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Everything you need to know about the Weed Farm MC Business Starter Guide in #GTA #GTA5 #GTA5Online #GrandTheftAuto
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In this video we’re going through the Weed Farm Motorcycle Club (or Biker) business in GTA 5 Online.

Grand Theft Auto is a truly massive game. Between GTA 5 and the constant updates from Rockstar for GTA Online; there’s no shortage of new content and interesting things to do.

Join me, then as we look at every business in GTA 5 Online; starting with the one of the entry-level one’s, the Weed Farm business.

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hi in this video we’re going through the
weed farm motorcycle business or biker business in gta 5 online
hi and welcome back my name is Dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto is a truly massive
game between gta 5 and the constant updates from rockstar for gta online there’s no shortage of
new content and interesting things to do join me then as we look at every business in gta 5 online
starting with one of the entry level ones the weed farm before we dive in if you’re new to the
channel we do how-to guides news and giveaways so consider subscribing and ringing the bell
to stay up to date i’m going to be honest with you the bike of businesses in gta online are not
great solo they’re doable but you have to watch them like a [ __ ] and why is that well
the sell missions if you let any of the stock levels go above a quarter that’s just above the
first marker you’ll end up delivering multiple lots of products that’s at least two vehicles
and sometimes up to 10 individual drops let it go above half and you’ll end up with three vehicles
and up to 15 drops and if you let the stock levels go above three quarters that’s four vehicles and
up to 20 drops i can tell you from experience you cannot deliver more than three vehicles worth of
product there’s just not enough time available in the half hour you get for a cell mission and
there’s always a massive risk of having product destroyed while it’s left unattended back at base
especially considering this can only be done in a public lobby if however you’re willing to put in
the work or you have a group of mates you kick around with in gta regularly then you’re good
to go also despite the claims and statements from others about biker businesses this is not a truly
passive business certainly not like the passive components of the arcade nightclub or agency as
i mentioned there are cell missions where you have to carry your goods across the map in public free
roam lobbies and if you want to make any real money then you have to do supply missions too
which are basically fetch quests now assuming you haven’t switched off the video let’s get into it
the wheat farm facility and please correct me if i’m wrong is one of the cheapest businesses in
gta online and if you work it it will earn roughly 41 000 per hour with upgrades and you need those
upgrades because without them it’ll only bring in 19 500 per hour and that’s really not worth the
effort okay so let’s start with your budget before you can purchase a weed farm you first need to
have a motorcycle club set up the cheapest one you can grab is the grange apparel clubhouse at 200
grand it’s a bit out of the way but if you’re on a tight budget this is the one to go for once you’ve
got your clubhouse set up you can purchase the new horticultural warehouse the cheapest one is in the
sanchiansky mountain range at 715 000 even but again it’s in the boondocks and is a bit of a
pain so if you have the coin grab something closer to town next will be the upgrades and you need the
upgrades upgraded equipment will set you back 990 grand and additional staff 273. with the improved
facility you should also invest in security at 313.5 oh and it’s worth noting the price
for the upgrades is the same regardless of the location you choose right so that’s the clubhouse
the business and upgrades which comes to a total minimum spend of 2 million 491 500 plus 4800 per
hour to cover staff and maintenance assuming you can make the maximum hourly of 41 grand that means
around about 69 hours of real world game play to make a break even so that’s definitely a long-term
investment right so looking at the business locations in detail you have four different
locations available sanchiansky mountain range in blaine county from seven hundred and fifteen
thousand mount chiliad also in blaine county at eight hundred and five thousand alyssian island
in south los santos at one million seventy two and finally downtown vinewood north los santos for one
million three hundred and fifty eight thousand five hundred dollars which is the one i ended
up going with as it’s about halfway between my ceo’s office and the other businesses oh
unlike later businesses and facilities there’s no ability to customize the aesthetic of the building
you simply get what you get once you’ve made your purchase head over to the new facility and head
on in you’ll get a quick briefing and once that’s done head over to the computer make sure you’re a
club president then sit down and log in you’ll be presented with a single option set up click the
setup button and then confirm you’ll immediately be booted back into the lobby and ljt or longjohn
teabag will give you a bell oh and there’s a working theory that this is actually leicester
using a vocoder and to be honest i can see it okay so follow the gps to the waypoint return
your personal vehicle to storage then jump in the vehicle and head back to the lockup once you’re
there drive into the corona and you’ll be dropped back into the business facility where you’ll get
another quick briefing once you’ve had a wander around head back over to the computer sit down and
log in and head to upgrades next we want to cycle through all of the available upgrades and purchase
them you could skip these but the business is not nearly as profitable or secure without them so you
really want to grab them and with that done you should have a full round of supplies and fully
upgraded facility head back out and spend some time doing contact missions or maintaining other
businesses after a while you can pop back in and see how your operation is running radio the
next thing we need to cover is resupplying your business that is organizing the materials required
to produce your new sellable stock so there’s two ways of doing this you can purchase supplies or
you can seal them purchasing supplies is pretty straightforward head to the pc in your business
sit down and then click the resupply button you’ll see the cost of the item right here is normally
about 75 grand but you can do a partial resupply a bit cheaper if you have other businesses on the go
purchasing supplies might be the way to go because it leaves you free to manage the other facilities
the other option is to steal supplies if you go for this one you’ll be booted from the business
back into the lobby where you’ll get another call detailing what you have to do to collect
the supplies this is normally one of about half a dozen missions so listen to it carefully it is
important once you’ve completed the sell mission production will get rolling or continue if you
hadn’t let everything run out okay so after a while you’ll have some stock available and that
means it’s time for a sell mission as mentioned at the start of the video you have to watch this like
a hawk if you allow the stock to go above the first market also you may end up having to do
two runs to sell for the sake of this video though i’m selling a bit earlier than normal so you can
see what goes on so head back to the business premises wander over to the pc sit down log in
and click sell stock you’ll be presented with two sell options a quicker cheaper mission or a longer
mission that will get you a better price we always want to go for the higher amount again
we’ve gone pretty early here for the sake of this video so don’t worry about the low price so click
the higher amount if you’ve let it go too long you may see this interrupt message if you do it means
at least two vehicles which isn’t ideal but still doable if you have a friend or you’re in a quiet
lobby click the confirm button next and you’ll be booted back into the public lobby after a moment
you’ll get another call from ljt listen to it carefully it is important ljt will brief you on
one of half a dozen different cell missions simply follow the instructions to drop off the goods
avoiding any griefers and you’re good as soon as the last package is dropped the money will
be deposited in your account and you can continue putting around in free mode oh and if you
run out of time or you get your cargo destroyed by a griefer you will still get a partial payment
for anything you have delivered okay two more things before we wrap up if you’re going to go afk
while production is going on or you have some other non-businessy stuff to do disband your mc
this will reduce the chance of being ripped off or rated finally on maximizing profits
surprisingly enough you really want to pay for supplies resupply missions take between 6 and
10 minutes each and you need 5 missions to fully resupply so that is at least half an hour but more
likely 45 minutes in that same 45 minutes you can rail through some vip work and a few triple money
contact missions and make way more than the 75 grand that it cost for supplies so you’re making
a more efficient use of your time and that’s it thanks for watching check out the video at
the top for another mc business guide or the one down the bottom for some more old
grumpy game of goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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