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$0 to $10,000,000 Cash Challenge Part 1

Learn how to go from a broke GTA Online character to a millionaire with our solo player guide. We cover the best money-making activities and tips to level up quickly. Start your journey to financial freedom!
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Starting from Scratch: GTA Online Rags to Riches Solo Guide – Part 1

If you’re a fan of GTA Online but tired of being broke in the game, then you’ve come to the right place. We have created a comprehensive “Starting from Scratch: GTA Online Rags to Riches Solo Guide” series to help you go from a rank 1 character with no money to a rank 40 character with a bank balance of over $10 million in cash. This is the first part of the series, perfect for beginners who want to get rich quick.

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From Rags to Riches in GTA Online Solo

Our “Starting from Scratch: GTA Online Rags to Riches Solo Guide” series is perfect for players who prefer to play solo. We cover everything you need to know to achieve rags to riches in GTA Online solo. From GTA Rags to Riches Ep 1 to GTA Rags to Riches 2, our guide covers all the bases.

A Complete Guide for Making Money in GTA Online

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  • Best ways to make money in GTA Online starting from level 1
  • Top tips and tricks for maximizing profits in the game
  • Covers solo play or joining a crew
  • Tools for staying organized and making the most of your time in the game
  • GTA Rags to Riches guide covers all the bases
  • TGG Money Guide for an in-depth look at making money in GTA Online

Whether you’re playing on Xbox or PS5, don’t spend hours grinding for a few bucks. Instead, watch our guide to learn how to make money easily and quickly in GTA Online. Start your journey from rags to riches now!

attention all aspiring tycoons are you tired of living the life as a small time criminal
in Grand Theft Auto online do you dream of owning the finest cars properties and
living the life of luxury look no further because in this video we will reveal the
secrets to getting rich in GTA Airlines from Smart Investments to daring Heist we’ll show
you the quickest and most effective ways to build your fortune in our 0 to 10 million
dollar challenge so sit back grab your controller and get ready to learn the
tricks of the trade it’s time to make your mark and become a multi-millionaire in GTA online
good hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer this is the first in
our four-part series on how to go from a brand new zeroed account in GTA Online to 10 million
dollars in two weekends that’s four days of actual gameplay if you’re not sure what’s going on or
this is your first time to Old grumpy Gamers firstly hi it might be worth checking out the
playlist Linked In the description and the pinned comment that’ll bring you right up to speed so you
don’t miss out on anything important in our last video we went through the details of what this
series is about and how you can enter to win the fully loaded clean 10 million dollar account your
own self so give that a quick watch if you’ve not done so already link is in the description below
right here we’re starting with a brand new account this time around so I’ve jumped onto
oldgrumpygamers.com gone to offers and picked up a global PC key for GTA online now I accidentally
grabbed the criminal Enterprise starter pack so we’ll be sure to quarantine the money weapons V
vehicles and businesses that come with it so we don’t tank the outcome I’ve created a new user on
the Rockstar Social Club linked to a brand new email account through proton and logged in now
this is day one so the focus for today is going to be getting through the game intro creating
your GTA online character completing the tutorials and working through a bunch of challenges which
will have you sorting a few things ranking your character up dramatically improving your shooting
stats getting some of the more annoying intros out of the way getting to know the map acquiring a few
of the rare weapons setting a good useful car as your primary vehicle and bringing your bank
balance to north of 1.1 million in addition this will give you a solid overview of the mechanics
where to find things what can be done and how some of the finer points of the game work all
of which form a good foundation for the rest of our double weekend Grand Theft Auto Extravaganza
this also means day one has the most variety of activities and thus the most detail so apologies
in advance for the length of this video the rest of the series will be significantly shorter anyway
sadly we can’t skip the prologue in the PC version of GTA so we’ll quickly rip through that and for
the sake of ease later doing the repossession Mission will help too and now we’re at the
point where we can load into GTA online for the first time so let’s load in for the first time
and start building our first character now I did spend a little more time faffing about with his
appearance than I should have here because we’re only keeping him for about a day and a half and
then he’s out on his ass okay so that’s done and we’re not going to skip the tutorial so we can
