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We Have a Winner! Shark Card Giveaway (July 2020)

We announced earlier in June 2020, that we'd be giving away a Great White Shark Card for Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA Online / GTAV); on the first of June 2020. To be eligible, all you had to do was jump on to the oldgrumpygamers.com website, and fill out the form.
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We’ve had a pretty lean response to the Shark Card Giveaway, this time around; but the team at Old Grumpy Gamers are genuinely stoked to see those that participated, jumping in with both feet.

This was drawn at stupid o’ clock in the morning, Greenwich Summer Time, on Wednesday July first 2020. Watch the video to see if you’re the winner.

If you’ve missed out on the Shark Card Giveaway this time, it’s OK, we’ll be doing this again when we hit our milestone of 5000 subscribers.

To enter the next giveaway for a Grand Theft Auto 5 / GTA Online Great White Shark Card, you’ll need to follow the instructions near the end of this video.

Know any neat mods we could use to do a bit more exploration in Lost Santos, or North Yankton? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

Hi and welcome back to the channel my name is Dan, and I’m an Old Grumpy Gamer
this video is the announcement for the winner of our July 20 20 grand theft
auto online at shark card giveaway watch until the end to see how to enter the
next milestone as it’s a little different this time round if you’re new
to the channel we do how-to guides news and giveaways so if you’d like to stay
up to date click that subscribe button and ring the bell
and if you’re feeling generous click that like button too it really helped us
out we announced earlier in June 2020 that we’d be giving away a great white
shark card on the first of July 2020 to be eligible all you had to do was follow
us at all grumpy gamers then add us in a tweet with the hashtag GTA cat we’ve had
a pretty lean response this time around but I am genuinely stoked to see those
that participated jump in with both feet and as I’ve mentioned before I’m a
software engineer so I’ve written do note that grabs a list of entrance and
then picks one at random to get the prize so let’s run the program while
that’s running note the time and date this is being drawn at us do you put a
clock in the morning breeze summer time on Wednesday first of July 2020 okay it
looks like the list of entrance has been loaded in so now it’s picking a random
winner and congratulations to Andrew if you’ve missed out this time it’s okay
we’ll be doing this again when we get 5,000 subscribers to enter the next
giveaway for a grand theft auto 5 online great white shark card you’ll need to
subscribe to old grumpy gamers bring that notification belt and leave a like
and a comment on any video between now and when we hit 5,000 subscribers
including this one if you’ve missed out on a giveaway or just can’t wait for the
next one head on over to old grumpy Gamescom slash offers for cheap shark
cards games and other stuff thanks for watching it’s been an absolute pleasure
having you if you like what you’re seeing with that like button below it’ll
really help us out and if you’re new to the channel don’t forget to hit that
subscribe and that notification button stay safe
wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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