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All Drip Feed Vehicles: GTA Mods show Chop Shop DLC Cars

A special sneak peek into the thrilling world of GTA Online's latest DLC, Chop Shop, awaits you! This video offers an exclusive early look at the most anticipated cars and SUVs, including a rare glimpse into the world of GTA Mods. Join us as we explore the high-speed excitement and sleek designs of these incredible vehicles, featuring a stunning drag car and the formidable police car.
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Discover the Gallivanter Baller ST-D, a powerhouse SUV with exceptional capabilities and Imani Tech compatibility. It’s not just a vehicle; it’s a statement on the streets of GTA Online. Not to be outdone, the Albany Cavalcade XL, an all-wheel drive marvel, offers surprising agility and eye-catching livery options. Whether cruising the city or hitting the off-road trails, these vehicles redefine luxury and performance.

For those who crave the thrill of speed, the Bravado Dorado is your perfect companion. This all-wheel drive, 4-speed SUV is more than just a beach-comber; it’s a blend of style and substance at an attractive price point. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. The Canis Terminus, an all-terrain beast, stands out with its rugged design and exceptional off-road capabilities, making it a must-have for any GTA Mods enthusiast.

The Vapid Benson Cluckin’ Bell, a unique drag car, offers a different kind of thrill. Although it’s a commercial vehicle, its unique design and Pegasus features make it a curious addition to any GTA garage. On the other hand, the Declasse Impaler SZ, a sleek sedan, brings style to the streets, although its performance might leave some wanting more.

And then, there’s the star of the show – the Police Bravado Gauntlet Interceptor. This cop car isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a powerhouse on wheels. With a staggering price tag, it’s the epitome of high-end GTA luxury. It’s not just a car; it’s a statement.

In this video, we not only show you these vehicles in action but also provide honest, in-depth reviews. Whether you’re a fan of GTA Mods, looking for your next drag car, or dreaming of owning the ultimate police car, we’ve got you covered. Join us on this exclusive journey through the Chop Shop DLC and discover the best of what GTA Online has to offer.

Remember to like, subscribe, and comment on your favorite vehicle from this DLC. Stay tuned for more exciting content and insider looks into GTA Online and its ever-expanding world.

