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Learn how to make truckloads of money in Grand Theft Auto V Online with the Nightclub business. A fully upgraded nightclub can bring in $51,500 per hour in the Standard Edition and $91,500 per hour in the Expanded & Enhanced Edition, and is great for AFK'ers, grinders, and contact mission enthusiasts.
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Nightclub Starter Guide in GTA 5 Online

In this GTA 5 video, we are going to guide you through everything you need to know about the Nightclub Starter Guide in GTA 5 Online. Join us on this thrilling ride as we explore why you need a Nightclub, how much it costs, and how to make truckloads of money.

The Nightclub Business

The Nightclub Business in GTA 5 is one of the most lucrative businesses, especially for players on Next Gen consoles. A fully upgraded Nightclub on the Standard Edition of GTA Online can bring you around $51,500 per hour, while the latest edition can bring you up to $91,500, if done right. With a considerable amount of it being passive, it’s an excellent opportunity for AFK’ers, grinders, and individuals who love doing contact missions.

As you probably know, Grand Theft Auto is a colossal game. Between GTA 5 and the constant updates from Rockstar for GTA Online, there’s no shortage of new content and interesting things to do. Buying a Nightclub is a practical way of bolstering your income as it is the only business in GTA, which can bring in a reasonable amount of money with less effort.

Nightclub Location and Properties

There are various Nightclub Locations in GTA 5 Online, and each of them offers various perks and benefits. The location you choose will determine the vehicle sales in your club, the number of entry fees you’ll receive, and the type of events you’ll be able to host.

Properties are also critical in the Nightclub Business; you’ll need to make sure that the Equipment Upgrade, Staff Upgrade, and Security Upgrade are all purchased to ensure maximum profit.

Business Setup and Upgrades

Setting up your Nightclub business involves several steps, and we guide you through each of them in this video. The first thing you’ll need is to own a Nightclub, which also gives you access to a Terrobyte. Once you own a Nightclub, you’ll need to set up various businesses which will populate the warehouse and prepare the Nightclub for sales.

Upgrades are also essential in the Nightclub Business, and we have got you covered on that one. We will guide you through the importance of the Equipment Upgrade, Staff Upgrade, and Security Upgrade, which all ensure maximum profit.

Passive Income and Popularity

Passive Income and Popularity are also huge aspects of the Nightclub Business, and we will guide you through them. We will show you how to collect passive income in the Nightclub Business and how to keep the Popularity Level up, as a vital factor in the success of your Nightclub Business.

Door Fees and Warehouse Sales

Door Fees and Warehouse Sales are also critical aspects of the Nightclub Business, and in this video, we will show you how to maximize them. We’ll guide you through everything you need to know about Door Fees, including how to collect them and how much to charge. We’ll also show you how to sell goods from your Warehouse to ensure maximum profit.

Important Tips

To round off this Nightclub Starter Guide in GTA 5 Online, we provide some essential tips to ensure the success of your Nightclub Business. We also provide links to cheap Shark Cards, Cheap Games, Merch, and Odd & Unusual Stuff sighted in some of our videos.

