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$0 to $10,000,000 CASH Solo in GTA online Finalé

Attention Solo Players: Welcome to the third part of our "Starting from Scratch: GTA Online Rags to Riches Guide" series, where we will teach you how to go from a rank 1 character with no money to a rank 40 character with a bank balance of over $10 million in cash.
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Welcome to the high-stakes world of Grand Theft Auto Online, where players are always looking for ways to get rich quick and enjoy the luxurious life of Los Santos. If you’re wondering how to get rich quick in GTA 5 online or GTA V online, you’ve come to the right place. In this video, we’ll be showing you our step-by-step GTA online get rich guide, taking you through our GTA rags to riches playlist and revealing the secrets to achieving GTA rags to riches 2023 success.

This GTA rags to riches series will guide you through the process of going from broke to millionaire in GTA. We’ll be covering everything from setting up Pay Phone Hits to dealing with corrupt judges and helping Dr. Dre. With our GTA online solo money guide 2023, you’ll learn how to make money in GTA 5 online, even if you’re a beginner.

Throughout the video, we’ll be referencing the methods and tactics used by other prominent content creators in the GTA online community, such as The Professional, Ghillie Master, DatSaintsFam, DarkviperAU, Tylarious, TGG, GTA Series Videos, and Lazer. By learning from these experts, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a GTA online get rich fast legend.

In our comprehensive GTA online solo money guide for beginners, we’ll provide a detailed walkthrough of each mission, contract, and hit, ensuring you have all the information you need to excel in the game. By following our GTA rags to riches guide by TGG, you’ll not only become a formidable player but also have the chance to win a fully loaded, clean $10,000,000 GTA Online account.

So, if you’re ready to embark on this thrilling GTA rags to riches journey and learn the secrets of how to get rich quick in GTA V online, be sure to watch the video in its entirety, leave a comment, and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more exciting content.

