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Solo Elite Challenge, the Easy Way

Learn the easiest way to do the Kaio Perico heist solo in GTA Online with this quick guide. By following this method, you can easily make between 6 and 7.5 million per hour with the replay glitch.
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Easiest way to do Cayo Perico SOLO Elite Challenge on GTA 5 Online

In this video, we will be showing you the easiest way to do the Cayo Perico heist solo in GTA Online so that you can get rich fast. With the December update only weeks away, it’s essential to build up your bank. By following these steps and implementing the replay glitch, you can easily make $6 to 7.5 million per hour or north of $8 million during Panther week.


The approach we will be taking is through the Longfin. Make sure you grab a weapon loadout and attach a suppressor. By doing the bear minimum mission prep, you can go straight to the tower and figure out the vault contents.

Filled Bags

The seaplane can be dangerous, so ensure you fill your bags with gold. It’s an essential step, primarily because the secondary targets are unnecessary.

Get to the Compound

The Longfin is an excellent option for getting through the water and avoiding guards.

Get to El Rubio’s Office

To get through to El Rubio’s Office, you’ll need to find the correct items on the table.

Easy Vault Hack

This vault hack method is the easiest, quickest, and least complicated.

Escaping the Compound

To escape the compound, head to the drainage tunnel and make your way out.

Escaping the Island

Make your exit and escape the island by any means necessary.

Replay Glitch Summary

By using the flight-mode trick on your gaming laptop, you can repeat the mission with ease and build up your bank account. Watch the video to learn more about the replay glitch.

Cash Money

Once you have repeated the mission several times, you will accumulate a large sum of money. Use the money to upgrade your character and gear to make the missions even easier to complete.

If you’re a GTA Online player trying to get rich quick, this guide is an excellent starting point. Make sure to use the replay glitch and follow our steps to make the most out of your gameplay experience.