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hi in this video we’re going through the
nightclub business in gta 5 online why
you need one how much it costs and how
to make truckloads of money
hi and welcome back my name’s dan and
i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto
is a truly massive game between gta 5
and the constant updates from rockstar
for gta online there’s no shortage of
new content and interesting things to do
join me then as we look at every
business in gta 5 online as we go
through the nightclub business which is
part of the after hours update before we
dive in if you’re new to the channel we
do how-to guides news and giveaways so
consider subscribing and ring the bell
to stay up to date this is a pretty
comprehensive guide so let me break down
what we’ll be going through so starting
with a nightclub what you can earn and
who should buy it your budget how much
money you’ll need to have to
realistically run the club the nightclub
setup which is the three reasonably
protected missions that you’ll need to
complete to get the nightclub up and
running upgrading the nightclub which is
what to buy and how much it will cost
making money the three distinct ways
that you can make money using the
nightclub and some pro tips so finishing
with a couple of handy tips to maximize
revenue so first things first why on
earth would you want to buy a nightclub
well since the latest rounds of updates
especially if you have a next-gen
console these can really help bolster
your income how much income i hear you
ask well a fully upgraded nightclub on
the standard edition of gta online can
bring you around 51 500 per hour if done
right on the new so-called expanded and
enhanced edition that cranks up to a
whopping 91 500 per hour done right of
course with a non-insubstantial amount
of that being more or less passive which
is great for afk’s grinders and people
who love doing contact missions this is
one of the very few businesses in gta
where you can bring a reasonable amount
of money without much effort most of the
time oh and you’ll also need a nightclub
if you want to purchase a terabyte which
is required if you want to customize or
weaponize your mark ii oppressor okay so
let’s talk budget to get started in the
nightclub business you’ll need to be a
vip a motorcycle club president or a ceo
honestly though you don’t want to be
doing this as vip there are some serious
restrictions and it’s a pain in the
backside so realistically the cheapest
option here is to become an mc president
and to do that you’ll first need to have
a motorcycle club set up the cheapest
one you can grab is the great chaparral
clubhouse at 200 grand it’s a bit out of
the way but if you’re on a budget this
is the one to go for once you’ve got a
clubhouse set up you can purchase your
new nightclub and we have 10 different
options to choose from elysian island at
one million and eighty thousand dollars
just outside the lsia at one million one
hundred and thirty five thousand dollars
the vespucci canal at one million three
hundred and twenty thousand dollars
cyprus flats at one million three
hundred and seventy thousand dollars
mission row at one million four hundred
and forty thousand la mesa at one five
even strawberry at one million five
hundred and twenty five thousand del
perro at one million six hundred and
forty five thousand downtown vinewood at
1 670 000 and finally west vinewood at 1
7. i ended up going with cyprus flights
because i’m a bit of a car guy and it’s
the closest one to the ls customs car
mate also it’s worth noting the lsia
club does not give you access to the
actual airport next we have the upgrades
starting with the style the default
setup’s pretty nice but if you want some
custom lighting and styling then you’re
looking at between at 225 and
hundred thousand dollars in addition to
your regular purchase price while you’re
there you can also tweak the lighting
there’s a few different options
available again you can leave it as it
comes at no additional cost or you can
spend up to 295 000 on the fancier
aesthetic next up is naming your club we
have a few options here omega is
included in your purchase price but you
can pick up one of the other eight names
at a flat cost of thirty three thousand
five hundred the nightclub comes with a
single parking spot this is great for
that showy supercar or if you want to
grab the party bus but if you want to
add some real garage space you’ll need
to purchase the basement floors the
first additional floor will set you back
395 000 the second additional floor 809
750 and the third additional floor will
cost you one million two hundred and
forty five thousand two hundred and
fifty dollars there’s also a fourth
additional floor and you need to
purchase this if you want to park your
terabyte to purchase this space you’ll
be stung a whopping 1
700 2
550 and that’s on top of having to
purchase every floor before it yet
another example of rockstar being grabby
onto the club customizations next you
can optionally purchase a couple of
dancers for your new club prices start
at 213.5
for the two girl underground style and
work their way up to 225 000 for the guy
girl grandeur combo while we’re here dry
ice is a neat little addition at 345 000
should you be inclined okay so that’s
the basics done there’ll be a quick
setup mission which we’ll get to in a
few moments but once that’s done you’ll
be able to purchase club upgrades
equipment upgrades at 1 425 000 which
will make your warehouse techs more
efficient staff upgrades at 475 000
which extends the time it takes for
popularity to degrade making the club
more profitable for longer and finally
the security upgrades at 695 thou which
reduces the likelihood of the club being
attacked by enemies oh and there’s a
bunch of vehicles you can purchase to
help with the nightclub warehouse sell
missions if you’re so inclined which
will set you back upwards of a million
with all the upgrades you do get a free
delivery van though so you don’t need
the extra vehicles straight away
so to summarize that is the motorcycle
club for 200 grand the nightclub for 1
million and 80 thousand dollars all the
upgrades for 2 million at 595
000 making your total minimum spend
three million eight hundred and seventy
five grand plus the two thousand two
hundred and fifty per in game day for
outgoings too but you are better off
with a budget of about 11 million
dollars including the ceo’s office a
nicer location and all the upgrades so
if you’re able to keep everything
ticking along at the maximum that is
around 79 real world hours of gameplay
to break even 43 on the so-called
expanded and enhanced edition so it’s
