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Asset Seizure

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We’re following Agent ULP, in the Los Santos Fuel Price Crisis. The Texan oil family, the Duggin’s, have resurrected Avery’s old AI and it’s, unsurprisingly, gone rouge. Our silent protagonist is recruited into the IAA, to infiltrate the FIB and get to the bottom of it all.

Rockstar’s Summer 2022 DLC has some cracking additions, including a neat set of contact missions. Dive in, with this tutorial on how to smash through it first time.

Know any neat mods we could use to do a bit more exploration in San Andreas? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

we’re going through how to complete the
fourth mission in the gta online summer
2022 dlc’s paper trail storyline asset
hi and welcome back my name’s dan and
i’m an old grumpy gamer rockstar have
released a new solo contact mission
series focused around the iaa as part of
the summer 2022 dlc criminal enterprises
join me then as we go through the fourth
mission in the new paper trail contact
mission series asset seizure in gta 5
online before we dive in if you’re new
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and ring the builders up today this
mission’s a bit combat heavy so i
recommend ensuring you have a heavy
automatic a micro smg or an ap pistol a
shotgun full armor a sniper rifle if
you’ve got one handy and a bit of
patience oh and full disclosure here it
took a few goes for me to work out the
strap for the second half of the mission
so this is using footage from a
combination of a few runs so after
completing the third mission extraction
you’ll get a phone call from agent urp
prompting you to start the second
mission after you’ve listened to the
briefing a new marker will pop up on
your gps head over to the u to get
started and once the mission started
you’ll be dropped straight into the
world and your p will be in your ear
with the briefing once that’s complete
hold tight for a minute a new search
area will appear on the map first then
we’ll have a bit more info from ulp and
finally five new red markers will appear
showing the location of some jamming
towers and now we can get rolling so
every tower has two approaches you can
go in hard and layout which is certainly
a method but it’s messy and can often
lead to the loss of your limited lives
if you’re good at combat though this can
be a lot of fun the other approach is
using a lookout or some kind of vantage
point to ko the jamming towers from a
distance which is a method i recommend
wherever possible also regardless of
your approach once you ping a tower
they’re on to you so heading up to tower
a we can see the location of the tower
is on a building next to a hill in
vinewood so let’s go around to a
property behind the hill and now we have
a clean line of sight we can use a
grenade rpg or just shoot the damn thing
either all once you’ve lit the tower up
grab some cover set a marker for tower b
and get moving now as you’re heading to
tower b you’ll be tailed by a chopper
honestly i wouldn’t even worry about it
at this point unless you’re using a
faggio just keep moving once you arrive
near the second marker have a look
around you should spot a high-rise car
park across the way head in and then up
to the fourth floor jump out take care
of the chopper if they’re nearby
remembering to target the pilot if you
can or the tail rotor if they’re not
available and next grab your sniper
rifle if you’ve bought one and scope
across the roof to the next building
with any luck you’ll be able to spot the
jammer from your location in addition to
be able to take out the limited
resistance that might be surrounding it
once you’ve spotted the jammer grab your
heavy automatic and take it out and
unless you’re sporting e-rounds on your
sniper don’t even bother with it it will
take too long just use the auto after
that set a marker to jammer c and get
rolling as you get in close head up the
highway overpass and jump out take care
of any choppers if they’re about then
any guards that you spot after that move
a little further up and you should be
able to get a pretty clean line on that
signal jammer hit it with the auto again
then jump in your car and set a marker
for the penultimate jammer for this one
we want to head to the roof of the block
of shops across the road you can use the
dumpster to get up take out any choppers
and then any guards that you spot break
out your sniper rifle and scope the
jammer and once you’ve spotted it hit it
with the order finally set a marker for
the last jammer now if i’m honest i had
trouble finding a vantage point with a
clear line to the jammer itself so in
this case we’re using a ladder to climb
the set of shops across the road but
only to thin out the enemy once you’ve
done that make sure you have full armor
and grab out that shoddy then head to
the blue corona at the base of the tower
head up the stairs and light up the
merks after you’ve cleared them find the
jammer and take it out now do not stand
too close as you head back down the
stairs a new marker will appear for the
van make your way over to that one
bearing in mind that it’s on the move so
you will need to account for that if
you’re using a map marker take out the
driver and comedy the van and now the
fun part the van is well
a van and if you’ve ever done a biker
business delivery in a post-op van you
know precisely what i mean this ain’t no
rumpo this thing is slow which makes it
really easy for the mercs to catch you
so after much trial and error and
several attempts the best strat i found
was to attempt to take out the mercs as
they approached and if they got behind
me to swerve around a bit if you’re able
to pit some of the traffic while they’re
behind you even better if a merc gets up
alongside you it is not good you won’t
be able to get a line on the driver and
if that happens you need to get out of
the van fast then grab an automatic and
take out the enemies don’t be tempted to
hit them with explosives or to light up
their vehicles it will take the van with
it now if you’re not quick enough to get
out when this happens you will be done
so be quick with it do not think you can
save it this part of the mission will
take a while so be patient now once you
get close to your end location the mercs
will ease off at which point we’re more
or less out of danger you can just drop
the van off with your contacts and we’re
good once you’ve been dropped back into
free mode you’ll receive another call
from agent urp giving you a bit more
information and prompting you to start
the next mission and that’s it thanks
for watching check out the video up the
top for the next mission or the one down
the bottom for some more old grumpy
gamer goodness stay safe wash your hands
and we’ll see you in the next video

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