sit back and watch the intro what that [__] do you big old pimp you never get sick of this even
on a laptop with all the settings turned down this game is gorgeous right so we have control of our
character now let’s head over to the Corona and start the first race going for a search because
the electric vehicles have much much better talk and acceleration plus see it Corners quite well so
through the tube ain’t no saying become a second dog somebody gotta do it okay and that’s a pretty
convincing win although the Barb is only in an emperor which is a great 80s aesthetic but also
moves about as quick as a horse and cart oh for this [__] and a quick cut scene my boy Gerald G
he looking for somebody Loki right now the b1000 with you I’m thanking you and time for our first
assignment so jump in the car and follow the GPS and pull up just out the front of the alleyway
jump out grab some cover and then pop one of the Dealer’s cards then run back to the car and jump
in and we’re chasing the Green Dot wait until you have him caught in traffic then line up
a Plumb shot collect the gear and then head back to Gerald and we’ll take this opportunity to swap
into an invite only session too right that’s out of the way some peace and quiet and mercifully no
spam next thing Lamar will pester us to buy some clothes you need to do is go get you some [__]
gear because you bummy as [__] I’m it’s all right like so off to the nearest clothing store
and we’re just going to go in and buy the cheapest thing we can find these slate janitor frame
glasses for less than 100 will do the job nicely a few minutes after that Lamar will give us a
bell and suggest we knock over a convenience store so let’s fire that job up just pop the phone and
you’ll see it in the invitation list that’ll give us another marker head over threaten the cloak and
don’t worry about that microphone prompt that’s rubbish and once they’ve dropped the cash pop them
collect the cash then run around the counter and empty the registers too just shoot the cash tray
for an extra few Bob and then get the heck out of Dodge once you’re clear ish deposit your cash
so you’re not carrying anything that can be lost dropped or robbed and that’s the bare minimum out
of the way now with any luck Simeon will give us a call in a few moments and there it is hello oh
my friend Lamar told me to call you now we can go fetch a car now I know we’re doing this solo but I
do prefer to run a four-door wear practical so in that case I’m looking for in order of preference
an ocelot Jackal an Obey Tailgater benefactor Shafter or a lampardari felon and there’s links
to the list in the description below so why these cars in this specific order of preference these
are all four doors ranked by handling sure there are faster cars out there but when you’re on a
mission handling is better than Pace every time so once you’ve lifted one of those and the casino or
the pier tends to be the best place to track them down go to the mod shop which you can find in your
interaction menu or on the map as LS Customs swap out the colors do not purchase any upgrades like I
did just swap the colors and the rims and voila you now have a personal vehicle next up we get
asked to visit a mission marker last team standing in this case head over walk into the marker and
wait while the tutorial plays out around about 90 seconds or so then once again job pops up
just exit at this point I also recommend popping to the ls carmate too near the southeast of the
map that’ll quieten down a few additional calls as well while we’re doing memberships we should also
head to the casino once you’ve got the opening cut scene and briefing out the way head to the desk
and grab a membership for 500 then immediately go to The Exchange desk near the prize wheel or
the chocolate wheel in Australia and collect the visitor bonus to cash in your chips we received
five thousand dollars in chips with the membership and receive a daily visitor bonus of a thousand so
that makes a quick profit of five hundred and fifty dollars of in-game cash and don’t forget
to bank it too so where are we that’s about the three quarters of an hour mark we’ve got around
13 Grand and have cleared the basics and have a vehicle we shouldn’t receive too many more
annoying calls for the tutorial stuff like don’t get me wrong ulp wrong Leicester and the others
will ping us regularly but not Lamar Gerald or Simeon next up we’re going to rail through a
couple of challenges these won’t make us a lot of money immediately but will pay off before the end
of the day starting with the treasure hunt so with any luck you should have received a cryptic email
with a picture on it what we want to do is head to the location marked on the map and look for where
that picture was taken now I won’t go through each location here as the game will randomly pick from
20 locations but all you have to do is go to the location showed in the email listen for a ringing
then walk up to the clue and investigate it as soon as you’ve cleared one clue an
email with the next one will pop up there’s four clues in total including the starter
and once you’ve collected all the clues you’ll be able to uncover the location of the double
action revolver grab that one and this part of the challenge done next up we’re going to do a
