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What to buy from the GTA Weekly Update Today, 20 April 2023 in GTA online

Taking a bit more of a deep dive into what's worth purchasing, from the Vehicle, property, and even weapon discounts, this week (Thursday, 20 April 2023) in #gtaonline #gta #gta5 #gtav
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Welcome back to another exciting week in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online! In this video, we’re diving deep into the latest GTA weekly update, where Rockstar Games has once again delivered a plethora of new content, discounts, and events for players to enjoy.

Grand Theft Auto Online players, are you ready for the latest weekly update? This week, there are some exciting discounts on a range of vehicles and properties that you don’t want to miss. From the luxurious Dewbauchee Champion sports car to the rugged Declasse Granger 3600LX off-road SUV, you can save big on your dream ride. And if you’re looking to expand your criminal empire, take advantage of the discounted prices on properties like the Brute Armored Boxville and HVY Chernobog mobile ballistic missile launcher.

But it’s not just about the discounts. We’re also keeping you updated on the latest time trial and event, so you can earn some fantastic rewards. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new player, the rewards are worth it, so make sure you don’t miss out.

As always, we’re not the only ones covering the weekly update. You can also check out content from other prominent creators in our space like The Professional, Ghillie Master, DatSaintsFam, DarkviperAU, Tylarious, TGG, GTA Series Videos, and Lazer. So, stay tuned, keep grinding, and have fun in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online. #gtaonline #gta5 #weeklyupdate #discounts #time trial #event #contentcreators

We’ll also be highlighting the newest addition to the vehicle roster, the [insert vehicle name]. This powerful new ride is perfect for off-road exploration, grinding missions, and surviving chaotic freemode sessions. Don’t miss out on this incredible new addition to your garage.

And as always, we’ll be featuring the latest gameplay from some of the top content creators in the GTA Online community, including The Professional, Ghillie Master, DatSaintsFam, DarkviperAU, Tylarious, TGG, GTA Series Videos, Lazer, and more. These talented individuals bring you some of the best content out there, so be sure to check out their channels for even more GTA action.

As the world of GTA Online continues to evolve and expand, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest updates and features. With this week’s update, there’s no shortage of exciting new content to explore, and our video has got you covered. From the latest discounts to the newest vehicles, properties, and outfits, we’ve got all the information you need to make the most of this week’s update. Whether you’re a veteran player or just starting out, our tips and tricks will help you navigate the game’s challenges and emerge victorious. And don’t forget to use our recommended hashtags to stay connected with the wider GTA community and keep up to date with all the latest news and trends. So what are you waiting for? Dive into this week’s GTA Online update and let us show you the way to success! #gtaonline #gta5 #gta #weeklyupdate #discounts #newvehicle #contentcreators #theprofessional #ghilliemaster #datsaintsfam #darkviperau #tylarious #tgg #gtaseriesvideos #lazer #ps4 #outfits

it’s a pretty big week for GTA online discounts today Thursday
the 20th of April 2023 so let’s take a look at what’s actually worth grabbing
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer starting with a 30 discount
on high-end apartment purchases and upgrades I mean you can do some neat stuff with these
like invite friends in throw parties with escorts you meet at the Vanilla Unicorn and whatnot they
also have 10 additional garage spaces you also need one of these to start the fleesa
prison break Humane labs and Pacific Standard and series a funding test none of which can be
done solar look if you have a crew which you run with regularly and you really want to do
those old school heists or you desperately need more car parking then yeah it’s worth otherwise
don’t bother looking at the weed farm which is on sale this week at 30 off that purchases and
upgrades so prior to the so-called expanded and enhanced update this was utter shot but
with the updates it’s kind of come into its own they could be wrong there’s still better
businesses out there but it’s not bad and look if you have a nightclub it is a no-brainer as
it unlocks the organic produce section of the nightclub Warehouse otherwise it’s going to be
your call it’s not super profitable but like the other MC Club businesses it’s pretty easy to run
before you dive in it’s worth noting though you need to purchase all the upgrades if you want to
make a profit and you’ll also need an MC Clubhouse if you don’t have one already on to vehicles and
starting with the neon which is normally 1.5 mil but is on sale this week at 30 off bring it down
to roughly 1 million the neon is a four-seater all-wheel drive sport that tops out around 114
miles per hour or about 182ks this vehicle boasts impressive speed and strong pulling power however
the handling of the neon leaves something to be desired making it a bit of a challenge to navigate
on everyday roads throughout the map despite its handling limitations acquiring this vehicle is
undoubtedly A wise choice it’s a reliable unit and it’s highly likely that you’ll find yourself
needing it at some point so yeah definitely worth considering next let’s take a look at
the tigon which normally is around 2 million three hundred and ten thousand is on sale this
week at 30 off bring it down to 1.6 mil this is a two-seater rear-wheel drive seven speed super
that tops out around 125 miles an hour around 200ks this vehicle delivers impressive speed and
formidable pulling power the tigon’s handling is incredibly precise making it an exceptional
Driving Experience so is it worth adding to your collection yeah absolutely this unit is a true Gem
and it’s bound to come in handy it’s definitely worth considering this one finally let’s take
a look at the nebula turbo which is normally 797 grade but is on sale this week at 30 off bringing
it down to a touch over half a mil the nebula is a two-seater rear wheel drive four-speed Sports
classic the top set around 101 mile an hour or about 160 case it’s relatively fast for its class
but the sluggish acceleration detracts from its overall performance so Additionally the handling
on the nebula turbo is let’s call it lacking so is it a worthwhile addition to your collection
in my opinion the sports classic Falls kind of somewhere in the middle it’s not terrible but
it’s not exceptional either so I wouldn’t really grab this one now we’ve gone through this in our
weekly update video but we also have a bit of new content too the new web-based license plate
creators up which replaces the app and there’s a whole bunch of new death matches we have a
detailed review of each of these over the next few days price changes are also coming next week so
keep an eye out for our shopping list in the next day or so and that’s it for this week’s discounts
check out the link at top right for this week’s GTA online updates or the one down the bottom for
a bit of a running guide in the meantime if you’re new to the channel subscribe for more content
like this thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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