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$0 to $10,000,000 CASH Solo in GTA online Part 2

Learn how to go from a rank 1 character to a bank balance of over $10 million in cash in GTA Online. This guide includes tips for solo players and covers the best ways to make money and take advantage of free money opportunities. Follow these tips to become a successful and wealthy player in no time.
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GTA Online Rags to Riches Guide Part 2: Solo Money Making Guide

Looking to get rich in GTA Online? Welcome to part 2 of our “Starting from Scratch: GTA Online Rags to Riches Guide” series, designed for solo players who want to go from a rank 1 character with no money to a rank 40 character with over $10 million in cash. In this video, we’ll show you the best ways to make money in GTA 5 online and how to make the most of the free GTA money opportunities available.

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GTA Online Money Guide

Our GTA Online Rags to Riches Guide part 2 is perfect for solo players wanting to get rich in GTA online. By following our tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful and wealthy player in no time. Learn how to make money in gta 5 online solo and stay ahead of the competition in 2023. Our guide includes quick money gta 5 online ps4 tips and advice on how to get rich in gta 5 online pc.


Start your GTA Online Rags to Riches Solo journey to becoming a GTA millionaire today! Our guide is packed with tips to help you earn quick money in GTA 5 online and unlock the secrets to free gta money online. Don’t miss our gta online money guide and gta online quick money 2023 tips, designed to help you make quick easy money in gta 5 online. From PC to console, we cover it all!

attention all aspiring tycoons are you tired of living the life as a small time criminal
in Grand Theft Auto online do you dream of owning the finest cars properties and living
the life of luxury look no further because in this video we’ll reveal the secrets to
getting rich in GTA Online from Smart Investments to daring Heist we’ll show
you the quickest and most effective way to build your fortune in our zero to ten
million dollar challenge so sit back grab your controller and get ready to learn the tricks of
the trade it’s time to make your mark and become a multi-millionaire in GTA online
and I’m an old grumpy gamer this is the second in our four-part series on how to go from a brand new
zeroed account in GTA Online to 10 million dollars in two weekends that’s four days of gameplay if
you’re not sure what’s going on or this is your first time to all grumpy gave us firstly hi it
might be worth checking out the playlist Linked In the description and the pin comment that’ll
bring you up to speed so you don’t miss out on anything important in our last video we went
through the first story mode Mission created our first character completed the opening missions for
Lamar Gerald and Simeon finished the treasure hunt Bail Bonds movie prop and slasher quest
lines found every single signal jammer and killed a lot of NPCs we also went through the details of
what this series is about and how you can enter to win the fully loaded clean 10 million dollar
account your own self so give that one a quick watch if you’ve not done so already links are in
the description below radio so we’re sitting at a shade over 1 1.1 million today we’re going to
raise a touch over 2.5 although there will be a bit of spending which might bite a little bit so
for day two we’re going to focus on the Los Santos drug wars DLC and the contract DLC missions we’ll
be spending up on some explosives and some basic weapons catching up with Ron Dax and luchadoria
at the freight shop creating a couple of new characters and finally catching up with Franklin
Lamar Amani and chop today will be a big one and we’ll be saying goodbye to our initial character
but I promise it’ll be worth it at the same time I’ll be giving a quick tactic summary for each
Mission and the process but full detail guides on every individual Mission can be found in the links
below radio so the first thing we’re going to do today is head to ammunation and we’re going for a
very specific shopping list body armor pistol ammo hand grenades a compact grenade launcher launcher
ammo and sticky bombs and that’s it we’ll pick up an automatic and a shoddy along the way so there’s
no need to buy one at this point now the compact grenade launcher is free this time around because
it’s included in the criminal Enterprise starter pack which if you recall I purchased by accident
when setting up this new account normally this goes for 45 Grand but it took a few rounds to
work out the best way at some of these missions which resulted in well over that amount being
spent in additional body armor and ammo so it should end up more or less even there as for
the rest of the starter pack the businesses cars money clothes and other weapons they’re all kind
