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Cash for San Andreas Mercenaries Update ft @wonkyisland4838 GTA Online

Welcome to another thrilling #gta5online adventure where we aim to provide the best tips, tricks, and insights to keep you on top of the game. Today, we're bringing you a golden opportunity, a literal GTA Online goldmine, thanks to the latest weekly update, which can help you pocket a hefty $600,000 without breaking a sweat. We'll show you the best way to get money in GTA 5 Online this week; so you have the cash ready for the San Andreas Mercenaries Update! How to make quick money in GTA 5 Online #gtaonline.
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We are not talking about a typical #gta5moneyglitch here. This time, the #gtaweeklyupdate has bestowed upon us a fantastic, time-sensitive event that rewards your driving skills. So, rev up your engines, because it’s all about speed and agility this week in #gtavonline. It’s time to earn some serious GTA 5 money, the legitimate way.

Remember the old GTA 5 business guide you used to follow? Well, today, we’re setting that aside to focus on the best way to make money in GTA 5 online – tackling time trials! You’re about to learn how to use your driving skills to master three lucrative time trials, each one promising a prize of a cool two hundred thousand big ones. Yes, that’s right – no more settling for the usual hundred grand. We’re raising the stakes in #grandtheftauto.

The best part? You don’t need to buy any business in GTA 5 to participate. Just pure driving skill and a knack for speed are all that’s required. So, if you’re wondering about the best way to make money in GTA 5 online, we’ve got you covered.

Talking about the GTA 5 money glitch, remember that it’s all about being smart, not sneaky. Time trials are your best bet, especially if you’re tired of the #gtaonline money glitch or running the same ol’ Cayo Perico heists. It’s time to break the monotony and embrace the thrill of speed. And what better place to do it than in the heart of Los Santos, tearing up these trials and earning big.

Speed runner and record-holder, Wonky Island, has been gracious enough to supply footage for our video. You will see firsthand how these time trials can be easily conquered for a fast $600,000. Follow along, get inspired, and you too can master the art of #gtacars speed runs.

Stay tuned with us for more updates, guides, and exciting events. Our goal is to help you discover the best business to buy in GTA 5, understand how to make money in GTA 5 online, and be aware of every GTA Online weekly update. That’s right, from mercenaries in GTA 5 to the most profitable agency in GTA 5, we are here to help you navigate the incredible world of #gtafive.

In case you’re new to our channel, we regularly publish videos about the GTA 5 money and GTA Online money glitch. We believe in making GTA 5 online money earning a fun-filled and exciting journey.

Don’t forget to check out the links to Wonky Island’s channel, pinned below in the comments. They hold several speed-running records and have done some phenomenal runs that you definitely don’t want to miss.

As we wrap up, remember to stay safe, wash your hands, and we’ll see you in our next video. Stick with us, and we guarantee you’ll become a GTA money pro in no time. And as always, keep a keen eye on the #gtadeals and the latest from #rockstargames to get the most of your #gtaonlinecash experience.

In the exciting world of Grand Theft Auto, each day brings a new opportunity

. Remember, the best way to make money in GTA 5 online is by being versatile and adapting to the changing tides. So, keep your engines revved, stay updated with our channel, and master the art of GTA online money-making. #weeklyupdate #gtaonline #gtaweeklyupdate #gtadeals #rockstargames #gtaonlinecash

We’re all about making GTA Online easy money. We’re always looking forward to helping you learn how to get money in GTA 5 online.

