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Document Forgery Office in 2023: GTA Money Biker Business

In this comprehensive GTA Online Business Guide, we explore the ins and outs of the high-risk yet potentially rewarding Biker Business, specifically the document forgery office. From initial setup and operation to efficient resupply strategies and protection against raids, this guide provides detailed advice for navigating risks, maximizing profits, and effectively managing your GTA Online biker empire. #GTAOnline #BikerBusiness #BusinessGuide
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Welcome to this detailed #GTAOnline business guide, where we delve into the world of the Document Forgery office. Offering an in-depth analysis of the profitable, yet high-risk world of GTA Money making, we investigate the improvements this business has seen through the latest DLCs. Grumpy Gamer, Dan, offers a comprehensive GTA Walkthrough of this once laughable business and guides you through Grapeseed Facility, a GTA Economics hub that’s recently undergone upgrades and is now worth your attention.

Starting with the economic standpoint of the Forgery Office, we discuss the “Travel Document Office” business in GTA Online. Entry to this office is through the Grapeseed Facility. The tutorial provided by Grumpy Gamer provides detailed Business Tips about buying the business, the pricing, and the potential profits. Furthermore, we explore the process of buying the business located in your MC Clubhouse for an entry point price of $650,000. This business offers a great way to profit in GTA Online as it takes 2:30 to convert supplies into stock that can fetch you $126,000, providing a great step-by-step Business Setup guide.

In addition to the Forgery Office, our Biker Business tutorial showcases the significance of the Nightclub Warehouse for potential GTA Money makers. The Nightclub Warehouse goods are tied to other businesses in the game, thereby amplifying profits. Our Nightclub Guide serves to instruct viewers on how to efficiently manage and upgrade warehouses to achieve profitable results. The Grumpy Gamer, Dan, provides clear instructions on how to purchase the new business, activate it, and manage the economics to ensure the Best Businesses result from your efforts.

An essential part of any business in GTA Online is the supply management system. Our Supply Business guide delves into the importance of staying on top of resupplies. So whether you choose to Buy Business supplies or prefer a more adventurous approach through GTA Supply Runs to steal supplies, we have got you covered. We share valuable insights on how to make a GTA profit through selling business stock. Our Sell GTA Stock guide will elucidate on different strategies to maximize profits and minimize risks. Moreover, you also get detailed instructions about the process of selling stock, i.e., leaving the building, receiving a call from LJT (Lester), and more.

Our GTA Walkthrough doesn’t stop there. Upgrading your business is critical for success, and our GTA Upgrades guide helps you navigate this process. Grumpy Gamer also provides effective strategies to help you avoid Business Raids, with multiple tips shared to help you keep losses at a minimum #AvoidRaids. It is also advised to take breaks regularly and be mindful of your location to minimize the chances of raids. All of this is essential in ensuring your business stays profitable, and you continue to rake in GTA Money.

And finally, this sell stock guide concludes with the final stages of business operations; selling the business stock. We’ve got the best tips and strategies to sell your GTA stocks. Whether you’re running a Forgery Office, Travel Office, or any business in GTA, selling the stock right is crucial to earning profits. If this isn’t the Best Businesses guide for GTA Online, we’re not sure what is. This comprehensive guide brought to you by an Old Grumpy Gamer aims to bring you one step closer to becoming a GTA Online mogul. Remember, in the world of Document Forgery Office in 2023: GTA Money Biker Business

