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Easiest Cayo Perico Elite Method

In this video, old grumpy gamer Dan shows the easiest way to complete the Kyler Perico finale in GTA 5 Online. He covers the equipment needed, the approach strategy, and the heist itself. This method helps to remove the RNG from the approach.
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Easiest Cayo Perico Elite method in GTA Online (2022 Update)

In GTA Online, the Cayo Perico Heist is one way of making some serious money. However, completing it in Elite mode can be quite challenging, especially if you want to do it solo. This is where the Easiest Cayo Perico Elite method comes in!

With the tips and tricks provided in this video, you’ll learn how to complete the Cayo Perico Finale in the quickest, easiest, and safest way possible. This method ensures minimal resistance and risk while maximizing the payoff.

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The video provides a step-by-step guide for the easiest way to complete the Cayo Perico Finale, including all the necessary prep work and tools needed to do so. You’ll learn how to safely navigate through different approaches, get primary and secondary loot, easily hack through security, and escape without getting caught.

The video also highlights a replay glitch that only works on gaming laptops, so desktops, Xbox, or Playstation users may not be able to take advantage of this part. However, it’s important to note that this glitch is entirely optional and does not affect the main gameplay method in any way.

If you’re someone who wants to get rich, grind, or make infinite money in GTA 5 Online or GTA V Online, then this video can help you achieve that through the Cayo Perico Heist. This is one of the most effective methods to make a significant amount of money in the game.

So, are you ready to heist your way to riches? Watch the video, follow the steps, and become the master of the Cayo Perico Elite!

