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GTA Fast Cash Strategies: 2023

Learn how to go from zero to ten million dollars in just a couple of weekends in GTA 5 online. Follow this detailed guide to build your criminal empire, own properties, and drive luxury cars. With the right strategy, you can become a true Kingpin in the virtual world of GTA Online.
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2023 GTA Money Guide: $0 to $10 Million in GTA Online | GTA Fast Cash

If you’re a GTA Online player looking to build your GTA online millions, you’re in luck! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you on a journey from having zero in-game cash to $10 million! This action-packed video is packed with missions, strategies, and tips that are guaranteed to get you to your goal.

This guide is perfect for anyone looking for a GTA 5 online money glitch, GTA 5 online money hack, or just general GTA 5 money making tips, to make becoming a GTA Online rich millionaire a possibility. The guide is inspired by other content creators like The Professional, Ghillie Master, DatSaintsFam, DarkviperAU, Tylarious, TGG, GTA Series Videos, and Lazer.

From $0 to $10 Million in Just Four Days

We understand that building your in-game wealth in GTA Online can be a daunting task, which is why we’ve carefully crafted our guide to help you achieve your targets fast. With our guide, you can become a millionaire within just a few days, by following tried and tested strategies. We’ll take you on a #rags2riches journey, and you’ll soon see your bank account skyrocket.

Missions and Tips for Fast Money-Making Strategies

Our guide includes various GTA Online missions and tips for fast cash strategies, including the latest GTA 5 online update, efficient plays, big-money strategies, easy money methods, and more. We’ll share secrets and glitches that have been tried and tested by experts, so your success is guaranteed.

Discover the Best GTA Online Missions

Our guide will also explore some of the best GTA Online missions to make millions, including Gerald missions GTA Online, GTA Online Dax missions, and other high-paying missions that can help to build your GTA 5 online income. We’ll also share some GTA 5 online big money strategies, inspired by top content creators, to ensure you reach your GTA Online money goals.

Maximizing Your Income with GTA V Money Online

We’ll show you how to maximize your income using the best GTA 5 online money glitch and GTA 5 online money hack techniques. We’ll even reveal some of the best GTA 5 online fast money and GTA 5 online easy money strategies. With our comprehensive GTA Online money guide, you’ll be able to reach your goal of making millions in GTA Online following the footsteps of expert players.


If you’re looking to become a GTA Online rich millionaire, this guide is the perfect resource. It’s packed with tips and strategies that are guaranteed to help you build your in-game wealth fast. We hope you found this GTA Online money guide helpful, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on other tips and missions that could improve your outcome even further. Leave your suggestions in the comments below and let’s all work together to make 2023 the year of GTA Online riches!