I think this might still be the worst business in GTA online but there have been some improvements
at least time to revisit the most high risk low reward way to make easy money in GTA online
my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer the document forgery office in GTA Online
is a laughable business that’s recently undergone Some solid improvements over the last few DLCs and
might actually be worth a look now anyway first up economics the grape scene facility is your
entry point here at 650 thou or one million 680 with the upgrades that’ll fetch you 126
000 on a single resupply and take about two hours and 30 minutes to convert if you want to fill the
office to capacity it will take one and a bit resupplies and bring you 151.2 per run again
assuming you have purchased your supplies that works out to a net profit of about twenty thousand
four hundred dollars per hour so you’re looking at a break even of a touch over 82 hours now while
we’re on profitability and before we move on to actually running your bike business there’s one
additional thing to consider your nightclub if you own a nightclub and you’ve upgraded the warehouse
in the basement you may have noticed a whole bunch of products your staff can Source there
the nightclub Warehouse goods are tied to other businesses in the game and in this case owning
the travel Document office unlocks the printing and copying option to purchase your business head
to your MC Clubhouse find the office which is normally tucked away in a corner somewhere look
for an icon of a laptop on your minimap sit down at the computer log in buy business and
you’ll be presented with a list of businesses and there’s a filter on the left if it’s a bit
cluttered select the one you’re after remembering the cheapest option is absolutely okay but if you
can get one to the north of the city that’s even better click the business you’ve decided on then
buy now and any other confirmations head out of the building set a marker and head over the
first time you walk into the business you’ll get a quick one-time silent briefing remember
the MC businesses were set up before Rockstar did elaborate storylines for their DLCs so pay
attention here it’s important I’ve after the briefing head to the laptop there’s an icon to
show you where that’s at controls the top left log in then click setup top left confirm and you’ll be
immediately booted from the facility and ljt will give you a bell after leicester’s finished banging
on there will be a new marker in the map for what is typically a pretty basic fetch Quest head over
find the supplies and collect them head back and another quick silent briefing so pay attention
and that’s it next up upgrades head back to the laptop log in upgrades pick the first one confirm
get booted from the PC while the business is being upgraded take a quick look around at the upgrades
if you’re Keen then rinse and repeat for the other two okay with that done you now have a full set of
suppliers and staff incoming time to walk away for a while and how long you walk away for depends on
the business travel documents will take around two and a half hours to convert more fat to 126 Grand
but what happens when you run out of supplies well a couple of things firstly if you’re not
on it pretty quickly l JT will give you a bell and let you know so you can relax there but ultimately
you’ll need to resupply the business and we have two options three if you include the stash houses
but two really the easy and most efficient way especially if you have multiple businesses is to
Simply purchase supplies this will cost seventy five thousand but will save you about 40 minutes
to an hour if you’re running multiple businesses or you own an agency or a kasaka the money you
make in that 40 minutes far outweighs the out of pocket expense to purchase these suppliers either
head to the business itself and log into the laptop or to the arcade and the master control
center if you own one once you’ve logged in Click resupply buy supplies and any confirmations now a
couple of quick notes Here If you resupply early that is before the supplies have run out the
supplies may be a bit cheaper so you don’t need to wait until the business is completely empty to
resupply option two for supplies is to steal them now there is a massive issue with doing this sure
it saves you a bit of coin but stealing supplies only Nets you 20 of what purchasing them does so
that means you need to do five individual Supply runs for a full resupply of your business each
run takes between 8 and 12 minutes so that’s 40 minutes to an hour of grinding unless you
are literally flat broke you are way better off purchasing supplies anyway if you’re super Keen
to persist down this road same as before head to the business itself and log into the laptop
or to the arcade and the master control center resupply steel supplies for boosters quick call
from Leicester I’m sorry I mean Long John D bag and a new marker will appear now there’s about a
dozen different resupply missions some will need you to literally steal supplies from Rivals others
will need you to liberate some stuff from lockups and some will require you to intercept a delivery
drop regardless they’re pretty straightforward just make sure you have four weapons armor and
ammo before going in so you’re not caught on the Hop and you can stop at ammunition on your way to
the drop if you’re a little under equipped also if you’re brave enough to do these in a public Lobby
other players will be incentivized to steal or destroy your supplies so I recommend doing
this in an invite-only Lobby instead unless you’re looking to get properly griefed one other option
that’s recently been added is the stash houses these are great because they’re a super quick
and easy way to resupply but they can be a bit hit and miss because you only get one opportunity per
real world day and the resupply itself is random but anyway if you head down this route head to
anywhere in the open open your map look for a little purple house set a marker and head over
down the stairs and take out the five guards and there are always five guards find the yellow post
