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UNBELIEVABLE GTA Online Discounts & Price Hikes: Don't Miss Out! Explore this week's INSANE price changes, jaw-dropping discounts, and must-have vehicles in GTA Online! Join Dan, the Old Grumpy Gamer, as he breaks down each vehicle and shares his expert recommendations on which ones to grab before they're gone! ✈️ Hit that subscribe button and buckle up for the ride of your life! #GTAOnline #Discounts #VehiclePrices #LosSantos #GamingTips
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Welcome to another exciting video covering the latest #GTAOnline price changes and how they will impact your gameplay! With everything from the Dewbauchee Champion to the Oppressor Mk2 and Mk1, we’ve got all the info you need to make the most of the current discounts and prepare for the upcoming price hikes. This is the ultimate guide for #GTA players who want to know what to buy and what to avoid in the ever-changing world of Grand Theft Auto Online.

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In this video, we dive deep into the world of Pegassi, exploring the powerful and versatile vehicles in their lineup, including the legendary Oppressor Mk2 and the Declasse Granger 3600LX. We also discuss the significant GTA price changes that have been announced, as well as the GTA price increases and GTA 5 price changes coming soon.

For those interested in the Deluxo GTA 5, Akula GTA 5, and Toreador GTA 5 customization options, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also examine the differences between the GTA 5 Online Scramjet and the Scramjet vs Vigilante. With our comprehensive guide, you’ll know exactly what GTA to buy and what to skip this week.

Our video features insights and opinions from prominent GTA Online content creators, such as The Professional, Ghillie Master, DatSaintsFam, DarkviperAU, Tylarious, TGG, and GTA Series Videos. With their expertise and experience, we aim to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information on the current GTA price online situation.

If you’re a dedicated GTA player, this video is a must-watch. Don’t miss out on the chance to maximize your in-game investments and stay ahead of the curve with the latest GTA 5 price drop news. So sit back, relax, and join us as we explore the thrilling world of #GTAOnline price changes and how you can make the most of them!

We also regularly dive into the realm of #GTAOnlineBestInvestments, helping you make the most of your in-game cash. With our expert analysis, you’ll find the top deals during the #GTAOnlineVehicleDiscounts, ensuring you never miss out on a fantastic bargain.

In this video, we’ll break down the latest #GTAOnlineWeeklyUpdate, highlighting crucial changes and additions that will impact your gameplay experience. Keep up-to-date with the most recent adjustments and stay ahead of the curve as you navigate the ever-changing world of Los Santos.

Eager to maximize your in-game earnings? Our comprehensive #GTAOnlineMoneyMakingGuide will provide you with a wealth of strategies, tips, and tricks to boost your bank account in no time. Learn from the pros as you explore the most lucrative opportunities available in the game.

Lastly, we’ll delve into the art of personalization with our in-depth #GTAOnlineVehicleCustomizationTips. Discover how to create the ultimate ride by combining top-performing modifications and eye-catching aesthetics. Stand out from the crowd as you cruise through the streets of Los Santos in style. This video is your go-to source for everything related to GTA Online price changes, investments, discounts, updates, money-making strategies, and vehicle customization. Don’t miss out on this wealth of knowledge – hit that subscribe button and join our community today!

