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Cayo Replay Glitch is Back!

Learn the updated method for the Kyo solo replay glitch in GTA 5 online, specifically for gaming laptops or notebooks using Wi-Fi. This glitch can help you earn serious cash quickly, but make sure to follow the warnings and guidelines provided to avoid being banned.
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Grand Theft Auto V: Updated Cayo Perico Solo Replay Glitch for Gaming Laptops and Notebooks

If you’re a fan of Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online, you know that the game can be a bit of a grind, especially when you’re trying to earn enough money to buy all of the new items that come with each DLC release. That’s why replay glitches, like the Cayo Perico Solo Replay Glitch, are so popular with gamers. This glitch allows you to skip the prep missions and get straight to earning cash, but it does require a bit of preparation and finesse to execute. In this guide, we’ll show you an updated method for the Cayo Perico Solo Replay Glitch that works specifically for gaming laptops and notebooks, so you can start earning without the hassle of doing those pesky prep missions.

The Disclaimer

Before we dive into the glitch, it’s important to note that glitching in GTA Online is a violation of the End User License Agreement and Terms of Service. This video is for entertainment purposes only and should not be attempted by viewers. If you do choose to follow the steps outlined in this guide, you risk being banned and having your account reset. With that said, let’s get started.

The Updated Method

The Cayo Perico Solo Replay Glitch was recently nerfed by Rockstar, making it much harder to complete the heist more than once every four hours or so. However, this updated method allows gamers to execute the glitch using gaming laptops and notebooks with Wi-Fi connectivity. The first step is to set your screen type to windowed or windowed borderless and turn off the pause game on focus loss option in the settings. Then, hold the Windows key and tap the tab button to enter Window mode, and click on the wireless symbol in your taskbar to bring up the network quick settings menu. From there, you can trigger the glitch by clicking on the flight mode button at the right moment during the heist. It takes some practice to get the timing right, but with a bit of patience, you can execute the glitch successfully and earn some serious cash without doing any prep missions.

The Risks and Rewards

While this glitch can be a great way to earn some quick cash in GTA Online, there are risks involved. If you do the glitch too often or earn too much money in a short period of time, your account could be flagged for review and you could be banned from the game. Additionally, if you don’t time the glitch correctly, you may not receive any cash at all. It’s important to use this glitch sparingly and only when necessary, and to be aware of the potential consequences.


The Cayo Perico Solo Replay Glitch can be a useful tool for gamers looking to earn cash quickly in GTA Online. By following the updated method outlined in this guide, you can execute the glitch using your gaming laptop or notebook without doing any of the prep missions. However, it’s important to remember that glitching in GTA Online is against the terms of service and can result in a ban. Use this glitch at your own risk and only when necessary, and always be aware of the potential consequences.

