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Facility: Is the GTA Online Facility still worth it in 2024?

In this in-depth #GTAOnline guide, we delve into the value of the Facility and its features, from purchase options and return on investment, to setting up and utilizing intricate aspects like the Orbital Cannon, Strike Force, and the lucrative Doomsday Heist. We examine why owning a Facility is a profitable strategy, unlocking high-earning heists, additional garage space, and the powerful Avenger, alongside being a hub for engaging gameplay strategies #Heist #Facility. Facility: Is the GTA Online Facility still worth it in 2024?
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This #GamingGuide style walkthrough video offers a step-by-step strategy and approach to maximize the role of the “Facility” in GTA Online. Throughout this detailed #Tutorial, we delve deep into the belly of the beast, examining every feature it has to offer and the benefits it yields to players in GTA Online. Having a Facility in this game can add a diverse range of dimensions to gameplay, and we unlock the secrets behind its operations and bringing out its best capacities and upgrade options, such as the Doomsday Heist and Avenger unlocking mechanics, to our advantage.

Earning substantial amounts through the heist, exploiting the additional Garage Space, unlocking the Avenger till having your very own Orbital Cannon are some of the main reasons you’ll want to buy a Facility in this exhilarating game known as GTA Online. Furthermore, if you’re keen on having the Konjali Tank and the Jet Pack in your arsenal, having a Facility is non-negotiable. We provide a comprehensive comparison between choices such as blinged out aesthetics or nitty-gritty utilitarian setups and the effects these choices have on your gaming experience and ROI

In our step-by-step walkthrough, we dissect the Doomsday Heist setup including unlocking the Doomsday Heist and the description of preps necessary to stimulate and optimize the player experience. This guide will offer you first-hand insights in the selection process from the Maze Bank Foreclosures website on your phone. Comparison between nine Facilities including the Ron Alternates and Land Act, weighing factors like the location and its proximity to highways, crucial for a smoother grind, against your budget, are discussed in detail.

When it comes to upgrades, from many options including the security room for your Bunker to orbital canon to even aesthetic enhancements to bring a touch of personal style to your Facility, this video covers them exhaustively. We delve into how aesthetic upgrades can dramatically improve your gaming experience beyond the mere practicalities. Also, to improve your overall strike force, there’s a detailed walkthrough about the Strike Force. For starters, information on vital aspects like player targeting methods, surveillance strategies, using the Fleeca Bank and getting around god-mode griefers to amplify your earn-back capability, are thoroughly discussed.

Getting started with the setup for the Doomsday Heist, we ascertain that choosing the most suitable Motorcycle Club, CEO, or VIP plays a substantial role in your success. Bringing fellow teammates together to legendary grand heists facilitates better communication, productivity, and massive earnings. Comparisons are drawn between the ROI of the Doomsday Heist and the Dre Contract, with a focus on how these strategies can be pivotal for earning those multi-million-dollar payouts. We go into specifics about unlocking the Avenger, which can be done using either the Hangar or Facility, and underline the importance of vehicle mods.

Detailed walkthrough about each feature of the Facility, including the Orbital Cannon and how Automatic mode ensures maximum player kill; the layout of the property; having personal quarters within the Facility; and unlocking and using the security office for effective surveillance are given ample space in this guide.

