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We’re following Agent ULP, in the Los Santos Fuel Price Crisis. The Texan oil family, the Duggin’s, have resurrected Avery’s old AI and it’s, unsurprisingly, gone rouge. Our silent protagonist is recruited into the IAA, to infiltrate the FIB and get to the bottom of it all.

Rockstar’s Summer 2022 DLC has some cracking additions, including a neat set of contact missions. Dive in, with this tutorial on how to smash through it first time.

Know any neat mods we could use to do a bit more exploration in San Andreas? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

we’re going through how to complete the
second mission in the gta online summer
2022 dlc’s paper trail story line
counter intelligence
hi and welcome back my name’s dan and
i’m an old grumpy gamer rockstar have
released a new solo contact mission
series focused around the iaa as part of
the summer 2022 dlc criminal enterprises
join me then as we go through the second
mission in the new paper trail contact
mission series counter intelligence in
gta 5 online before we dive in if you’re
new to the channel we do how-to guides
news and giveaways so consider
subscribing and ring the bell to stay up
to date while most of these missions are
a bit protracted and combat heavy this
one’s mainly about puzzle solving so i
just recommend you ensure having full
body armor so after completing the first
mission intelligence you’ll get a phone
call from agent ulp prompting you to
start the second mission after you’ve
listened to the briefing a new marker
will pop up on your gps so head over to
the u which is the one on the upper
level of the road at the base of the ia
stairs and walk into the yellow market
to start hit confirm settings now if
you’re doing this solo you’ll need to be
on the ball here and quickly set the
matchmaking to closed after that tap
down to play set your outfit and set
yourself as ready to play once the main
mission started you’ll be dropped
straight into the world and ulp will be
in your ear with a briefing once that’s
complete you’ll see some new markers pop
up on your map set a gps marker to any
of the drone locations and head on over
once you get close open your phone and
go to the securo serve at bottom right
then stay in range of the drones while
the hack is taking place after that
drive to the next marker and do it again
once all of the drones are done hold
tight for a second then another marker
will pop up head on over when you’re
ready now you can just pull straight up
here you won’t be ambushed it’s all good
once you’re in head over to the laptop
and fire it up again you’ll see a prompt
on the top left you’ll get a quick cut
scene then you’ll wake up in the back of
a van with a bomb to defuse again follow
the prompt top left to activate the
diffuser and keep an eye on the controls
bottom right for how to use the actual
hack tool what we want to do here is
spin these nodes and use the mirrors to
ping and destroy the blue doodads while
avoiding the red doodads very scientific
of course note the time up the top two
you have a fair bit of it so don’t panic
take a moment to look over the puzzle
and work out the best route once the
bomb has been diffused jump out of the
van and run around to the front jump in
set your view mode if you’re not a fan
of first person and then head off you’ll
see a new marker on your map again just
make your way over to that one don’t
worry about the cops just yet after a
bit more of a briefing you’ll be asked
to lose the cops and once that’s done
you’re more or less out of danger you
can just drop off the goods to your
contacts and that’s the end of the
mission once you’ve dropped back into
free mode you’ll receive another call
from agent urp giving you a bit more
information and prompting you to start
the next mission and that’s it thanks
for watching check out the video up the
top for the next mission or the one down
the bottom for some more old grumpy game
of goodness stay safe wash your hands
and we’ll see you in the next video

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