of quarantined they’re not being used at all in this challenge but will be available to The
Competition winner and with that out of the way it’s time to go rescue Ron so let’s head north
to Chef’s convenience store into the Corona and Trigger the mission then we have a few minutes to
wait while the cutscene rolls through if this is your first time in the troop I highly recommend
watching it all the way through once it’s out of the way you’ll be dropped onto the roof of
the shop fire off a few grenades to take care of the groups then start shooting stay undercover
as much as possible here once the bikers are cleared grab some cover off to the left and
take out the next wave and after that head back through the building and over to the Western Wall
shoot out the glass on the left hand room and grab some cover and lob a few grenades with the
launcher then pick off anyone who breaks cover remember gas cans are your friends too and after
that wave head back out to the balcony and off to the right to take care of the final few aggressors
Dax will give you a quick briefing find a car jump in and head off now while experimenting I tried a
few ways at this starting with the boat approach suggested by Dax and I couldn’t make that work so
I ended up driving around the top and that’s when I discovered something amazing you don’t have to
escape with the RV you just need to get in the RV if you can get out awesome but as long as you die
while you’re sitting in the driver’s seat you’re good so after this inevitable failure the game
drops you back outside the camp with the RV ready to go jump in and then follow the bouncing ball to
the end of the mission once you’ve been dropped back into the world head over to ammunation and
we’re going to make a quick investment in our future grab the cheapest now sniper rifle and the
cheapest heavy automatic you can do not upgrade them seriously we’ll get to weapon upgrades later
they already do what’s needed out of the box so do not waste your money then back to the freak
shop which is this new marker here and start the next mission by driving into the corona as soon
as you’re in set a marker for the docks drive down collect the truck which you’ll find parked
near the middle of the dockyard then collect the trailer and get moving there’ll be a roadblock on
the highway just Barrel through that and dump the trailer after that we’re off to catch up with some
bikers now after a lot of experimenting I’ve found the best approach is from the casino side so pull
up jump out Over The Back Fence and up the ladder clamber onto the roof drop a few grenades and pop
anyone else you can see right off the front of the roof down the awning do a quick U-turn and enter
the compound take out any clowns quick happy snap grab the gear and then back out the front
sort out the morons and then back to base now by this time you may be getting a little low on ammo
and have most definitely run out of body armor so back to I mean Nation for a quick top up then to
a convenience store for some snacks and if you’ve not seen this mechanic before snacks are basically
the in-game health so you can access them from your weapon wheel when you’re in combat and back
to the freight shop and into the marker for the next mission now if I’m honest this one’s pretty
brutal and it took way longer than I’d like to admit to figure out the best approach at least for
a lower level without a weaponized Ignus as soon as you start head to your car then follow the GPS
to stab City Park just outside the encampment and start making your way around the perimeter picking
off tanker trailers Vans and bikers as you spot them keep moving and don’t be afraid to run down
the shoreline to disengage if you need to take out some bikers go for it but running away is
the better option here now if you end up running short of ammo you can do a quick top up using your
interaction menu go to inventory ammo then cycle through and grab whatever you want once you’ve
circled the trailer park and take it out anything you can go back around to the rear and jump on
this trailer and that should give you a few more time targets if you still need to take anything
from there jump down and make your way around make use of cover as much as possible and aim for
Machinery any bikes Vans trucks Etc anything with an engine again this might take a minute first
time around so don’t be afraid to take your time once you’ve cleared the biker encampment you’ll be
prompted to head to the fishery once you’re here it doesn’t matter too much if you fail because you
can do a quick restart and you’ll be dropped right back with both of your lives given we
don’t have an armored vehicle yet I’ve found the best approach is to be parking on the top of the
hill first and taking out whoever you can see then heading straight into the meth lab on the
right out and around the back to The Boathouse across the way to the office building down the