we’ve got the december update coming and it’s likely to be a monster so it’s time to build
up the bank as we look at the easiest way to do the kaio-perico solo in gta online
hi and welcome back my name is Dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto is a truly massive
game between gta 5 and the constant updates from rockstar for gta online there’s no shortage of
new content and interesting things to do join me then as we look at the easiest way to do the kyo
perico heist in gta online solo before we dive in if you’re new to the channel we do how-to guides
news and giveaways so consider subscribing and ringing the bell to save today with the december
update only weeks away maybe even days by the time you watch this i thought it would be pertinent to
revisit the most profitable heist in gta online history the kyo pereko heist this is a quick guide
on how to navigate your way through the heist with minimal resistance and still get a good
time we’re not speed running but if you do this combined with the replay glitch you can easily
make between 6 and 7.5 million per hour with this method north of eight during the panther week so
let’s start with the mission preps i’ve done the absolute bare minimum here there’s no need to
scope out secondary targets just go straight to the tower and work out the vault contents
the approach will be done with a long fin so if you’ve not done that prep yet you’ll need to get
through it but you only need to do it once though we’ll need to grab a weapon loadout any will do
but i’m using conspirator here the main thing is ensuring you have the suppressors fitted
otherwise it will get messy fast alright so let’s start just by jumping straight into the
prep screen we’re going to go straight across to the finale and start we’re going in solo so i will
fit out my heavy armor confirm the settings set it to closed and then start straight away and that’s
fine just clear the message there all right so the approach we’re going to be using is the long fin
we’ve only got the uh so we’ll use the main dock for the approach
and drainage tunnel for the entry point main dock for the exit point time of day is daytime
just makes it easier for us weapon loadout we’ve only got the one the conspirator so we need to
make sure that we have the suppressors switched on and then we’re good to go so we should just be
able to go to continue and off we go smart casual is fine so we’ll just start straight away right
now the long fin if you’ve not used it before is a little understeery so what we want to do is just
stop make sure we’re not in the path of any guards as soon as we get control of the vehicle we’ll set
a marker and what we want to do is then head to this little corner at the base of the airfield
just back up here it’s it’s easier than trying to go forwards this thing really does not turn well
and off we go so it’s a quick trip to the corner here i haven’t scoped this i really don’t care
and we’re going for the the warehouse up the back and regardless of what loot we have available
that’s pretty much where we’re going because it’s easier so we’ll just pull in here we don’t want
to pull up too close to the shoreline because we don’t want to accidentally bench the longfin but
once you’re up jump out get up onto shore if you don’t go out the bow and then we’ll grab
ourselves a weapon and quickly run through the trees here and i’m making a beeline straight for
that warehouse in the background there sorry that hanger i think it is is it a warehouse
ah doesn’t matter all right the guard’s already turned away so we’ll just line him up and make
sure we get a plumb shot there we go see if he’s got any gear on him does not that’s okay
and then straight to the cage up the back now because we are going in by the drainage
tunnel we that means we have the torch all ready to go so no explosive we’re gonna not
going to alert anyone and we’ll just go straight for the more expensive things so we start with
coke if we have it cash is next and green if it’s there yeah look if it’s your only
option go for it but you want the the coke in the cash first all right so we’ll get the next one
right so that’s the ground floor done the next thing to do is head
over to the forklift on the right hand side here jump in there and
there’s a pallet over the other side of the warehouse we just want to pick that up
and then drive over to the gate there just sort of get it up as high as you can and then drive
straight into that hop out climb onto the top of the forklift it’s getting the right spotty there
we go onto the pallet and then over the top and that brings us to the cage up the back here so
again we’ve got the torch so we’ll just use that and you can see there we’ve got i think it’s cash
on the left and green on the right so we want to go with the cash because that is a better reward
so with any luck we’ll be just north of 400k by the time we’re done here
all right yeah so just over 400 and we also now have a full bag so we’ll go over this will
be graceful yep super classy all right and then straight back out the way we came we don’t have
to worry about anyone that’s spotting us because they’re just not going to be there right you
can see that clearing in the trees so straight through that looks like the boat is yeah it’s a
bit off the coast so we’ll just run up a little bit let’s keep an eye on the cones of vision in
the mini-map there but we’re pretty safe get to a spot where we’re pretty close to the boat and
then just head straight on in all right then swim straight to the boat right once you get there just
jump straight on in and the next thing we’re going to do is head down to the bottom of the island so
we’ll just set a marker just so it’s easy for you guys to see what’s going on we’re heading towards
the drainage tunnel which is about there-ish right back the boat up we want to head around the bluff
we can’t go straight for the purple marker because we just don’t have a line on it but once we back
the boat up and again you can see this thing does not turn terribly well we’ll get rolling now the
long fin does go fairly quickly but it is really susceptible to wave action so do be a little bit
careful and really want to avoid the guards in the boats otherwise they get very upset if you
hit them all right so slow it down as we come around the bluff and that way we can improve
the turning into roughly where our marker is we can see el rubio’s compound there slow it