hi in this video we’re going through the easiest way to
complete the kyo perigo finale in gta 5 online
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto is a truly a massive
game between gta 5 and the constant updates from rockstar for gta online there’s no shortage of new
content and interesting things to do join me then as we look at the easiest way to complete the kyo
perico finale in gta 5 online before we dive in if you’re new to the channel we do how-to guides news
and giveaways so consider subscribing and ring the bell to stay up to date now before i get too far
into this one i have a couple of quick caveats to go over firstly this is in my opinion the easiest
way at it not the fastest not the best but the easiest with minimal resistance and minimal
risk next this is recorded on a gaming laptop at the end of the video i do a quick replay glitch so
i don’t lose the panther this glitch only works on gaming laptops it does not work on desktops
xbox or playstations i also want to acknowledge the dozens of other youtubers who’ve produced
similar videos and showcase similar methods particularly it’s hilarious who unbeknownst to me
at the time of my last video had created a how-to with a very similar approach finally this method
aims to remove the rng from the approach i’ve assumed that you didn’t get any paintings when
you were scouting the radio tower when you take down any guards you don’t necessarily find the
keys and you’re doing this completely solo now to complete this method you’ll need to have scouted
the main dock entry point and the drainage tunnel approach and have completed the long thin prep for
the approach in addition you’ll need to have completed the standard preps hacking the radio
tower of course either the plasma cutter or the safe code depending on your loot the fingerprint
scanner cutting torch and a weapon loadout now i’m using the aggressor but the conspirator or the
aggressor does a trick nicer and finally i highly recommend purchasing some rebreathers too you can
get these from the ammunation store at the display cabinet in the middle of the room okay on to the
main event great so just head over to the control deck there and we want to go straight over to the
start alright and just equip any armor if you need it and confirm settings quickly switch the
matchmaking to closed and then hit play same as normal we’ll get the alert that’s fine hit go okay
and then for the setup so we’re using the longfin approach we’ll be using the main dock for the
infiltration point the compound entry point will be the drainage tunnel the escape point can be
kind of anything i’m just going to use the main dock time of day is daytime so we’re not going
to get near any guards anyway so that’s fine and then the weapon loadout we just need to add the
suppressors there and then across to continue i’m happy with that outfit so just hit ready to play
okay so as we take control of the long fin we want to bank to the left there now you can just use the
right bumper to do a sharper turn this thing does handle like a pig though it’s not really flash
and what we’re aiming to do is head to this little kovi thing at the bottom of the airport there so
it’s not too far away and just make sure you don’t bump into any boats on your way through otherwise
the guards get a bit upset but as we make our approach here what we want to do is just sort of
get close to beaching it up on the the right hand side so that the boat doesn’t end up wandering out
too far right that’s close enough we’ll just well that was graceful but okay around we go and then
we’re heading for the storage warehouse on the other side of this clearing here so we should only
have one guard to take care of here we don’t need to worry about where the other guards are just
that one fella in front of us i think we’ll uh yeah we’ll take care of him with a shotgun i think
quick shot to the noggin there we go and then we’re going for the bottom lock up
now the order we want to use is white powder first then green and then cash in that order so we’ll
just quickly grab all this gear so the white powders have gone in first that’s no problems
all right we’ll turn around and we have uh green stuff there so we’ll just grab that as well
excellent now we still have some room left in our bag so we’ll just pop out here
grab this forklift on the right hand side and there’s a pallet just across the way
then we’re just going to go pick that bad boy up so lift him up back out don’t have to go too far
and then what we want to do is turn in to that crate just onto the right of the barrels there
it’s quite important that we line that up all right lift up as high as you can there we go
excellent all right and then around to the back of the forklift and we’ll just jump up on it
and then of course over the top of the cage
and over to this lockup we’ll just fire that up now now i think this is just cash either
side here so it doesn’t matter which side it is we’ll just quickly fill up the rest of the bag
all right loot bag is full great all right so we’ll head back out and then up on this crate
and this is why we park the forklift here because if you don’t park the forklift there
you fall flat on your face and lose some armor so that’s all good we can just go straight across to
that clearing there and hopefully the boat is still waiting for us it hasn’t drifted
out too much fantastic sometimes it does drift out just go for a swim it’ll be fine
you can see we’ve not really seen any guards we’ve stayed well out of the way our cameras so far so
it’s all been good all right we’ll back it up a little bit and this thing does not handle well
backwards it handles pretty ordinary forwards but backwards is even worse all right let’s give it a
squeeze and then off we go again now what we’re aiming to do here is go all the way around the
bottom of this bluff and then into the area there so we just head straight just watch out for rocks
here fortunately it’s a pretty quiet day so that does make it nice and easy the water’s like glass
we’re not bouncing around too much all right so as we make our way towards the at the bottom here
just watch out for some rocks there because they do sneak up on you and we want to just turn again
using the shoulder bumper on the controllers there to improve the handling just skip about
here and then once we stabilize we’re just going to bail straight into the boat there we go
all right into the drink and then throw your rebreather on
and off we go all right so the next thing is there we go
there’s the button prompts and we’ll need to cut this gate open so i guess the easiest way
i’ve found is to go too quick one slow so that was the two quick one slow too quick
and then one slow we do that across all the sides and that happens pretty promptly i don’t know if
this is the speed runner technique or if it’s the fastest way at it but i found that’s probably the
easiest and it does happen pretty quick all right and we’ll start swimming to the end of the tunnel
and we should get a button prompt there we go so press that and then it will go to the next
cutscene and you can see there we didn’t even use a rebreather it’s uh got about halfway done
i think i’ve after i bought my first set of rebreathers i’ve not used one since it’s been
great so once we pop out of here it’s going to point us towards the stairs there and what we want
to do is go in precisely the opposite direction all right now we need to select a pistol here
as well here we are up on this balustrade and then aim up there and up again across the roof
and there’s a little bridgey thing here we’re just going to sneak across
over and then we want to go right and then left around the top of this building we’re going to
take care of this fella real quick that’s him down all right and then the next guy oh there
we are now i’ve deliberately not grabbed the keys again just so that you can see what happens if you
don’t get a draw with the keys so i’ll just wait for this guy give him the good news there we go at
the top in the office off to the safe on the right hand side now if you’ve not got the kaio perrico
gun yet you can go to the drawers there on the right hand side and collect that too over to the
hacking next so this one’s surprisingly easy what you want to do is line yourself up with the the
top one first and then it’s from the first one you want to go right so when you get to the second one
you go one single right when you’re on the third one it’s go to the start and then two right so one
to start one to the start one two to the start one two three to the start two three four there you go
and let’s do it again so from start start one start two start one two three start one two
three four two three four five and away we go i think it should be the last one from the start
start one start two one two three one two three four
one two three four five
that was six and then to the end so i’m just going right every time to make it nice and easy
all right so that’s the clone successful so we’ll head into the elevator in a moment
and through and because we haven’t tripped any alarms we don’t need to
worry about guards or anything so that’s all good we’ll just fire this off and away it goes
you can see here i’m using the black panther statue this is the uh the joys of working on a
gaming notebook so we can just do this repeat glitch as much as we like that said it only
works with this particular glitch only works on the notebook it doesn’t work on anything else
excellent that’s the panther grabbed all right so we’re going to
again assuming you haven’t got the keys so we’ll just head back out the the other way okay and we
shouldn’t need to arm ourselves so down the stairs and the jumping surprisingly enough does help
off to the right we’re just going to hang tight here because there’s a juggernaut floating
about the place we need to make sure he is not there so he’s gone yep we’re golden okay over
up the stairs and then we’ll kind of swing around to the right here and we just need
to make sure that guy’s not going to spot us so yep we’re good we’ll just squeak that in actually
okay and we are off so we just need to pop this fella in the noggin
and do a quick u-turn and we’re heading for this little hilly bit on the right hand side here
and then we’re just going to make our way across to
the furthest part of the island we can get to do a quick jump stay on the bike
into the water throw your re-breather on it again and then what we’re doing is we’re heading
for the whale bones on this little ridgy bit here so you can see there’s the ridge there
dips off to the uh to the right there and to the left but we’re pitching for these whale bones not
far from this cluster of underwater mines that is good to go okay so we’ve gone out with a full bag
we should have the elite now because i am going to be doing the replay glitch here it will glitch
out a little bit but that’s not to be worried about okay transaction saves flight mode on and
off we go now if you are interested in how to do this there is a link to a full video on it in the
description below so this will glitch out and then send us back to there we are back to story mode
and flight mode is off so that’ll let us log back in in just a few moments and as we rejoin we can
see the highest pass notification we’ve got the elite challenge full bags very very happy with
that one and once that clears we’ll just confirm that the money is in fact in our hand and there we
go the 2.25 ml from that one is done and that’s it thank you very much for watching check out
the video at the top for another handy guide or the one down the bottom for some more old
grumpy game of goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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