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10 Million GTA$ Account Winner!

OGG has given away a $10 million Grand Theft Auto online account to one lucky winner, Mary D Plays. OGG shows how they went from 0 to 10 million in two weekends, and the winner also receives additional perks, including vehicles, businesses, and a Rockstar Social Club account.
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GTA Online Rags to Riches: Solo Starting From Level 1

Are you tired of grinding for hours to make money in GTA Online? Do you want to start from scratch and create a new account that can net you $10,000,000 in just two weekends? Look no further than Old Grumpy Gamer’s Rags to Riches: Solo Edition.

In this series, Dan, the Old Grumpy Gamer, starts a new account from level 1 and shows viewers how they can create a successful account with millions of dollars in the bank. Over the course of a few weeks, Dan completes a multitude of challenges while also avoiding pitfalls that could set him back in his mission to achieve riches.

Building Success From The Ground Up

This isn’t your typical GTA 5 online guide. There are no seed funds, no next-gen Career Builders, and no help from anyone else. Dan achieves his success from completing missions, bounties, and tasks in GTA Online. He also shares his experiences with viewers on the best way to waste less money while still accomplishing more.

Throughout the videos, Dan runs viewers through an assortment of tasks, from helping various characters such as Lamar and Simeon to completing treasure hunts, Bail Bond Movie Props, Slasher Quest lines, and more. Dan finds every single Jammer and thus provides the helpful tips you need to help you be a more efficient player.

10 Million in Cash and Prizes

After a few big weeks, Dan showcases how it’s possible to build an account from scratch and arrive at the $10,000,000 mark. But that isn’t all. Old Grumpy Gamer’s lucky prize draw provides one lucky viewer with an entire $10,000,000 GTA online account, complete with all the money, vehicles, and businesses to get them started.

The winner also receives a host of exclusive prizes, including the June Fav, Mobitsu Frogger, Enis Windsor, and Obey Omnis. They also receive a Coca Classic Turismo R, Pegassi Vortex, Huntley S, Zombie Chopper, and Banshee. The new account comes with an Executive Office, Bunker, Cash Factory, Clubhouse, new apartment, and an additional 10-car garage. In addition, the winner also gets a marksman rifle, compact rifle, and some exclusive clothing.

What Can You Learn from Old Grumpy Gamer

We want to give every viewer the best possible chance to create their own accounts and achieve success on their own. So, we have compiled a series of videos that can help you learn from Dan’s experience in GTA 5 online. From learning how to waste less money while earning more to how to avoid pitfalls, viewers will learn from the best.

For those who don’t have the time and patience to run through the entire series, we have created a short-form video that sums up all the tips and tricks necessary to achieve success in GTA Online efficiently.


If you’re a beginner or an intermediate player, Old Grumpy Gamer’s Rags to Riches: Solo Edition is the perfect series to get you off the ground and on your way to achieving success in GTA 5 online. From building an account from nothing to winning $10,000,000 on a prize draw, Dan showcases the best practices, tips, and tricks to help anyone achieve success in the game.

Join us today and learn how to turn your rags into riches in GTA Online.

are you ready for the moment we’ve all been waiting for it’s time to find out
who the lucky winner of the 10 million Grand Theft Auto online account is after
receiving countless entries we’ve finally narrowed it down to one lucky player who
will receive the keys to unlimited wealth and success in the virtual world so sit
tight grab some snacks and get ready for the Ultimate Prize draw the anticipation
is killing us and we can’t wait to find out who the winner is so let’s do this
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer well it’s been a couple
of big weeks here at OGG HQ we’ve created a new account and gone from zero to ten million
dollars in two weekends by doing a bunch of challenges and wailing on Johnny guns a lot
over the last couple of weeks we’ve created a few new GTA online characters done some
work for Lamar Gerald and Simeon finished the treasure hunt Bail Bond movie prop and slasher
quest lines found every single Jammer killed a lot of NPCs met Dax luchadora and the troop
a few times purchased an agency done some security work sorted corrupt judges failed
Tech entrepreneurs and Shady businessmen help Dre dealt with Johnny guns and started getting
pretty bored with unskippable cutscenes but it’s very much worth the effort because now we have
10 million in cash in our GTA account it’s been done completely from scratch no starters no seed
money no next-gen Career Builder 0 to 10 mil for those who follow long from the first video you may
remember I accidentally purchased the criminal Enterprise pack not just a regular Global PC
key once I realized we quarantined off the money vehicles and businesses and almost every weapon
from the pack so it wouldn’t take the result The Only Exception being the compact grenade launcher
sadly but don’t worry I spent way more on ammo than I should have experimenting with different
techniques to get to the 10 million in GTA Online so quickly so that means we’ve not only shown you
how to get rich in GTA online but we also have a bunch of other stuff there waiting for the
lucky winner including the June fav the mobitsu Frogger Enis Windsor and Obey omnis coca classic
Turismo R Pegassi Vortex Huntley S a zombie Chopper and a Banshee as well as an executive
office bunker cash Factory Clubhouse yet another apartment and an additional 10 car garage plus
a marksman rifle and a compact rifle oh and some clothing too oh and there’s an extra few million
in there too so not bad so without further Ado the winner of the prize draw for the 10 million
PC account which includes the GTA account itself a Rockstar Social Club account and the password to
the email address this was all set up on is Mary D plays so congratulations we’ll be in
touch soon with confirmations and details on how to claim your prize for anyone else who entered
by commenting on everything kengo yan yan wallaby myself and the rest of the team at Old grumpy game
is really appreciate your time and effort and we hope you’ll stick around for more updates guides
tips tricks and general good company thank you so much for participating in this little experiment
and joining in the comments below it’s genuinely appreciated so next week we’ll have a super cut
for this series basically a short form summary of each action Mission and the loop to get you
to the 10 million dollars so you don’t have to sit through me babbling for hours on end in
the meantime thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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