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THE Vehicle Warehouse Guide

Learn how to make money from a vehicle import-export warehouse in GTA 5 online. With a bit of practice, you can earn up to $330,000 per hour by selling top-end cars and using specialist dealers. Follow these tips to maximize your profits.
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GTA Online Vehicle Import/Export Warehouse: How to Buy and Make Money

In this video guide, we will discuss buying and making money from a vehicle import/export warehouse in GTA 5 Online. We will cover how much money you will need, what is involved in buying and selling vehicles, and some handy tips for maximizing your profits.

GTA Online Money: How to Get Rich

Starting your first business in GTA Online may be intimidating. Fortunately, purchase prerequisites and what to expect can be researched to make the experience seamless. One option in the active business community is the Vehicle Warehouse. The vehicle warehouse involves no passive income and requires actual missions to earn money from. Nonetheless, they are relatively simple, do not take too long, and can earn you around $330,000 per hour solo or even more during special event weeks.

GTA 5 Online Money: How to Get Rich with the Vehicle Warehouse

Starting out, you will need $2.5 million in your wallet. To access the vehicle warehouse, you must first become a CEO. The cheapest CEO’s office is Mase Bank West, which requires a $1 million fee. You can renovate your office later, but for now, grab the cheapest option to get you started. Afterward, purchase a vehicle warehouse. For this guide we recommend the La Mesa warehouse, the cheapest one available at $1.5 million plus a weekly maintenance fee of $50. A little tip: keep an eye out for event weeks when the price drops significantly. From there, you can spend more money on cosmetic upgrades or upgrade to a different location if you have the capital.

GTA 5 Online Grinder: Making Money with the Vehicle Warehouse

If you are a solo player, your goal should be to profit per hour. At $2.5 million, signing up for the vehicle warehouse might not be your most profitable option. If that is the case, you are better off grinding Kaio for profit. But, if you decide to proceed, be sure to have an automatic armor sniper rifle, homing missiles, and grenades at hand to help you out during pickup missions. Also, grab a Batty 801 or an 801 RR that has as many performance upgrades as possible. It is one of the fastest and cheapest modes of transport in the game and can save you a lot of time.

GTA V Online Money: Earning with the Vehicle Warehouse

When you have all the above sorted out, you can start doing vehicle import/export missions. But first, you need to know what type of car is available. Three different types of vehicles are standard range, mid-range, and top range. Typically, you would only ever need to sell the top range vehicles. Still, keep doing sourcing missions until you get one. But for this exercise, we will just use what we have. We always recommend going for the specialist dealer button, costing $20,000 but getting you $100,000, netting a profit of $80,000 minus any repair costs.

GTA V Online Get Rich Quick: Making the Most Profit from the Vehicle Warehouse

Once you have clicked on the specialist dealer button, you will have the opportunity to customize your vehicle. Go nuts with paint jobs, wheel combos, and liveries. That said, the upgrade is cosmetic and, thus, will not add to the value of your car. It provides a great place to test different paint jobs, wheel combos, and liveries, adding style and flair to your rides. Once you have completed, head to the marked destination, avoiding as much damage as possible. Bear in mind that other players will be notified of vehicle delivery or NPCs will spawn in to give you trouble if you are in a solo lobby. Once done, the cash will be deposited into your Maze Bank account, and there will be a cooldown on all vehicle cell missions. When grinding, VIP work is an excellent way to earn some extra cash.

GTA Vehicle Warehouse Guide: Tips to Maximize Your Profit

A great tip to maximize profit is to sell only the top cars you get and always sell to specialist dealers. Doing this enables you to take advantage of a quirk in the way GTA Online finds vehicles, and after a while, you will only ever be sourcing top-range vehicles. To be safe, drop a quick message in the chat or check the lobby before setting up a sourcing or selling mission. Grinders can work on a fair number of pickup missions, but note there is a cooldown between pickups, so this benefits VIP work.

Is the GTA Vehicle Warehouse Worth It?

Overall, a vehicle warehouse is great for active business tasks, but it is not for everyone. If you have the capital and the interest, the benefits of the Vehicle Warehouse are excellent for those who are interested in making cars and selling them.

