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Learn about the benefits of owning a bunker in GTA 5 online, from unlocking the coolest gear to making serious money. Upgrade your business and research new weaponry and vehicle upgrades. Budget around 6 million for the best setup and always have armor, heavy weapons, and missiles on hand for missions.
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GTA Bunker Guide: Beginner’s Guide to Making Money Solo

In this GTA Bunker Guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know to get started with your bunker in GTA 5 Online. Whether you’re looking to unlock some of the coolest kit in the game, or make some serious coin solo, we’ve got you covered.

Why You Need a Bunker in GTA 5 Online

While the Bunker is not the most lucrative business in the game, it does come with some major advantages. For starters, you’ll need a Bunker to purchase a Mobile Operation Center (MOC), which will enable you to upgrade weapons and customize weaponized vehicles. Moreover, the Bunker allows you to research weapon and vehicle upgrades, including night vision scopes, thermal scopes, 50 cal vehicle weapons, and special libraries. Finally, if you have a Nightclub, the Bunker ties in nicely with it to provide you with another stream of income.

Getting Started with Your Bunker in GTA 5 Online

Before diving into your Bunker business in GTA Online, you’ll need to be a CEO. To do so, you need to purchase a CEO’s office, the cheapest of which is Maze Bank West at $1 million. Once you have a CEO’s office, you can purchase a Bunker. While you can go for the cheapest Bunker in Paleto Forest at $1.1 million, it’s better to go for the Farmhouse Bunker at $2.3 million. This way, you can avoid spending unnecessary time on selling missions. To maximize your Bunker, it’s recommended to budget around $6 million.

Additionally, you can purchase cosmetic upgrades like personal quarters, a shooting range, or an optional gun locker. The daily fee for the Bunker is around $4,000, depending on the upgrades you have added.

How to Use Your Bunker in GTA 5 Online

To do anything meaningful in your Bunker, you need to log in to your computer and carry out setup missions. You can concentrate on manufacturing or research or split your efforts between both. Stick to manufacturing if you’re looking to make money. Alternatively, set your focus on research only, especially if you want specific upgrades. The research requires supplies and staff assigned. Once the research bar maxes out, you can jump into the Bunker computer and check out what you’ve unlocked. If you have the cash or want to fast-track the research to get a particular item, you can do so at a cost of $225,000.

The Bunker missions can be challenging, so make sure to have full armor, a grenade launcher, a heavy machine gun, an up an atomizer, and homing missiles before embarking on them. When selling stock, choose the option that gives you the highest return. While solo playing, keep your stock level under control to avoid relaying between two vehicles.

How to Sell Supplies in GTA 5 Bunker Solo

You can either purchase supplies for up to $75,000 or steal them. If you opt to steal, each run takes between six and ten minutes, but you’ll make more money. However, resupplying will require you to do three separate theft missions. Alternatively, you can pay cash for supplies to top-up your inventory.

If you want to go AFK while in production, remember to resign from your CEO position to reduce the chance of being robbed or attacked. Consider upgrading the facilities, staff, and security to increase production speed and efficiency and reduce the chance of being ripped off or rated.


The Bunker in GTA 5 Online has its advantages, such as unlocking vehicle and weapon upgrades and providing an additional stream of income if you have a Nightclub. While it’s not the most lucrative business in the game, you can earn around $89,000 per hour, depending on caveats. To maximize the potential of your Bunker, make sure to research and manufacture, or focus on either depending on your aim. Always be fully stocked up before starting the selling mission in GTA 5 Bunker solo guide.