couple of once off challenges side by side now I’ve filmed these in the wrong order so forgive
the day night Shenanigans but they really should be done turnabout we want to start by heading to
this location on the map it’s a bit out in the sticks but it’s worth the drive wander up to the
marker and you’ll receive a notification this starts the Maud bounty hunting questline but
there’s quite a delay between assignments so that means it’s slasher time start by heading
here on the map go around the back of the diner and take a look at the bloody handprint on the
back of this Lane too and that starts the slasher serial killer questline by this time you should
have received an email from Maud with your first Bounty head to the rough location on the map jump
out and start hunting for the Target listen for Bell for included their precise location foreign
them pop them in the legs we want to injure them but not fatally wound them so if they
start getting stroppy more leg shots or lower body shots of the go once you’ve hit them and they’re
back up they’ll surrender and start to follow you jump back in your car wait for them to join
you then drive back towards to drop them off each one you return alive will net you 10 grand if you
accidentally kill one though don’t worry too much you’ll still get five while we wait another Bounty
from Ward we might as well get the second clue in the slasher mystery done so over to the back of
this barn and investigate the machete embedded near the opening with any luck Maude will have
sent you another email by the time you found that one head off to the last known location and bring
the poor filler in for another few grand okay so while Moore’s getting your act together let’s
head over to the Sandy Shores airstrip where we can find another slasher clue check your emails
for another message from Maude then head off to collect the next Runner and return them towards
Little holding bin looks like Maude has her hands full for a moment so off to the fourth slasher
clue this time on the side of this farm factory and by the time we’re done there Maude should have
another one so you know the routine and on to the last stop for the slasher Clues this one can move
around a bit but we’re looking for a van locations are in the description below and the final Bounty
for Maude should now be in your inbox so head over grab them and return as normal right time
to take care of the slasher so if it’s getting on in the day in game head to the Sandy Shores
airstrip again we’re picking this location because it’s open we want to arrive between 7 pm and 4 a.m
in game if it’s outside those times move to the final step of the more challenge then come back
but assuming it’s between 7 pm and 4 a.m in game when you arrive jump out of your car pull your
weapon and start pacing up and down the runway eventually the slasher will make an appearance
pop him and collect the Navy revolver along with an easy 50k or so and with any luck you’ll now
have a notification about a stash one of the bail jumpers had and a new marker on the mat head over
and it may be a little tricky to get there but head over and you you’ll find a chest and in
that chest will be a stone Hatchet well that was an epic couple of hours and with any luck you’re
sitting on just shy of 150 Grand but it’s time to crank that bank balance into overdrive each
of the weapons we’ve acquired over the last little bit has their own challenge attached
to them and each of those challenges comes with a tidy little payout so let’s head back to the city
and while we’re on our way if you spot an SUV with a squarish looking tailgate grab it head to shebs
which you can find here and let’s back the SUV up now it’s time to get a bit glitchy at the time of
recording this worked on all platforms too so once you’ve backed the SUV up hop out and climb
on its Roof then head to the back of the vehicle and you can see why we needed the boxy tailgate
here spin the camera and turn around and jump and with any luck you’ll have Wall glitched into the
awning this is brilliant because this type of wall glitch allows you to shoot out but it does
not allow people to shoot in essentially making this a god mode spot now I normally wouldn’t
endorse these kind of shenanigans but we’re in an invite-only Lobby there’s no one else here
and we’re going for NPC so no harm no fair bring up your weapon wheel and cycle through to the
double action revolver position yourself near the front of the awning where you can get a good line
but be sure to keep your character’s entire mesh inside the awning if anything peeks out you’ll be
vulnerable dropping into first person view can help immensely with this then start blasting we
need to get 50 headshots with the double action revolver to complete the GTA online Challenge
and earn an additional quarter Mill rightio One Challenge down two to go let’s swap to the Navy
revolver next now with this one it’s just 50 kills and to be honest GTA’s Navy revolver doesn’t have
the same kick as a double action so head shots will be helpful but anything you hit will be a
win now at some point during this exercise you’ll likely run out of bullets when that happens open
your interaction menu head down to the inventory ammo pistol ammo then stock up don’t worry about
buying all at this point once we’re through the 50 kills and this might take a minute but once we’re