definitely a long-term investment but it
is largely hands-off once you’ve made
your purchase head over to the new
facility and head on in you’ll get a fun
little cut scene with all of your
favorites and laszlo as well as a bit of
a briefing on how the club works at the
end of the cutscene you’ll be dropped
into a very empty dance floor or at
least where the dance floor will be head
upstairs and make your way to the office
where you get another quick cutscene
after that’s over register as an mc
president or a ceo then head over to the
pc sit down and log in you’ll be
presented with two options set up staff
and set up equipment doesn’t matter
which one you do first but let’s start
with the staff once you click the setup
button you will immediately be booted
back into the free roam lobby and tony
will give you a call listen to it
carefully it is important jump in the
car jump into the pause menu and then
into the map and have a bit of a poke
around to look for the blue markers to
work out the best route set a marker and
head off after you’ve picked everyone up
you’ll get a new yellow marker for the
club head to the waypoint to complete
the first round at which point you’ll be
dropped into the entry hall of your club
wander through back up to the office and
then jump on the pc again click the
remaining setup button and again you’ll
be booted into free roam you’ll get
another briefing from tony listen to it
carefully it is important this time
we’ll be heading to a festival to
acquire some audio equipment head to the
yellow marker but stop a bit short then
approach the bus from the offside using
stealth jump in and simply drive off
once again you’ll see a new market pop
up just follow that back to the club oh
and don’t worry about damaging the
vehicle too much even if everything
comes off the top you’ll still pass once
you finish up you’ll be presented with
another cutscene again it’s good fun so
i’d encourage you to watch the whole
thing once that cutscene is done you’ll
immediately be sent back to free roam
and start the final setup mission
picking up solomon head over to the car
and once you’re in english dave will
give you a bit of a briefing follow the
on-screen prompts and keep in here for
dave’s direction because the mission
gets uh interesting after you’ve finally
collected solomon head back to the club
again by following the yellow marker and
when you finally make it back dave
solomon and yourself will wander back
into the club for the final major
cutscene have a bit of a dance once
that’s done and enjoy yourself when
you’re ready head back upstairs sit down
at the pc for the next briefing once you
log in tony will walk you through how to
use the management system it’s worth
paying attention here because it’s
pretty complex after tony has taken you
through each tab click on the bottom one
upgrades you’ll see three different
options available equipment at one
million four hundred and twenty five
thousand which will make your warehouses
tech more efficient staff at
475 000 which extends the time it takes
for your popularity to degrade making
the club more profitable for longer and
finally security at 695 000 which
reduces the likelihood of the club being
attacked by enemies honestly if you have
the cash you want all of these the
overall improvement in quality of the
business is well and truly worth it if
you can oh and don’t worry about the
prices on screen i picked this up during
an event week so as i mentioned in the
start of the video there are three
distinct ways to make money through the
club the first is through club
promotions which brings npcs through the
door and earns passive income the second
is by charging an entry fee to the club
where other real world players have to
pay a fee to get in this is honestly
negligible as it’s mainly driven through
daily objectives the third way is
through the nightclub warehouse which
we’ll get to in a few moments so
starting with the promotions your
nightclub has a popularity meter that’s
not dissimilar to the biker business
stock meter when it’s full it means your
club is super popular and at maximum
earning capacity at the time of
recording that’s ten thousand dollars
per hour on pc xbox and ps4 and a
whopping 50 000 per hour on next gen
consoles over the course of around 10
real world hours the popularity of your
club will slowly decline until you’re
earning practically nothing honestly if
you’re not on the 50 grand per hour it’s
probably not worth worrying about this
income stream but hey let’s take a look
anyway there’s two ways to increase
popularity the first is pretty easy when
your popularity gets low change djs you
can do this by going to resident dj then
clicking on someone you haven’t used in
a while the first time you do this for a
particular dj it will cost 100 000 and
you’ll have to do a setup mission most
of them are a bit of fun but they take
around 15 minutes so make sure you have
the time after each dj’s first booking
your club will have a full popularity
meter and you’re good to go for a while
once you’ve gone through all four djs
you can re-book anyone at any time for a
cost of ten thousand dollars however
you’ll only increase your popularity by
10 per rebook so it’s not great second
time around and that leaves popularity
missions you can access these by
clicking nightclub management then
clicking promote club once you’ve
confirmed you’ll be booted back to free
roam and you’ll get a call from tony
listen to it carefully it is important
tony will give you one of around half a
dozen different promotion missions from
flying a blimp to putting up posters
each mission takes between five and ten
minutes once you’ve practiced after
successfully completing a promotions
mission your club’s popularity will
increase by 20 and your earnings will
increase relative to the popularity once
you’ve done a few popularity missions
and your bar is back at 100 you’ll be
properly earning again and you can leave
it for a while the second way to make
money from your club is through door
fees this charges other real world
players a fee for entry to your club
there’s not a lot of money in this but
if someone has a daily objective to
complete they’ll need to enter your club
and will likely pay to set this up go to
your interaction menu that’s on your
keyboard or the double squares on your
xbox or you can swipe on your
playstation controller select nightclub
management then you can set the entry
cost and that’s it any player that
wanders into your club will pay a fee
which will be in turn paid to you
directly right the third and final way
to make money in the nightclub and
honestly the one you’ve probably been
