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Operation Paper Trail

Join the "Paper Trail Contact Mission Series" in GTA Online's Summer 2022 DLC. In the fifth and combat-heavy mission, take out the guards and grab the briefcase.
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Completing the Paper Trail Mission in GTA Online’s Criminal Enterprises DLC

Rockstar Games has released a new solo contact mission series as part of the summer 2022 DLC Criminal Enterprises in GTA Online. One of these contact missions is Operation Paper Trail, which is focused around the IAA. This mission is protracted and combat-heavy, so it’s recommended to have a heavy automatic, a shotgun, sniper rifle, Molotovs, grenades, full armor, and a fast vehicle. In this guide, we will go through the fifth mission of the Paper Trail contact mission series in GTA 5 Online.

Starting the Mission

After completing the fourth mission Asset Seizure, players will receive a phone call from Agent ULP, prompting them to start the second mission. A new marker will pop up on the GPS, which will direct the player to the mile high construction site. Once the mission has started, the player will be in the world, and ULP will provide a briefing.

Using the Drones to Scout the Area

While ULP is briefing the player, they can start heading towards the construction site. Once they arrive, players will be prompted to use the drones to scout the area. The player cannot control the drones but can control the camera movements. Toggle through the three drones and use the cameras to locate the guards and primary targets.

Eliminating the Guards

There are a few strategies to deal with the guards, but the most effective is to eliminate everything that moves. The player should keep a close eye on the guards’ cones of vision, as well as the drones’ cones of vision. Try to get as far as possible without being detected. Start by taking out the guards next to the guard house and then move on to those near the truck. Be sure to keep an eye on the drones, then head back around and take care of the next group. Grab the key card for the elevator and take care of the guards again. If the player has been detected, use the drone to shoot the enemies. Once everything is clear, head up the right-hand side of the sight floor and take down any remaining stragglers.

Following the Dagger and Escaping the Armoured Chopper

After eliminating the guards, players should grab the key card for the elevator and head up. When they reach the top, they will find the primary targets. Shoot the guards, and if needed, use the Molotov cocktails to take out the enemies. Grab the briefcase and head down the ladder, watching out for enemies that will engage them as soon as they’re back in the car. Follow the marker on the GPS to the location to drop off the package.

Finishing the Mission and Receiving Rewards

Once the player has delivered the package, they will be dropped back into free mode and receive a call from Agent ULP. He will provide more information and prompt the player to start the last mission. Completing each mission in the Paper Trail will net the player a tidy sum of cash and double the reward for the final mission. Players can make a significant amount of money by completing ULP missions in GTA 5 Online.