through the 50 kills an additional 200 Grand cash will be handed to us so let’s just quickly deposit
that and once your warrant has been cleared swap to the stone Hatchet for the last of the weapon
challenges now as it turns out the cops will only be able to detect you while you’re shooting so if
we hang tight for a few moments without attacking anyone the five-star warrant will likely have been
cleared which is an achievement unlock and a bunch of RP so once a warrant’s cleared drop down from
the awning and swap views if you can make your way to a populated area somewhere in a city or
near the beach then start wailing on people with the hatchet now you will drop into Rampage mode
and for those who’ve used bull shark testosterone or played using Trevor in GTA 5 story mode kind
of know what’s going on here while this ability is active you’ll have more stamina more strength
and essentially more Health but don’t worry about it running out any kills still count as long as
they’re with the stone Hatchet once you’ve sorted 25 people an additional 250 Grand will be dropped
into your account which should bring us somewhere just shy of 850 with any luck well it’s been a
heck of a ride so far so let me know how long it took to get here down in the comments below I’m
hoping around five hours or so six at the outside anyway get up have a stretch have a walk around
head to the restroom and then get ready for the next bit of grinding next up we’re going to do
a bit of a tour for the map and for that we’re going to need to be airborne so it’s time to grab
a chopper there are two really reliable places to grab a helicopter in GTA Online and story mode for
that matter but mainly online the first is the airstrip north of the Alamo sea here typically
it’s on the helipad or just off the Runway the second is at the marina in Los Santos around the
southern part of the map again I won’t go through all 50 of the Jammers here but there’s a link
to a guide in the description below so let’s grab a chopper and get rolling now I’m using a
compendium on the other screen map Genies GTA 5 Maps they’re not a sponsor or anything but they
have a fantastic mapping system for GTA 5 and GTA online and their free tier is more than enough for
most people there’s a link to their site below again not a sponsor I just use their service a
fair bit anyway the next hour and a half is going to consist of you finding each signal jammer then
shooting it with your sidearm you’ll also get quite good at crashing Choppers and finding
new ones this is a little slower than say with a Mark II oppressor or a homing launcher but it’s a
damn site cheaper too just leave the ones in Fort Zancudo the prison and the top of Vinewood Hills
relay station until last because they’re out of bricks but as usual full guides are linked
in the description below but with a spot reward of two thousand dollars per jabber and a first
time completion bonus of 150 Grand that just added another 250 000 to the kitty and with expenditure
we should be just shy of our first meal right one more Challenge and we’re nearly there I know this
is a bit of a long day but it will be worth it I promise so this time we’re heading to the movie
studio here once you arrive head up the stairs and into the corona we’ll get a quick cut scene
and a briefing and then receive our assignment retrieve a bunch of Solomon’s Stolen movie props
this one’s fairly straightforward for every prop we return we get ten thousand dollars and at the
end there’s another bonus so we have seven Statics props to collect and again using map Jenny’s GTA 5
Maps is a bit of a helper here the first one is just around the corner actually behind the dust
pin on the left hand side of the stairs as you’re coming out of Solomon’s office so grab that now at
this point you can either return it and each one following or you can just hang on to them until
the end regardless whenever you do return them your reward is given in cash so don’t forget to
bank your money the great thing about these is once you have them you have them so even if your
character is wasted immediately after retrieving a prop which will happen it remains in your
inventory so first ones near the trash can next to Solomon’s office second one is in the dressing
room add Vanilla Unicorn which is GTA’s very own exotic dancing club you’ll need to buy a private
dance to get into the VIP area which leads out the back the next one can be found in the gents room
in the casino if you live in an area where access to this is restricted you may need to use a VPN to
play for this round if that’s allowed after the hippie Camp next where it can be found on top of
the decorated concrete artwork number five is on the porch of an abandoned Homestead off the Route
68 approach and the next two are kind of Pricks to get to number six is located in the security
checkpoint at the base of the control tower in Fort Zancudo this is controlled airspace in the
military staff get very upset when you pop in for a visit and the next one is on the altar at the
altruist camp in the Foothills near the West Coast these boys get awful feisty and once you collect
this one head back to the office and drop any of the props you’re holding off the next three are
