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GTA Online Arcade Business Review: Costs, ROI, Fees & QOL

In this comprehensive GTA Online #ArcadeBusiness guide, we deep-dive into everything you need to know about purchasing, unlocking, and maximizing your profits from the Retro Arcade. From the fun and lucrative Heist feature, selection of arcade machines, to essential pro-tips for achieving the best ROI, this video serves as a vital resource for GTA enthusiasts seeking to make the most out of their in-game investments. #GTAGuide #GTAOnlineArcade #GamingROI GTA Online Arcade Business Review: Costs, ROI, Fees & QOL
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Welcome to the Retro Arcade Business in the world of GTA Online. From purchasing options to potential earnings, this video does a deep dive into everything you need to know about this dynamic world. So whether you’re a veteran CEO, MC President, VIP or a newbie trying your luck in Los Santos, this guide ensures you maximize your ROI in your Arcade business.

We kick off the review by exploring the reasons you’d consider the Arcade in your tactical arsenal. The Retro Arcade is not just another add-on, or a mere location in the games map. It’s your gateway to the elusive Diamond Casino Heist, and serves as a way unlock new features such as drones to zip around Los Santos, or the Master Control Centre (MCC) which virtually makes you omnipotent in the world of GTA Online. For those of you wanting peace and decent earnings, there’s the comforting appeal of genuinely passive income. Each business aspect, whether it’s earnings, purchases, or ROI, is covered in-depth, shedding light on potential strategies to help maximize your gaming work-life balance.

As you move forward on your journey with GTA Online and the Retro Arcade, you’ll notice a money and purchase correlation. From choosing your Arcade’s base, be it Pixel Pete’s or Videogeddon, to planning your budgets for future upgrades, decoration costs, vehicle or drone storage, or simply purchasing machines to boost income. The review clearly breaks down all the costs associated with the Arcade business, from initial purchase fees to daily maintenance costs, from the Maze Bank Foreclosures website right up to final garage space and trims. So, while deciding to buy your very own Retro Arcade comes with its own excitement, it’s useful to remember that the business end of the additional purchase and fees associated with the games, locations, floors, or trims, can directly affect your hourly earnings and bonuses.

Exploring setups and prep options for the Diamond Casino Heist is also a key feature of this review. With every stage of unlocking the heist explained, our detailed guide traverses through all the fine-print to enable you ride out this adrenaline pumping adventure unscathed. We dissect the potential strategies, the varying missions, the myriad setup options, and even offer a sneak-peek to expected payouts. The Retro Arcade is not just another business avenue for CEOs, MC Presidents, and VIPs, it is your gateway to the thrilling heist that is bound to keep you coming back for more.

The video similarly deep-dives into Arcade upgrades to ensure your QOL (Quality of Life) remains top-notch in the games. Featuring drone addons and the all-powerful MCC, these allow you a sense of omnipresence in Los Santos, coupled with a unique, slightly malicious fun of drone trolling. Finally, we also comb through passive income avenues like buying machines, and some behind-the-scene numbers to help you understand their contribution to your steady stream of earnings.