Alex blade has updated script talk 5 and
that means the mods are back baby so
we’ve dug out the new drip feed vehicles
from The Chop Shop DLC in GTA
Online my name is Dan and I’m an old
grumpy gamer as I’m sure you’d know
Rockstar Games preloads almost all drip
feed content into its game when they
release a major update they just block
it behind weekly updated feature Flags
so we can’t get at them straight away
fortunately between the scrip hook 5 Mod
native trainer add-on car spawner and
menu Savvy PC players are able to dig
around and bypass the locks which is
precisely what we did meaning we’ve been
able to access the galavant balla STD
the Albany cavalcade XL canis Terminus
the vapid Benson cluck and Bell truck to
class Impaler SZ and the police bravado
Gauntlet Interceptor so starting with
the galavant bowler STD which is a
four-wheel drive s-speed SUV that can
fit four people including the driver
that will retail for 1 million
$715,000 and is able to be fitted with
IM manitech originally based on the
Range Rover l460 and it’s a solid homage
to the real one right into LS Customs to
take a look at the options and there are
quite a few to choose from here Arch
covers so few nice options there armor
and brakes so they’re the same as usual
uh body trim next and we have a handful
of selections there onto the front
bumper not a lot going on here but they
do suit the vehicle the rear bumper
options aren’t much better either the
engine is just EMS stuff so we’ll skip
over that exhaust are up next and yeah
there are a few solid options here some
good chunky ones and a few rubbish ones
but all in all not bad on to the hood
options not the biggest range ever but
again they suit the vehicle and don’t
look garish or out of place and the big
liveries and there are some absolute
hurlers here the usual racing stripes in
a few different varieties for wraps half
wraps and some really novel options
these are all really neat actually I’m
very impressed mirror is next which is a
bit unusual but a nice touch a few
options worth looking at and as always
the lower profile the better mud guards
again a bit of a rarity only on or off
though so that’s about it re spray next
and this is more or less the same as
usual nothing out of the ordinary here
but you can have a bit of fun between
this pearlescence and the liveries if
you want to on to the roof options and
we have plenty of alternatives to choose
from nothing to inspired though it’s all
a bit nah and really has no effect if
you get a full WAP anyway spoilers are
up next and again not terribly inspired
like not bad but not great we have the
usual low profiles a few unusual shapes
and the now regular appearance of the
Riser spoilers Sun strips always a nice
touch but not a lot you can really do
with them suspension now normally I’d
skip this for a review but I wanted to
note a really nice touch at the lower
Heights we’re starting to see camber in
there which is a really nice detail
transmission has all the usual options
turbo again nothing unusual and wheels
next some L speed 10s I think will do
the trick here and finally the window 10
right there we have it a fully kitted
bowler STD ready to go so how does IT
hand well to be honest it feels a little
sluggish and heavy doesn’t respond
terribly well and it doesn’t turn
brilliantly either so yeah as I expected
an overpriced oversized overcompensated
American SUV to handle like rubbish
given the liveries and the drop auctions
and Rockstar’s insistence on that stupid
sunroof I’m guessing this car isn’t
really a CaRu car if you know what I
mean nice for cruising and kicking
around with your mates but it’s all form
over function and that’s reflected with
the engine and exhaust sound too it’s
not super aggressive nice bural at idle
but once it gets going it loses all the
angry and that means it’s really not for
me and certainly not at more than 1.7
mil if however you are a bit of a
showman this is your right Switching
gears to the Albany cavalcade XL which
is an all-wheel drive 8-speed SUV that
can accommodate up to four people
including the driver and will set you
1,655 th000 it’s originally based on the
202 3 Cadillac Escalade 5 and is a
pretty reasonable look Alik right into
LS Customs to take a peek at the options
and there are quite a few to choose from
here Arch covers few options there armor
and brakes are the standard Affair onto
the front bumpers not a wide variety but
they mesh well with the vehicle and the
rear bumper options don’t offer much
variety either engine standard EMS stuff
so we’ll gloss over that exhaust are up
next and there are some robust options a
available a mix of sort of impressive
and lackluster ones but overall pretty
satisfactory front fenders a bit
unexpected and frankly not too thrilling
mostly unremarkable stuff now for the
grills nothing groundbreaking here but
also nothing disastrous overall a solid
job onto the hood options next they not
the widest selection but they complement
the vehicle well without being too
flashy and now for deliveries and wow
there are some standouts here classic
Racing Stripes between various styles
full and half wraps along with some
unique offerings these are all yeah
quite appealing I’m quite taken with
them mirrors next which is again a bit
unusual but a nice addition so few
options to consider there and again
sleeker the better respray time this is
the standard routine nothing
extraordinary but mixing this with the
pearlescent finishes and the liveries
can be a bit of fun moving on to the
roof accessories so there’s a decent
number of choices but nothing Earth
shattering they become pretty relevant
if you opt for the full rap anyway
spoilers are next and the selection is
yeah it’s fair nothing exceptional but
not terrible either includes a standard
low profiles some interesting shapes and
the very familiar Riser spoilers skirt a
small yet Pleasant detail so choices are
a bit limited however suspension and I
normally wouldn’t worry about this one
but the camber is fantastic at the lower
levels so that’s really meticulous quite
nice Transmissions just the usual stuff
same as the turbo Wheels coming up and
let’s splurge on some feroy RRS in Sha
of purple and finally the window 10
right there we have it a fully decked
cavalcade XL ready for action time for
the road test and straight away I can
see I’m really not the target audience
for this but the handling is reasonable
it turns pretty well which should’
expect with this kind of camber and it
sticks to the ground pretty well for
what it is not much of a fan of the the
