiveaway to enter. Good luck!

hi I’m welcome back to the channel my
name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer
while the blooper reel running in the
background there I’m super stoked to be
able to announce our first milestone
competition as you know old grumpy game
is is a brand new channel we’ve only got
about 300 subscribers at the time this
video is reported what we’d like to do
is give one lucky calm into a shark card
for using 50,000 sighs so we’re giving
away a bull shark cash card that’s the
Grand Theft Auto online cash card for
500,000 units I’m sorry
in-game dolls I will be doing that as
soon as we hit a thousand subscribers
and we’ll be using a cash card from GTA
so that means that we can purchase the
card and give that to your account it
doesn’t matter whether you’re on Xbox or
Pierce for PC it doesn’t matter which
country you’re in we’ll be able to
purchase that and give that cut away to
you now we decided to go with a cash
card rather than something like an Xbox
or a ps4 simply because they’ve been on
lot of other tubers who claim to be
giving away things we don’t necessarily
follow through so we thought a good idea
to be able to give something to one
lucky winner
that these in fact tangible to me no
waiting no so to enter all you need to
do is comment on any one of the videos
that we have posted up the time we’ve
the 7000 subscribers
using the hashtags OG&E first down Oh
Gigi first down and that way we know
you’ve entered ok well that’s it for
bloopers and fun stuff for this week we
look forward to having you enter a
competition please like subscribe and
comment as much as your we’re really
keen as we reach out to get feedback to
engage in discussion and find out what
you want to see from us so please leave
comments below thank you very much

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