kind of mobile it might take a bit of time to pop up so it might be worth grabbing a coffee
so you’ve got something while you wait the first mobile one typically putts around textile alley
the bridge or leicester’s textile Factory sort of around hereish keep an eye out for a flash
on your minimap and a blue dot that’s our Target once you’ve spotted them take out any hostiles
grab the van and drive it back the panel ultimate prop can be found in the observatory car park the
Fruit Stand park or at the Epsilon Institute same drill just sort out any Spectators grab the van
and drop it off and the final prop can be found in the back of this busted old rebel which normally
spawns somewhere around here quick warning though these boys get really stroppy and with that one
dropped off head back to the movie lot for your final round of 10 grand now after about 60 seconds
or so Solomon will ping you a message heading to Solomon’s office investigate the box at which
point you’ll be booted from the office wearing this Swanky outfit and have another 50 grand
in cash making the exercise worth about 150 Grand all up minus the cost of some ammo now let me just
grab some clothes so I can change okay on to the final and mercifully short exercise for the day at
some point today you may have received a call from Simeon along with an unskippable cutsy after that
we received a text message with a list of cars to grab and every now and then we’ll borrow a car and
message will pop up about us going to Los Santos customs there’s around 20 different cars that it
could be and there’s a link with all of the cars in the description below the list resets
every real world day and you receive your next round of potentials 24 Real World hours after
you’ve delivered something from the current list but typically you’ll find at least one of these
vehicles in one of four places the casino car park the hotel car park and either of the Vespucci
Beach car park so either the pier or the Overflow Park once you know what you’re looking for you’ll
also see some vehicles on your daily list kind of putting around town so if you spot one just
grab it there regardless when you see the Simeon message pop up top left lose your wanted level
if you have one and head to LS customs and those don’t have to be mutually exclusive drive to the
mod shop and pay for any repairs then change your vehicle’s color this can be anything because it
doesn’t cost and it doesn’t make a difference to the value of the car so this is a great time to
experiment with color combinations and finishes once you’re done there you’ll be booted from the
mod shop open up your map and look for an S near the docs set a marker and head over now we want
to take it easy here the car needs to arrive in pristine condition any knocks bumps or scratches
will reduce the value oh and you can shortcut the trip by ducking onto the wrong side of the
road as you approach the port then cut through the loading Lanes as you approach the warehouse
there’s no Corona or marker so you have to look for the right roller door we’re pitching for
loading Bay 3 which is this beat up old Warehouse with the reddish finish gently roll in and there’s
a super quick cut scene and you’ll be booted back out to the world with anything up to 20
grand or so in your pocket which we’ll need to bank and with that we’re cracking our first Mill
comfortably in fact that’s one heck of a first day we’ve completed the prologue in GTA 5 story
mode may or may not have completed repossession created a new character in GTA Online beat Lamar
in a race retrieve some gear for Gerald purchase some clothes from the store become a member of
the casino that on a treasure hunt collected molds Barrel jumpers sorted the slasher killed a lot of
NPCs found every single Jammer on the map returned Solomon’s movie props and found a car for Simeon
to export sweet merciful crap today has been dense in our next exciting installment we’ll be catching
up with Dax luchadora Franklin Amani and Drake we’ll also be making a couple of new characters
bringing in around three million dollars and spending up a bit ready for the big push to 10
million cash before you go just a quick reminder about the competition once this series is finished
we’ll be giving away the account complete with at least 10 mil weapons cars businesses the whole box
and dice to be eligible for the competition prize you simply need to write a comment on each of the
videos in the series doesn’t have to be much just something to let the old grumpy Gamers team know
you’ve been there so if you’ve not commented on the previous video jump on have a look and leave
a message same goes for this one and hey if you feel like tweeting something giving a thumbs up
or having a proper conversation have at it but to be eligible to win a clean 10 million dollar
GTA online account at least one comment on each video in the series details terms and conditions
can be found on Old grumpygamers.com so sub to the channel and switch on notifications to
make sure you don’t miss the weekly release and your chance to win that 10 mil account we also
do weekly updates buyers guides and other tips and tricks so I promise you won’t be wasting
your time and thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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