note on this one seems a bit muted and
muddy but again it’s meant to be a
luxury SUV not a neck snapping Street
Machine honestly Livery aside which I
think is brilliant I’m not much of a fan
of this one I mean if it came up on the
casino Podium I’d grab it but I don’t
think I’d go for it as a prize ride or
spend money on it that said I’m not the
target market for this and if you are
please let me know in the comments and
let’s round out the big boys the canis
Terminus an all-wheel drive six-speed
off-road vehicle that can accommodate up
to four people including the driver this
rugged off-roader will hit the market at
77,500 damn and it can be fitted with a
mon Tech 2o so that’s kind of Handy this
is originally based on the fourth
generation Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JL the
Terminus is a pretty good representation
of the really iconic four-wheel drive
right so into LS Customs to explore the
options and there are some solid select
to choose from here Arch covers few
options to choose from but I think we’ll
keep that one stock armor and brakes are
standard onto the front bumper not a
huge range but they fit the vehicle
style rear bumper options are pretty
limited too oh door options interesting
and there’s a fair number to consider
this should be fun engine is just the
standard EMS stuff so we’ll skip that
exhaust are up next and there are some
decent options a mix of Hefty and less
impressive ones overall not bad taking a
look at the grills a few good options
here and very very jeepy not entirely
sure how rockstars devs have gotten away
with this but I’ll take the W let’s make
him an angry boy onto Hood options not
the most extensive range but they suit
the vehicle and don’t look out of place
and the Highlight deliveries some
absolute gems here the usual racing
stripes in various colors full wraps
half wraps and some pretty unusual
choices these are all actually really
good I’m really impressed R spray next
and the standard as usual nothing out of
the ordinary here but it’s fun to mix
and match onto the roof options a good
number of choices but nothing too
extraordinary the full glit is really
nice though makes it feel like a proper
off-roader skirts are up next and the
selection’s okay nothing amazing but
it’s not disappointing either includes
the standard stuff nice chunky options
suspension this is more or less standard
but I’ll leave it as stock because I
want the clearance uh transmission
standard and so is the turbo wheels up
next and it’s got to be the Chrome mud
with custom tires ooh window accessories
yeah nice now we know the snorkel are
useless they always are but let’s see
about this light bar it works on the
command show and the mspc so he’s hoping
Rockstar sorted it on this one too and
finally window 10 yeah no point there
right and there we have it a fully
equipped canis Terminus ready for the
Great Outdoors now a quick declaration
here I have a massive soft spot for
these because Mrs grumpy gamer used to
own one and yes it got used properly a
lot so with that in mind let’s use it
properly right first things first the
light bar Works nice okay we’re going
mounting and crawling with this monster
to see what it’s like and yeah it’s
really capable like really capable it’s
not quite as harsh as the dragga or the
trophy truck but it just eats the hills
up like they’re nothing super grippy and
surprisingly stable given the right
height suspension travel is epic and
animated really well it’s got a nice
note and a sharp bark on the release and
it’s super stable under braking downhill
is neat too not a lot of rolling and
it’s able to stop as soon as it gets
some grip I like this machine I am
definitely buying one this will make a
cracking addition to the off-roader
garage still a little pricey for my
taste though is not that much more of a
car than the commanda which is only 300K
but if you like bouldering and have some
spare cash this is definitely a winner
moving on to the vapid Benson the
clucking Bell variant this is a rear
wheeel drive 5-speed commercial vehicle
that can fit two people including the
driver that will retail for
$685,000 it’s originally based on the
international 4700 series and is a
pretty reasonable homage to this one
right into LS customs and let’s take a
look at the options and nope nope nope
nope Can’t customize this one well
there’s a missed opportunity oh and it’s
only available through Pegasus well damn
okay so you can collect the Benson via
Pegasus can’t be customized it can’t be
made a personal vehicle and only seats
two people right well it’s a box truck
with no performance upgrades and it
handles like it it’s a bit sluggish
heavy poor turning Circle all the usual
stuff it’s pretty good at playing
through traffic though like don’t get me
wrong it’s not a phantom custom not by
any stretch but yeah I mean it could be
worse few blind spots though so not
great for the cyclists and bikers I can
see a bit of a drinking game being made
out of clobbering people on pushies here
though it’s a bit of fun putting around
the map and you could role play as a
delivery driver if you wanted to it’s
definitely faster than the posttop van
but about as much fun to drive to be
honest I’m not sure why this is a
purchasable vehicle but it is what it is
I don’t think I’ll be grabbing it though
turning our attention now to the declass
Impaler SZ a rear wheeel drive
four-speed sedan that comfortably seats
four people including the driver this
stylish ride comes with a price tag of
$1,280 th000 drawing inspiration from
the 94 to 96 Chevrolet Impaler SS the
Impaler SZ stands as a pretty good arage
to its real life counterpart right into
LS Customs for a look at the
customization and we can find yeah quite
a few options to pursue Arch covers so
we’ve got a few options there body trim
next offering a selection of choices
front bumper options not extensive but
they fit the car’s aesthetic rear bumper
selections aren’t much more varied
either engine is standard EMS stuff so
we’ll move on exhaust are up next and a
mix of solid and underwhelming choices
but uh overall decent front diffuser bit
of a let down frankly nothing too
exciting there grills are next and while
it’s not groundbreaking they aren’t
disappointing either some respectable
work here headlights ooh okay these are
neat o I like the iridescent ones Hood
options are limited but look quite neat
and oh look at the big chunky boy right
nice and the liveries some real standout
designs here a mix of racing stripes and
full and half wraps some really
inventive options I’m quite impressed
rear diffuser next all of the standard