well the December DLC will be here soon
so it’s time to look at the updated
method for the Kyo solo replay glitch if
you’re using a gaming laptop or notebook
for GTA 5 online so you can skip the
prep and get straight to earning
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and
I’m an old grumpy gamer with the
December DLC dropping reasonably soon
we’ll need to start banking some serious
cash so we can afford the ridiculously
overpriced stuff that Rockstar is
intending to add to GTA online and as
some of you may have noticed the flight
mode hotkey has been disabled for GTA 5
rendering our usual method for skipping
the prep missions well useless so today
I thought we might look at an updated
method for the Kaya replay glitch if
using a gaming laptop or a gaming
notebook in GTA 5 before we dive in if
you find this helpful we do lots of
Grand Theft Auto online guides tips and
tricks so if you’re new to the channel
don’t forget to subscribe and ring the
bell for more content like this now if
you’re just looking for the glitch
itself then scrub forward to the
timestamp on screen or use the time Link
in the quick links below if you’re still
here there’s a few things we need to go
through before we actually perform the
replay glitch first up this video is
heavily inspired by the Hellfire 2512
video released 3rd of August 2021 and
then is a link in the description below
next glitching of any sorting GTR online
is a violation of the end user license
agreement and the terms of service this
video is for entertainment purposes only
and should not be attempted yourself if
you choose to follow the steps outlined
and do this glitch yourself you risk
being banned and having your account
reset you have been warned that said the
Kyo easy replay method only allows you
to skip the prep it does not bypass
Rockstar server Flags alerts or
anti-cheat systems this is important to
bear in mind when considering how often
you might do this glitch at the time of
recording in November 2022 Rockstar
nerfed the Kaio Replay for solo players
if you run through a Kyo Perico High
solo normally you’ll only be able to
restart the heist after three hours and
it typically takes around 45 minutes to
an hour to run through the preps before
you can get to the heist itself too so
this means there’s no natural way to
complete the Kyo Heist solo more often
than every four hours or so Rockstar
will also flag your account for a review
if you earn too much in a single 24-hour
period meaning if you rail this out half
a dozen times in a single day you’ll
likely be paying two again you should
not be doing replay glitches there
against the Euler and the TOs but if you
were to you absolutely should not do
this more than twice a day and there
should be a minimum of a four hour gap
in between attempts and one more thing
before we get into preparing for this
glitch this is specifically for people
using gaming laptops or gaming notebooks
that use Wi-Fi to connect to the
internet this won’t work on a
Playstation or Xbox and won’t work for
PC users that have an ethernet cable
plugged in to their machine right nearly
there I promise so we need to do a
little bit of prep for this glitch start
by booting into Grand Theft Auto and
clicking settings tap down to Graphics
then set the screen type to windowed or
windowed orderless you may need to tweak
your resolution here while you’re there
toggle down to the pause game on Focus
loss and make sure that is set to off
apply the changes and you’ll see a
button prompt on the bottom right right
to the screen and restart it prompted
then load into GTA online so what we’ve
just done there is told GTA to continue
in the background if we navigate away
from the game and to run in a window
instead of full screen both are
critically important for this to work
the next thing we’ll need to do is a
quick test and a bit of practice you’ll
want to do this well before you’re in
the mix at El Rubio’s because it can
take a few rounds to get the muscle
memory in so find yourself a safe spot
then on your keyboard hold the Windows
key and then tap the tab button that’s
the Windows key and tab and that will
throw the computer into Window mode
which shows you every application you
have running in a series of preview
boxes we’re not worried about the
previews though what we want is the
network Quick Settings menu so on your
taskbar look for the wireless symbol not
to be mistaken for the volume now my
taskbar is Dr the left of my screen so
the wireless symbol is in the bottom
left if your taskbar is docked to the
bottom of the screen you’ll see the
wireless symbol on the bottom right
click on that one if you’ve done that
right the game screen will go back to
normal but you’ll also be able to see
your taskbar and a wireless network
quick menu let’s give that one more go
click back to the game hold the Windows
key on your keyboard then tap the Tab
Key and click the wireless icon now
let’s just hold there for a moment check
out the bottom of the network setting
box you’ll see one of those options says
flight mode so when it comes time that’s
the one we’ll click to trigger the
glitch right once you’re comfortable
with that start the heist and run
through as normal as you’re leaving the
island watch the bottom right of the
screen the second the statistics
disappear we need to jump into action
hold down the windows key on your
keyboard tap the Tab Key click the
wireless icon and hover over the flight
mode button next and this is the really
tricky bit we need to watch for the
transaction pendings notification again
bottom right as soon as that disappears
click the flight mode button just a
single click two that will disable the
internet and prevent the game from
communicating with Rockstar server your
prize money for the highest however
should be stored locally so that means
the game knows you have more money but
Rockstar doesn’t know you’ve completed
the heist yet so the game will continue
on its merry way for a few seconds then
it will Cotton On and throw an alert
click back into the game window and
clear the alert then do the Windows key
tab thing again and bring up the network
settings again ready to go after a few
seconds you’ll find yourself floating
above Los Santos in GTA 5 story mode
just hang tight for a moment while the
game has a thing then once you start
zooming down to a character click on the
flight mode button again your screen may
freeze for a few seconds but that’s not
unexpected so not to worry give it a
quick 10 count then either hold f8 to
Quick jump into a GTA online public
Lobby or go to the pause menu and jump
back into online after a few seconds
you’ll likely see this prompt from the
game about being offline just click the
purple reconnect button and that will
Force the game to restore your
connection to Rockstar server once
that’s how to think and logs you back in
hit the escape button and you’ll be
dropped into GTA online again when
you’re back in online and have control
of your character that you can check
your balances and with any luck you’ll
have a significantly more cash on hand
not bad for a 10 minute effort or so and
when you return to the kasaki you’ll see
the heist is still on the finale screen
so let’s go over that again before you
start anything make sure your game has
the screen type set to window to
windowed borderless and the pause game
on Focus loss is set to off next Windows
key tab as soon as the high statistics
disappear from the bottom right of the
screen then click the network icon as
soon as the transaction pending
disappears from the bottom right of the
screen single click the flight mode
button to disconnect the internet to
clear any alerts Windows key tab again
and bring up the network options then
wait for the game to drop you back into
story mode and disable flight mode give
it a 10 count or so then jump back into
GTA online so before I let you go
there’s just a couple more quick things
firstly sometimes when you log back into
GTA online you’ll get a black overlay
saying highest complete this is normal
you can just ignore it second every now
and then the game will hang when logging
back into to online if that happens
simply close the game using task manager
then start it up again the same way you
normally would third there’s a non-zero
chance you won’t receive any cash even
if you get the highest complete
interrupt this means the game didn’t
record the cash locally which normally
happens if your timing is out a little
sadly there’s not much you can do about
that one you just have to do it again
finally if you go back to the console in
the cassette and it says you need to do
one more prep after successfully running
the glitch for the first time it means
the Rockstar server has forgotten you’ve
completed all of your preps for the
finale if this is the case do the prep
the game requires then do one more
optional prep this forces the game to
remember the required prep so you are
good to go for the next round and thanks
for watching check out the video of the
top for another guide or the one down
the bottom for some more old grumpy
gamer goodness stay safe wash your hands
and we’ll see you in the next video

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