welcome to the fast-paced world of Grand Theft Auto online where opportunities for wealth and
success are endless in this Virtual City you can build your own criminal Empire own
luxurious properties Drive the hottest cars and live the life of your dreams the key to getting
rich in GTA Online is strategy to termination and a willingness to take risks which is why
in this video we’re working through the precise methods needed to go through absolute zero to
ten million dollars in just a couple of weekends in GTA 5 online with the right approach you can
climb the ranks of the criminal underworld a massive fortune and become a true Kingpin so
buckle up grab your controller and let’s start our journey to wealth and power in GTA online
and I’m an old grumpy gamer over the last few weeks we’ve been going over in a fair bit of
detail what we did for our first 10 million cash challenge the order of proceedings what
missions to do challenges businesses and heists everything needed to get 10 million dollars cash
in GTA without buying shortcuts and then we gave the account away in this video we’re summarizing
the process so you don’t have to Wade through the whole lot don’t get me wrong going through those
videos will be helpful and there’s links below but if you’re looking for a top-down summary of how to
do it this is the one to watch so let’s start with day one sadly we can’t skip the prologue on the PC
version of GTA so we’ll quickly rip through that for the sake of these later doing the repossession
Mission will help too so let’s load in for the first time and start building our first character
now I did spend a little more time faffing about with his appearance than I should have because
we’re only really keeping him for about a day and a half then he’s out on his ass so through
the Chute and that’s uh pretty convincing win although Lamar is in an emperor which has a great
80s aesthetic but also moves about as quick as a horse and cart let’s jump into the car follow the
GPS and pull up just out in front of the alleyway pop one of the guards then run back to the car
jump in follow the Green Dot and wait until you’ve caught the fella in traffic then line up a Plumb
shot collect the gear head back to Gerald’s and we’ll take this opportunity to swap to an invite
only session too next thing Lamar will pester us to buy some clothes so off to the nearest clothing
store and we’re just going to buy the cheapest thing we can find a few minutes after that Lamar
will give us a bell and suggest we should knock over a convenience store so let’s fire up that job
just pop to the phone and you’ll see it in the invitation list that’ll give us another marker
head over threaten the clerk and once they’ve dropped the cash pop them collect the cash then
run around the counter and empty the registers too now with any luck Simeon will give us a call
in a few moments when he does we’ll be prompted to steal a car and my personal thoughts are to
grab an order of preference an ocelot Jackal Obey Tailgater benefactor Shafter or a lampardate film
so once you’ve lifted one of these head to LS customs and swap out the colors do not purchase
upgrades just the colors at this point I also recommend popping into the ls car main 2 near the
southeast side of the map that’ll quieten down a few additional calls and while we’re doing mem we
should also head to the casino grab a membership for 500 then immediately go to The Exchange desk
and collect the daily visitor bonus then cash the lot out for a profit of 5500. next up we’re going
to rail through a couple of challenges these won’t make us a lot of money immediately but will pay
off before the end of the day starting with the treasure hunt you should have received an email by
now use the guide linked below to knock that over and collect the double action revolver next up
we’re going to do a couple of once-off challenges side by side so we want to head to this location
on the map it’s a bit out in the sticks but it’s worth the drive trust me that’ll start the moored
Bounty missions but there’s a bit of a delay between assignments so that means it’s slasher
time find the first clue on the western side of the map using the guide linked below to kick
that off now by the time you’ve done that Maude will have forwarded her first Target go fetch
him and drop him off and then move on to the next slasher clue and then another Bounty and another
slasher clue again you get the idea just go turn about until both questlines have been completed
and you’ve collected the stone Hatchet and navy revolver respectively and that of course makes for
an epic couple of hours so with any luck you’re sitting on about 150 Grand or so but it’s time to
crank that bank balance into overdrive so back into the City and still an SUV with a squarish
looking tailgate head to shebs back the SUV up hop out and climb on the Roof then head to the back
of the SUV spin the camera turn around and jump and with any luck you’ll glitch into the awning
bring up the double action revolver position yourself near the front of the awning then
start blasting we need 50 headshots let’s swap to the Navy revolver next we need another 50 kills
for this one headshots are handy but not necessary once your warrants been cleared swap to the stone
Hatchet for the last weapon challenge make your way to a populated area somewhere in a city or
near the beach then start wailing on people with a hatchet and we need 25 for this one and that has
been a heck of a ride so far let me know how long this one took you down in the comments below I’m
hoping around five hours or so six at the outside anyway get up have a stretch have a walk around
and head to the restroom and then get ready for a bit of grinding signal Jam is an X so it’s time
to grab a chopper again there’s a link below to a guide on where to find them reliably now I’m using
a compendium on the other screen map Genie’s GTA 5 Maps now they’re not a sponsor or anything but
they have a fantastic mapping system for GTA 5 and GTA online and their free tier is more than
enough for most people anyway the next hour and a half is going to consist of you finding each
signal jammer then shooting it with your sidearm just leave the ones in Fort Zancudo the prison
and the top of the Vinewood Hills relay station until last because they’re Assa bricks and with
expenditure we should be just shy of their first nil right one more chance Challenge and we’re
nearly there movie props heading to the movie studio here up the stairs and into the corona
then off to collect 10 props for Solomon each has a spot reward of ten thousand dollars and
a completion bonus of 50 Grand plus some unlocks okay on to the final and mercifully short exercise
for day one grab one of the cars in the list that Simeon sent you via an in-game text and
drop it off to the docs for an additional 15K or so right EO on to day two starting at ammunition
and grabbing body armor pistol ammo hand grenades compact grenade launcher launcher ammo and sticky
bombs and nothing else not even weapon upgrades just don’t and off to rescue run and meet the
