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Will it Fit? Updated Avenger Vehicle Hold

The Avenger in the new GTA 5 online summer DLC has been adjusted to carry more vehicles. Rockstar claims you can enter the Avenger with any vehicle that will fit, making for new gameplay experiences.
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Exploring the Adjustments to the Avenger in the GTA 5 Online Summer 2022 DLC Criminal Enterprises

The highly anticipated summer DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online is finally here! Rockstar Games has listened to player feedback and introduced a range of new features and improvements to the game in the Criminal Enterprises update. One of the most exciting adjustments made to the game is with the Mammoth Avenger, the airborne operations center that has been buffed to enhance gameplay experience.

The Criminal Enterprises DLC

The Criminal Enterprises DLC is the latest add-on to the already expansive world of Grand Theft Auto Online. This update is based on community feedback and comes with a range of new features and improvements to enhance gameplay experience. The update includes the Mammoth Avenger to carry vehicles and help gamers embark on new missions and adventures.

The Mammoth Avenger

The Mammoth Avenger is an airborne operations center that has seen some significant adjustments with the release of the Criminal Enterprises update. The Avenger is now equipped to carry any vehicle that will fit inside it. This revolutionizes gameplay experience since previously, the Avenger was only that could carry a limited number of vehicles. The Mammoth Avenger is a fantastic tool to help players embark on more daring missions and adventures than ever before.

The Avenger’s New Capabilities

With the Mammoth Avenger’s updated capabilities, players can now carry a night shark, an insurgent pick-up (including the custom version), the Deluxo, a technical custom, Stromberg, oppressor, Ardent, APC, half-track, weaponized tamper, vigilante, and a June bug. Players will also be excited to learn that the Avenger can now carry a range of other vehicles, from standard motorcycles to tuners’ cars, imani-tech fitted vehicles to compacts.

The Avenger and Its Cars

One of the most significant changes with the Mammoth Avenger is that players can now fit any car that they can get to fit inside it. The Avenger can now carry a range of different vehicles, including the Stretch Patriot, the Sasquatch monster truck and even the festival bus. This change will revolutionize gameplay experience since players can now embark on new missions with a wider range of vehicles, leading to more exciting and engaging gameplay.


The Criminal Enterprises update has revolutionized the GTA Online gaming experience, and the adjustment to the Mammoth Avenger is just one of the many exciting changes made to the game. With the Avenger’s new capabilities, players can now carry a wider range of vehicles, leading to more exciting and engaging gameplay. The adjustments made to the Mammoth Avenger are sure to enhance the overall gameplay experience and make the Criminal Enterprises one of the most popular DLCs for Grand Theft Auto Online to date.

we’re taking a super quick look at the adjustments to the avenger in the new
gta 5 online summer 2022 dlc criminal enterprises
hi and welcome back my name’s dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer well the summer dlc has
arrived and i am here for it rockstar have added a bunch of new stuff to grand theft auto online
largely based on community feedback and it’s a really welcoming change join me then as we
take a super quick look to the adjustments to the avenger in gta 5 online before we dive in
if you’re new to the channel we do how-to guides news and giveaways so consider subscribing and
ringing the bell stab today before this release the avenger could carry a night shark an insurgent
pickuping including the custom version the deluxo a technical custom stromberg oppressor ardent apc
half track weaponized tamper vigilante and a june fav according to the rockstar newswire the mammoth
avenger a fantastic airborne operations center has had a bit of a buff rockstar now claimed that you
can enter the avenger with any vehicle that will fit so we’re going to see how far we can push it
let’s start with a known good unit the insurgent pickup custom it’s pretty big too all things
considered so that still works which is partly unexpected next up let’s try a standard motorcycle
a tuner’s car
an imani tech fitted vehicle
a compact
and something a little bigger uh command show
now let’s get a bit silly starting with the stretch patriot
the sasquatch monster truck
and finally the festival bus
well no surprises there but that’s still pretty good we’re not going to be air dropping festival
buses for desert roads anytime soon but everything we expected to fit fits and with some of the new
options here i can see some enterprising youtubers making great nfs or fast and furious style videos
so what are your thoughts is this a big difference and will this change your gameplay experience or
is it kind of moot we’re super keen to hear your opinions on this one so
please comment down below or hit us up on twitter and thanks for watching
check out the video up the top for another dlc quick guide or the one down the bottom for some
more old grumpy game of goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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