CONFIRMED CORRECT JANUARY 2021: We’re going through deleting a character, creating a new character and the most frequently asked questions for when you’re creating a second character in GTA Online.

A little over 2 years ago, we released a video showing you how to create a second character in GTA Online. We followed that up with another one on some of the things that are kept and lost, when you’re making a new character on Grand Theft Auto.

Over the last 2 years we’ve answered more than 1000 questions across those videos, and even released a couple of follow ups, including how to swap between characters and how to max all your stats.

We’ve distilled all those questions and comments down to 40 queries; and in this video, we’re going to go through all of them.

If you’re looking for a specific question:

00:00 Intro
2:28 If I copy my rank over, will my first character lose their rank?
2:43 If I don’t copy my rank over, will the bank account still be shared?
2:58 What happens if you don’t copy your level over?
3:14 Do you get the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack again?
3:30 Can my second character access my Business, Apartment, Bunker, etc?
3:48 Will my second character have access to my vehicles and inventory?
4:11 Why can’t I access high end clothes or some of my weapons?
4:28 If my second character earns money, will it be available to the first?
4:38 Can I separate my characters’ bank accounts?
5:26 Help! All my cars are missing! (3 questions & answers)
6:30 Can I do the treasure hunt again?
6:46 Can I do the bounty hunting missions again?
6:58 If I rank up on my second character, will my first rank up, too?
7:15 I made a second character, and now my first is broke!
7:40 Why doesn’t my second character have max strength, shooting and driving?
8:02 What happens to all my first characters stuff when I’m playing on my second?
8:20 Can I make my second character my first (or vice versa)?
9:18 Can my [sibling] play the second character while I play the first?
9:42 What happens if I glitch or mod my second character?
10:04 Can I swap characters mid-mission?
10:42 My first character is level [834], how come my second is 120?
11:05 Can I copy my stuff over from my first to my second character?
11:20 If I delete my main character, will everything transfer to my second?
11:31 What if I delete my second character? Will everything transfer to the first?
11:46 How can I switch between characters
12:00 If I delete my first character, will my second character become my main?
12:27 How do I make a custom character on GTA 5 (not GTA Online)
13:00 Can I do the same heist with each character
13:18 Can I change my characters’ gender?
13:34 Is my second characters’ KD reset?
13:44 I made a mistake creating my second character, can I change it?
14:13 If I sell a car with my second character, will my first get the money?
14:27 I bought a Shark Card a while ago, will I get it again on my second character?
14:43 Can I spin the Casino wheel a second time, with my second character.
14:53 Can I do the daily objectives once per character, per day?
15:05 Can I hit my daily sell limit again, on my second character
15:18 Where did this Apartment come from?
15:38 My first character’s name is showing above my second, when I’m playing

How to swap character:
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How to max Strength:
How to max Stamina:
How to max Shooting:
How to max Lung Capacity:
How to max Driving:
How to max Stealth:

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