right EO time to revisit the facility in
GTA Online do some math and see if it’s
still worth
it my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy
gamer we’ve got a lot of ground to cover
here this was a reasonably decent sized
addition to GTA online and there’s a lot
to take in so we’ll break this down into
chapters with time stamps in the
description below we’ll be going through
why want a facility budget and purchase
options earnings and return on
investment or Roi setting up the
facility the orbital Cannon the strike
force and the Doomsday Heist primer so
first things first why on Earth would
you want to buy a facility Well there’s
four main reasons access to the Doomsday
Heist do you need a facility to unlock
this set of heist which will earn your
team around 3.5 million per round on the
harder difficulty you can unlock the
Avenger so this Airborne Moc is a
fantastic Flex it lets you rain down
merry hell and allows you to transport
and modify most vehicles and with a few
additions also unlocks project overthrow
it’s worth noting you can also unlock
the Avenger with a hanger to additional
garage space so more car Parks never
goes astray this facility allows you to
store up to seven additional Vehicles
plus a bunch of specialist equipment
including the kajali tank and the
Thruster jetpack access to the strike
force for a small fee you can send a
team of uh Elite Mercenaries after any
player in free roam great for dealing
with Griefers or being a bit of a troll
and continuing with the trolling access
the orbital Cannon possibly the most
ridiculous weapon ever conceived in
GTA’s Universe allowing you to murk any
other player on the map for the low low
cost of
$750,000 per targeted round on the money
side of things the facility business is
similar to high-end apartments the only
way to make real money is the heist and
you can’t do them Sol but if you if you
have three mates you kick around with
regularly there’s reasonable cash to be
made don’t get me wrong it’s not Kyo
money but it sure beats Fleer so with
that in mind playing with three
experienced friends after a few rounds
of the heist so you get your head around
the preps the potential earnings are
around2 200 to
$250,000 per hour per crew member more
on special event weeks of course that
also really depends on your experience
so don’t quote me okay so let’s talk
budget to be able to to start the
Doomsday Heist using the facility you
need to be a VIP motorcycle club
president or a CEO since VIPs no longer
have the restrictions they used to you
no longer need to purchase an MC or an
office so that’s a win so let’s take a
look at the maze bank foreclosure
website on your phone and we have nine
facilities to choose from PLO Bay Blaine
County for
1,250,000 Mount Gordo Blaine County for
1,4 65,000 lgo Zancudo near the Air
Force Base at
1,670 th000 run alternates facility at
the wind farm for
1,855 th000 Zancudo River for 2,100 even
Route 68 in the grand Sonora Desert for
23125 it’s a weird one the grand Sonora
Desert facility in bla County for
2,525 Grand Sandy Shores for
2,740 th000 and the Land Act Reservoir
east of Los Santos for just a shy of 3
mil each of them has the same capacity
and Facilities parking for seven
Vehicles storage for five specialist
Vehicles including the Avenger and the
Kali a media and seminar room for the
high startup and more land than an
American strip mall so there’s no
difference there making the only real
difference travel distance and budget if
you’re planning on grinding The Heist a
lot then I’d recommend grabbing The Land
Act facility which is close to most of
the pr or the Run alternates facility
which has great Highway access I ended
up going with the Run alternates because
of the access to the main Highway Loop
and it was right across the way from my
bunker next we have some upgrades
starting as always with the daycor you
can change the floor and the trim
there’s a free version but you can spend
up to
$450,000 if you want to get really fancy
with the green and white color scheme
while you’re there you can also tweak
the Wall Graphics there’s a few
different options available again you
can leave it as it comes at no
additional cost or you can spend up to
175 Grand on the more modern look for
functional upgrades you can grab the
infamous orbital cannon at 900 Grand
which will allow you to Target and
Destroy any other player on the map note
that 900 is just for the cannon a single
shot can set you back up to 750 Grand as
well so it’s not for the fainthearted
the security room is next at
$775,000 this gives you access to
security feeds a Gun Locker and a Strike
Team who can Target other players and
skipping over to the lounge again
there’s a free version but you can
upgrade for between 1885 and
$245,000 and finally you can also add a
personal quarters for $150,000 so you
can spawn in at the facility this is
Handy if you have most of your other
properties at the other end of the map
as it can be a massive Time Saver right
so that’s it for actual expenses that’s
really a minimum spend of
1,2 $50,000 for the cheapest facility
but if you can budget 58 you’ll get much
closer to the city and will also get the
orbital Cannon a Strike Team sleeping
quarters and a nicer aesthetic but at
least the daily fees aren’t too bad
though it’s only 500 per day for the