waiting for is the warehouse this one is
really complex and it takes a bit to get
your head around but the upshot is it
augments other businesses you might own
so if you own and run a crate warehouse
hangar bunker or any of the biker
businesses your nightclub will unlock
certain additional warehouse work this
does not in any way touch the other
businesses they still run as normal with
their own stock and their own sell
missions this is completely separate so
here’s what to do sit down at your
computer log in and head to warehouse
management now i own a crate warehouse
which means the cargo and shipments
option is unlocked i also own a bunker
which means the sporting goods option is
unlocked that means i’ll need two
technicians we get one free but we’ll
need to hire another one for the second
business so i’ll go ahead and do that
now and of course each technician you
hire costs more and more money so bear
that in mind for later right now that’s
done i can allocate a technician to the
cargo and shipments work and the second
technician to the sporting goods work
and now those technicians will work to
create stock in my nightclub warehouse
again it doesn’t touch the actual crate
warehouse or the bunker stuff it’s
completely separate with independent
stock levels and independent cell
missions it just works on the nightclub
warehouse okay so while they’re ticking
away let’s quickly look at what unlocks
what owning a cargo warehouse or a
hangar will unlock the cargo and
shipments option owning a bunker will
unlock the sporting goods option owning
a coke biker business will unlock the
south american imports option owning a
meth lab biker business will unlock the
pharmaceuticals research option owning
the weed farm biker business will unlock
the organic produce option the document
forgery biker business will unlock the
printing and copying option and finally
owning the counterfeit cash biker
business will unlock the cash creation
option now the more assumed may have
noticed we have a problem we have seven
options available but only five
technicians and if you own every
possible business in the list that means
some decisions need to be made in this
case the printing and copying and the
organic produce options are the least
profitable so skip those if it comes
down to it rightio once you’ve allowed
your nightclub warehouse to fill up it
is time to do a sell mission now the
great thing about selling nightclub
stock is you’ll never get more than one
vehicle instead the game will limit how
many units you can sell in one go so if
you’ve got the speedo custom that’s the
one that comes with the nightclub you’ll
only be able to sell a maximum of 90
units per run when you upgrade to the
mule you’ll be able to sell up to 180
units per run and finally if you upgrade
to the pounder you’ll be able to sell
the full 360 units per run so that’s the
full nightclub warehouse worth of stock
but the point is you’ll never get more
than one single vehicle to deal with
which is a mercifully welcome change
after the bike of business sell missions
let me assure you again make sure you
are a ceo a vip or an mc president then
head to your nightclub’s office this can
be done from the master control station
too but yeah don’t do that it’s silly
take a seat at the computer log in and
head to cell menu click the sell stock
button then the confirm button next and
you’ll be booted back into the public
lobby after a moment you’ll get another
call from tony listen to it carefully it
is important tony will brief you on one
of about half a dozen different cell
missions sometimes it’s a single drop
but more often than not it’s a five
package drop from a single vehicle
simply follow the instructions to drop
off the goods avoiding any griefers of
course and you’re good as soon as the
last package has dropped the money will
be deposited in your account and you can
continue putting around in free mode oh
and if you run out of time or the cargo
gets destroyed by a griefer you’ll still
get a partial payment for anything you
have delivered if there are multiple
drop-offs so let’s go through a few pro
tips first up like most other businesses
if you’re registered as some sort of
manager that’s either a ceo vip or an mc
president the game assumes you’re
actively running your business and that
means you’re open to raids and attacks
if you’re not actively working your
business and you’re not doing something
that expressly requires you to be
registered as a ceo vip or mc president
then you should resign this will
significantly reduce the chance of
having stock stolen or otherwise
destroyed while you’re not actively
working the nightclub and the same goes
for almost every other business too if
you’re not actively working something
resign your post as a vip ceo or mc
president next in order to unlock the
different types of warehouse stock not
only do you need to own the relevant
business but they need to be running now
that’s not to say you have to supply
them sell stock or actively participate
in them you just need to own them and
keep them active so if you really wanted
to you could purchase the cheapest
version of each of those individual
businesses without any upgrades and
completely ignore them doing that will
unlock the relevant stock type in the
nightclub warehouse so you can maximize
your cash income and finally afking is a
great way to build stock if you’ve not
heard of the term before afk literally
means away from keyboard which is the
practice of keeping the game open
without actually participating in it now
the more experienced of you will know
that after 13 minutes of inactivity
rockstar will terminate your session and
boot you from online but there’s a way
around it if you have an ls carmate
membership which you can get for 50 000
you can head to the test track once
you’re in simply reverse back out and as
you head back up the ramp you’ll be
dropped into an action menu when that
pops up just do nothing just leave your
pc or your console on that screen and
your session won’t terminate my standing
record for afk in this way is around two
days straight and if you don’t have an
ls car meet membership you can do
something similar at the casino head to
the ground floor entrance hop out of
your vehicle return it to storage and
walk to the front door you will get this
interrupt screen asking where you want
to go just leave it there and you won’t
be booted and that’s it thanks for
watching check out the video at the top
for another business guide or the one
down the bottom for some more old grumpy
oh my goodness stay safe wash your hands
and we’ll see you in the next video

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