hill to the dinghy and back around to the shed at the top of the pier down the pier then into
the seaplane and home well that was a proper ride and now we’re up for another no prep needed for
this one you can head straight back into the Corona and start the next mission and this one
is a proper trip like literally good news though it’s mercifully short just hang over to the right
avoid the trucks stick to the dead center to avoid obstacles keep an eye on where you’re heading to
avoid hitting the gates to keflam stay away from the alien tractor beams watch out for the control
reversal in the tunnel be sure to shoot the rabbit and hope you’re wearing clean Underpants so quick
stop to ammunition and the convenience store again and back to the freight shop for the next
mission so in the car and off to the hippie camp now we have support for this leg of the mission
which is pretty nice once you arrive jump out and head round to the right and start lobbing
grenades in the tents be sure not to hit any of the Vans take out any enemies you see along the
way note if your reticle turns gray that’s a friendly and with the tents clear find a van
and jump in then head back to where your car is parked swap Vehicles check the map and make your
way to each of the three markers now you’ll have one moving Target and I like to take care of that
one first sticky bombs for the win the next one’s just a grenade and the final one can get a little
bit hairy next up we’re off to the mountains as you make your approach stop short and Peg this
fella in the guard Tower make your way up and knock over this fan to the right head into
the compound and off to the left there’s some nice cover there and not too many Nutters lob
a grenade at the second van about halfway up then continue working your way around the back of the
camp over the Altar and up the stairs to this house onto the roof and watch out for snipers
in the guard towers here and drop one more nade on the van just off the porch to the left then
back up a little grab your Auto and shoot at the chopper the pilot is your primary target but if
you can’t get a clean line take out the Gunners then concentrate on the tail rotor after that just
leave doesn’t matter how or which way just get out of the compound right so quick stop to ammunition
and the convenience store again and back to the freight shop for the big finale oh sorry proximity
mines grab some proximity miles from ammunition if you can too anyway night time one again which is a
pain but it is what it is anyway into the car and off to Humane Labs stop Short Pop the guy out the
front Park up and we’re going in loud so through the the front gate and start blasting make your
way to the back of the compound then wander up to the keypad and you’ll see the prompt top left
once you’re in the warehouse drop a few proximity mines clear the room watching out for the clowns
behind you take a quick happy snap grab a crowbar and then open each of the big crates head back to
the elevator being sure to detonate any remaining proximity mines before you walk past them leave
Humane then head to the switching station pull the lever head off collect the tools then make
your way to the train crash site now your targets here in order of priority are helicopters these
guys will absolutely rinse you if they get a shot in if you see one get cover and take it
out immediately guards they’ll sneak up on you so make sure the area is completely clear before your
next move then white dots these are where the cams might be stored you need them for the mission but
they’re your last concern here so make your way through the area collecting all of the precursor
chemicals along the way and doing your best to keep the guards at Bay after that sort out any
stragglers and it’s important you do this before you go to the truck then head up to the fixed
trailer truck or the brocade 6×6 in GTA Online jump in and head back to the base and that’s the
finale complete so what did we just spend two hours doing well firstly getting to know the
shooting and cover mechanics a whole lot better that’s for sure but mainly two core things being
an additional half a mil each Mission came with a first time bonus of 50 Grand and there’s a first
time completion bonus for the series of 200 so that’s an additional 500 000 in cash in the bank
plus the actual Mission payouts but we like these vent modes of that on ammo anyway and ranking up
and this is surprisingly the most important part because now we have cash a whole bunch of weapon
unlocks and we’re above Rank 20. and friendos that’s where something magical happens so let’s
head back to the character selection screen and create a new character select yes to copy rank
we don’t need to worry about appearance too much we’re only using this one for a few hours when you
go to finalize we want to skip the tutorial right we’ll be dropped in middle of nowhere head to the