what if I told you you could dominate the streets of Los Santos and save a
fortune on your dream Vehicles get ready for some jaw-dropping price
changes insane action and Unforgettable moments in the world of GTA online
hi and welcome back my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer well we’re a week out from
the pricing adjustments which hit Thursday the 27th of April 2023 so it’s time we take a look
at what’s being tweaked and whether or not it’s worth your time starting with the biggie the
Pegassi oppressor Mark II a hoverbike known for its remarkable Speed and Agility that dominates
the Skies of Los Santos and with the lock on homing missiles it’s a popular choice for causing
chaos getting around quickly and efficiently and grinding CEO and VIP missions the cost of this
one’s about to soar next week its price will increase by an astonishing 105.6 skyrocketing
from three million 890 250 to a staggering 8 million even and that’s just for the unit itself
if you want to add those all important homing missiles they’ll set you back another 180 Grand
you’ll also need a terabyte with a workshop which will set you back another 2 million one
hundred and seventy thousand but to buy that you need a nightclub which is another million
and eighty thousand and if you want to do anything useful with your nightclub you’ll
also need an MC clubhouse at 200 Grand so the paywall on this unit was already egregious at
seven million five hundred and twenty thousand two hundred and fifty dollars once you account
for the missiles terabyte nightclub and Clubhouse which if you wanted to you could squeak him with
a single shark card adding another four million one hundred and nine thousand seven hundred and
fifty dollars to that takes it to a whopping 11 630 even in total which is Bonkers and is also
more than a Megalodon shark card so if you wanted one you’d either need to grind a lot or purchase
even more Shark cards so my recommendation for the broomstick is grab it grab it if you can
even if you don’t have the money for a nightclub a terabyte or any upgrades just grab it buy it
and Chuck it in your MC Clubhouse you can always mod it later the Pegassi weaponized ignis is up
next and I’m going to apologize because I’m on PC and don’t have access to the weaponized one
you’re looking at a standard the weaponized ignis is an armed and armored sports car that
makes a statement on the streets of Los Santos primarily used for vehicle cargo and stirring
up chaos in free mode and taking our bikers in stupidly long missions the ignis is a powerful
blend of Form and Function next week the ignis’s price will jump 38 from 3.25 million to a hefty
4.5 million this one’s super handy honestly it’s one of the best vehicles on next-gen so if you can
buy it immediately even if you can’t mod it just yet just get on it and save yourself that one and
a quarter mil the deluxo a fan favorite classic sports car takes excitement to new heights with
its ability to fly and shoot missiles players rely on this versatile vehicle for grinding missions
VIP work and even the occasional bit of mischief taking this one’s up around 21 next week the cost
will climb from four million at 721.5 to a hefty five seven fifty I absolutely will be purchasing
one of these they’re a brilliant card so make sure you dive in before the rate hike the Buckingham a
cooler a self-attack helicopter loaded with potent Weaponry is a force to be reckoned with in the
skies of Los Santos this silent Predator excels in covert operations bouncy hunting and grinding
missions this is another one cranking up the price by north of 20 going from 3 million at 704
000 and fifty dollars to a formidable four and a half mil again this one’s super useful
so I highly recommend jumping in before the increase the debauchi champion is a luxury
high performance sports car it showcases its Sleek design as it dominates the streets of Los Santos
this eye-catching vehicle is perfect for racing cruising in style and turning heads in free mode
plus it’s some money Tech ready so that means armor remote control and missile jamming while
it’s not as much of a cash grab as the Mark II oppressor this one still feels pretty ingenuous
it’s not really used for griefing it’s not a massive threat in free mode it’s just a really
good looking car I suspect it’s because it’s so popular so this one’s a genuine money making
adjustment more than a rebalancing the Champion’s price is set to Surge by 25.2 percent next week
currently priced at 2995 now the champion will soon be a little more exclusive at 3.75 mil as
far as recommendations go look it’s a lovely machine and I got one of these when they came
out but I haven’t really used it since sure it comes out of the garage every now and then
but really it just sits there most of the time unless you’re desperately Keen for this vehicle
I’d leave it alone the declass Granger 3600 LX a robust off-road SUV offers plenty of space
and remarkable durability for tackling or Santos rugged terrain so ideal for off-road exploration
High setups and weathering the free mode of Mayhem and with Amani Tech at the ready the Granger 36 LX
is built to endure next week the Granger’s price will climb up by a steep 45 from 1 million three
hundred and eighty thousand to two million even this is a sturdy capable reliable unit I highly
recommend buying it before the uptick the Pegassi Toreador is an amphibious sports car boasting
powerful boosters and missiles this versatile vehicle excels in underwater exploration grinding
missions and out maneuvering adversaries around Los Santos we’ve got a relatively minor increase
still on this one at about 16.1 percent so next week the cost will rise from 3660 Grand to 425.
this is a great unit and I highly recommend it but the increase isn’t quite as bad as some of
