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we’re going through how to complete the first mission in the gta
online summer 2022 dlc’s paper trail storyline intelligence
hi and welcome back my name is dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer rockstar have released a new solo
contact mission series focused around the iaa as part of the summer 2022 dlc criminal enterprises
join me then as we go through the first mission in the new paper trail contact mission series
intelligence in gta 5 online before we dive in if you’re new to the channel we do how-to guides news
and giveaways so consider subscribing and ringing the bell to stay up to date these missions are a
bit protracted and tend to be combat heavy so i recommend ensuring you have a heavy automatic a
shotgun for llama and if you’ve got them grenades so within a few minutes of joining a public or
invite only lobby you’ll receive a phone call from agent ulp informing you of a conspiracy
around fuel price fixing after you’ve listened to the briefing a new marker will pop up on your gps
head over to the u which is on the upper level of the road at the base of the iaa
stairs and walk into the yellow market to start fill your weapons in purchase armor you’ll need
it hit confirm settings and now if you’re doing this solo you’ll need to be on the ball here and
quickly set the matchmaking to closed after that tap down to play set your outfit and set yourself
as ready to play once a mission has started you’ll get another quick cut scene and then you’ll be
dropped back into the world now you’re provided with a brand new greenwood one of the dlc’s new
cars but you can also use your personal vehicle i’m using my custom agreement here but you could
just as easily use an armored kuruma a night shark or an insurgent if you have one jump in and follow
the gps marker head over into the building and make your way up the stairs then into the bedroom
over to the computer keep an eye on the top left of your screen for the prompts to start hacking
next click my computer external device then solve the puzzle after that you can exit the apartment
and don’t worry you won’t meet any resistance when you drop back into the world you’ll have two new
markers head over to marker a first because that’ll be the hardest along the way agent
ulp will tell you to collect the maintenance outfit once that marker pops up head to the
construction site to grab it and you’ll find it on the floor of the main site office near
the entrance to the construction site so change clothes again keep an eye on the top left for
button prompts then head back to the iaa building set at marker a head through the lobby and up
the elevator you’ll pop out in the lobby of the iaa building and we’ll need to find two devices
now you can sneak around and will likely be able to get through this without alerting anyone if
you’re good i am not good so fight your way through the building you’ll find one of the items
in the boardroom in the main loop and the other next to some shelves in an office near the back or
at least i did on this run through fight your way back out and to your car and then get the heck out
of dodge once you clear set a map marker to the b site and make your way over and when you arrive
sweep the building for two fuse boxes in this case there was one on the side of the building under
the shelter and another in a cheeky spot over the front awning and i was able to get up using
a ladder on the side of the building once they’re disarmed head around to the main roller door and
head in you’ll have a flashlight ready to go and won’t meet any resistance here either we’re after
two more doodads this time round just methodically work your way around the warehouse until you find
them and once you’ve got the hardware head back out you’ll see yet another marker on the map
and don’t worry too much about the cops fib or iaa at the moment if they’re on you just start
driving once you get close if you’re still being told you’ll be asked to lose the cops after that
you won’t receive any more resistance you can just drop the goods off at your contacts and that’s the
end of the mission and once you’re dropped back into free mode you’ll receive another call from
agent ulp giving you a bit more information and prompting you to start the next mission and thanks
for watching check out the video up the top for the next mission or the one down the bottom for
some more old grumpy gamer goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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