down and come to a stop whenever you’re ready we jump out straight over throw the rebreather on and
then we need to look for there it is look for the circle there all right so we need to swim into the
corona and then we’ll line ourselves up and start torching our way through now i found the quickest
way to do this is to do two quick passes and then one slow pass so two quick passes one slow
and that opens everything up again not a speed runner not by any stretch but i find
this is probably one of the easier methods to do it rather than back and forth a dozen times
and this one should just about clear it all off
there we go to wait for the animation and then start paddling through once we’re there hit
the button and off we go so we’ll wait for that animation to go through that little loading screen
and out we pop from the drainage tunnel area it’s going to point us off to the left we don’t want
to do that what we’re going to do instead is go the other way so we’ll just grab a weapon
turn around and we’re going up the rear set of stairs instead and when you get to the top of this
flight of stairs we want to line ourselves up on this corner here and it is a little bit fiddly it
might take a bit of practice and then just edge yourself forwards until we’re at the top of the
balustrade there it is really easy to fall off if you do it costs you about 100 grand in loot so try
to avoid it if you can but it’s not a disaster if you actually fall off here all right once you get
close jump up there we are onto the roof we’re going across the roof and around the colonnade
and there is a little bridgey thing here so keep an eye on that mini map to make sure no one’s
going to spot you straight across pop this fella here and then run around as quick as you can to
the right hand side all right we’ve got this guy here we need to take care of pretty damn promptly
now notice that fella had a key back there so we’ll grab that that’ll be handy for later
upstairs and this guy up the top here will come out a little bit earlier than we’d like so we
just need to be ready for him right he’s done forgive my poor aiming and then through we go
grab the key grab the golden gun because why not
off to the safe and then back over to the elevator so we’re using the hacking method here
now the trick with this one is to watch the pattern it uses stepping so we start with
the first one then it’s the first one and one over then the second one is the first and then two over
and then from the first and then three over and it follows the same pattern all the way down so that
makes this nice and predictable it can sometimes you’ll lose count in your head but it makes it
nice and predictable there so you can see go back to the first count across four for that last one
one one two one two three one two three four one two three four five and that was that one done and
let’s try again so first one there one one two one two three one two three four one two three
four five and then i’m just going backwards here because this is a bit more predictable
there we go so the clone always follows the same pattern i’m just clicking to the right to get the
the next in the sequence we’ll go through the lift and straight in and straight across and
this is the bearer bond so it’s a nice and easy one but i do have to remember the code however
it is you know pretty lucrative so that’s why i’m using the replay glitch with this one it’s not the
biggest one but it’s certainly easy and i’m pretty good with numbers so we’ll just get this code in
there we are and you can see i was going up for the lower numbers and
down for the higher numbers all right so head through there not sure why i’m wearing
a rebreather but okay and then straight back out to the end now i have the key so that’s
really handy that’s the only way you can get out this way so again with the cloner
so that’ll open up the next one and because we have the key we can get at the bottom gate
if you do not find the key you have to go back upstairs all right round to the right and then
up the stairs make sure we’re carrying the right gun unlock the gate here and then we’ll do a quick
u-turn at the top of the stairs and up and just keeping it on the mini map there to make sure i’m
going to get not going to get spotted wait for that fella pop him and yeah we’re pretty clear
from the other guy so i need to go all the way around here and then press the button job’s done
all right so once we’re clear we need to take out this fella on the bike now being
in the conspiracy conspirator it’s really easy to get a nice long shot if you’re using one of
the other ones you might need to get closer grab the bike do a bit of a u-turn we want to head past
el rubio’s chopper and we need to keep an eye on the map just to make sure we don’t get pinged by
that filler on the left there so we’ll go quickly around him make sure that there’s
absolutely no way that they’ll spot us just across the island we’re heading out for that little
i guess it’s a bluff just there just longest part we can over the hill into the drink off the bike
on with the rebreather and then we want to start heading towards the mines just sort of on the
right hand side there text is cleared so we are clear during this run i’m doing the replay glitch
which means that it’ll get a little bit jumpy in a few moments but there’s the handoff there’s a
transaction saved and of course flight mode going on and there we go so 1.47 mil and that includes
the elite package as well which is always nice all right now because i’m doing the replay glitch
i’ve been booted out we’ll come back in in a few moments okay so that’s loading back in now
i am doing the quick replay glitch here using the flight mode trick on my gaming laptop so if
you’ve got a notebook pc or a laptop check out the link below for a guide on how to do this as well
you won’t get the xp from it the rp but it does increase the bank account a lot very very quickly
and once we’re back in we will get the notification and there we go so roughly
13 minutes in total and just shy of 1.5 million in additional cash and with the december update
coming you’re going to want to build that bank so it’s time to get grinding and thanks for watching
check out the video at the top for the flight mode replay glitch or the one down the bottom for some
more old grumpy game of goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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