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How to Create a Second Character

Step-by-step guide to creating a second character in GTA Online, for your existing game without losing progress for your main character.
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Are you tired of playing Grand Theft Auto Online with the same character and want to create a second avatar? Or do you want to change your character’s appearance but don’t want to pay the $100,000 fee to swap features out? Look no further because in this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps to create a second avatar without having to start a new account or losing your first character.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Login to Grand Theft Auto Online

Load up your standard game as if you’re about to play. Once the game is loaded, hit the escape button or jump into the pause menu.

Step 2: Scroll to Swap Character

Once you’re in the pause menu, scroll down to the online section, and then to the swap character. Confirm your choice, and the game will pull you out of your standard game and into the character creation screen.

Step 3: Pick a New Character

Once you’re on the character creation screen, pick the “New Character” option on the right. If you want to keep your existing character, you can leave it intact. However, if you want to create a new character without deleting your first one, you need to have a second slot available on your account. If you don’t have a second slot, you will need to delete your existing character before you can create a new one.

Step 4: Customize Your New Character

If you’re creating a new character, you will start from scratch with no experience or skill set, but all money in the bank will transfer over. If you’re not satisfied with your character’s appearance, you can customize it to your liking. You can change facial features, skin tone, hair color, eye color, and outfit.

Step 5: Save and Confirm

Once you’ve made all the changes you want, save your new character, and confirm that you want to delete your old character. Rockstar will ask you to type “DELETE” to confirm that you want to delete your character. It’s worth noting that all of your experience and skill sets will be lost when deleting the old character, but your money stays intact, and your bank account stays intact.


You have successfully created a second character in Grand Theft Auto Online. Now you can enjoy playing with a new character without losing your progress or having to start a new account.

hi welcome back to the channel my name is Dan, and I’m an old grumpy gamer today
we’re looking at grand theft auto online and we’re looking at how to create a
second avatar or a second character for your existing game without necessarily
losing for the first one or having to start a brand new account now there’s a
few reasons you might like to do this you might not be happy with the current
characters appearance and you’re early in the game and don’t want to pay the
hundred grand to be able to swap the characters features out you might want
to change your character’s gender which you can’t do with the standard plastic
surgery feature offered by Rockstar or you think it might just be time for a
change in on a fan of the build you’re not a fan of this kill tree and you’d
like to start again to get started on this one all you need to do to start
with is login to Grand Theft Auto online just load up your standard game as if
you’re about to play and once that’s done you’ll be able to hit the escape
button or jump into the pause menu once you’re in the pause menu just scroll
through to the online section and then down to the swap character once you’ve
confirmed you swapped a character that’ll pull you back out of the
standard game and then into the character creation screen where we’ll
pick up next and here we are back in the lineup as the two characters come on
screen you’ll see the one on the right in the red is the new character option
and the one on the left is my existing character now you can if you like just
jump into the new character creation leave your existing one intact
especially if you’ve got a more mature character with higher experience for me
I’m jumping straight into the delete and then creating a new one by default on a
new account you still have that second slot so you can that created a new
character if you like without having to delete the first one I’m deleting the
first one because honestly I haven’t had a lot of fun there’s been a lot of
trolls and silliness going on because I’m running a female character and
honestly time for that so I’m just diving
straight in so once you’ve deleted we’ve confirmed your delete then Rockstar will
ask you to just type the word in you confirm again and they’ll get to I’m
deleting you that a character it’s worth noting at this point as well that your
characters or your avatars share bank accounts so any money you have in the
bank with one avatar or character will be transferred and be usable by the
other one assets on the other hand I’m not sure about you might need to check
the forums on that one or please if you know comment below and xprp
all of your experience and skill sets will be lost when deleting the old
character or using the new character but money stays intact bank account stays
intact so you still haven’t the ability if you’ve got a decent bank account with
one character just transfer that across that give yourself a head start now you
can see here we’re starting on the character appearance I’m going for a
male this time rather than a female like I said I was getting some trolling and
some weirdness so I’m leaving that be so with the male character I’m hoping to
get a little bit less of a hassle out of the box and when you’re a low-level
character you’re not terribly experienced in GTA online do you want to
try and keep as low profile as possible otherwise it’s just not going to be fun
so we’re zipping through appearances I’m largely looking for different toning and
facial expressions here more facial structure I should say but once we’re
through that then we can get to the real customization of the character right and
as we zoom out we’re starting on and then back in on facial features just
going to zip through and just do some basic customization
nothing too serious once we get some money later on down the track we can
perform plastic surgery if we like but we can’t change genders on the plastic
surgery we can only change facial features and some physicality alright so
as we go through different parts of the face nose and brows and and some of the
customizations you will see here us just sort of kicking to the side and
perfecting everything getting it as close as we can to finish before moving
on to the next thing right and on to appearance next so we’re looking at the
hair color eye color and general skin tone and appearance of the the character
now as I said I’m looking for a little bit of familiarity here now because we
can’t make our fella a fat bald guy in his 40s we’re going to go and try and
pitch as close as we can so what I’ll do is just race through this part and pick
back up once we’re ready to go
okay and next up is the outfit I think we’re going to go with something a bit
sharp look will cycle through a few different options and see what’s comes
up but I suspect quite strongly we’re going to end up with our friend looking
a little bit snazzy because the girls go crazy for a sharp-dressed man so let’s
see how we go through again I’ll pick up the pace in and pick back up once we
have finished the outfit and just cycling through the last of the outfits
now as I suspected we’re going to go with something a little bit sharp a nice
Fedora a nice set of glasses and a nice three-piece suit I think is gonna do the
job so next up is character stats I’m having a bit of a ticker here just to
kind of show how it works what you normally do is just slide one of the
stats back and that gives you points you can see there in the red then you can
reallocate those points to something a little bit further up the chain or
something a bit bit more to your liking personally I play a lot of driving games
so the driving for GTA for me is important but it’s also not that
challenging so in most builds I will do things like add the extra driving points
I’ll take those off and then move them on to strength but for this exercise
I’ve just left it as is next up is just a little bit of extra fine-tuning to
make sure our fellow looks all right in his spankin new fedora with these
glasses adjust the the brow to make sure that it suits the glasses and that
doesn’t look a little bit silly and then once that’s complete we’re just about
ready to go okay so we’re just gonna take one last
look at our fella he’s looking pretty snazzy there in its
blacks three-piece with the fedora and the glasses next thing to do is save and
continue’ once you do that and you confirm you just have to give your new
character a name now I’m running a little short on ideas so I’m just gonna
go with mr. sharp and there is so once we’re happy with that click ok or enter
confirm whatever and then the photo is taken that’s a new profile picture and
Rockstar has set you up with a new character once you saved you drop back
into the world and picked up by it Lamarr at the airport as you come in and
the whole game starts and again thanks for watching it’s been an absolute
pleasure having you if you like what you’ve seen click that like button below
it’ll really help us out and if you’re new to the channel don’t forget to hit
that notification and that subscribe button thank you we’ll see you in the
next video

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