well there’s been a few changes to GTA
online recently so it’s probably about
time to review the retro arcade again
and see if it’s still worth the
effort my name is Dan and I’m an old
grumpy gamer we’ve got a lot of ground
to cover here this is one of the biggest
updates GTA online had seen in a while
and there’s a lot to take in so we’ll
break this down into chapters with time
stamps in the description below we’ll be
going through wired want an arcade
purchasing options earnings and return
on investment unlocks and purchases the
Diamond Casino heists quality of life
updates arcade machines and a few Pro
tips so first things first why on Earth
would you want to buy an arcade well
business aside there are four main
reasons access to the Diamond Casino
Heist you’ll need the arcade to unlock
this set of heist which will earn you
around $6 million for your first run
through and north of 2. 1 million per
subsequent Heist Run Access to drones
with the Drone controller add-on you and
up to three of your mates can zip around
Los Santos with drones wreaking havoc
wherever you go which is great for
trolling Griefers and KD Warriors The
Master Control Center which allows you
to control more or less every other type
of business in GTA this is fantastic for
resupplies and quickly checking the
status of your other businesses in GTA
Online genuinely passive income and this
one more or less speaks for itself a
fully kitted arcade will net you around
5 grand per in-game day or around
$6,250 per real world hour on the real
money side of things the arcade business
is similar to the high-end apartments I
mean there’s some passive component to
it don’t get me wrong but the real money
is in the heists and you can’t do them
solo but if you have at least one mate
you kick around with regularly there’s a
reasonable amount of cash to be made
don’t get me wrong it’s not agency money
but it sure beats flea so with that in
mind playing with a single experienced
friend and after a few rounds of the
heist so you get your head around the
preps the potential earnings are around
a million per hour more on diamond or
special event weeks of course that also
really depends on your experience so
don’t quote me okay so let’s talk budget
to do anything meaningful in the AR
business you need to be a VIP motorcycle
club president or a CEO since VIPs no
longer have the restrictions they used
to you no longer need to purchase an MC
or an office so that’s a win once
unlocked you can purchase your arcade
through maze bank foreclosures the
website on your phone and we have six
options to choose from oh and don’t
worry about the prices on screen I
picked these up during an event week
pixel pets in Blaine County at
$11.23 million W durama also in Blain
County for 1 and2 million video geddon
in L Mesa at 1,800 175 Grand the
warehouse in Davis at
2,135 Grand insert coin in Rockford
Hills at
2,345 th000 and 8 bit in Vinewood at
2,530 th000 each of them has the same
capacity and Facilities 10 Vehicles four
drones 14 games and a safe there’s no
difference there nor is there any
difference in passive income making the
only real difference travel distance and
budget if you’re planning on grinding
the high slot then recommend grabbing
videoon which is the closest to the
casino at about 2 minutes drive and
that’s the one I’ve ended up going with
next we have some upgrades starting with
the decor you can change the floor and
trim there’s a free version but you can
spend up to 470,000 if you want to get
really fancy while you’re there you can
also tweak the mural there’s a few
different options available again you
can leave it as it comes at no
additional cost or you can spend up to
107,000 on the fancier aesthetic for the
trim and markings on the arcade floor
you have a few options as well starting
with the free one and working our way
through the different signs right up to
the really fancy number one for around
165,000 the next aesthetic upgrade is
the neon art again there’s a free option
but if you’re feeling flush you can step
it up a notch with the top option
setting you back
$320,000 and finally you can also add a
high schore screen it adds absolutely
nothing to the business but it’s a cute
Flex at 295 grand for functional
upgrades you can go and grab the garage
at 215,000 which allows you to store up
to 10 regular is vehicles and finally
you can also add a personal quarters
from 150,000 so you can sport in at the
arcade this is really handy if you have
most of your other properties on the
other side of the map as it can save you
a lot of time if you’re wondering about
the Drone station Master Control station
and the arcade machines we’ll get to
them in a few moments but they’re 1,
1,740 40,000 and up to
5,1 1285 respectively once you’ve
actually purchased the property the
expenses keep mounting too in addition
to the actual arcade you’ll need to
eventually purchase machines right so
that’s it for the actual expenses
there’s really a minimum spend of
1,235 th000 but if you can budget
10,600 you’ll get closer to the casino
and we’ll also get the machines drones
Master Control Center personal quarters
and the
garage ouch but at least the daily fees
aren’t too bad at only 500 per day plus
an additional $50 if you have the garage
and with that in mind assuming you don’t
go nuts on the arcade machines you’ll
likely make your money back in the first
round of heist which will let you and
your teammate around $3 million each
including first time bonuses it’s about
6 million total and it will take you
around 6 to 10 hours to complete
depending on skill level so it’s still
not Dr money but with the drones the
additional garage space the master
control station and a modest passive
income it’s still worth the cash in my
handable opinion okay to get rolling
with this one you’ll have to start by
catching up with Leicester head over to
the L on the map when you’re ready and
that will trigger a cut scene after that
head somewhere safe and purchase your
arcade once you’ve made your purchase
head over to the new facility and head
on in you’ll get a fun cut scene with
Jimmy Wendy and Lester as well as a bit
of a briefing on how the arkade works
once that’s done head over to the
computer make sure you’re a VIP or CEO
then sit down and log in you’ll be
presented with a single option start
click the button and you’ll immediately
be booted back to the lobby and Lester
