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$0 to $10,000,000 CASH Solo in GTA online Part 3

Attention Solo Players: Welcome to the third part of our "Starting from Scratch: GTA Online Rags to Riches Guide" series, where we will teach you how to go from a rank 1 character with no money to a rank 40 character with a bank balance of over $10 million in cash.
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Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to get rich quick in GTA Online. In this video, we will show you proven methods to make millions of dollars in GTA 5 Online, even if you’re starting from scratch.

Whether you’re a seasoned GTA player or a newcomer to the game, we have the best tips and tricks to help you get rich fast. Our step-by-step guide will show you how to make the most money in GTA Online through various means, including missions, heists, and investments. We will also share with you the most lucrative businesses you can own in GTA Online, and how to optimize them for maximum profits.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to go from rags to riches in GTA Online, we’ve got you covered. Our playlist of the best rags-to-riches stories will show you how some of the most successful GTA players built their fortunes, and how you can do the same.

We understand that not everyone has the luxury of playing with a group of friends or crew, which is why we’ve also created a solo money guide for beginners. Our guide will teach you how to make money in GTA Online solo, and how to avoid common mistakes that can cost you time and money.

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So, whether you’re broke and looking to become a millionaire in GTA Online, or just want to optimize your gameplay for maximum profits, this video is for you. Join us as we explore the best ways to get rich quick in GTA Online and build your empire. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more GTA Online content!