options and the wheelie bar that’s
promising respray follows the standard
routine nothing out of the ordinary but
you can have a bit of fun with the
pearls and the liveries on this one Sun
strips here a small but Pleasant detail
options are pretty Limited though
spoilers nothing spectacular here but
not bad includes the usual low profiles
some unusual shapes and of course Riser
suspension which I’d usually skip but
again neat touch with the emerging
camber especially when it’s slammed
transmission turbo and wheels are all
standard but let’s go with a set of
juper 7s in black and finally the window
10 and there we have it a fully equipped
to class Impala SZ ready to cruise the
streets now Rockstar wants us to make
this look like a drag car so let’s head
to the airport and see if it performs
like a drag
car that engine note is a bit weak I’d
expect a lot more bble and bar from it
smokes up a treat though and definitely
the right choice of rims but that
takeoff is really underwhelming and it
seems yeah off the pace like really off
the pace the backfire and the SPO down
is a bit m too I don’t know maybe I’m
missing something here it looks great
that Livery the spoiler and the drag
Hood really makes this look like it
should be a meaty piece of kit but I am
not feeling it let’s hit the public
roads handling wise it’s pretty good
though minimal body roll seems to handle
the road terrain okay not a lot of
weight to it but it’s holding its own
okay but jeez it really looks the
business the Pearl overlay really does
this thing well and with the spoiler and
the dupers yeah it comes together nicely
I might try a cruiser build of this a
bit later and see how that goes but for
now it kind of feels a bit meh the
Bodywork liveries and accessories are
writing checks the engine just can’t
cash I really expected this to be Ken
Block Bonkers oh well look if you’re
into Cruisers or you like machines that
just look stunning and let’s face it who
isn’t then yeah not a bad investment if
you’re after raw performance nope and
and finally this dlc’s big bad the
bravado police Gauntlet Interceptor an
emergency vehicle that boasts a powerful
presence this model A variant of the
standard Gauntlet Hellfire can be yours
for wait that can’t be right hang on
5,420 th000 what the actual so this can
be yours for just shy a $5.5 million a
bit less with the trade price drawing
inspiration from the
2018 Dodge Challenger demon fifth gen
Chevrolet Camaro and Sixth Gen Ford
Mustang the police Gauntlet Interceptor
is a reasonable homage to these real
life speed demons right into LS Customs
to take a gander at the customizations
and there’s a good number of options
available armor brakes are all standard
it’s body trim with a handful of
selections front bumpers and Splitters
just Splitters on a cup car yeah all
right sure why not rear bumper options
are also limited but adequate engine is
the typical EMS stuff so we’ll skip that
the exhaust offers Some solid choices a
mix of bulky and unimpressive but
overall not too shabby grills now this
is where we see some cool stuff deletes
grills there’s some really aggressive
options here nice headlight covers next
and again some really aggressive choices
half and halves dual inlets yeah a few
really nice options super mean looking
chw headlight intakes it is Hood options
and you can tell this thing is built to
intimidate really heavy chunky looking
variants and even protruding
superchargers we’ve seen a few brutal
looking options in this DLC and I hope
this one can deliver delies and we have
pretty much every Department’s option
available here including some of the
Public Relations Division like the drag
team feels like it’s going to be a
highway patrol build though police
equipment and we have yeah a few options
here so let’s take a look at the array
and we have seven options all completely
devoid of descriptions and honestly a
little hard to see with that Pure White
roof I’m liking the last one though it’s
a bit of an everything bagel search
lights next and just a few options but
you can’t really ask for them anym I
sincerely hope these work emergency
lighting next again Rockstar with the W
on the description a few options here a
neat Retro One Plus a few modern ones
not bad not great but not bad and
finally push bars and some yeah really
good options here precisely what you’d
expect from a well equipped law
enforcement vehicle panel that’s a bit
unusual need options though bit of a
treat respray and the standard as usual
nothing out of the ordinary but
peristent and liveries can add some
flare it does give us a chance to dial
back the white though so that’s a relief
roof options present a few choices but
nothing groundbreaking spoilers and the
selection’s fair nothing spectacular but
nothing terrible standard low profiles
some unusual stuff and the usual drag
stuff suspension so that’s more or less
standard transmission turbo and wheels
are all standard but I think I’ll switch
to Classic Rod rims with the custom
design and finally window 10 and there
we have it a fully kitted bravado police
Gauntlet Interceptor ready for action
okay let’s drop ourselves where it’s
most likely to get used near Travis
place and look at it damn that looks
mean o and the lights work too which is
great because I yanked the headlights in
favor of inlets so driving at night was
going to be yeah interesting okay let’s
give it a quick run up the main road and
oh my days this thing is quick I know
you can’t see it on the screen but the
thing is going so quick the Rockstar
editor recordi dad has popped up to say
I can’t change camera angles and that
normally only happens in Jets the engine
note on this is glorious and the bark on
the spool down a few cars have looked
the business in this DLC but I think
this is the first one that’s actually
delivered on its promises as far as
looks versus performance goes onto the
highway and uh yeah good turning Circle
other drivers are respecting the light
lights it’s sticking to the ground
nicely despite rubbish roads breaking is
sharp without being nuts handles
sneaking off the road a bit without too
many dramas too yeah this is nice like
really nice but that price though just
5.5 million even with the trade price at
four that’s outlandish I’d have real
trouble justifying this even with all
the grinding money but yeah what a
machine and that’s it thanks for
watching don’t forget to let us know
which ones you’ll be grabbing in the
comments stay safe wash your hands and
we’ll see you in the next

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