nearest Road bring up your interaction menu and set the location to your brand new luxury
apartment it’ll be listed as a street address so look for something unfamiliar now what was that I
hear you ask our luxury apartment well it turns out that when you create a new character in GTA
Online if your previous character is ranked above 20 and you copy the rank across and you also skip
the tutorial your new character gets a free luxury apartment no idea why but we’re taking the win
so anyway commandeer a vehicle and head to your apartment oh and if you spot a convenience store
on the way grab some Stacks too we’ll need them later once you arrive at your apartment there will
be a quick briefing which unlocks the spawn point and a new 10 car six byte garage and now that
we have a garage we have unlocked the ability to purchase Vehicles so let’s bring up the internet
on the phone go to transport War stock and grab a Jugo death which is completely free on all
platforms due to a rockstar [__] up some years ago then it’s back to chefs convey very in store
in Sandy Shores for the first dose missions again because as it turns out each character gets the
first time completion bonus it’s not tied to the account like most other bonuses but the character
itself not sure if that’s intentional but hey money’s money right oh and we should swing my
ammunition too we’ll need body armor pipe bombs grenades proximity mines compact grenade launcher
and ammo sniper rifle and an assault rifle I also grabbed a few other bits and pieces but they ended
up being a waste of money for this so let’s not worry about that once you arrive at Chef’s
Cookhouse head to the Corona and start the freight shop questline everything is more or less the same
as last time for this the only real difference is in first dose 3 where we can drive right up to
the meth labs entrance instead of having to try and make a louder Ingress and with that out of
the way we should be sitting around a touch over two million dollars not bad for half a day or so
it’s sadly time to bid this character farewell for now as we head back to the character to Creation
screen again delete your first character as in delete delete which is why we didn’t worry about
weapon upgrades clothes or property before and create a new character copy the rank same as last
time and this one’s going to be our main character going forward so take a bit of time to perfect
their look we’re going to be with them for the rest of our criminal career in GTA 5 online skip
the tune if it’s of it probably won’t be but if it is and once you’re in the world commandeer vehicle
visit your apartment and purchase the Duke of death from Warstock again pop to the convenience
store then ammunition same shopping list as before but if you wanted to do some minor upgrades to
weapons things like suppressors flashlights and extended clips go for it don’t spend on
Aesthetics though not yet anyway right so we need about 2.1 million for our next step and we’re just
short of so it’s off the chef’s place again to do a bit more work with the truth but only enough to
tip us over that 2.1 mil Mark so in this case just welcome to the troop but this is also much easier
this time around with a higher rank that means more snack and armor and better overall health
so winning if you’re sure at this point it’s just a case of doing one or two first days missions to
get you over the line right time to spend some money into your phone internet then Dynasty
executive now don’t worry about the dollar sign thing here like I said before we’ve quarantined
the criminal Enterprise starter pack stuff so it doesn’t tame the challenge select the little
soul agency click buy skip through the upgrades we don’t want any of these for now then click
buy again set a marker head over wander in and sit back for about an eight minute introductory
cut scene with Lamar Davis cranking out some of his finest work so far nice okay to set up the
agency’s main mission set we need to do a security contract register as a VIP which you’ll find under
securoserve in your interaction menu take a seat at the PC the prompter is top left click security
contract wait for Armani to finish briefing you then click through to find the highest paying one
now this could be one of dozens of contracts so I won’t go through the mission here it just needs
doing and there are tons of other guides out there for the precise Mission parameters with that done
head out of the building and await a call from Franklin then head to the golf course and walk
into the corona to start after quite honestly an amusing cutscene hey you two [__] can’t wait for
the legend to shoot shot jump in a cart then Ram the pompous wankers in the other cart the second
one might take a minute so don’t worry give the filler a bit of what for and then job’s done right
now we can dive into the contracts story proper for the first time around this takes between three
and five hours depending on skill and with the first time bonuses we’re looking at around 1.7 mil
