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GTA Online Chop Shop DLC: Gallivanter Baller ST-D

Get an in-depth review and detailed walkthrough as we navigate the new 'GTA Online Chop Shop DLC: Gallivanter Baller ST-D'. This video offers a meticulous breakdown of the customisation options, performance, and driving experience of this GTA vehicle based on the Range Rover L460.
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Welcome to a step-by-step review and customisation of the new Gallivanter Baller ST-D in the latest Chop Shop DLC for GTA Online. This video peels back the layers on the much-anticipated addition to the famous Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series, uncovering its unique features that give a nod to its real-life counterpart, the Range Rover L460. #GTA #GrandTheftAuto #GTAOnline #ChopShopDLC

The Baller ST-D from Chop Shop DLC brings fresh excitement to the GTA universe on the PS5 and Xbox platforms. A robust 7-speed SUV with a four-wheel drive, it can accommodate up to four people, offering the promise of adventure in the dynamic world of Grand Theft Auto.

It packs several enticing customization options, ranging from armour, brakes, and body trim to non-typical options like mudguards and mirrors. Noteworthy is the variety of liveries, resprays, and sunstrips. However, the highlights don’t stop at aesthetic enhancements as the Baller offers a unique driving experience. #GTA5 #GrandTheftAutoV #PS5 #Xbox

Driving the Gallivanter Baller ST-D may not be as exhilarating as some might hope. Some gamers might find the turning response and overall handling a bit lackluster, likening the ride more to a heavy and sluggish American SUV with more form over function.

Yet, the Baller does impress with the quality of its sounds, especially the distinct burble at idle, adding a layer of authenticity to the gameplay in the realm of Grand Theft Auto Online. Even though its sound may lose some of its charm as the vehicle gains speed, the Gallivanter Baller ST-D offers a laid-back and enjoyable cruise around the city. #GTAOnline #GrandTheftAutoOnline

Is this new 7-speed SUV worth the $1.7 million price tag? That might depend on personal preferences and play style; showmanship over competition could be the game with this vehicle.

Despite this, the Gallivanter Baller ST-D is a solid homage to the Range Rover L460 and exemplifies the attention to detail firmly rooted in GTA games, creating an immersive and engaging experience. #GrandTheftAutoGames #RangeRoverL460

Regardless of your interest or disinterest in the Baller ST-D model, it’s undoubtedly an integral piece of the Grand Theft Auto V Online experience. Take a closer look at everything this new addition to the Chop Shop DLC has to offer in this detailed review.

the galavant bowler STD has just dropped in the December 2023 GTA online DLC The Chop
Shop my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer the galavan bowler STD which is a
four-wheel drive 7-speed SUV that can fit four people including the driver will retail at 1,
715,000 and is able to be fitted with IM manitech originally based on the Range r L 460 and it’s a
solid homage to the real one right into LS Customs to take a look at the options and there are quite
a few to choose from here Arch covers so few nice options there armor and brakes so they’re the same
as usual a body trim next and we have a handful of selections there onto the front bumper not a
lot going on here but they do suit the vehicle the rear bumper options aren’t much better either the
engine is just EMS stuff so we’ll skip over that exhaust are up next next and yeah there are a few
solid options here some good chunky ones and a few rubbish ones but all in all not bad onto the hood
options not the biggest range ever but again they suit the vehicle and don’t look garish or out of
place and the biggie liveries and there are some absolute hurlers here the usual racing stripes
in a few different varieties full wraps half wraps and some really novel options these are all really
neat actually I’m very impressed mirrors next which is a bit unusual but a nice touch a few
options worth looking at and as always the lower profile the better mud guards again a bit of a
rarity only on or off though so that’s about it respray next and this is more or less the same
as usual nothing out of the ordinary here but you can have a bit of fun between this pearlescence
and the liveries if you want to on to the roof options and we have plenty of alternatives to
choose from nothing too inspired though it’s all a bit nah and really has no no effect if
you get a full WAP anyway spoilers are up next and again not terribly inspired like not bad but not
great we have the usual low profiles a few unusual shapes and the now regular appearance of the Riser
spoilers Sun strips always a nice touch but not a lot you can really do with them suspension now
normally I’d skip this for a review but I wanted to note a really nice touch at the lower Heights
we’re starting to see camber in there which is a really nice detail transmission has all
the usual options turbo again nothing unusual and wheels next some L speed 10s I think we’ll do the
trick here and finally the window 10 right there we have it a fully kitted bowler STD ready to go
so how does it handle well to be honest it feels a little sluggish and heavy doesn’t respond terribly
well and it doesn’t turn brilliantly either so yeah as I expected an overpriced oversized
overcompensating American SUV to handle like rubbish given the liveries and the drop auctions
and Rockstar insistence on that stupid sunroof I’m guessing this car isn’t really a CaRu car if you
know what I mean nice for cruising and kicking around with your mates but it’s all form over
function and that’s reflected with the engine and exhaust sound too it’s not super aggressive nice
bural at idle but once it gets going it loses all the angry and that means it’s really not
for me and certainly not at more than 1.7 mil if however you are a bit of a showman this is
your ride and that’s it thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next

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