welcome to the high stakes world of Grand Theft Auto online where
the rich get richer and the poor get well poorer but what if I told you you could
join the Elite Class of players with a 10 million dollar account
hi and welcome back my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer this is the fourth and final
video in our four part series on how to go from a brand new zeroed account in GTA Online
to 10 million dollars in two weekends that’s four days of actual gameplay if you’re not sure what’s
going on or this is your first time to Old grumpy Gamers firstly hi it might be worth checking out
the playlist Linked In the description and the pinned comment that’ll bring you up to speed so
you don’t miss anything important in our last video we set up the pay phone hits took out a
number of targets sorted Johnny guns a few times and started getting a little sick of unskippable
cutscenes we also went through the details of what this series is about and how you can enter to win
the fully loaded clean 10 million dollar account your own self so give that one a quick watch if
you’ve not done so already links are in the the description below radio we’re starting with a
shade under five million dollars today and we’re doing the final push to the full 10 mil so for
day four we’re going to focus on the agency again more pay phone hits and improving our skills with
the contract Mission series today’s video will be a little shorter well actually a lot shorter to be
honest and we’ll be doing a lot of grinding which I’m going to apologize for in advance but it’ll be
worth the effort at the end of this video so let’s start today off with another pay phone
hit give Franklin a call then select request pay phone hit from the options head to the phone for
the briefing and then sort out the Target and be sure to pay attention to the bonus conditions next
up register as a VIP which you can find under the sakuro serve in your interaction menu and
then we’re back onto the contract with Dre to recap the last installment we burned through
the series at least four times shortcutting a lot of the cut scenes and cooldowns because we don’t
have to worry about the storyline today is going to be more of the same if I’m honest you you’re
probably not going to want to really touch the agency for a minute after this but no one said
getting to 10 million dollars was going to be an easy task the good news is though after about the
third playthrough of the contract series Rockstar start mixing up the free row missions different
locations different timings different tactics which is refreshing and keeps you on your toes
to recap though for the nightclub Mission going loud take out everyone you can head upstairs to
grab the tapes back out and back to the agency the marina investigation next so find the boat
jump in and sit in the driver’s seat jump back in the chopper head to the search area or the yacht
unlock the doors and disable air defenses search for the poster quick happy snap then back out and
into the Yachts Chopper and get the heck out of Dodge then on to the first mini finale we attack
the DJ then start blasting into the nightclub and just well plotted up I guess shoot everything and
keep up with those grenades onto the country club investigation next get to the club hack
the console pop the door pipe bombs more hacking then back out find the limo and blow it up in
short order then Frisk the driver guest list next head to the lawyer’s Place pick off as many guards
as you can with the sniper and then the Autos then jump down and start taking out any stragglers once
you have the all clear switch to the taser and zap the lawyer to pick him up try and Escape without
combat if you can otherwise just take out anyone who turns up immediately then jump in the car and
head off and with that it’s time for the next mini finale pull up up the stairs up the bridge and to
the balustrade then on top of the roof kick off with a few well-placed grenades and once you’ve
done enough damage your tiger will run follow the chopper board the yacht and pop the billionaire
steal his Chopper ditch the chopper then head back to the agency right here next up we’re
heading back to Franklin’s old stomping ground so head to Grove Street then start lighting up cars
sort out everything you can see doesn’t matter what follow Vernon interrogate p and then get
rolling off to Davis next to help Vernon sort the Lost we want to drive to the marker jump out take
some cover and start lobbing grenades take the van lose the Lost then back to the lock up until the
last of the mini finales of South Central League I want to catch up with Vernon and P follow them
to the vargos street party and sort out the gang members Follow the yellow low rider pop the driver
and back to the shop and we’re done studio time next so jump in the champion head to the market
and pick off the mercs work your way through the studio then grab a coffee while Dre does
his thing and the finale finale don’t um mess with Dre track down Johnny guns at the freight
yard spray and pray then move to the hangar it’s a bit more strategic here but still push hard pop
Johnny guns let Dre give him a beating then drop Dre off at his Chopper and after that do another
quick pay phone hit while the series cooldown is running and when you’re prompted do it again and
that’s our Loop for the day at this point you’re probably getting a bit sick of Johnny guns and
his crap but this is the most effective way to earn solo without spending Millions upon millions
in seed funding sadly since the Kyo solo Nerf we can’t use the kasaka to grind that kind of money
out in short order so the agency is our winner in this instance but between the contract payout pay
phone hits and the occasional security contract this is by far the best bang for your buck so
we have to do this loop around five times all up and today that will pull us up to our 10 million
dollar Target all thereabouts grindy but there we are so that’s our Target reached zero to ten
million dollars in two weekends worth of gameplay it’s been a hell of a grind but as a result we’ve
created a few new characters in GTA Online done some work for Lamar Gerald and Simeon finished the
treasure hunt Bail Bond movie prop and slasher quest lines found every signal jammer killed a
lot of NPCs met Dax luchadora and the troop a few times purchased an agency done some security work
sorted corrupt judges failed Tech entrepreneurs and Shady businessmen helped Dre dealt with Johnny
guns a lot and started getting pretty bored with unskippable cutscenes but what a cracking effort
I’m stoked with result and I hope you are too so that’s it for the challenge in our next
video we’ll be doing the draw to see who wins the account we’ve been working on and the week after
we’ll do a bit of a super cut to be eligible for the competition you will need to write a
comment on each video in the series doesn’t have to be much just something to let the old grumpy
Gamers team know you’ve been there so if you’ve not commented on the previous videos jump on have
a look and leave a message same goes for this one and hey if you feel like tweeting something giving
a thumbs up or having a proper conversation have at it to be eligible to win a clean 10 million
dollar GTA online account at least one comment on each video in the series the details terms and
conditions can be found on oldgrumpygamers.com sub to the channel and switch on notifications to make
sure you don’t miss the weekly release and your chance to win that 10 million dollar account we
also do weekly updates buyers guides and other tips and tricks I promise you won’t be wasting
your time so thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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