Fastest way to max your Strength in GTA Online (Solo Guide)

In this guide we’re looking at the fastest way to level your strength. If you’re a low-level, solo player.

GTA 5 - Maxing strength as a solo player
GTA 5 - Maxing strength as a low-level player

Building-Up Of New Character:

I recently created a new character in Grand Theft Auto 5 online and have been very slowly building them up as work and other commitments allowed me to.

And that got me thinking which is the most efficient way to max out your strength bar or at least level the strength in GTA online and presumably GTA 5.

Worth Noting:

Now it’s worth noting at this point that this GUIDE is not on how to level your strength fast without mods or cheats — it cannot be done.

This Guide is on the fastest and most efficient way to get those sets up if you’re a solo player or on a low level.

Efficient ways to level strength:

Now, there are other more efficient ways to level strength. If you have access to missions.

  • You can pick a mission with no cops and then while on some pedestrians.
  • If you have a friend or a second instance of GTA that you can use you can go to town on a mate.
GTA 5 - If available, you can start a Cop-Free mission and wail on peds (credit to It's Ep1c)
GTA 5 - If you have a friend, you can beat them up, too (credit to TheZainKing)

What if you don’t have these options:

But the thing here is — What if you don’t have those options?

That pretty much leaves you with sport.


So, the first thing I tried with tennis. I recall reading somewhere that it was a great way to build Michael De Santa strength in GTA 5.

Sadly, that did not go well ☹

GTA 5 - Tennis is great, if you can find someone to play against


Next up golf. I had a bit more success here. I was able to jump on the golf course without any issues.

It’s a genuinely solo activity and it’s something you can do in a solo session.

So, I grabbed a quick screenshot of the starting point.

GTA 5 - Before heading to the golf course
GTA 5 - After two rounds of (pretty poorly played) golf

My performance:

I ended up doing two rounds of nine holes each. If I was to do 18 rounds in one go and was a bit better at the game, it should take about half an hour to get through. After half an hour or so — of pretty ordinary playing when we look at the overlay, we end up with an improvement of just under four points or around a third of a bar.

Not bad, but not great

Better option:

When you consider there’s literally no one else involved and you can do this for more or less level one.

It’s better than:

  • Running around the streets
  • Thumping random citizens
  • Drawing the ire of the cops

However, we might revisit this in a later guide. Once Lucy here is at a higher level and has done some more mission work.

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