get ready to roll up your sleeves and work your way to the top because in this video
we’re driving into day three of our zero to ten million dollar challenge in Grand Theft
Auto online if you’re looking to build a massive Fortune but don’t want to rely on luck or chance
then this video is for you we’ve already worked our way to a small fortune and now
you own the most lucrative solo business in the game so on day three the second to last
day of our challenge with determination patience and a little elbow grease will make huge strides
towards our multi-multi-million dollar status in no time so grab a drink put on those noise
canceling headphones and let’s get into day three of our unique take on getting rich in GTA online
‘s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer this is the third in our four part series on how to
go from a brand new zeroed account in GTA Online to 10 million dollars in two weekends that’s four
days of actual gameplay if you’re not sure what’s going on or this is your first time to all grumpy
Gamers firstly I it might be worth checking out the playlist Linked In the description and the
pinned comment that’ll bring you right up to speed so you don’t miss out on anything important in our
last video we met Dax luchadora and the troop a few times made a couple of new characters
purchased an agency did some security work sorted good Johnny guns and retrieved Dre’s music we also
went through the details of what this series is about and how you can answer to win the fully
loaded clean 10 million dollar account your own self so give that one a quick watch if you’ve
not done so already link is in the description below right here we’re sitting at a shade over
1.7 million today we’re going to bring that to a Touch under five now off camera I purchased the
motorcycle club which put a bit of a dent but when the team at Old grumpy game and started
putting this series together we decided it was a waste of money so we’re not going to worry about
that and whenever you see our hero registered as a president just be sure that registering
as a VIP does the same thing for the purposes of this exercise so for day three we’re going
to focus on the agency setting up the Payphone hit mechanics and improving our skills with the
contract Mission series today’s video will be a little bit shorter well actually a lot shorter
to be honest and we’ll be doing a bit of grinding which I’m going to apologize in advance for but
it will be worth the effort by the end of the next video radio the first thing we’re going to
do today is set up the pay phone hits so register as a VIP which you can find under security serve
in your interaction menu then head to the agency exit and grab the chopper and we want to just fly
around for a few minutes while we potentially get a call from Franklin or spot one of these
blue phone icons on the map when you spot it put the chopper down and walk walk over to the phone
Franklin will give you a quick briefing in this case where to take out a judge on a golf course
after a few seconds some additional information will appear on screen again in this case if we
assassinate the judge with a remote bomb we get a massive bonus so let’s square that away and then
we’re back onto the contract with Dre to recap in the last installment we went through the series
in one sitting which took roughly four or five hours fortunately for subsequent playthroughs
we don’t have to wait for Franklin or Armani to do their thing we don’t have to sit through
introductory cutscenes again and we don’t have to leave and come back to trigger phone calls nor do
we have to do the initial setup missions chasing golf carts or raiding the FIB and that means the
contract series becomes a lot quicker like 90 minutes or so instead of close to five hours
so that makes our Loop simpler too after each Mission we just pop to ammunition to stock up
on body armor and ammo head back to the agency to grab some snacks then fire up the PCS start
the next one so recap for the nightclub Mission going loud take out everyone you can head up the
stairs grab the tapes back out into the agency the marina investigations next so let’s find the
boat jump in and sit in the driver’s seat jump back in the chopper and head to the search area
or the yacht unlock the doors and disable air defenses search for the poster quick happy snap
then back out onto the Yachts Chopper and get the heck out of Dodge and on to the first mini
finale attack the DJ then start blasting into the nightclub and just well light it up I guess shoot
everything and keep on with those grenades onto the country club investigation next so we get to
the club hack the console pop the door pipe bombs more hacking then back out find the limo and blow
it up in short order then Frisk the driver guess this next head to the lawyers Place pick off as
many guards as you can with the sniper then jump down and start taking out stragglers once you’ve
got the all clear switch to the taser and zap the lawyer then pick him up and try to escape without
combat if you can otherwise take out anyone who turns up immediately then head off and
with that it’s time for the next mini finale pull up up the stairs up the Hedge and the balustrade
onto the roof and then kick off the proceedings with a few well-placed launch grenades and once
you’ve done enough damage our Target will run follow the chopper board the yacht and pop the
billionaire steal his Chopper ditch the chopper then head back to the agency radio next up we’re
back to Franklin’s old stomping grounds head to Grove Street then start lighting up cars sort
out everything you can see it doesn’t matter what follow Vernon interrogate P then get rolling off
to Davis next to help Vernon sort the Lost drive to the marker jump out take some cover and start
lobbing grenades take the van lose the Lost then it’s back to the lock up and on to the last of
the mini finales the South Central League catch up with Vernon and P follow them to the Vargo
Street party and sort out the gang members Follow the yellow low rider pop the driver then back to
the shop and we’re done so studio time is next jump in the champion and head to the market to
pick off the mercs work your way through the studio then grab a coffee while gray does his
thing and the finale finale don’t miss with dry track down Johnny guns at the freight yard spray
and pray then move to the hangar it’s a bit more strategic here but still push hard pop shoddy guns
let Dre give him a beating then drop Dre off at his Chopper and after that we’ll do another
quick pay phone hit while the series cooldown is running give Franklin a call this time then
select request pay phone hit from the options head to the phone for the briefing and sort out
the Target and with any luck you’ll have a prompt to restart the contract series by the end of the
hit but if not just call Franklin for a security contract and when you’re prompted do it again and
that’s our Loop for the day we should be able to get this out four times over the course of this
session given the pay phone hit takes a minute to get used to and the setup took a little while for
them to which should put us at a Touch under 5 million dollars for the day’s conclusion bearing
in mind ammunition and body armor costs now I don’t know about you but this was a pretty big
one for me we set up the Payphone hits took out a number of targets sorted Johnny guns a few more
times and started getting a little bit bit sick of unskippable cut scenes but still pretty good
effort all up in our next exciting installment we’ll continue punishing corrupt judges failed
Tech entrepreneurs and Johnny guns and Will Barrow our way to 10 million dollars before
you go just a quick reminder about the competition once this series is finished we’ll be giving away
the account complete with at least 10 million weapons cars businesses the whole box and dice
to be eligible for the competition you will need to write a comment on each video in the
series doesn’t have to be much just something to let the old grumpy Gamers team know you’ve been
there so if you’ve not commented on the previous videos jump on have a look and leave a message
same goes for this one and hey if you feel like tweeting something giving a thumbs up or having
a proper conversation have at it to be eligible to win a clean 10 million GTA online account at
least one comment on each video in the series the details terms and conditions can be found
on oldgrumpygamers.com sub to the channel and switch on notifications to make sure you don’t
miss the weekly release and your chance to win that 10 million dollar account we also
do weekly updates buyers guides and other tips and tricks I promise you won’t be wasting your
time so thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video foreign

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