for that time however on the replays we can skip a lot of the intro Gaff and the delays between
missions this brings a play time down to around 90 minutes for most players less again if you’ve
come from another FPS so we’re on to the data Lake set up next exit the building and wait for
a call from Franklin then head back to the agency upstairs and onto your PC if you need to pop back
out and top up at ammunition too oh and if you don’t have a parachute Now’s the Time to buy one
back to the PC in the agency for a quick briefing then head out to the marker Oh and before I forget
your agency comes with the free Chopper this is categorically the fastest way around the map so
don’t forget to use it at every opportunity right wait for Franklin to finish banging on then head
to the market at the top of the FIB building drop in and this is just a cutscene but drop in wait
for Armani to finish talking and blow the door at the back of the room either a pipe bomb sticky or
a grenade will do the job go to the computer in the front and use the button prompt to install
the USB drive then head to the back corner of the room and hang tight the guards can’t hit you here
so it’s the safest spot once the hacking tool has done its thing you’ll get another marker for a
hard drive in the server it’s just a few feet to your left right take a breath and head out to The
Fray take out any guards you can and make your way to the marker which will drop you into the world
run to the end of the balcony and jump off call in your car if you haven’t already jump in and lose
the cops after that you can make your way back to the agency grab some steaks from upstairs head out
to ammunition then back to the agency again after Franklin’s giving you a call up to the office and
then start The Nightlife League head out using the chopper and to the nightclub now I’ve tried dozens
of different approaches and it more or less always ends up as a firefight so let’s just do that go
in loud and take out everyone head upstairs grab the tapes back out and back to the agency and on
to the marina investigation next so you know the routine by now Stacks ammunition awake Franklin’s
call back to the agency and up to the PC after a quick brief we can start the marina investigation
exit the agency via the chopper and head to the marina land next to the boardwalk if possible
find the boat jump in and sit in the driver’s seat for a moment then exit and take out any aggressive
rental cops jump back into the chopper and head out to the search area now the yacht we’re heading
to has counter measures that will blow us up if we get too close and something that prevents us from
bailing out so close so you can either get some altitude and Hilo jump out parachuting in or you
can ditch the chopper when you get in close and swim either way you’ll be in the drink eventually
so swim to the back of the yacht jump up and start blasting head to the marker which is a red herring
this time then upstairs to the bridge and you will eat resistance here go to both the left
and write consoles to unlock the doors and disable the air defenses then back downstairs and do a
thorough search until you see a poster quick happy snap then back out onto the Yachts Chopper and get
the heck out of Dodge and on to the first mini finale make sure you’re fully stocked with ammo
body armor and snacks we’re going to need it back to the PC to start the mission then into
a vehicle and head to the casino it’s very much a case of following the bouncing ball for this
one into the garage up to the party attack the DJ then start blasting there’s no real finesse
here just use cover as much as possible and don’t be afraid of using grenades and tune everything
again oh and watch out for this fella as you head into the lift though it’s super cheeky
into the nightclub and just well lighted up I guess shoot everything and keep on with those
grenades onto the country club investigation next so same deal snacks ammunition PC start Mission
this was recorded during the in-game night cycle but if I’m honest doing this during the day is a
butt load easier exit the agency via the chopper and head to the country club on the west coast
we’re going in hot so pack the keypad and this is just a simple puzzle then get into the hallway
make sure you have your grenade launcher set as your heavy weapon and your pipe bomb as you
throw then grab any firearm and shoot the door once and pop anyone standing behind it lob some
pipe bombs into the area immediately in front of you then move to the right sneak around the
door and drop one more pipe bomb off to the left and back the heck out of there head to the back
of the workspace and hack one of the terminals then hang tight for a money to do her thing once
Franklin gives you the wood head back out into the chopper and into the search area which is a
question mark on the map and we’re looking for a limo once you spot it descend fast like dump the
