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Learn how to complete the final mission in the GTA Online Summer 2022 DLC's Paper Trail storyline cleanup. Follow the guide to take down enemies and shut down the system. Grab the trade prices on new vehicles after completing the mission series.
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How to Complete the Final Mission in the GTA Online Summer 2022 DLC’s Paper Trail Story Line Cleanup

If you are looking for ways to make money in the new 2022 summer DLC for GTA Online, check out the new solo contact mission series focused around the IAA, available as part of the criminal enterprises package. This guide will help you complete the sixth and final mission in the Paper Trail contact mission series, called Cleanup.

The Prep

Before attempting this mission, make sure you have the necessary equipment to handle heavy combat situations, such as a heavy automatic, grenades, sticky bombs, homing launcher, and full armor. It’s also recommended to have a good set of headphones or audio to pick up on critical audio prompts throughout the mission.

Starting the Mission

After completing the fifth mission, Operation Paper Trail, Agent Ulp will prompt you to start the final mission. Follow the GPS coordinates to the U location to start. Once you begin the mission, listen to the briefing in your ear, while simultaneously making your way to the construction site. You’ll be prompted to head to the silo on top of Mount Chiliad to avoid any resistance and proceed to the next step.

Powering up the Facility

Once inside the silo, grab a flashlight if you don’t already have one and proceed cautiously to find the fuses needed to power up the facility. Keep an eye on the mini-map, and when you get close to a fuse, a green dot will appear to locate it. Beware of automated defenses, juggernauts, and other enemies along the way. Use your stickies and grenades to take out the juggernauts before they activate, and make your way to the power room to turn the power back on.

Shutting Down the System

Once the power is back on, make your way to the server room, taking out any idle enemies along the way. Use the breathing audio prompts to find and eliminate them. Refill your inventory by accessing the interaction menu (M on the keyboard, double squares on Xbox, or swipe on PlayStation) to ensure you have enough ammo and throwables. Once you reach the green dot, follow the prompts to start shutting down the system. Be prepared for the enemies to appear and use your armor and cover for protection. Take out the enemies and continue shutting down the system until the final one is complete.

Escaping the Facility

After you’ve shut down the system, you’ll need to take out a helicopter with your homing launcher to escape. Head towards the busted ramp near the silo entrance and jump. Use your parachute to land and avoid any incoming enemies. Grab a car and make your way to the endpoint, taking out any enemies that appear along the way. Once you reach your final location and complete the mission, Agent Ulp will congratulate you on a job well done.


If you’re looking for a new way to earn money and experience the latest GTA DLC, try out the Paper Trail contact mission series. Follow our guide and be sure to use your stickies and grenades to take out the juggernauts before they activate, and use the breathing audio cues to locate your enemies. Complete the mission and claim your trade prices on new vehicles from the criminal enterprise package.

