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Learn how to delete your character, create a new one, and get answers to frequently asked questions about creating a second character in GTA Online. Find out what happens to your bank account, unlocks, and stats when creating a new character. Discover workarounds for bank account separation and character customization.
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Definitive Guide to a Second Character in GTA Online | FAQ

Definitive Guide to a Second Character in Grand Theft Auto Online

If you’re an avid player of Grand Theft Auto 5, then you might be wondering how you can make another character in GTA Online. A second character can come in handy, especially when you want to try something new, make your game more realistic, or simply double your fun when it comes to playing Grand Theft Auto.

In this video, Old Grumpy Gamers give you the lowdown on everything you need to know to make another character in GTA 5 online.
Whether you want to delete your current character, create a brand new one, or simply want to know the ins and outs of making another character, this comprehensive guide is perfect for any Grand Theft Auto player.

What to Expect From the Video

Over the last two years, the Old Grumpy Gamers have responded to over a thousand questions from players about how to create a second character. They have distilled all those questions down to the 40 most frequently asked queries, which they answer in this video. You’ll find out what happens to your bank account, apartments, and vehicles, and whether you can access them with your second character. They will also address concerns like whether your first character will lose its rank, or whether your second character’s actions might affect your first character’s finances.

Other Useful Information You’ll Find in the Video

The video covers other GTA 5 online FAQs like how to max out your stats, how to swap between characters, and how to make a custom character in GTA 5 (not GTA Online). Old Grumpy Gamers also provide helpful tips, like how to do the treasure hunt and bounty hunting missions again, how to change your character’s gender, and how to separate your characters’ bank accounts.

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If you want to stay up to date on everything Grand Theft Auto, then check out Old Grumpy Gamers’ other videos, Patreon page, Twitch channel, and social media accounts. They also provide valuable information and giveaways, including Shark Cards, cheap games, and merchandise.