it and note the safe combo over to the safe and unlock them then back up the stairs and get the
heck out of Dodge once you clear one of your business is we’ll get a full resupply that’s
the full 75 gram worth but you won’t know which one until it’s randomly selected at the end of
the mission you’ll also get 30 Grand in your back pocket which is a nice little bonus so if you’re
going to do this I’d suggest maybe doing it at the start of a long session so you can skip at
least one resupply and then get on to the rest of your business okay it’s been a minute you’ve
racked up some products and you’re ready to sell oh and while we’re on sell missions some YouTubers
will use the term sell your business regularly and that confused the crap out of me you don’t
actually sell your business what they mean is you sell your stock inside your business or your
Warehouse you still keep the building anyway head to the business and over to the laptop and you
always want to do this from the business rather than from the bus to control center starting these
from the arcade can cost you valuable time so from the business itself now before we get started on
the missions themselves when you walk in you’ll see a product bar and that is a good indicator
of how many vehicles you’re going to get if your product bar is less than one third full you’ll
get a single vehicle probably five stops but a single vehicle which makes a delivery quick easy
and solo friendly between one third and two-thirds full means two vehicles doable Solo in an invite
only lobby but you’re going to want a fast way to get back between drop-offs either a really
quick bike or a helicopter this one is much easier with a friend once you clock over two thirds full
it becomes a three vehicle Mission with likely 15 stops I’ve done this a couple of times solo
but it’s a massive pain in the backside and you may well run out of time before your deliveries
are finished so if you’re looking at more than a two-third full product bar you’re going to need
at least one mate to help you out two if possible so head back to the business premises and Wander
over to the PC log in and click sell stock you’ll then be presented with two cell options a quicker
cheaper Mission or a longer mission that will get you a better price and we always want to
go for that higher amount click the higher amount click the confirm button next and you’ll be booted
back into the public Lobby and after a moment you’ll get another call from ljt Lester will
brief you on one of a half a dozen different cell missions simply follow the instructions
to drop off the goods avoiding any Griefers and you’re good most of the missions are reasonable
but the post-op van is mind-numbingly slow and boring as soon as that last package is dropped
the money will be deposited in your account and you can continue putting around in free mode now
if you’re silly I mean brave brave enough to do this in a public Lobby which will net you a two
percent high demand sell bonus for every player in the lobby although I believe that’s now capped at
18 players or 36 percent as of the mercs DLC but anyway if you do this in a public Lobby players
will be incentivized to destroy your shipment if that happens the moment your shipment is destroyed
change lobbies or exit the game if you’re quick enough the game won’t register your product as
being destroyed when you either boot back up or land in the next Lobby most of your product will
still be intact I think you might lose one package this way but most of it will still be intact if
you get the post-op Mission you can also do this trick to try and get something a little less
tedious at the cost of a little bit of stock so probably worth it right one last thing to touch on
with the MC businesses is raids every four active hours or so there’s a chance the cops will raid
one of your businesses if they do the cops will destroy any product that you have in the business
destroy any supplies that you have and arrest all of your staff you’ll get an on-screen notification
when the raid starts if it’s left unchecked or unchallenged like say if you’re AFK this means
the business will lose everything and you’ll need to do another setup mission to get rolling again
if you catch it early that is while the cops are still at the business premises you can head over
and kill all of the Raiders and your business will remain completely intact this is absolutely the
ideal scenario Mario miss the notification or take your time with it and the cops will make off with
your staff and product in which case you’ll need to chase them down and liberate whatever they have
then return to the business with whatever you can now from what I’ve been able to ascertain
the raids themselves will only happen if you’ve been in the game for at least a few hours and you
already did as some kind of boss and you’re in the open world and you’re not participating in
an open world mission raids have never happened to me when I’m in an unrelated building like my
arcade or executive office and I’ve never had one while doing a prep mission for Kyle Dre or
anything like that raids will never happen if you’re in a contact Mission or race either so
I’ve found the way to minimize the impact is to take a break like literally shut the game down
and take a break every few hours which honestly is probably a good idea anyway limit boss time
so only say registered as an MC Club president for the absolute minimum time like when you’re
checking on progress of production supplies Etc retire the moment a cell Mission or Supply mission
is complete too be mindful of your location if you’re on a longer session only register as a club
president when you’re physically in one of your businesses and retire before leaving it if you can
and limit AFK only AFK for a few hours at a time if you want to AFK for a long time you may need to
shut down the game after a few hours then reboot it to reset the timer none of these are guaranteed
of course but I found them helpful in minimizing raids and therefore stock loss and wasted time
and that’s it thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video
thank you

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