hi in this video we’re going through why you need a bunker in gta 5 online
what you’ll need to get started how to unlock some of the coolest kit
in the game and most importantly how to make some serious coin solo
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto is a truly massive
game between gta 5 and the constant updates from rockstar for gta online there’s no shortage of new
content and interesting things to do join me then as we go through the quick start beginner’s guide
to the bunker in gta 5 online before we dive in if you’re new to the channel we do how-to guides
news and giveaways so consider subscribing and ring the bell to stay up to date diving into your
first business in a gta online can be a little intimidating and there’s not a lot of information
from official sources on the prerequisites or what to expect so that’s what we’re covering here so
let’s answer the big question first how much money can you make with the bunker in gta 5 online in
short it’s up to about 89 000 an hour according to reddit user i’m on reddit wow and possibly a bit
more on special event weeks but that comes with some caveats so why even bother with a bunker well
it’s mainly the unlocks it upgrades sure there’s a business component to it and you can make some
decent money but the major advantage is what other things you’ll get with the bunker for starters you
need a bunker to be able to purchase a mobile operation center or an moc and with an moc
you can get a weapons workshop to upgrade mark ii weapons and a vehicle workshop to upgrade and
customize weaponized vehicles like the insurgent the deluxo the scramjet and the mark ii oppressor
the next reason and arguably the most important is you can research weapon and vehicle upgrades
it takes a while and it costs a bit of money but this is how you can get the night vision scopes
thermal scopes 50 cal vehicle weapons and access to special libraries and finally the business
element it’s not the best earner in the game but it’s reasonably straightforward to run and ties
in nicely with the nightclub if you have one so first things first do anything meaningful
in your bunker you need to be a ceo and to do that you need a ceo’s office the cheapest one is maze
bank west at a million dollars don’t worry about the upgrades you can renovate this later just grab
the cheapest one to start with once that’s done you can purchase a bunker now you can go for the
cheapest one in polito forest at one million one hundred and sixty-five thousand but it’s really
out of the way and will add time that you don’t have to sell missions instead i recommend saving
a bit more and going for the farmhouse bunker at two million three hundred and seventy five
thousand now you can spend a bit more and grab some cosmetic upgrades if you like you can also
add personal quarters so you can spawn in at your bunker there’s an optional shooting range which
is nice and if you’re feeling flush the optional gun locker allows you to customize your loadout if
you’re feeling really catched up you can grab one of these caddies too they’re wholly unnecessary
but a bit of fun next up to do anything really useful with your research you’ll need that moc
with a few upgrades the moc itself will set you back one million two hundred and twenty five
thousand you’ll also need the vehicle and weapons workshop at a minimum which is an additional
nine hundred and ninety five thousand right so that’s your starting point an absolute minimum of
two million one hundred and sixty five thousand including your ceo’s office but you’re much better
off budgeting around 6 million to get the most use out of the facility oh and i should mention
the daily fee for the bunker is around 4 000 at the time of recording if you have the upgrades
now if you’re looking for sheer profit per hour as a solo player as opposed to expressly starting
on the bunker and you have this kind of cash then you’re much better off grabbing a casatka
and grinding kaio that’s way more profitable than a bunker but i digress next up let’s
go through the setup missions make sure you’ve registered as a ceo and head to the bunker then
find the laptop on your desk and log in you’ll only see one option at the top left
click it and you’ll be booted back into the lobby i picked a pretty ordinary time to do this
snow plus night driving isn’t great and the dune loader isn’t exactly known for its handling either
the setup mission will take you through your first supply run just follow the prompts on the
screen to collect your first round of goods then head back to the bunker where you’ll get another
briefing after that it’s time to head back over to the computer and set up the rest of the business
once you’ve logged back in you’ll be presented with a more fleshed out menu let’s jump straight
to staff you have three distinct options here you can concentrate on manufacturing concentrate on
research or you can split your efforts between both if you’re only here to make money then sync
all of your efforts into manufacturing if you don’t care about the bunker paying for itself
then set this to research only for me i wanted to split my efforts it slows down the manufacturing
and research but that suits me and we’ll get to why in a few moments next is the resupply when
that’s available you have two options here you can either purchase supplies for up to 75 000
or you can steal supplies if you opt to steal each run nets you one third of what you need and
will take between six and ten minutes to complete that means to completely restock you’ll need to do
three separate theft missions which is going to take you between 20 and 30 minutes you’ll
definitely make more money this way but it’s a lot of work so i tend to pay the cash so i
can keep plotting with other things in the game you can also do a partial purchase too so if you
want to afk for a while or you’ve got to do some other stuff you can top up your supplies even if
you’re not completely depleted and that’ll be just a little bit cheaper next is the research arguably
the most important part of this business from here you can start the next round of research
unfortunately you can’t pick what you’re going to research only that you want to research if
you have the staff assigned and supplies available research will automatically start and progress on
its own as with manufacturing once the supplies run out research will stop and you’ll need to
resupply to get rolling again once the research bar is maxed you can jump into the bunker computer
and see what you’ve got now if you have some spare cash or you want to get to a specific item you can
also fast track the research to be able to do this you need to have at least one pixel visible on
the research progress bar so you can’t just uh fast track thing after thing you have to have
supplies and leave it between fast tracks but if you choose to fast track the research you’ll have
instant access to the item and that won’t use any of your existing supplies it will however cost you
up to 225 000 plus the cost of the item you’re actually upgrading that said as you can see here
with the thermal scope the heavy barrel upgrade and the full metal jacket ammo on this mark ii
sniper rifle it absolutely makes a difference and finally on to the money making some missions
are lengthy and can be a bit challenging so before you get started on these i highly recommend having
full armor a grenade launcher a heavy machine gun an up an atomizer and homing missiles are very
handy as well now if you’re playing solo you’ll need to do these fairly regularly because you
don’t want to allow your stock level to go above a third or so so you can keep your deliveries down
to a single vehicle if you allow your stock levels to get too high you’ll need a friend to help you
sell your stock or you’ll have to relay between two vehicles which is really time consuming and
really annoying so once it’s available click on sell stock you’ll be presented with two options
for selling and you want to use the one that gives you the highest return it will take an extra few
moments but the cash is much better click the one with the most cash then you’ll be dropped back
into the free mode lobby take a look around for a vehicle you’ll see either an insurgent a monster
truck june buggy or a truck jump in and as soon as agent 14 has finished banking on you’ll see four
or five markers on the map pick the one closest to you and head over bear in mind the fastest
route might be cross country once you arrive at the market you’ll be prompted to drop the goods
off and will inevitably be ambushed by meriwether you absolutely must deal with these clowns once
you’ve sorted out that wave of mercs bring up the map set the next marker and drive over now if you
only have four markers once you’ve dropped off a package at the last one you’ll get a call from
agent 14 telling you the client has been ambushed and you’ll need to protect them once he hangs up
you’ll get a new waypoint head over and sort out the last of the merry weather goons then leave
the area and you’re done if you had five markers straight off the bat as soon as you drop off the
last one you’re good to go and to finish up let’s have a couple of quick tips as well if you have
the cash you can upgrade the facilities staff and security these upgrades will help with the speed
and efficiency of production reduce the chance of being ripped off or rated but it will dramatically
increase the daily maintenance costs and finally if you’re going to go afk while production is
going on or you have some other non-businessy stuff to do resign from your ceo position this
will also reduce the chance of being ripped off or rated and thanks for watching check
out the video up the top for another business and money guide or the one down the bottom for some
more old grumpy gamer goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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