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Hi in this video we’re going through deleting a character creating a new
character and the most frequently asked questions for when you’re creating a
second character in gta online
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer
a little over two years ago we released a video showing you how to create a
second character in gta online we’ve followed that up with another one
on some of the things that are kept and lost when you’re making a new character
in grand theft auto over the last two years we’ve answered
more than 1 000 questions across those videos
and even released a couple of follow-ups including how to swap between characters
and how to max all of your stats we’ve distilled those questions and comments
down to 40 queries and in this video we’re going
to be going through all of them before we
dive in if you’re new to the channel we do how-to guides
news and giveaways so consider subscribing and ringing the bell to
start today and if you’re looking for a specific
question there are links to each of the answers
timestamps in the description below so let’s start with a quick recap open the
pause menu go to online and then swap
click ok and confirm that we’re quitting and then hold tight for a moment
if you have this character in your second slot already you can delete them
by toggling to the right and then selecting
and then confirm again
okay now that we have a free slot once everyone’s back in frame
we can toggle to the right
and then hit edit you’ll be prompted to copy your level
over it’s up to you if you want to do that but for this
exercise i’m starting fresh
and now we can start editing okay so on to the frequently asked
all right so the first and one of the most asked ones is if i copy my rank
over will my first character lose their rank and the answer is no
so your rank is copied not transferred so copying your rank
does not affect your first character the next is if i copy my rank over will
the bank account still be shared and the answer to that one is a
resounding yes your second character will still have
access to anything deposited in maze bank so what happens if you
don’t copy a level over well it’s a fresh start your second
character starts with a fresh clean slate at level one
from the tutorial with no unlocks however the bank account is still shared
do you get the criminals enterprise starter pack again and the answer to
that one is no rockstar aren’t that generous you
know the cash buildings and vehicles are not given to
your character again that said any of the
unlocks that you have are still
available so can my second character access uh my
business or my apartment or bunker and the answer is
no uh so your second character is completely independent with the
exception of the bank account from your first
so you need to purchase the properties again or purchase new properties with
your second character
will i have a character have access to all my vehicles in inventory and again
that one is a no because the characters are separate
so you’ll need to purchase new vehicles
weapons clothing and armor for your second character
however it’s a really really good opportunity to
create a new aesthetic for your second character which i’ve done here with jeff
why can’t i access high-end clothes or some of my weapons and the answer is
most of your unlocks are reset especially if you’ve started from
scratch again so your second character’s unlocks will
be completely reset and you’ll need to grind the levels to get the unlocks open
again if my character earns money will it be
available to the first and yes any money that you deposit in
the bank is available to both characters
so can i separate my bank accounts and this is a massive pain in the backside
you can’t so there’s no way to give each character a separate bank account
however there is a workaround to this one
what you do is you swap to your first character
withdraw all the money from maze bank and then swap back
to your second character and that is like
your second character starting with a new bank account or a fresh bank account
because they’ve got zero balance however this is not recommended
because if you swap back to your first character and forget
and you get robbed you will lose a lot of money so it’s a very very bad idea
but it is a workaround to people trying to
do a rags to riches kind of thing all right so help all my cars are
missing all right first thing you need to do is
swap back so your cars properties weapons close businesses
inventory don’t copy to the second character
they should just still be on your first character
all right so you swap back and all your cars are still missing
well it happens every now and then sometimes the game can get a little bit
upset so you just do a reboot chances are it’s a minor glitch if you
just exit the game and reboot your console or your pc
95 of the time it’ll fix itself all right and finally they’re still
missing after a reboot what you’ll need to do is contact
rockstar support it means that there is a problem with the account or with
the service so take a photo or a screenshot or a screencast
and that’s super important because it allows rockstar to see precisely what’s
going down then shut down the game and report the
issue to rockstar don’t try and continue the game with
this in place they may have to restore your account to a previous point and
that could mean that you end up wasting time
alright can i do the treasure hunt again and yes you can however
you’ll receive the special weapon but you won’t get a second lot of cash
rockstar are a little bit tight with their funds there but yes you will get
the fancy gun which brings us to the next one can i do
the bounty hunt again and that is also a yes
so you’ll receive the special weapon if you do the hatchet challenge at the end
but you won’t get that second 250 grand
okay if i rank up my second character will my first
rank up two and that’s a no so once your second character is created
their progress is completely separate from the first and vice versa so ranking
up on one will not rank up the other i made a second character and now my
first is broke well yeah that’s because you’ve got a
shared bank account so there is a temptation to create a second
character and then tool up yeah grab all the guns grab a
heap of cars maybe grab a property and then you go back to your first
character and all the money’s gone and that’s because the money in my bank
is shared between your two characters not copied so if you spend on one it’s
not available to the other why doesn’t my second character have
their max strength shooting and driving and that’s because it’s a fresh
start even if you copy your level over the
second character’s stats are starting from scratch
so that means you have to grind up your strength your shooting
driving lung capacity stamina the whole boxing dice
so what happens to all my first character stuff
when i’m playing on my second and fortunately it’s all completely
untouched so your first character’s inventory vehicles properties weapons
