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GTA Online: Bravado Dorado Customizations

GTA Online: Bravado Dorado Customizations is an insightful view into the features and performance of the fresh Bravado Dorado from the December 2023 GTA Online DLC, the Chop Shop DLC. This video provides an in-depth walk-through of customization options and evaluates its off-roading capabilities.
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GTA Online: Bravado Dorado Customizations

Dive into the world of virtual automotive re-defining in this latest GTA online installment. The video explores each customizable aspect of the stunning #BravadoDorado, the newest addition to the Grand Theft Auto universe. Born from the Chop Shop DLC of GTA, the Bravado Dorado is a dynamic 4-speed, all-wheel-drive SUV, with a passport to accommodate up to four passengers. This robust beast, inspired by the first-generation Dodge Durango, is draped with a price tag that reads $1,375,000.

As customizing is an art in #GTA, the video takes a trip to LS Customs to dive into the heap of available sculpting options for the Dorado. With a good selection of arch covers, armors and brakes that adhere to the standard setup, and a list of robust bull bars, the video gives an exclusive look at the beauty of #GTABravadoDorado. Moving on to the bumpers, the options, although not excessively ample, fit the charismatic vehicle nicely.

Watch the #BravadoDoradoSUV metamorphose as the video explores exhausts, grilles, hood options, and the masterpiece of the piece – liveries. The liveries offer classic racing stripes, complete and partial wraps paired with inventive designs, all of which notably amplify the vehicle’s appeal.

One of the peaks is the Respray section where the combination of pearlescent and liveries opens the door to unique looks. The video doesn’t fail to skim through other features, including roof accessories, spoilers, the detailed suspension, the turbo, and the wheels.

Closing the customizing chapter, we step into the Dorado’s terrain performance metrics as it hits the beach. Its smooth acceleration, effective brakes, and noticeable bark make it stand out from the other all-wheel drives in the #GTAOnlineChopShopDLC. A true machine, the #DoradoGTA is an off-roading maestro, climbing mountains and going down the gullies with grandeur.

With a reasonable suspension travel, this car is more than a beach drone; it’s made for the grittier paths illuminated by the working light bar and spotlights. If this video doesn’t awaken the virtual auto geek in #GTAV players, nothing will.

Join the exploration of each angle and enhancement, and watch the raw #BravadoDoradoCustomization experience come to life right before your eyes in the world of #GrandTheftAutoOnline.

Watch the #GTADoradoOffRoadingReview to see how the Lampadati Dorado fares against its spectacular counterpart. Explore the universe of #GTAVBravadoDorado, and add another powerful vehicle to your #GTA5Online collection.

In this digital tour, Rockstar Games has truly outdone itself with the Bravado Dorado. Watch the video, experience the quality, and ultimately, unravel the new era of excellence in #GTAOnline. This car puts forth an inspiring performance, making every gamer excited for what’s coming next in the unparalleled world of #GTA Grand Theft Auto.

the bravado Dorado has just dropped in the December 2023 GTA online DLC The Chop
Shop my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer the bravado Dorado which is an all-wheel drive
four-speed SUV can accommodate up to four people including the driver and this beauty is priced at
1, 375,000 it’s originally based on the first generation Dodge Durango the Dorado are pretty
pretty good tribute to its real life inspiration to be honest right into LS Customs to explore
the customization options and there’s a pretty respectable selection to sift through here Arch
covers few options armor and brakes follow all the standard stuff ball bars up next and we’re
presented with several choices some really good chunky boys here moving on to the front bumper
not huge range but the available ones fit the vehicle nicely and the rear bumper options are in
the same boat not extensive but fitting engine is standard EMS so we’ll skip past that exhausts are
coming up and there are a couple of noteworthy ones here a mix of robust and uninspiring but
on the whole fairly decent front fenders a bit unexpected and honestly not terribly impressive
they’re a bit lackluster checking out the grills nothing groundbreaking but nothing disappointing
either Some solid craftsmanship on display onto the hood options not the largest selection but
they complement the vehicle and aren’t overly showy and the highlight iies there are some
real standouts here classic racing stripes in different designs complete and partial wraps
along with a few pretty intense choices these are all yeah quite appealing I’m genuinely impressed
time for respray and this is all pretty standard nothing out of the ordinary but it’s fun to mix
the pearls with the liveries for um some unique looks heading to the roof accessories and there’s
a good range to choose from but nothing that really stands out spoilers are next and the
choices are okay nothing outstanding not poor either includes the standard low profile some
unusual shapes and of course the Riser stuff suspension now typically I wouldn’t worry
about this but again the camber on these at the lower levels is pretty neat transmission is just
standard so it’s turbo Wheels coming up and it’s got to be mudslingers they’ve got to be the way
to go here and to wrap it up bit of window 10 right and there we have it a fully customized
Dorado all set to hit the beach now I don’t think this is what it’s for I kind of feel this
is more of a beach coma but let’s do a little but off-roading to see how capable it is and yeah it
looks good uh the light bar works and so do the spotties so nice work Rockstar and off we go so
this feels pretty capable I don’t think I’ll be doing any bouldering in it but it’s up and down
the mountains reasonably well has good grip good clearance and seems to hold its own heading down
the gals there’s reasonable suspension travel too and it’s animated quite nicely the engine
has a bit of a bark and the backfire has a nice pop to it most of the other all-wheel drives in
this deal see quite muted and laidback but this one not so much acceleration on the soft stuff
is pretty good and the upgraded brakes are effective without being too dramatic yeah I
really like this one and will definitely add it to the collection nice work Rockstar nice work
and that’s it thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next

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