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Strap yourself in for the ride of your life! Get ready to experience exhilarating speed and cut throat deals in the world of GTA Online. This week's #gtaonline discounts are so good, even your virtual wallet will do a double-take. Come along as we dissect the most epic #gtavweeklydiscounts that'll make your jaw drop faster than a Comet S2 on a downhill sprint. Remember, in the world of GTA, he who laughs last, probably missed out on the discounts. Don't be that guy. Click play, NOW!
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Welcome, GTA aficionados. Today, we are spotlighting the hottest GTA Online discounts, or as we like to refer to them, gta discount, that Rockstar Games has graced us with this week. Let’s dive headfirst into this week’s GTA Online promotions.

Fantastic deals on Auto Shops, a pivotal part of the Tuner’s Update. These shops are up for grabs with a tantalizing 30% off, making them great gta online deal. Whether you are a veteran player or just stepping into the exhilarating world of GTA Online, these discounts should not be missed. Remember, these GTA promos can significantly augment your gameplay, grinding your way to stardom, like The Professional, Ghillie Master, and Tylarious.

The Auto Shops offer semi-passive income and introduce mini-heists, adding new depth to your GTA experience. The perfect opportunity to earn some extra coin in the realm of GTA Online discounts. #gtaonline #gtacommunity

Next, let’s turn our attention to the vehicles that are part of the GTA discounts this week. Highlighting the essence of the Tuners week, Rockstar is offering discounts on the Comet S2, RT3000, Dominator ASP, and Penumbra FF, each with its own charm that can give even LazerBeam a run for his money.

GTA deals this week feature the Comet S2, a 2-seater RWD 7 speed Sports Tuner, whose price is sliced by 30%, now standing at $1,314,600. This beauty roars at an impressive speed of around 123 mph or 196 km/h. Fans of DatSaintsFan and DarkviperAU will know how much a speed boost matters in a game of GTA 5 online. #gta5online #gtavonline

Shifting gears, we find the RT3000, another stunner in the GTA 5 weekly discounts. Also, on a 30% off, it stands at $1,200,500. Known for its lively handling, this sports tuner is perfect for those who enjoy drifting and exploring the exhilarating streets of GTA 5 online. The GTA V discounts this week truly bring value to your virtual dollars.

For those who enjoy blending old-school style and modern muscle, Dominator ASP is on sale, another stellar part of the GTA 5 discounts this week. The Dominator ASP’s lively back end, combined with a 30% off, echoes TGG’s mantra – Drive with style! #gta5online #gtafiveonline

And lastly, for the GTA 5 online discounts, we have the Penumbra FF, an all-wheel-drive, reasonable sportster, available at a whopping 30% discount, now at just $966,000. If you’re a fan of GTA Series Videos, you’ll love what this vehicle brings to your GTA experience.

We at Old Grumpy Gamer share the excitement of unveiling these GTA Online discounts this week with you, and we are eager to see how the community reacts to these generous GTA deals this week.

As you take advantage of these incredible GTA V weekly discounts, remember to enjoy the thrill of the game and the sense of community. Also, watch out for discount shark cards, GTA 5 promos, and GTA rewards this week. And in true GTA style, remember, always, to “Stay safe, wash your hands.”

We hope you found this information useful, and that it enhances your GTA experience. Subscribe for more such content, and join us in our next video where we continue our exploration of the thrilling world of GTA. #gta #gtaonline #discounts

it’s a massive one for GTA online discounts today Thursday the 18th of May 2023 let’s dive
on in [Music] hi and welcome back my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer well the GTA online
weekly updates out and Rockstar’s gone all in on tuners week with triple money and RP and they’re
pretty decent set of discounts so let’s take a look at what’s actually worth purchasing this
week in GTA 5 online starting with the auto shops at 30 off purchases and upgrades I’m a massive
fan of the tutors updates and the auto shops are a big part of them you can earn semi-passive income
and there are some neat mini heists which can be great earners once you get your head around them
this also unlocks a neat free mode option which is similar to simeon’s car thefts which can be a bit
of fun and net you some additional coin plus you get a discount on vehicle customizations
and at the time of recording there’s a glitch that means every customization is unlocked in
the auto shops vehicle Workshop meaning you can access things like gold and chrome paint jobs
even if you’re a low-level player 100 grab this while it’s cheap well worth the investment onto
vehicles and the comet S2 is up first normally one million 878 Grand but is on sale this week
at 30 off bringing it down to roughly one million three hundred and fourteen six the comet S2 is a
two-seater rear-wheel drive seven Speed Sports tuner that tops out around 123 miles an hour or
about 196ks this thing is fast and it pulls reasonably hard the handling on the comet S2
is pretty damn good making this a dream drive is it worth getting I mean yeah it’s a cracker of a
unit and should prove plenty fun flipping over to the rt3000 which is normally one million at
715 Grand but is on sale this week at 30 off bringing it down to just over one two the RT
3000 is a two-seater rear-wheel drive six-speed Sports tuner that tops out around 119 miles an
hour or around 190 case this thing’s pretty quick for what it is and it gets up to speed reasonably
well too the handling on the rt3000 is pretty good but but it is still quite Lively even so
is it worth getting I mean yeah I like it it’s a lot of fun and great for drifting moving on to the
Dominator ASP which is normally one million at 775 000 but is on sale this week at 30 off bringing it
down to one million 242.5 the Dominator ASP is a two-seater rear-wheel drive five-speed
muscle tuner that tops out around 119 miles an hour or about 190 case this thing’s pretty quick
for what it is and it pulls reasonably hard too the handling on the Dominator isn’t too bad but
it’s got a lively back end so you really need to drive this thing if you know what I mean should
you grab it definitely it’s a really nice blend of old school style and modern muscle and I like
it over to the penumbra FF which is normally one million three hundred and eighty thousand it is
on sale this week at 30 off bringing it down to roughly 9.66. the penumbra FF is a two-seater
all-wheel drive five-speed sports car that tops out around 112 miles an hour or about
180 case this thing’s pretty quick for what it is and it gets up to speed reasonably quickly
the handling on the penumbra is reasonable for an all-wheel drive although it’s no salt is it
worth a look absolutely it’s a solid sports car and the discount means more money in your
pocket if you can scrape together the cash dive on in and that’s it for this week’s discounts
check out the link top right for this week’s GTA online weekly update with some additional
information on new game modes and triple money bonuses or the one down the bottom for a bit of
a money got in the meantime if you’re new to the channel subscribe for more content
like this thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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