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what if I told you you could make six hundred thousand dollars in
Grand Theft Auto online today no sweat no Heist just GTA easy money and we’re
going to show you exactly how so stick around and buckle up
hi and welcome back my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer we’ve got a literal Grand Theft Auto
online gold mine to share with you today so I hope you’ve been keeping up your driving skills
because the GTA devs have blessed us with a time sensitive event to fill those Pockets faster than
a souped-up bed she outruns in LSPD if you’ve been snoozing on that grind or if you’re just
tired of running the same old coyote Perico hi don’t sweat it we’ve got you covered with some
exciting news no we’re not talking about another money glitch let me set the scene ladies and gents
three juicy time trials each one just begging to be crushed and each one is coughing up not the
usual 100 Grand but a whopping 200 000 big ones yeah you heard right so kick that easy money door
wide open folks because this week in GTA is all about driving fast winning big and doing it all
with the Devil May care grin on your face soap buckle up and let’s Dive Right Into the Heart
of Los Santos tear up those time trials oh and a massive welcome to speedrunner wonky Island who’s
been kind enough to supply footage for today’s little Soiree wonky’s done some cracking runs
and holds more than one speedrunning record links to their channel are pinned below right starting
with the regular time trial Fort Zancudo so we have a couple of gotchas for this one coming
off the first corner you really need to keep an eye out for traffic especially if you hang to
the left we’re going to want to cut through the service station driveway here to sneak a good
two seconds or so off the run as we approach this big right-hander you’ll need to pip the brakes and
take a wide line then on the left-hander here take it easy as you head cross country don’t overcook
the jump coming back onto the road at the top of Vinewood Hill and finally take it easy on the last
Corner if you come unstuck here it’s all over okay let’s do the whole run I recommend a super bike
for this one and we’re on the hakuchu hakuchu I don’t know how you pronounce it we’re on the
big fast one starting here Center left for this round and off we go flat strap over the bridge
big wide easy turns here that’ll help keep you on the pace
onto the double yellows hit the brakes then we’re
heading between the fuel pumps and the power pole and straight back on the gas
hit the brakes again off the gas and then take a wide line around the corner then back on it
for a moment then we’re heading off-road so up this service Lane and off the trail and
there’s a bit of a gully here which gives us a really nice line to follow off to the
left to touch between the rocks and the trim we really want to stay on it here just lean
forward and level the bike so you can get some good contact and keep rolling and back on it
as soon as the wheels hit dirt ease off at the top of the hill you just want enough momentum
to carry you over the guard rails but not so much that you land on the other side of the
road again as soon as Tire hits tarmac get on that accelerator and hard lean into the
right as we go across country again lining up with the Gully hard on the gas all the way up
is off a touch as we hit the top of the hill same as before we don’t
want to overcook it as we ramp off back on it
take it easy on the last corner and job’s done next up the RC bandito time trial construction
site 2. a few gotchas on this one there is a wild camera jump as we go under the fence
here followed immediately by a risk of rolling as we pop over the hill so take it easy there
don’t overcook it up the ramps it’s super easy to get on the gas and overcook it and take it
easy as we go around the corners while heading up the ramps again we don’t want to overshoot
Mark okay let’s do the whole run as always fully upgraded bandito is better you’ll need an arena
workshop for that and there’s a full guide Linked In the description below and here we
go straight on the accelerator as soon as we’re green hold to the left as you head up the hill so
we can take a nice wide line around that first Corner a bit of a Sharp one and down the hill
then under the fence watching for posts and that camera snap and watch your angles as you
head up this little dirt pop super easy to come unstuck shut right and up the ramp take
it easy here so you don’t overcook it Wheels on the ground is much faster than ramping up
watch the crate and take it really easy around the corner
nice wide line for the right-hander again easy on the gas and hard on it the second the wheels
hit the ground you can go more or less flat straps through here ease off as you swing to
the left then feather the accelerator through this section off the gas as we head around the
corner give it a squirt for this section we want to get on that accelerator any time we’re
not turning ease off into the corners but get back on it immediately as you come out
these offers you near the top of the ramp then plant it as soon as you can
and through in the nick of time and finally the hsw time trial Pacific Bluffs as always
a few gotchas on this one threading the line breaking and carrying momentum now it’s easy
to overshoot and watch for traffic here and watch the grip as you hop the curb shortcut
across or cut through this billboard and we also need to avoid overshooting here too
okay so let’s do the whole run I recommend the super bite for this one starting with
the back wheel just in enough to activate the prompt and off we go bit of over revving here
hit the brakes and line up for the fence then go around to the right off the gas and thread
between the Rock and the fence here watch your line and angle as you hit the Peaks room and
rolling down the hill no accelerator back on it up and then flat strap as soon as the back tire hits
brakes again for this corner and watch for traffic then on to it then ease off
in and back on the gas as you pull out of the left and hold it flat for the next little bit
ease it back as we go past the diner ready for the next turn
then back on hit the brakes for the right-hander
and same again as we make a left onto the bridge right here’s the big ease right off
for the right-hander super easy to overshoot as you’re heading onto the bridge keep an eye
out for traffic too if you’re going to get unstuck this is where it’ll happen then take
it easy round the right and hard on the gas as you’re pulling out try to skip the curb
as you run the line on the right-hander just watch your don’t lose grip and flat
out again big wide easy turns here that’ll help keep you on the pace okay the shops are
our visual marker we’ve got a big right hander coming up hip the brakes and watch for traffic
and there’s the bridge so that left is coming up ease off and left onto the dirt then Jam
that accelerator on as soon as your wheel hits the ground now the dirt will slow you
down a bit but we want to keep the pace on so do not let off the gas all the way through here
cheeky shortcut and back onto the black stuff
and there’s the water tower so a quick tap on the brakes and line up to duck between the posts
holding up the billboard then take a wide line and as we head past the big tree tap again and
ready for the right-hander watch for traffic and on the gas the moment you hit the Apex
quick tap of the brakes as we head into the final stretch then over to
the right ready for the next Corner slow turn in
over the bridge and watch your tail on the exit then flat [__] until you hit the finish line
and there we have it 600 Grand done in what eight minutes 15 with travel
time and faffing about yeah not bad anyway thanks again to wonky and to
you for sticking it out stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video
thank you

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