chopper and pile out as quickly as you can we’ve only got a few seconds to blow this up if you miss
jump back in the chopper and wait for the limo to get caught in traffic then blow that thing up with
your compact grenade launcher Frisk the driver to grab his wallet then take it back to the agency
guest list next so snacks exit phone call ammo agency PC start oh and we’ve unlocked the heavy
sniper too so let’s grab that head to the lawyer’s place but stop short and look for a high vantage
point in this case and it can change but in this case the best vantage point was the lawyer’s own
roof so that’s where we’re Landing pick off as many guards as you can with the sniper and the
auto then jump down and take out any trailers be sure to avoid using grenades or shooting anyone
in colored clothes suits only once you have the all clear switch to the taser and zap the lawyer
then pick him up now don’t make the mistake of Simply jumping in the car next we’re going to get
some resistance here so take out anyone who turns up immediately then jump bin and head off in most
cases you’ll simply be able to out drive your attackers and with that it’s time for the next
mini finale so snacks exit communation agency PC start drive to the mansion open the gate and pull
up then hop the fence and walk past the DJ booth up the stairs up the Hedge and the balustrad and
then onto the roof be sure to stay unarmed here once you’re on the roof head for this flat section
once you get prompted kick off the proceedings with a few well-placed launch grenades feel free
to drop some proximity mines down the back here too so you don’t get flanked then start taking
out guards as opportunities arise once you’ve done enough damage our Target will run now if you’re
good with the grenade launcher or you’ve grabbed the Homing missiles from ammunition you might
might get lucky with the chopper sadly RPGs aren’t available to us for another 90 levels or so so
let’s assume you’ve missed the Choppers take out any stragglers jump down the back over the fence
and call in the dod follow the chopper to Fort Zancudo and jump off the bridge with one of these
conveniently placed ramps then out to the bluff onto a jet ski and onto the back of the yacht
you’ll meet some resistance here make your way to the bow of the yacht and then pop the billionaire
who’s hiding in the front entrance to the main cabin grab the phone and if the chopper survived
the assault grab it and head off now Rockstar clearly doesn’t want us out running the mercs with
the super villito so after about 60 seconds the chopper will mysteriously self-destruct when you
start hearing warning alarms bail out take out any immediate threats call your vehicle in then make
your way back to the agency rightio next up we’re heading back to Franklin’s old stomping grounds so
you know the drill Stacks exit ammo phone call agency PC briefing collect Vernon then head to
grow Street where it will have already kicked off pull up on an angle driver’s side facing away from
the action and jump out and make sure you have your launcher ready then start lighting up cars as
they approach after that just light up everything you can see doesn’t matter we need to hold ground
for just a few moments once you get a prompt to follow Vernon jump back in a vehicle if there’s
one about and go find him then immediately make your way to the garage at the end of the alley
and wait for the game to catch up wait for the interrogation to finish there’s no way to skip
it sadly then get rolling once you’re out of the area job’s done one more open world investigation
before the big final push so snacks exit ammunition phone call agency PC briefing start
exit again go and collect Vernon again and I’m not sure why he prefers the car to the company Chopper
but it is what it is drive to the marker jump out take some cover and start lobbing grenades
then take out anyone left standing once we’re clear jump into the white van and start driving
doesn’t matter where just drive and be sure not to get boxed in corners of your enemy too oh and if
you’re using a controller pull up your interaction menu down to inventory and snacks and just leave
that up it’s a pain on keyboard but super handy on controller and after we’ve cleared the bikers and
a wanted level if we’ve caught one it’s back to the locker oh and if you’re having trouble shaking
the cops and it’s getting a bit out of hand you can also give yourself two minutes of police
free time by bringing up your interaction menu going to sakuro serve VIP abilities and bribe
authorities it’s not cheap but it’s super handy in a bind just be sure not to commit a crime or
all bets are off okay on to the last of the mini finale’s the South Central league so snacks exit
Communication phone call agency PC briefing start jump in a car and I like to use the Duke of death
if I can armor and Pace comes in handy later then follow the prompts to the first Waypoint where