hi in this video we’re going through buying and making money from a vehicle
import export warehouse in gta 5 online how much money you’ll need what’s involved
in buying and selling vehicles and some handy tips for maximizing your profits
hi welcome back my name’s Dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto is a truly
massive game between gta 5 and the constant updates from rockstar for gta online there’s
no shortage of new content and interesting things to do join me then as we look at buying and making
money from a vehicle warehouse in gta 5 online now before we dive in if you’re new to the channel we
do how-to guides news and giveaways so consider subscribing and ring the bell to stay up to date
diving into your first business in gta online can be a little intimidating and there’s not a lot of
information given from official sources on the prerequisites or what to expect so that’s what
we’re covering here first up in order to start doing vehicle import export missions
you’ll need a vehicle warehouse so let’s answer the big question first how much money can you
make with a vehicle warehouse in short around about three hundred and thirty thousand dollars
per hour when you solo but a lot more with friends and a lot more again during special event weeks
vehicle warehouses are an active business in gca online there’s no passive income to them
and you’ll need to do actual missions to earn but they’re reasonably easy with a bit of practice and
don’t take too long first things first to access the vehicle warehouse you need to be a ceo and
to do that you need a ceo’s office the cheapest one is maze bank west at 1 million don’t worry
about the upgrades to start with you can renovate these later just grab the cheapest option to start
with once that’s done you can purchase a vehicle warehouse again going with the cheapest one to get
you rolling grab the la mesa warehouse this will set you back a whopping 1.5 million dollars and
has a weekly maintenance fee of 50 but as you can see i’ve picked this up during an event week so
it’s a boatload cheaper now you can spend a bit more and grab some cosmetic upgrades or you can
grab a different location if you have the money but for this guide i’ll assume that you’re going
with the cheapest option available right so that’s just about all you need to get started
around about two million five hundred thousand out of pocket it might be a bit less during certain
event weeks but budget 2.5 mil will need a little bit extra later on too now if you’re looking for
sheer profit per hour as a solo player as opposed to expressly working on the vehicle warehouse and
you have 2.5 million dollars then you’re better off grabbing the casatka and grinding kaio that’s
way more profitable per hour than a vehicle warehouse next up let’s go through your first
mission click the source vehicle button and wait for the animation then head out of the building
once you’re out of the building your assistant will give you a call with some instructions now
listen to them carefully they are important grab your personal vehicle if you have one or you can
borrow one or call in a free car from the vip menu and head to the destination you may need to take
out some enemies or deal with some cops or deal with a gang on the move there are about half a
dozen different scenarios but once you’ve cleared the pickup head back to the warehouse which will
be marked on your map now bear in mind any damage to the car will need to be repaired back at the
warehouse and that comes out of your pocket so you want to do your best to get the vehicle back
in mint condition sometimes that’s not practical though so do your best and be sure to budget a
few extra bob for repairs which incidentally are automatically deducted from your account
when you actually deliver the vehicle now if you’re grinding out a number of the
pickup missions there will be a cooldown between pickups and an entirely separate cooldown for cell
missions which means that you guessed it it’s time for vip work this is our first mission of the day
though so we don’t have to wait we can just start a sell mission immediately so head back to your
warehouse if you’re not already there head over to the office and sit down at the computer and here’s
where it gets a bit complicated there are three different types of vehicle available a standard
range mid-range and top range now typically you’d only ever want to sell the top range vehicles you
just keep doing sourcing missions until you get one but for the sake of this exercise we’ll just
use what we have so click the vehicle then click export and you’ll be presented with another set of
options private showroom and specialist dealer now don’t worry about the pricing on screen again it’s
a wrong car and from a different event week you always want to go with the specialist dealer which
typically costs you twenty thousand dollars but gets you one hundred thousand dollars netting
you a profit of eighty grand minus any repair costs click the specialist dealer button next
and you’ll be taken to the workshop where you can customize your car now you can go nuts here or not
you’ve already paid for the upgrade so there’s no additional cost it’s all cosmetic and has
absolutely no bearing on the value of the vehicle it is however a great place to experiment with
paint jobs wheel combos and liveries once you’ve finished customizing your car you’ll be booted
from the warehouse with a destination marker and you’ll get another call from your assistant listen
to it it’s important head to the destination marked being sure to avoid as much damage as
possible it’s also worth noting that other players will be notified of the vehicle delivery or if
you’re in a solo lobby npcs will spawn in to give you grief once you’ve completed the mission the
cash will be deposited into your maze bank account and there’ll be a quick cooldown on all vehicle
cell missions again jump into some vip work if you’re short on cash once the cooldown has passed
you can head back to the office log into the computer click on your vehicle warehouse and get
started all over again now a couple of quick tips i highly recommend tooling up before sourcing your
pickup missions an automatic armor sniper rifle homing missiles and grenades come in very handy if
you can grab a batty 801 or an 801 rr with as many performance upgrades as you can this is one of the
fastest and cheapest forms of transport in the game it’s brutally quick and can genuinely speed
up runs we’ve all heard of cargo griefing and it’s very very real before setting up a sourcing
or a sell mission check the lobby drop a quick message in the chat and see if it’s safe most
of the time you’ll get an honest reply finally to maximise your profit per hour only sell the
top end cars that you get and always solder the specialist dealers doing this allows you to take
advantage of a little quirk in the way gta online finds vehicles and after a while you’ll only ever
be sourcing top range vehicles and that’s it with a bit of practice you’ll be up to that 330 grand
an hour in no time and if you’re lucky enough to have some friends or crew you can skyrocket
that income by delivering multiple vehicles at the same time so thanks for watching check out
the video at the top for another business and money guide or the one down the bottom for some
more old grumpy game of goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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