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25 May: GTA Online Discounts Today | Discount & Deals

Ready to hunt for the diamond in the rough of this week's #gta5online #gtav #gtaonline discounts? Brace yourself as we barrel through the tumbleweed-filled desert of GTA discounts, unearthing the worthy gems and chucking the pebbles in this wild rollercoaster of #GTA5OnlineDiscounts.
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25 May: GTA Online Discounts Today | Discount & Deals

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* Raid a Stash House on three different days this week to get GTA$100K

Hello to all the enthusiastic Grand Theft Auto gamers out there, today we’re diving headfirst into the latest #GTA5OnlineUpdates, with a detailed look at the GTA Online weekly discounts released on Thursday, 25 May 2023. A lot like The Professional and Ghillie Master, we are going to dissect the deals and promotions that #RockstarGames has to offer this week.

Our main focus in this video is the underwhelming show of #GTAOnlineDiscounts this week, making it a bit of a challenge for us gamers hunting for gta discounts. However, not to worry! Like DatSaintsFan, we are committed to finding the diamonds in the rough and figuring out what’s worth grabbing from the gta online deals on offer this week.

The primary gta online promotions we’re covering today are the discounts on the Stinger, Cyclone, and the Vigero ZX. Our aim is to help you decide whether these GTA deals this week are worth your hard-earned GTA dollars or if you should skip them and wait for next week’s gta 5 discounts.

Starting with the Stinger, this Sports Classic, usually pegged at a hefty $850,000, has a 30 percent off gta promo attached to it this week, bringing it down to a more palatable $595,000. Not exactly a super sport, but a delightful classic GT, mirroring the sentiments expressed by TGG and GTA Series Videos. This car might not accelerate as quickly as some would hope, but it compensates with its aesthetic appeal and top speed of around 112 mph. So, if you’re into classic rides, you might consider this gta 5 weekly discounts gem.

Next up, we have the Cyclone, an AWD electric Super Car, usually priced at $1,890,000, but this week it’s on the list of gta online discounts this week. With a 30% discount, the price falls to $1,323,000. A vehicle that’s fast and pulls hard, it’s a bit of a challenge to drive, as DarkviperAU and Tylarious have noted in their reviews. However, its incredible speed and thrilling drive make it a must-grab in our gta v discounts.

Lastly, we bring your attention to the Vigero ZX, a RWD 6-speed Muscle Car, normally priced at $1,947,000, but with this week’s 30% off, you can grab it for $1,362,900. Following the footsteps of LazerBeam’s gameplay, we noted this car’s top-notch handling and fantastic speed, clocking in at around 125 mph. This is an absolute winner in the gta v weekly discounts and definitely worth a purchase.

The beauty of these gta v discounts this week is not only the cheaper price tags but the chance to expand your collection and enhance your gaming experience. We love the #gta5online community, which is all about fun and competition. And if you’re looking for more gta 5 3x money opportunities or discounts shark cards, we’ve got you covered in our other videos, just like other great content creators in our community.

Before we wrap up, remember to check out the links for our money guide and other weekly GTA Online updates. We are here to ensure you stay informed about gta rewards this week and every week. So, if you’re new to the channel, don’t forget to subscribe for more content just like this, much like what you’ll find with other grand voices in our space, such as The Professional and Ghillie Master. We appreciate you joining our #gtacommunity, a gathering spot for all #gtacars enthusiasts

bit of a disappointing show for GTA Airlines weekly discounts with quite
honestly bugger all on offer so let’s take a look at what’s
actually worth grabbing from the updates released Thursday the 25th of May 2023
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer starting with the Stinger which is
normally 850 Grand but is on sale this week at 30 off bringing it down to roughly 595. the Stinger
is a two-seater rear-wheel drive five-speed Sports classic the tops out around 112 miles
an hour or about 179 case this seems pretty quick for what it is but sluggish acceleration lets it
down a bit the handling on the Stinger doesn’t help much either but that’s not too bad because
you get a bit of time before you get up to speed is it worth the effort though yeah I
mean it’s not really a super sport but it is a lovely Classic GT so it’s a yes for me moving on
to the Cyclone which is normally one million 890 Grand but is on sale this week at 30 off
bringing it down to a little over one three the Cyclones are two-seater all-wheel drive electric
Supercar that tops out around 116 miles per hour or about 186 K’s this thing is fast and it pulls
hard the handling on the Cyclone lets it down though making it a bit of a challenge to drive
on regular roads should you grab it though yeah actually without a doubt it is a good unit and
a fun drive so 100 grab it let’s take a look at the Vigoro ZX which is normally one million 947
Grand but is on sale this week at 30 off bringing it down to roughly 1 million 362 Grand 900 the
Vigoro ZX is a two-seater rear-wheel drive six bed muscle car that tops out around 125 miles
an hour or about 200ks this thing’s fast and it pulls hard the Vigoro ZX handles like it’s on
Rails making this an absolutely brilliant drive so should you grab it yeah definitely it’s a
good unit a lot of fun and it has a nice note to it and that’s it for this week’s discounts
check out the link top right for this week’s GTA online updates or the one down the bottom for a
bit of a money guide in the meantime if you’re new to the channel subscribe for more content
like this thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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