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Chase Parachute

Learn how to safely land after jumping from a plane without a parachute in the Chase Parachute lesson of San Andreas Flight School in Grand Theft Auto Online. Grab tips from the video and hit that gold medal!
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Grand Theft Auto Flight School: Chase Parachute Lesson

Welcome back to Grand Theft Auto flight school, where we’re tackling the infamous chase parachute lesson in GTA 5. If you’re new to the game or struggling with this particular lesson, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive right in.

The Briefing

The chase parachute lesson involves jumping out of a cargo plane without a parachute, and picking one up on the way down. After that, you must maneuver yourself through the air to land safely in a small target area, all while avoiding obstacles like school buses and Barbie trucks.

The game does give you a chute, but for the purposes of this lesson, we won’t be using it. Instead, we’ll rely on our skills and some controller focus to guide us to the target.

The Jump

We start inside the cargo plane, and it’s go time. Use the focus ability if you have an Xbox controller on PC, to keep an eye on where the shoot is. Take a dive to level yourself out, and gently maneuver towards the chute. It’s okay if you miss it a bit and have to circle back. Once you do grab it, ride a bit further down before pulling the chute.

Try to scrub some height off without slowing down too much. You’ll want that extra speed to help you maneuver through the air. As you approach the target area, adjust your angle to approach from the right-hand side. This will help you avoid the school buses and Barbie trucks that might get in your way. It’s a tight spot, but with practice, you’ll get it!

The Landing

As you come down, dip a bit towards the residential area to scrub some height and slow down. Pull your legs up using the left and right triggers simultaneously to slow yourself down even more. The trick to landing is to aim for the outside circle rather than the middle. This will give you a bit of leeway before you stop running entirely. If you hit the outside circle, you’ll earn a gold medal and bragging rights among your GTA crew.


You did it! You conquered the chase parachute lesson in GTA Flight School. Please share your score and any tips in the comments below, especially if you’re a newbie trying to navigate this tricky lesson. If you enjoyed this video, please smash that like button and subscribe to our channel for more Grand Theft Auto content, including flight school lessons and more.

hi my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer welcome back to the channel this is the third
video in our san andreas flight school series and we’re jumping into the chase parachute
lesson that’s the one where we jump out of a perfectly good plane without a parachute
have to grab one on the way down and then land safely let’s start with the briefing okay so we
start in the side of the I assume is a cargo plane jump out and while the game gives us a
shoot we’re really not going to use it so I’ve used the focus ability here which is be on your
controller is using an Xbox controller on PC just to keep an eye on where the shoot is take a dive
in to try and level myself out and then very very gently maneuver myself to a net in this
case is straight on past it back on the focus and just gently try and take my time getting
that it doesn’t matter if we get a little bit too long it’s not too bad so once we have it
I ride a little bit further down and then pull the chute and a try and that scrub some height
off without scrubbing too much speed you can see there in the field in the distance is a target
area and it is quite a small spot it is a little bit tighter so we’re going to adjust the angle
few months just to get onto the right spot so we’ve got a better approach because you can’t
see it right now but there’s a couple of school buses and Barbie trucks with something in the way
which means that you have to come in from the right-hand side there rather than straight on
just a little bit too convenient for GTA’s line so there we go we’re just adjusting the trajectory a
little bit and you can see there I’m just trying to scrub some speed and get some adjustment going
as we’re coming down I dip a little bit in it to the residential area there so that I can scrub
some height and then scrub a little more speed now you just saw there I pulled my legs up so
that was using the left and right triggers at the same time let’s consider font on the screen
there and that helps slow your write down now the trick when you’re landing is to land before
the middle of the target you can see there it judges you on when stop running so you want
to try and hit that outside circle rather than try and land bank mark and there’s a gold medal
so what’s your bet score how close did you get to the target when you were doing the
chase parachute challenge for the san andreas flight school on grand theft auto online and
do you have any hot tips or new people who might be watching this video please leave your comments
below thanks for watching it’s been an absolute pleasure having you if you like what you’ve seen
click that like button below it’ll really help us out and if you’re new to the channel don’t
forget to hit that notification and that subscribe button thank you we’ll see you in the next video

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