very Basics or up to 1,050 if you get
all the kit and with that in mind you’re
likely to make your money back in your
second round of heists which will net
you and your teammates around 1.05
million each including first time
bonuses that’s a about
4,225 th000 in total and will take 10 to
12 hours depending on your skill level
after that each round of heist will net
you roughly 3 1/2 mil in total or around
875 each depending on the split but it
will be much quicker as you’ll have your
head around the preps and you can start
skipping cutcenes so that’s about on par
with a Dr Dre contract or Kyo if you’re
glitching gold but with the additional
garage space access to the orbital
Cannon and the opportunity to own your
own Aventure it’s still worth the cash
in my humble opinion okay so to get
rolling with this one head somewhere
safe and purchase your facility go to
your phone money and services and Maze
bank foreclosure once you’ve made your
purchase you’ll get a quick call from
Lester and after that head over to the
new facility and head on in you’ll get a
reasonably quick onetime silent briefing
about the facility no massive cut scene
or story yet just a simple overview of
the facilities um facilities so pay
attention once you’re through the intro
feel free to have a Wonder around this
piece of real estate is vast but
surprisingly there’s not much in here
apart from the hanger you’ve got a
mechanics workshop at the back where you
can mod an Avenger Thruster or your
weaponized vehicles and through the main
door on the Northwestern side you can
access the lounge sleeping quarters and
the heist preps also you can find a
minigun in the security office which you
can access and stock with ammo even if
you’re not a level 120 so let’s take a
quick look at the orbital Cannon first
from the main Corridor off the hanger
head up close to the end and take a lift
through these slidy doors Wander over
and when you get the prompt you can see
top left press the activate button and
you go into targeting mode we have three
options here surveillance gives you a
top down view of the map in real time
this allows you to monitor anyone or
anything on the map you can’t do any
damage here but if you work with a crew
over Discord this is a great way to
coordinate free mode events as it lets
you work as OverWatch for a larger crew
manual mode which is a single shot for
$500,000 this allows you to manually
Target a specific place this could be a
player or you can Center the camera in a
group of players for a shot at killing a
bunch of people in one go once you pull
the trigger on this one the money is
immediately deducted from your account
regardless of the outcome of the shop a
complete Miss will still cost you half a
mil so be sure and finally automatic
mode which is a more expensive shot at
750 Grand but is a guarant guaranteed
kill all your money back if you’re after
a particular player this guarantees
you’ll hit and Destroy them if they’re
in the open at the time of recording if
the cannon misses its Mark and fails to
kill any player you’ll get a full refund
this can be great for trolling god mode
Griefers as you can keep orbing them and
keep getting a refund just make sure
there’s no collateral damage or you’ll
do your cash next up if you’ve gone for
the option is the security office and
Strike Force again from the main hallway
head left through these doors and go to
to the PC once that’s active you’ll be
able to set up a Strike Team and strike
pick the level of skill you think will
be required to do the job Honestly
though for 5 grand for the top tier why
would you do anything else especially
considering there’s a 5- minute coold
down next select the name of the player
to Target and finally confirm and after
that you have the option to observe the
action which is kind of like a limited
version of spectator mode when the
target dies the screen cuts to Black and
drops you back to the facility Security
office and after 5 minutes you can go
back and do it again okay one more major
thing to cover and that’s the heist the
only way to actually make money with
this property I won’t go through the
setups or the actual job in this video
but there are links to comprehensive
guides in the description below head to
the main hallway again and run all the
way to the end and make a right where
you’ll find the main briefing room a
neat Auditorium with some colossal
screen once you step through the doors
you’ll notice Avon Herz sitting with
Lester and they’ll both walk you through
what’s going on this like most other
Heist intros is a bit of fun and
contains some valuable information so
make sure you have a good 10 minutes and
turn the sound up once that’s done
character control will be restored and
you’ll be left in the planning room
register as a VIP motorcycle club
president or a CEO then keep an eye on
the top left for the button prompts to
fire up the First Act the early prep
missions can be done solo if you like
but that second one with the dollo will
really try your patience if you don’t
have at least one friend helping you out
but I won’t spoil it for you just know
this is a lot of fun and will keep you
busy the entire weekend and that’s it
thanks for watching stay safe wash your
hands and we’ll see you in the next

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