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Outside Loop

The Outside Loop is the first in the series of test for Grand Theft Auto Online's flight school, the San Andreas Flight School.
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Sometimes getting that gold medal can be a little elusive, especially when dealing with some of the high powered aircraft located around Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto 5 or GTA Online.

This video takes you through nailing that gold, including a few tips and tricks to help you along the way

Know any neat mods we could use to do a bit more exploration in Lost Santos, or North Yankton? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

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hi my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer and welcome back to the channel this is the first
video in our san andreas flight to school series for grand theft auto online which will take you
through getting gold on every single flight score lesson we’re starting today with the outside loop
so let’s get started by listening to the brief right so you can see we’re on approach now just
starting the exercise the exercise itself is two inside loops sorry two outside loops the idea is
to get down and get through as quick as possible you’ve only got 58 seconds we only just skin it in
here so as you make your first approach you’ll be able to hear the coach walking you through it the
trick here is as soon as you’ve hit that marker push forward and hold forward as far as it can
now once you level out get on to that afterburner as soon as possible that way you won’t lose any
time and transit the first couple of runs I did here were silver and bronze medals simply because
of the time and a lot of time was lost getting in between the two loops so we now have three
more markers we need to hit and when we hit that third one again push forward dive down now there
you have to be a little bit careful there not to hit the bridge sometimes you can get a little bit
in and as soon as you’ve leveled out get on that afterburner again and hopefully you’ve got gold so
there you have it gold medal for the flight school lesson one the outside looping grand theft auto
online your first step to getting your pilot’s license so what’s your best time what do you think
and do you have any other hot tips for people who might be watching please leave your comments
below thanks for watching it’s been an absolute pleasure having you if you like what you’ve seen
click that like button below it’ll really help us out and if you’re new to the channel don’t
forget to hit that notification and that subscribe button thank you we’ll see you in the next video

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