we’re going through how to complete the
final mission in the gta online summer
2022 dlc’s paper trail story line
hi and welcome back my name is dan and
i’m an old grumpy gamer rockstar have
released a new solo contact mission
series focused around the iaa as part of
the summer 2022 dlc criminal enterprises
join me then as we go through the sixth
and final mission in the paper trail
contact mission series cleanup in gta 5
online before we dive in if you’re new
to the channel we do how-to guides news
and giveaways so consider subscribing
and ringing the bell to start today this
mission is really protracted and can be
very combat heavy so i recommend
ensuring you have a heavy automatic
grenades sticky bombs homing launcher
full armor patience and a good set of
headphones or good audio we will really
need to listen to those audio cues this
time around so after completing the
fifth mission operation paper trail
you’ll get a phone call from agent urp
prompting you to start the final mission
after you’ve listened to the briefing a
new marker will pop up on your gps just
head over to the u to get started and
once the mission is started you’ll be
dropped straight into the world and your
p will be in your ear with a briefing
while this is happening you can start
making your way to the construction site
you will see a helicopter icon on the
map as a prompt once the iaa agent has
finished banging on jump in the chopper
and head to the silo on the top of mount
chiliad land the chopper and head on in
you won’t need any resistance at this
point so you can genuinely relax you’ll
be given a flashlight if you don’t
already have one we’re looking at a
first run through here so we’re using a
torch on a weapon for safety you’ll get
some audio prompts without restoring
power and you’ll see a new marker on the
map so make your way through at your
leisure once you reach the control room
go through to the power grid in the back
and follow the prompts to turn on the
power which of course won’t work next
you’ll be prompted to find some fuses
turn around and make your way down the
hallway keep a close eye on the mini-map
as you move through when you get close
to a fuse a green dot will appear and
this is more or less the only clue we
get for the location of the four
different fuses there’s no immediate
threats at the moment so you can relax
now while you’re making your way through
you’ll occasionally hear breathing which
is why we needed that good audio
this is the facility’s semi-automated
defenses the juggernauts are massive
tanky boys and they will absolutely
rinse your health when they’re active
the great thing is they’re not and we’re
going to use that against them if you
hear one of those fellas breathing
casually wander up to them and drop
three sticky bombs on them you heard
that’s right three bombs get clear and
then light them up they will not
activate it will not alert the others
and it will not fire up the automated
defenses so absolutely take all of them
down everyone we eliminate now we don’t
have to deal with later make your way
down the hall and grab the first fuse i
missed it here first time around but
came back a bit later as you come out to
the warehouse again take out any
juggernauts that you see and work your
way around the perimeter you should find
the remaining three fuses in here head
back up the hallway to the power room
head to the breaker box and follow the
prompts on screen to add the fuses back
in individually and with the lights back
on everything becomes just a bit easier
oh and don’t worry about the jogger
knots either they’re still inactive make
your way to the server room by following
the yellow marker being sure to take out
any idle enemies as you hear them and a
quick tip too as you’re making your way
through the security office you’ll hear
some juggernauts through the doors here
there’s a bit of a bug that means you
can throw stickies or proximity lines at
them and you’ll kill them through the
doors once you’re through the security
office you’ll pop out in the main atrium
now don’t listen to the agent we’re
still on a seek and destroy mission for
those idle enemies use the audio prompts
of them breathing to track down every
one you can and take them out and if you
run out of stickies you can use grenades
pipe bombs proximity mines it kind of
whatever you have to hand also you can
refill your inventory by going to the
interaction menu that’s m on your
keyboard double squares on your xbox
controller or swipe on your playstation
then down to inventory ammo and across
to throwables when you’re confident
you’ve got every idle enemy you can make
sure you have full armor and health then
head over to a green dot and follow the
prompts to start shutting down the
system after the first one is done our
friendly iaa agent will pipe up about
something going sideways and you know
color me surprised now if we’ve swept
the area properly we should be clear for
a moment so move to the second green dot
and this is where the fun begins after a
few moments you’ll see some enemies pop
up on the map run around so you can get
a line on the enemies don’t worry they
don’t move fast grab some cover and do
not get caught in the line of fire they
will absolutely rinse your armor and
health take out the juggernauts either
with grenades or a lot of headshots if
you have mark ii weapons with e rounds
or hollow points now is the time to use
them grenade launchers and rockets work
well if you’re a high enough rank two
once you’ve cleared the enemies move to
the other nodes and proceed with the
hack and shutdown once you clear the
last one a few more enemies will appear
it’s more or less the same game make
sure you have armor and health find good
cover and then peg them with head shots
or explosives when you’re making your
way around the atrium be sure not to
break cover at the wrong time either or
anyway make your way towards the yellow
dot but before you head through the
doors grab some cover and pop the doors
another enemy may have spawned in the
security office take them down then head
down the hall where we should encounter
one more cover plus headshots for this
one down the hall and there may be
another one in the control room so be
careful not to get jumped here and that
should be about the last of them head to
the dot and into the elevator where
we’ll get a quick loading screen the
moment you have control grab out a
homing launcher you’ll see a chopper
take it out along with any of its
friends this is armored so we can’t peg
the pilot or the tail rotor our only
option here is explosives as soon as you
get a break head for the busted old jump
ramp opposite the silo entrance and jump
now i’m not flash with free falling and
i have limited lives here so i’ve pulled
the shoot straight away if you’re braver
or good with free fall stunting have at
it make your way down the valley and try
to ditch yourself as close to the car as
you can you’ll meet even more resistance
here and the same rules apply try to out
drive them but if you can’t ping them
while they’re ahead of you once you get
close to your end location the mercs
will ease off at which point you’re more
or less out of danger you can drop the
car off with your contacts and we’re
good and once you’ve been dropped back
into free mode you’ll receive another
call from agent eop giving you a bit
more information and advising the
missions series is done and nice work
now you can grab the trade prices on all
of those new vehicles and that’s it
thanks for watching check out the
playlist up the top for the rest of the
dlc videos or the video down the bottom
for some more old grumpy game of
goodness stay safe wash your hands and
we’ll see you in the next video

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