we’re going through how to complete the
fifth mission in the gta online summer
2022 dlc’s paper trail storyline
operation paper trail
hi and welcome back my name’s dan and
i’m an old grumpy gamer rockstar have
released a new solo contact mission
series focused around the iaa as part of
the summer 2022 dlc criminal enterprises
join me then as we go through the fifth
mission in the new paper trail contact
mission series operation paper trail in
gta 5 online before we dive in if you’re
new to the channel we do how-to guides
news and giveaways so consider
subscribing and ringing the bell to stay
up to date this mission is protracted
and combat heavy so i recommend ensuring
you have a heavy automatic a shotgun
sniper rifle molotovs grenades full
armor an armor or a very very fast
vehicle and a whole lot of patience so
after completing the fourth mission
asset seizure you’ll get a phone call
from agent ulp prompting you to start
the second mission after you’ve listened
to the briefing a new marker will pop up
on your gps just head over to the u and
get started once the mission started
you’ll be dropped straight into the
world and ulp will be in your ear with a
briefing now while this is happening you
can start making your way to the mile
high construction site once the ia agent
has it finished banging on you’ll be
prompted to drive to the front of the
construction site after a few moments
you’ll be dropped into the camera for
the drones with your controls at the
bottom right of the screen you can’t
move the drones themselves here just the
camera do a full 360 with the camera
then move on to the next drone this will
help you clock the guards once you
toggle through the third and final drone
you’ll see the primary target and the
agent will get back interior after what
feels like an eternity you’ll exit the
drone view and be dropped back into the
world now there’s a few strats you can
use here but i typically run the policy
of kill everything that moves so that’s
what we’re doing so the trickier if
you’ve not done this type of mission
before is to keep a close eye on the
cones of visions for the guards and in
this mission on the drones too you want
to try and get as far as you can without
detection so we’ll start with the fella
next to the guard house then the ones
over on the truck and after that let’s
pop back around and take care of the
next lot being sure to keep an eye on
that drone once you’ve taken care of
them grab the key card for the elevator
and make your way up take care of the
guards again and if you’ve been
discovered hit the drone too a single
shot normally doesn’t up the elevator
again and we want to hold tight here for
a second while we’re behind this pillar
none of the guards will have much of a
line of sight on you so it gives us a
chance to take stock slowly and i mean
slowly edge your way around and take
care of as many guards as you can
without moving too much keep an eye out
for quiet guards hiding behind some
pillars oh and do not fall off the edge
you don’t have a parachute once you
think you’ve cleared everywhere head up
the right hand side of the sight floor
and take out any stragglers then make
your way up the ramps here but don’t go
all the way to the top just yet enemies
won’t engage until you move up so it
gives you an opportunity for a quick pot
shot or two the dagger will take off and
you’ll be prompted to follow it sounds
urgent but it really really isn’t wait
for a bit take out the remaining mercs
on the rooftop and then fill up your
ammo armor and health once you’re
organized grab one of the shoots get a
beat on the location of your car and
take a dive off do not open your
parachute too early though that’ll give
the mercs a light on you and you will
not be able to do much about it once you
hit the deck get in your car and get
moving now similar to before if you’ve
got the right car you should be able to
out drive the enemies but if any get in
front of you do your best to take them
out in advance don’t worry about the
choppers firing you at this point either
so as we approach mason duggar’s hideout
we’re going to do a bit of a sneaky
instead of heading straight up we’re
going to head to the roof on the
building across the street that’s the
brown stucco thing that’s for rent head
around to the side of the building where
you’ll find a ladder up then up the
stairs another ladder and that should
put you on the rooftop use your sniper
rifle to take out the drone along with
anyone you can spot then make your way
to the roof access thingo and climb up
it that’ll give you a better vantage and
you can thin out the enemy a little more
now i’m not sure what happened but at
some point while i was on this roof
mason got sorted by friendly fire taking
the window once you’re confident that
you can’t peg any more head back down
and around the side of the reddish
building that our target’s hiding on
you’ll meet some resistance here too so
be prepared head down the path and
around to the stairs watch out for
clowns hiding at the top of the outside
stairs then head up the stairwell before
you pop your head up to the top grab out
your molotovs poke your nose out and lob
a couple of molotov cocktails over the
vents and then take a breath after the
fire’s done its work make sure you have
full armor and health and are sporting a
hamby auto then make your way up the big
ladder once you get to the top stay put
for a moment you’ll likely see a fair
bit of movement i found taking the
clowns on the left first was helpful in
preventing being flanked pop any
remaining mercs and molotovs aren’t
super effective here but they still do
the job if you feel like it now once you
think you’ve cleared everyone do another
full sweep the npcs in this dlc are a
little bit clever and will hide silently
then jump you be sure you’ve gotten
everyone before you relax grab the
briefcase next then head back down the
ladder be careful here too remember you
don’t have a parachute equipped back
down the stairs then back to your car
again watching for enemies that will
engage you as soon as you’re back in the
car you’ll spot a new marker on your gps
and just start heading in that direction
same as before if you’ve got the right
car you should be able to outdraft the
enemies but if any get in front of you
do your absolute best to take them out
in advance and unless it becomes really
desperate don’t worry about the choppers
firing either once you get close to your
end location the mercs will ease off at
which point we’re more or less out of
danger you can just drop the package off
with your contacts and we’re good once
you’ve been dropped back into free mode
you’ll receive another call from agent
elp giving you a bit more information
and prompting you to start the last
mission and that’s it thanks for
watching check out the video up the top
for the next mission or the one down the
bottom for some more old grumpy gamer
goodness stay safe wash your hands and
we’ll see you in the next video

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