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Learn how to ace the shooting range lesson in Grand Theft Auto Online with these tips from an "old grumpy gamer." Focus on using the guns and rudders for better control and aim. Leave that top target alone and aim for gold.
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Flight School Lesson 7: Shooting Range in Grand Theft Auto Online

In this video, Dan, an old grumpy gamer, takes us through his experience with lesson 7 in the GTA V flight school: the Shooting Range. The objective of this lesson is to practice targeting and shooting using an attack helicopter.

Dan admits that he is not very skilled when it comes to rotor equipment aircraft, but offers his tips for anyone struggling to complete this lesson with a gold rating. His main tactic is to use the left and right rudders and the engine speed control to change target direction, rather than pitching and rolling which can cause him to lose control of the vehicle. Focusing on the guns rather than the missiles also helps, as they are more forgiving and have a quicker hit rate. Dan emphasizes the importance of keeping the guns rolling almost full time, and using altitude adjustment and left and right rudders to hit all of the targets.

As for the targets, Dan suggests not worrying too much about the one at the top, as it is not necessary for achieving a gold rating.

Watching Dan’s gameplay, it is evident that his struggles with rotary wing aircraft did not hinder his ability to complete the lesson with a gold rating. He encourages viewers to share their best scores and tips for this lesson in the comment section below.

Overall, the Flight School Lesson 7: Shooting Range provides an exciting challenge for Grand Theft Auto enthusiasts looking to improve their helicopter piloting and targeting skills in the game.

hi and welcome back to the channel my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy
gamer in this video we’re looking at flight school lesson at number 7
that’s a shooting range where we take an attack helicopter and do a bit of
target practice in a grand theft auto online so let’s start with the briefing
and as we get underway again I want to quickly caveat this by saying that I am arthelene useless
when it comes to rotor equipment aircraft I’m not so bad with fixed-wing and I’m much much better
on the ground with wheels but the rotary wings the helicopters really elude me so the tactic
I’ve taken to get through this one in gold is to exclusively almost exclusively use the left and
right rudders and the engine that speed control to change where I’m targeting rather than pitching
and rolling leaning forward and leading backwards which very quickly for me loses control of the
vehicle so the main trick here is to use the guns rather than the missiles the guns team tend to be
a little more forgiving and have a much quicker hit rate to keep them rolling almost full time
you’re not going to run out of bullets there’s no overheating problems like you might get in
some other games you can just keep that gun firing and use your altitude adjustment and your left and
right rudders to fire and hit all of the targets another trick here is not to worry about the one
at the top the instructor does mention it but you can fairly easily get gold without having to clip
that last one up the top so we’ll just observe the rest of the video here while I squeak over
the line as I mentioned not super flash with the rotary wing aircraft pretty good with the
fix but not a rotary but that does mean that if I can get gold absolutely anyone else can get gold
and they have it a bad pilot still getting gold so what’s your best score on the shooting range
lesson and do you have any hot tips for me or any of the other players watching now leave a comment
below thanks for watching it’s been an absolute pleasure having you if you like what you’ve seen
click that like button below it’ll really help us out and if you’re new to the channel don’t
forget to hit that notification and that subscribe button thank you we’ll see you in the next video

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