we’ll catch up with Vernon and P follow them at the vargos street party quick cut scene and
we’re dropped in behind cover honestly there’s not a lot of finesse or technique this one just
start shooting anyone you can see using the auto don’t be afraid to change positions too there’s
dumpsters to the right and a couple of other cars recover the sniper rifle is your friend for some
of the more well-hidden vargos and once we’ve cleared the Vargas from the street party there’s
another quick cut scene jump back in the Juke and Chase down the yellow low rider now if you
can pop the driver on the Fly okay great just grab the car and you’re good to go if you miss like I
did on this run through he’ll eventually Park up so not to worry just take out his goons and
Liberate the vehicle from the warehouse yard back to the shop and we’re done now the next mission
will take a while to become available so we’ll do a quick security contract while we wait no sense
in idle time and by the time we’ve completed that Franklin will have pinged us a new message so make
sure you load it up with snacks armor and ammo then head to the office to start the mission jump
in the champion head to the market and park up behind these buildings on the right then use the
building as cover to pick off as many of the mercs as possible you may need to reposition regularly
to sort these guys and it may take a few minutes first time around once you’ve picked off the
last one head into the studio slowly and I mean slowly work your way around through every Corridor
of the building these guys hide in closets and hallways they’ll spawn in behind you they avoid
explosions where they shouldn’t and tear gas really doesn’t do much so it’s a case of being
cautious retreating we’re needed and keeping the snacks up also grenades I use a lot of grenades
and with that done it will be treated to a seven minute or so cut scene featuring some original
work from Ray which was a world premiere at the time the DLC dropped right on to the last missions
of the series which comes with a hefty payout and mercifully the last mission of the day so usual
routine here snacks exit ammunition phone call agency start jump into the Duke and follow the GPS
when it says you’re getting close just drive into the train yard to trigger the first scene so spray
and pray is the main technique here watch out for people trying to flank your right side that can
be quite bad and hit any cars with the launch of the second they pull up that will save you having
to deal with the occupants what’s your higher side too if anyone gets on the roof they have a
plum shot grenades can help you with stragglers too after the hanger next and be careful up the
whole and use containers for cover as you make your way around to the right oh and you can only
go around to the right Rockstar patched the shortcut in the last DLC watch out for mercs
hiding in the back of the cargo plane a couple of well-placed proximity mines can help here and with
everyone cleared pop Johnny guns from as far away as possible climb the platform and grab him watch
the cutscene with Dre then drop him off at the Country Club and between the mission payout first
time bonuses and any cash we’ve collected along the way we should be back up to north of 1.7 mil
now I don’t know about you but I was shattered after this one so let’s call it a day it’s been
a big one though we’ve met Dax luchadora and the troop a few times made a couple of new characters
purchased an agency done some security work sorted Johnny guns and retrieved Dre’s music not a bad
effort if I do say so myself in our next exciting installment we’ll be getting our grind on with the
Dre contract series and setting up a lucrative pay phone hit mechanic doing our first couple of
assassinations before you go just a quick reminder about the competition once this series is finished
we’ll be giving away the account complete with at least 10 million dollars weapons cars businesses
the whole boxing dice to be eligible for the competition you will need to write a comment
on each video in the series doesn’t have to be much just something to let the old grumpy Gamers
team know you’ve been there so if you’ve not commented on the previous videos jump on have
a look and leave a message same goes for this one and hey if you feel like tweeting something giving
a thumbs up or having a proper conversation have at it to be eligible to win a clean 10
million GTA online account at least one comment on each video in the series the details terms and
conditions can be found on oldgrumpygamers.com sub to the channel and switch on notifications
to make sure you don’t miss the weekly release and your chance to win that 10 million dollar account
we also do weekly updates buyers guides and other tips and tricks so I promise you won’t be wasting
your time so thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video
thank you

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