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15 December 2023: Updated Cayo Perico Finalé Method

New complete beginners guide: Easiest Cayo Perico Finale Method [LS Drug Wars DLC 2022 Update] in #gtaonline #GTA #GTA5 #GTA5Online #GrandTheftAuto
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Massive thanks to @Tylarious, @BeatsDownGaming and especially @TGG_ for providing inspiration for this video.

Rockstar has nerfed the coyote Perico
Heist again so let’s look at the new new
easy method for the maximum take and
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and
I’m an old grumpy gamer well we have
Juggalos acid trips a few new vehicles
and a new business in GTA online but it
also looks like El Rubio is rising up to
our game before we dive in if you find
this helpful we do lots of Grand Theft
Auto online guides tips and tricks so if
you’re new to the channel don’t forget
to subscribe and ring the bell for more
content like this now before we get too
far into this I have a couple of quick
caveats to go over firstly this is in my
opinion the easiest way at it not the
fastest not the best but the easiest
with minimal resistance and minimal risk
next this is recorded on a gaming laptop
and at the end of the video I do a quick
replay glitch so I don’t lose the
panther this glitch only works on gaming
laptops it does not work on desktops
Xbox or Playstation I also want to
acknowledge the dozens of other
YouTubers who have produced similar
videos and showcase similar methods
particularly tilarious beats down and
especially TGG who did the first ever
passive run which served as a bit of an
inspiration finally this method aims to
remove the RNG from the approach I’ve
assumed no paintings didn’t find any
keys and you’re doing this completely
solo now to complete this method you
need to have scouted the main Dock and
the drainage tunnel and have completed
the long fin prep for the approach in
addition you’ll need to have completed
the standard reps hack the radio tower
plasma cutter or safecoat fingerprint
scanner cutting torch and weapons now
I’m using the aggressor but The
Conspirator will also work finally I
highly recommend purchasing some
rebreathers too you can get these from
ammunition at the display cabinet in the
middle of the room okay on to the main
event so as we roll in I’ll just pause
here and we want to head up to the south
of this corner of the island near the
solar panels once you’re there jump out
of the boat and keep an eye on this
fella via the radar run straight over to
the solar panels past this tree and
Hangar left now don’t worry too much
about this Sky again the scrub will give
us a bit of cover next watch the radar
for this guard to turn around the second
he does pop the security camera and jump
the fence and grab whatever you can here
remembering that white powder is the
most profitable followed by Cold Hard
Cash followed by the green stuff right
so once you’ve collected everything you
can here head back to the entrance of
the shed wait for our new friend to turn
around again then run out of the shed
and do a U-turn and then left at the end
of the next building jump over the fence
and run straight we’re keeping an eye on
this guy here on the right once you
passed him cut back across towards where
we left the boat run all the way down to
the coastline which will help us avoid
the path that last guard takes turn
right and start heading towards the
scrub to the storage hanger right now we
want to watch this guy here the second
he turns around we want to make a b line
for that Gap and go right we’re through
there so next up grab the forklift
collect the pallet and drive up to under
the box now I know I’m going for a
cheaper Loop type here this is just for
demonstration purposes clamber up to the
top of the forklift then the palette
over burn through the lock grab the loot
again prioritizing the white stuff
cheddar and finely green through the
office and over the rail and if you’ve
not filled your bag yet head through the
cage at the bottom and grab the last of
it back towards the entrance here and we
want to keep an eye on the mini map
making sure the guard is to the right of
us and walking away through we go and
back to the boat once we’re back in the
boat we want to head to the south of the
island around the bluff and up to the
drainage tunnel as we arrive jump off
the boat and dive under the water
rebreather on which is G on your
keyboard or right on your d-pad head to
the great and cut that open through the
tunnel and on to the next stage now
quick disclaimer here it took a few
rounds to figure this method out so
we’re looking at a subsequent run as you
pop out of the basement turn around and
select your pistol head down the path up
the stairs and climb this balustrad aim
your weapon and gently gently make your
way up to the top release your aim then
jump onto the veranda and make your way
across the roof of the colonnade
carefully and I mean carefully drop onto
this Archway and make your way across
then turn right and head to the corner
and this is where it gets hairy wait for
the guard to settle then walk not run
walk behind him make your way around the
corner do the same for the next guard
and stop at the top of the stairs and
take cover while we wait for the final
guard to take position right he looks
settled walk past up the stairs and into
El Rubio’s office over to the safe for a
few extra Bob and then on to the lock
now this is surprisingly straightforward
for the first one go to the top of the
fingerprint section
for the second one go to the first
section and one right for the third go
to the first again then two right first
right right right and so on head to the
basement and collect whatever loot you
have don’t worry about mine I’m using a
bit of a replay glitch and there’s a
video on how to do that Linked In the
description below once you’re done back
up the lift out the door and down the
stairs now that guard has not moved so
we can just walk straight past again now
the timing is important on this one we
want this guard to have just taken
position and be facing the same way we
are the moment he turns hop the rail
then hop The Rail again and staple it
for a moment when he repositions and
moves past jump up wander up the stairs
and to the right of the garden clock
where the next guard is and if you’re
clear you’re good to go once you’re out
of the compound turn left and head for
the bluff keep an eye on this fella hero
nearly got caught my own self into the
drink rebreather on and start swimming
and after what seems like an eternity
you’ll be booted from The Heist and then
back up to madrazo’s Homestead then you
should be at least a million dollars
richer nice and thanks for watching
check out the video up the top for
another handy guide or the one down the
bottom for some more old grumpy gamer
goodness stay safe wash your hands and
we’ll see you in the next video

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