the others so not as much urgency on this one for Speed Racer and nitrix warlord fans out there it’s
the sauce machine the declass scramjet a rocket powered car designed for Adrenaline Junkies with
the ability to jump and glide this Innovative vehicle is a go-to choice for stunt races grinding
missions and dealing with the most try-hardy of tryhards again a relatively minor increase on
this one at 14.9 percent that said the price will rise from an already eye-watering three million
480 Grand to a staggering 4 million even next week it’s a great unit and I highly recommend
it but the increase isn’t quite as bad as some of the others so not as much as you see on this
one swapping over to units that will receive a price reduction which is certainly a first off for
um Rockstar not even GTA but Rockstar in general so we’ll explore the depths of Los Santos with the
ocelot Stromberg an amphibious sports car armed with machine guns and torpedo launchers we can
dive into underwater Expeditions grind missions or engage in intense naval combat with this versatile
little vehicle the stromberg’s price is plunging by 21.5 so so in this aquatic Powerhouse will drop
from three million one hundred and eighty five thousand three hundred and fifty dollars to a
more accessible two million five hundred still not a massive fan of this one I think the torreador
more or less made the unit redundant but even at the cheapest price over to the old school Pegassi
oppressor sometimes referred to as the mark one a rocket-powered motorcycle that Glides through the
skies while firing deadly missiles it’s perfect for Speedy Transportation grinding missions or
causing Mayhem in free mode this agile vehicle is a force to be reckoned with the oppressor’s price
is set to plummet by 22 the cost will drop from three million five hundred and twenty four five
to a more budget-friendly 2.75 mil there’s still nowhere near as good as its updated counterpart
but at less than a quarter of the all-in price this might actually be worth investing in now
Master the skies and the Seas with the mammoth tooler versatile amphibious aircraft boasting veto
capabilities and an arsenal of weapons whether you’re providing aerial support during missions
delivering cargo or asserting air superiority in free mode the Tula is a formidable Choice stay
grounded for now as the tool as prices preparing for a 20 nose dive soon this adaptable aircraft
will descend from 5 million 1737 to a more approachable 4.1 mil that said even at that
price I don’t think this little beast is worth it I’m going to recommend avoiding this one even
at the lower rate okay let’s defy gravity with the mammoth Thruster a personal jet pack that
delivers unparalleled agility and a unique way to Traverse the Skies of Los Santos San Andreas fans
begged begged Rockstar to add this unit in and it was generally well received it’s ideal for
reaching tricky spots making a quick getaway or grinding missions the Thruster is about to
become even more accessible too we’re looking at a 31.65 percent price drop bringing the Thruster
down from three million six hundred and fifty Seven five two or more wallet friendly to fight
even still not much more than a bit of occasional fun though even at the new price it won’t be good
value for money but if you and your mates want to pretend to be a low budget Iron Man go for it I
guess the rm10 bombushka a colossal heavily armed cargo plane that commands the skies in Los Santos
bombushka excels in Air Cargo deliveries providing support to teammates and asserting air superiority
in free mode if the sky Behemoth has caught your eye consider waiting just a little longer a 19.75
price decrease is imminent bringing the cost down from five million nine hundred and eighteen five
to a slightly more reasonable four million 750 Grand as far as utility goes this isn’t really a
great machine I find the Avenger does more or less all the same things but better honestly even at
the cheaper price save your money Behold The Brute armored boxfill a powerful heavily armored utility
vehicle equipped with a menacing front mounted plow this forceful machine is perfect for VIP work
grinding missions and wreaking havoc in free mode if the armored box 4 has pitcher interest patience
is the key though a staggering 55.5 price droppers on the horizon reducing the cost from just shy of
3 million to a mere 1.3 mil and at that price yeah it’s absolutely worth it I mean it’s slow rattly
floaty and generally silly but it tanks a massive damage and looks great speaking of tanking damage
the hvy chernobog a formidable mobile ballistic missile launcher designed to deliver devastating
long-range attacks whether you’re aiming to take down aircraft support your teammates or
grind missions the chernobog is a force to be reckoned with but The Best Is Yet To Come a
massive 55 price decreases just around the corner so wait it out and soon you’ll be able to claim
his Powerhouse for 1.5 mil down from its original 3.3 mil price tag you 100 absolutely definitely
want to get this when the price drop hits It’s a cracking little BC and is great for dealing
with morons finally the Ruiner 2000 a legendary sports car packed with missiles machine guns and
even a parachute a popular choice for grinding missions VIP work and special vehicle races this
ride is about to become even more irresistible we’re looking at a 34.7 discount dropping the
price from 5 million at 745 6 to a more attractive 3.75 mil still a bit pricey for what it is but if
you’ve got the cash or a Knight Rider fan you could do worse don’t expect to make your money
back in VIP missions though they do not pay well and that’s it for this week’s GTA online price
recommendations thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video
thank you

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