will start chatting with you presumably
through an earpiece listen to it
carefully it’s important once Lester’s
finished banging on head to the marker
on the map and once you’re there Lester
will give you someone to chase down
after you found them take out the driver
do not blow up the truck jump in fend
off any idiots and then drive the truck
back to the arcade and park it around
the rear of the building once that’s
done you’ll be dropped back out of the
arcade wait a few moments and you’ll get
an uh interesting call from Young it’s
weird but still worth listening to and
after a few moments you get another
message from Lester head back to the
arcade and you’ll get the next cut scene
as bler does he will take you through a
few options for the heist there’s a bit
of back and forth but the upshot is we
have three core approaches aggressive
the big con and silent and sneaky once
Lester’s finished bangging on you’ll be
dropped into the arcade basement and be
presented with the Whiteboard and your
first scope out Mission this is to start
the Diamond Casino Heist and it’s a fair
bit of fun I won’t go through the setups
for all the actual job in this video but
there are links to comprehensive guides
in the description below the next thing
we can do budget allowing is to set up
the additional bits and pieces for the
arcade again this is separate to the
heist to do this head to the notebook at
the table in the basement or the one in
your office make sure you you’re an MC
president CEO or VIP then sit down and
log into the computer starting with the
quality of life tweaks first click the
upgrades button at the top of the screen
again budget allowing we have two
options at a whopping
$1,740 th000 we have the master control
station this is fantastic if you also
run other biker businesses CEO
businesses or a nightclub because it
allows you to set up Supply missions and
keep an eye on stock levels you you can
also use it for sell missions but that’s
kind of silly so don’t do that if you’re
so inclined the Drone station at
1,460 Grand will allow you to fly drones
all over the local area and it will also
give you access to the Nano drone in
free mode for the uninitiated drones are
equipped with a taser and explode on
command they’re great for getting to
trolls in those hard to- reach places
and for the passive earning side of the
business click on the arcade games
button at the top of the screen you’ll
notice you already have a couple couple
of machines that come with the arcade
and out of the box you bring in around
$3,000 per hour and honestly that’s not
bad for doing literally nothing as
budget allows you can purchase
individual games to fill out your arcade
once you’ve purchased every machine in
the arcade at a total cost of just under
5,130 th000 you’ll bring in around 6,000
per hour doing the figures purchasing
each additional machine will bring you
an additional 3,000 per hour that means
we’re looking at roughly
1,710 hours of in-game time to hit break
even that is a lot of hours to give you
some perspective if you played GTA
online as your fulltime job that’s 40
hours per week it would still take you
10 months to recoup your cash so the
machines are a great aesthetic and a
nice flex but they are not a great
financial investment okay Pro tips first
up like most businesses if you’re
registered as some sort of manager
that’s either a CEO VIP or MC president
the game assumes your actively running
your business and that means they can be
open to raids and attacks if you’re not
actively working your business and
you’re not doing something that
expressly requires you to be registered
as a CEO VIP or MC president then you
should resign this will significantly
reduce the chance of having stock stolen
or otherwise destroyed while you’re not
actively working the arcade same goes
for almost every other type of business
too if you’re not actively working
something resign your post as a VIP CEO
or MC president next up the master
control center so the pro tip here is to
use it for acquisition missions but not
sale missions if you’re going to steal
supplies you need to Source cargo or an
export vehicle the master control center
is a super quick way to do it but do not
start sell missions from here it just
adds unnecessary time and stress as
you’ll still need to make your way to
the goods before you start now if you
also have a nightclub one of the easiest
ways to maintain popularity is to change
your resident DJ regularly if you do
this from the PC and your nightclub
you’ll be subjected to a 30-second
unskippable cut scene then dumped onto
the nightclub’s dance floor if you want
to go back to the office there’s another
30 to 45 seconds of navigating the crowd
which is fine on its own but if you want
to change the resident DJ four or five
times in a row to Max your popularity it
can get really tedious if you do this
from the master control center there’s
no cut scene and no booting you can
simply back out and then enter the
nightclub management console again so
instead of it taking about 5 minutes to
bump your nightclub’s popularity it
takes about 30 seconds and finally
afking is a great way to grind out some
of those hours for purely passive income
if you’ve not heard of the term before
AFK means a way from keyboard which is
the practice of keeping the game open
without actually participating in it now
the more experienced of you will know
that after about 13 minutes of
inactivity Rockstar will terminate your
session and boot you from online but
there’s a way around it if you have an
LS car meet membership which you can get
for 50 Grand you can head to the test
track once you’re in simply reverse back
out and as you head back up the ramp
you’ll be dropped into an action menu
when that’s popped up just do nothing
just leave your PC or your console on
that screen and your session won’t
terminate my standing record for afking
this way is around 2 days straight and
if you don’t have an LS car meet
membership you can do something similar
at the casino head to the ground floor
entrance hop out of your vehicle return
it to storage and walk into the front
door you’ll get this interrupt screen
asking where you want to go just leave
it there and you won’t be booted and
that’s it thanks for watching stay safe
wash your hands we’ll see you in the

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