troop take out the bikers rescue the RV and head back to the freak shop for the first time then
follow the Dax first dose storyline all the way through it’ll take about two hours and net you
a tidy 500 Grand first time completion bonus plus whatever you make from the missions themselves and
now let’s head back to the character selection screen and create a new character select yes
to copy Rank and when you go to finalize we want to skip the tutorial doing this gives us a free
luxury apartment and a free garage which means that we can buy cars and that means we can now
collect the free armored Duke of death from Warstock then it’s back to Chef’s convenience
store in Sandy Shores for the first dose missions again because as it turns out each character gets
the first time completion bonus it’s not just tied to the account like most other bonuses but to the
character itself not sure if that’s intentional but hey Buddy’s money right oh and we should
swing by ammunition too we’ll need body armor pipe bombs grenades proximity mines a compact
grenade launcher and some ammo sniper rifle and an assault rifle so go through the first dose series
again for an additional 500 Grand which should get us pretty damn close to our two million one
hundred dollar Target and sadly it’s time to bid this character farewell for now as we head back
to the character creation screen again delete your first character as in delete delete and create a
new character in the first slot copyrank again and skip the shoot if it’s offered once you’re in the
world head to your apartment and buy the Duke of death again pop to the convenience store then to
ammunition same shopping list as before but if you wanted to do some minor upgrades to weapons
things like suppressors flashlights and extended clips go for it don’t spend on Aesthetics though
at least not yet anyway right so we need about 2.1 million for our next step and we’re just
short so after Chef’s place again to do a little bit more work with the troop but only enough to
tip us over that 2.1 mil Mark so in this case just welcome to the troop but this is so much easier
this time around with the higher rank that means more snacks and armor and better overall health so
winning right time to spend some money into your phone internet then Dynasty executive select the
little soul agency skip through the upgrades we don’t want any of these for now set a marker head
over wander in and sit back for about an eight minute introductory cut scene with slink Johnson
who plays Lamar Davis cranking out some of his finest work so far okay to set up the agency’s
main mission set we need to do a security contract so register is a VIP go to your PC and start then
complete a contract with that done head out of the building and await a call from Franklin then
head to the golf course and walk into the corona to start do a bit of driving and a bit of driving
then wait for another call from Franklin right now we can dive into the contracts story proper
the first time around this takes between three and five hours depending on skill and with the first
time bonuses we’re looking around 1.7 million for that however on replays we can skip a lot of the
intro Gaff and delays between missions this brings the play time down to around 90 minutes for most
players unless again if you’ve come from another FPS so we’re on to the data Lake set up next start
the mission raid the FIB as Escape then wait for Franklin and Armani to do their thing and after
that it’s more or less the same do a mission go to Aviation and top up ammo wait for a call from
Franklin or Armani go back to the Agency stock up on snacks go to your PC and start the next
mission which should take you through to the end of day two and a balance of around 1.7 mil on to
day three and this is our first real grind day so first things first pay phone hits to register
as a VIP in which you can find under securoserv in your interaction menu then head to the agency exit
and grab a chopper and we want to fly around for a few minutes until we get a call from Franklin
or spot one of these blue Payphone icons on the map when you spot it put the chopper down
and answer the phone have a listen to the brief and take out the target paying attention to the
bonus conditions top left so we can maximize our cash so that’s now squared away and we’re back on
the contract with Dre fortunately for subsequent playthroughs we don’t have to wait for Franklin
or Armani to do their thing we don’t have to sit through introductory cut scenes again and we don’t
have to leave and come back to trigger phone calls and that means the contract series becomes a lot
quicker like 90 minutes instead of five hours so back to the agency to start The Nightlife leak
series and off we go and once you’ve completed the finale that’s uh don’t um mess with Dre do another
pay phone hit while you await the cooldown and if you still have a few minutes after that just call
Franklin for a security contract and that’s the loop for the day with any luck you’ll get four
out and be sitting on just shy of five million dollars by the end of day and for the last day
in our epic GTA double header weekend day four we’re getting our grind on sure we’re going to
be sick of Drake by the end of it but we’ll have that sweet eight figure account so we’re back into
yesterday’s Loop here start with the pay phone hit run through the contract missions sort out Johnny
guns and wait for the series cooldown by doing a pay phone hitting potentially another Security
Contracts given you’ll be finding efficiencies getting to know enemy placement and significantly
improving playthrough time as you get to know the series better you should be able to knock
out about five rounds of this today and between the contract finale payouts individual Mission
payouts pay phone hits and the occasional security contract you should and I say should be on around
10 million dollars by the end of day four so that’s our Target reached 0 to 10 mil in two
weekends worth of gameplay it’s been a hell of a grind but as a result we’ve created new characters
in GTA Online done some work for Lamar Gerald and Simeon finished the treasure hunt Bail Bond movie
prop and slasher quest lines found every signal jammer killed like a lot of NPCs met Dax luchadora
and the troop a few times purchased an agency done some security work sorted out corrupt judges filed
Tech entrepreneurs and Shady businessmen helped Dre dealt with Johnny guns like a lot and are
thoroughly sick of unskipperable cut sales but what a cracking effort as far as it goes with
getting rich in GTA Online there are far worse ways at it I mean you’ll never want to go near
the agency again but yeah not bad so what are your thoughts we’d love to do another one of these and
I’d be super Keen to hear better techniques orders of proceedings and missions that could improve
on the outcome here we reply to almost every comment so please leave your suggestion Below in
the meantime thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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