collectibles everything remains intact except any
money of course in that shared bank account
can i make my second character my first now this
refers to the character selection screen sometimes people would like to swap
their characters so in this case it would be mr sharp on the right and jeff
on the left instead of the current setup and the
answer to that one’s no so unfortunately you can’t swap the
slots once they’re in they’re in
and that brings us to the halfway mark now while i catch my breath and give my
brain a break it’s probably an opportune time to mention we recently launched our
patreon page patreon backers get access to the most
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goodness and back to the questions
all right next one and this is super common is can my little brother
can my little sister play the second character while i play the first and the
answer to that one is no so you can only have one active login
to an account at a time so the characters even though it’s two
separate characters they’re still attached to a single account
and you can only access that single account from one machine at a time
what happens if i glitch or mod on my second character and that will be
the ban hammer so if we get busted or glitching
the entire account is bad not just the character
really important especially if you’re doing things you really shouldn’t be
doing on an account you want to do that on a second account or an alt account
not just your second character
okay so this one i get a fair bit which is can i swap characters
mid mission and the answer is both yes and no
so it’s technically possible to do you can
certainly enter the online screen you can get to the swap character menu and
you can swap characters however when you do that you are in fact logged out of
your current session and then logged into a new one so you
won’t end up back in the same mission or even the
same server in most cases and you will if you do that be
abandoning your team mates mid mission which is a
right my first character is level something
how come my second is only 120 and that’s because of the level cap
so when you create a second character if you copy your level over
rockstar caps that to level 120 although that may have been
changed to level 150 recently i haven’t tried
can i copy my stuff from my first character to
my second character and the answer is no you cannot
with the exception of a shared bank account your characters
cannot swap trade or copy anything over if i delete my main character will
everything transfer to my second again that’s a no so anything in your
main character’s possession will be irreversibly lost
and conversely if what if i delete my second character will everything
transfer to the first and same again that’s a no because anything
in your second character’s possession that will be irreversibly lost
right next one’s fairly common how can i switch between characters
and the answer is there’s another video for that one there’s a link in the
description below on how to do that or you can skip back to the start of
this video for how to swap over
all right and if i delete my first character will my second become
my main and now this again relates back to the
character selection screen if you were to remove
and completely delete your first character will your second character
move over into that first main slot and the answer of course is
yes so your second character will move to
the left of the character select screen and become your default if you delete
your main so i get this one a fair bit how do i
make a custom character in gta 5 so not gta online and this
i guess is a little bit challenging because it’s not part of the vanilla
game but you can do it using modding so there’s no character editor in gta 5
so you need to mod your game to customize gta 5 characters
and it’s not a custom character in the same way
that you have on gta online is simply just a re-skinned franklin or a
re-skinned trevor there’s links in the description below
to a video on how to get started on modding as well
can i do the same heist with each character
so again this is a yes and no yes you can perform the same heist multiple
times but no you cannot do the literal same
heist with two characters at once you’d be surprised how often people are
can i change my character’s gender another yes and no this time
you can choose your character’s gender when you’re creating a new or second
character but you cannot change once the character
has been created without glitching is my second character’s kd reset and
that’s a no is your kd or your kdr if you prefer is
attached to your account not your character
all right i made a mistake creating my second character can i change it
and this is a possibly if you’re below level six or getting
close to level six you can change the aesthetic or the look of your
character and you get that free of charge at level 6
when you log in or you can delete a character and start again
if you’re a bit further up the chain as well you can also get the plastic
surgery but that costs 100k
if i sell my car with the second character will my first get the money
and uh yeah actually they do so if you sell anything and deposit the money into
maze bank both characters will have access
all right i bought a shark card a while ago will i get it again on my second
character and that’s a resounding note rockstar only
let’s use the shark card once they will not
reissue the funds for a second character and i spin the casino wheel a second
time with my second character and that’s a no you can only use the
chocolate wheel at the casino once per day
per account and same goes for the can i do daily objectives once per
character per day and that’s a that’s a no as well so you
can only complete the daily objectives once per day
per account
okay can i hit my daily sell limit again on
my second character still a no for that one
your daily sell limit is attached to the account not the character
next one’s surprisingly common where did this free apartment come from and the
answer is it’s free real estate if your main character owns a property
and you copy your level over when you create your second character
that second character gets a free apart however it’s worth
nothing so you can’t sell it well you can trade it in but you can’t sell
it sell it my first character’s name is showing
above my second when i’m playing and that’s not quite there’s some
technical back of house reasons for this one but
basically it’s your username that floats above your head when you’re
playing not your character’s name i honestly have no idea why rockstar
have character names they don’t show up anywhere so what are
your thoughts do you have any tips for other reviewers
or have we missed anything leave your comments down below and if we
get enough questions we’ll do a part two as well
so check out the video on the left to learn how to create a second character
or the one on the right for another great old grumpy gamers video
stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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