Second character – what’s kept and lost (GTA Online)

In this Guide we’ll talk about the things that you’ll lose in GTA Online when you create a second character; as well as what remains the same.

We’ve had some fantastic discussion in the previous GUIDE about what does and doesn’t carry over between your new characters.

So, what we’re doing today is taking a look at what stays the same between characters and what you lose when you create a new character or switch to a second character in Grand Theft Auto Online.


Mr. Sharp:

(My last guide’s character)

So, let’s start by taking a look at what I already have. You can see here we created a character Mr Sharp.


We have four properties with Mr Sharp;

  • I’ve got a garage which I’ve filled up with many, many purple cars.
  • We also have a single low-rent Bungalow (or house) with a reasonable garage as well.
  • The second garage which is in the house does not have any cars with it.
  • I also have a bank balance around the $800,000; and the character is set to about level 19.
GTA Online Second Character - Many, many purple cars (this waas before Purple Gang, too)

Getting a new-character:

So, we’ll move into the next section. We’ll jump into the menu. Go to online and down to swap character so that we can enter the character menu.

We will be prompted to exit the session. We just hit select and OK for that one, and as we exit out, GTA takes us to the character creation screen.

GTA Online Second Character - Go to the pause menu, then online, then Swap Character

Character creation screen:

And we can see there. There’s Mr Sharp on the left-hand side with his fancy hat and there is an empty slot on the right with just that placeholder character called, “New Character” and with a serial of two.

Swapping the character:

So, we swap over to that one. Hit the edit button and the first option we’re presented with after the kiss-off is the Level Swap. You can see right there. That allows us to convert or transfer our levels over to the new character. So, in this case I’m going to hit “Yes” that’s on the controller or “Enter” and that takes us through to the character screen.

GTA Online Second Character - Optionally copy your rank to your new character (this is what we did)

You’ll have to decide the character and do the changing in it as you like.

And after then we’ll be back in the game and we’ll just about to re-join the game having created the new character.

New Map:

Let’s see where it drops us. Well, it looks like we’re in the absolute middle of nowhere. We’ve only got a very, very basic firearm just to sidearm with initial MO and that’s it. So, while the level is the same and I presume other things will be as well.

GTA Online Second Character - Dropped into the new game with a sidearm, and that's about it

No Armor:

We have no Armor; we have no weapons to speak of and we are in the middle of nowhere. Let’s take a look at the new character. Everyone meet Lucy. My third creation in the GTA online.

New property:

So, let’s take a quick look through the options available and that’s all the standard ones. There may in fact be a new property on there. The Tinsel Hamlet’s. Let’s go back and have another look.

There you go Tinsel Towers — that is not a property I had before. So, looking at the map here let’s scroll back out now if you recall the previous properties were in the southeast. This one appears to be in the Northwest.

GTA Online Second Character - We have a new apartment, free!

So, that’s a little odd. That’s not what I expected if I’m honest when swapping over it looks as though GTA has given me a brand-new property.

Fetch a car and go to the apartment:

OKAY! We’ll go fetch a car and check out the apartment. And, here we are at the apartment and I’ve not been here before so this will be a bit of an adventure for all of us. We’ll just wander in and head upstairs and see what GTA has prepared for us.

Well, I’m gonna be honest I was not expecting this, I thought perhaps a few assets might get transferred over or just money and level but not a new apartment that I’ve not bought nor laid eyes on being given or gifted to new character.

Wander in the apartment:

So, that’s a genuine surprise it’s quite a nice-looking apartment (by the way). It’s spacious and has a fantastic view. Let’s take a bit of a wander around and take in the nice-looking amenities. For a few moments let’s just take a look around to the right I suspect this is going to be the bedroom. This looks like a staging area. AWESOME! I might be able to stage house from here.

GTA Online Second Character - The free apartment comes with a Heist Prep room
GTA Online Second Character - The free apartment also comes with a 10 car garage

Now let’s take a look and see if there is a garage around the place and there is a garage. So, let’s sneak through to the garage and see if any of the vehicles we transferred over.

And empty, completely clean slate.

So, that’s fine! we know that the levels have been swapped over. We have a new apartment and we have an empty garage. So, none of the vehicles have been swapped.

So, let’s check one more thing. Let’s make sure we still have a flush looking bank account. Now in my previous characters account I had around about 800 K. So, if we sneak down to maze, login and there we are. We have 799 thousand and change.

GTA Online Second Character - Here's our conclusion, after a bit more research


So, to recap when we create a new character or a second character in Grand Theft Auto Online

  1. We have the option of moving the level over from your previous character to your current one but that’s not compulsory — it’s an option.
  2. Your bank account remains intact.
  3.  If you have property holdings there’s I suppose a reasonable chance that you will be given another apartment although I can’t confirm that and if you know for sure please leave a comment down below.
  4. Your Armory (as in, weapons); Armor and equipment is completely reset. Your assets as far as vehicles go reset so they do not carry over with you.