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LAST CHANCE: GTA Online Deals from May 25’s Weekly Update

Get ready to buckle up and shift gears as we hit the pedal to the metal on the highway of the latest Grand Theft Auto Online updates! It's like catching the Vinewood Star Tours bus, but instead, it's a non-stop thrill ride filled with gta online updates, a dash of chaos, and a sprinkle of absurdity - all without the risk of being carjacked. Grab these GTA Online Deals from May 25’s GTA Weekly Update while you still can #gta #grandtheftauto
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* Raid a Stash House on three different days this week to get GTA$100K

Welcome to another action-packed Grand Theft Auto Online video update. In this episode, we delve into the expansive world of GTA V, focusing on the weekly update for 25 May. As a stalwart presence in the GTA community, we are thrilled to keep you up to speed with the ins and outs of the GTA Online weekly update, the same way The Professional, Ghillie Master, and DatSaintsFam have done with their in-depth content. Be sure to stick around for a comprehensive review of all the GTA Online promotions that have come your way this week. #grandtheftautov #grandtheftautoonline

For those of you who have been eagerly awaiting the GTA 5 online weekly update, we’ve got you covered. The realm of Los Santos Car Meet has been abuzz with activity, featuring the Swinger as the weekly prize ride, along with test rides of the Chino, Turismo Classic, and the Gauntlet Hellfire – a true monster on the road. DarkviperAU and Tylarious have also been enjoying these rides, be sure to check out their take on it. #gta5online

Not to forget, the GTA V Online weekly update also featured the awe-inspiring Desert Raid at the casino. This adrenaline-inducing vehicle, with its top speed of 106 miles per hour, has been the talk of the town in the GTA universe, and with creators like TGG and GTA Series Videos highlighting its prowess, there’s no reason for you to miss out. #grandtheftautovonline

In this week’s GTA update, Simeon’s was all about the Futo GTX, Cyclone, Vacca, Contender, and the Zion Classic, with the Cyclone, according to many in the community, taking the crown. Over in the realm of Luxury Autos, we’ve seen the GT500 and the 10F showcasing their excellence. You wouldn’t want to miss these deals on GTA 5, as underscored by LazerBeam in his recent content. #gtavonline

There were also quite a few money-saving deals to be found in the new GTA update. With discounts on the Stinger, Cyclone, Vigero ZX, and Acid Lab Supplies, this week’s GTA V update really stepped up its game. Remember to also cash in on the bonus events that include Double Money and RP on Freemode Events and Challenges, Power Play, and an improvement on Acid Lab Production Speed. #gtaonlinecars

The time trials of End to End and Vespucci Beach, part of the GTA 5 weekly update, and Hao’s trial at Terminal for the next-gen players, brought some thrilling competitive vibes to the fore. These quick yet rewarding activities are a great way to boost your in-game resources, something that we’ve seen in the content of The Professional and Ghillie Master. #gta5

The GTA Online weekly update today was packed with new and exciting content and great deals that truly enhanced the in-game experience. But, the beauty of the GTA universe is its constant evolution, so the new GTA update will undoubtedly bring even more exciting features and opportunities. Remember, as always, to stay safe, wash your hands, and keep enjoying this extraordinary world of Grand Theft Auto. See you in the next video update! #gtaweekly #gta6

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it’s Wednesday which means we’re nearing the end of another week of Rockstar’s GTA online
weekly updates so let’s do a quick recap so you don’t miss out before the changeover
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer looking back this week may
have been a bit underwhelming after last week’s haul but remember every cloud has a silver lining
recapping the ls Comet this week’s prize ride has been the swinger to win that you had to
come top three in a Pursuit raise for three consecutive days unfortunately if you’ve not
started this one you’ve missed out but there’s always next week this week’s test rides included
the Chino Turismo classic and the Speedy Hellfire gauntlets capable of hitting around 125 miles per
hour don’t miss your last chance to take them for a spin the desert raid has been up for grabs at
the casino this week reaching a top speed of 106 miles per hour it usually sells for about
695 Grand so if you haven’t tried your luck yet you still have time over at simeon’s we’ve seen
the Fuso GTX Cyclone Vaca Contender and the Zion Classic on offer the Cyclone has been
my top pick for the week so check it out before it’s gone luxury Autos had the GT500 and the 10
this week with the 10f being the more impressive the two in my opinion and as for discounts this
week we’ve seen 30 off the Stinger Cyclone Vigoro ZX and acid lab supplies so if you
had your eye on any of these act fast this week’s bonuses included double money and RP on free mode
events and challenges and power play plus a 50 Improvement on acid lab production speed this
week if you rate at least three stash houses Rockstar will deposit a further one hundred
thousand dollars in your Grand Theft Auto bank account this week’s time trials have been end to
end for the regular time trial and Vespucci Beach for the RC bandito time trial next gen players
you still have time to beat house time trial at Terminal and these only take a few minutes to
knock out and are worth about a hundred grand a throw so jump in and that wraps up our recap
of this week’s updates and if you’re new to the channel don’t forget to subscribe for more content
like this thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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