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THE Apartment Guide

A guide to the different apartments in GTA 5 Online. Low-end apartments are a waste of money. High-end apartments offer more parking and access to heists, with stilt options providing beautiful views. Customizable apartments range from $905K to $1.1M, with options for different interiors. Finally, instructions for how to purchase and swap apartments are included.
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THE Apartment Guide in GTA online GTA 5 | Before you buy

Complete Guide to Apartments in GTA Online

If you’re interested in purchasing an apartment in GTA Online, take a look at this complete guide before making your final decision. There are several reasons why you might want to invest in an apartment, such as additional garage space, an extra spawn point, and access to heists.

Types of Apartments Available

There are different types of apartments available costing a range of prices. Low-end, mid-level, and high-end apartments with the high-end broken down into standard, stilt, and customizable penthouses. High-end apartments give access to heists, but they cannot be done solo. There are over 55 apartments available at the moment, which can make the search overwhelming, so it’s essential to know the type you are looking for and the price range before embarking on any purchase.

Benefits of Owning an Apartment

One of the significant benefits of owning an apartment is the additional garage space. Depending on your location and budget, you can have between 2 and 10 additional vehicle parking spaces. Another advantage is the extra spawn point; apartments have a bedroom where you can spawn in, which can be useful for businesses that are nearby or spawn points on the other side of the map where all your gear is.

Access to Heists

High-end apartments give access to a series of heists, which are designed for beginners. Still, they’re impossible to do solo. It’s essential to complete the heist with a team for the best results, making communication necessary to get through to the next level.

Apartment Interiors and Customization

One unique feature of owning an apartment is the ability to personalize it. High-end apartments, such as the stilt and customizable penthouses, feature extensive customization options. The customizable penthouse offers unparalleled customization options ranging from wall art to extras such as arcade machines and a poker table.

Best Apartment Styles and Locations

While there are many types of apartments available in the game, the best apartments to purchase depend on your budget and style preference. The best apartments include Del Perro Heights, Richard Majestic, and the Tinsel Towers.

GTA Online Properties

GTA online properties include apartments, houses, and garages. Investing in properties is an excellent way to make money in the game. In comparison to houses, apartments offer access to heists and extra spawn points.


Owning an apartment in GTA Online can provide a range of benefits, including access to a series of heists, additional garage space, and extra spawning points. With the extensive customization options available, it’s essential to find the best apartment style and location that suits your budget.

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hi in this video we’re going through the
different apartments including the
high-end apartments needed to start
early heists in gta 5 online
hi and welcome back my name’s dan and
i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto
is a truly massive game between gta 5
and the constant updates and rockstar
for gta online there’s no shortage of
new content and interesting things to do
join me then as we look at the different
apartments in gta 5 online before we
dive in if you’re new to the channel we
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to stay up to date oh and i’d like to
give a quick shout out to zisto who did
a great apartment guide back in the day
and a lot of their recommendations have
made their way into this guide so
there’s a link to zisto’s original work
in the description below so first things
first why on earth would you want an
apartment or more specifically a mid or
high-end apartment well there’s a few
core reasons some additional garage
space and depending on your budget and
location you can have between two and
ten additional vehicle parking spaces an
additional spawn point unsurprisingly
the apartments have a bedroom so you can
spawn in this can be handy if your
businesses are nearby or alternatively
if you want somewhere to spawn on the
other side of the map to all your stuff
and access to heists so the high-end
apartments give you access to a series
of heists they’re designed for noobs but
sadly they can’t be done solo so as you
may have gleaned by now there are
several different types of apartment
available to purchase we have low end
medium and high end and with the high
end broken down further into standard
stilt and customisable penthouse now
typically i’d go through each different
property location and the cost at this
point but with north of 55 apartments
available at the time of recording
that’s um impractical instead let’s go
through a quick summary and
recommendation for each type of
apartment starting with the low end
these range in price from 80 grand to
121 000 and come with two garage spaces
and room for one push bike beyond the
very limited vehicle storage they do
nothing but provide a spawn point
honestly these are more or less a waste
of money at the time of recording in
2022 there are plenty of other places
you can spawn in and if you’re only
looking for garage space then you’re
better off forking out 25 grand for the
la mesa garage if i was to recommend a
low end apartment i mean i don’t but if
i had to the only one worth considering
would be zero two three two polito
boulevard in polito bay at 121 000. that
gives you a spawn point at the very top
of the map which is kind of handy but
even then my next recommendation will
can that anyway which brings me to
medium grade apartments medium
apartments are a little neater and a
little larger and they range in price
from 125 000 to 175 000 and include
storage for up to six cars and two
pushes similar to the low-end apartments
these have no catchmaking facilities so
they’re not much more than a spawn point
and a bit of extra parking again similar
to the low end apartment i really don’t
think these are a great investment
either there’s better ways to spawn in
and cheaper ways at the additional
parking if i was to recommend one the
only one i’d consider is four five eight
four procopio drive in polito bay it’s
more or less in the same location as the
lower department i was just telling you
about so you get that spawn point in the
northwest of the map but at 155 thousand
that’s only 30k more than the low end
department it’s probably a slightly less
rubbish investment next up is the high
end apartments these can be solid
investments as they look much nicer and
grant you access to five different
heists the fleecer job which has a
maximum payout of 143
750 prison break which has a maximum
payout of half a mil humane labs raids
and a maximum payout of 675 000 series a
funding at a maximum payout of 505 000
and the pacific standard which has a
maximum payout of
1250 grand plus first time bonuses your
individual earnings will vary depending
on your split and unfortunately none of
these can be done solo but you can do
the fleecer with two people so if you
have a mate you kick around with
regularly that’s a pretty easy way to go
the other heist require four team
members so if you’re part of a crew this
can be a great entry point into the
heist with a low cost barrier and not
much experience needed you can also do
this with randos but that’s not an
efficient way to spend a day so there’s
three distinct types of high-end
apartments each has the same facilities
that’s 10 gallon spaces six spots for
bicycles and a bed so they can act as a
spawn point the core difference is the
layout and aesthetic of the interiors
starting with the standard high-end
apartment these are spacious inviting
and often have great views depending on
which one you get location wise it’s
much of a muchness they’re all located
in the city and range in price from
about two hundred thousand through to
five hundred thousand you have two types
of interior to choose from too starting
with the original interior which is
available in apartments from two hundred
thousand this is pretty neat but it can
be a little dated i’d only really
consider this option if you only value
the facilities provided by an apartment
and don’t give a rats about the
aesthetic my pick for the original
interior standard high-end apartment
would have to be apartment 10 3 alta
street tower this is a plum location
more or less in the center of the city
with great highway access it’s also one
of the cheaper options at 217 000. if
you’re looking for a standard high-end
with a more up-to-date aesthetic the
updated interior version is the way to
go the layout and facilities are pretty
much identical but the color scheme and
general decoration is a little more
modern oh boy do you pay for it though
the cheapest of these is more or less
double the original look starting at
468 grand and taking you through to
about half a mil depending on your
location they are much prettier though
if you’re thinking the updated interior
is the go i’d recommend apartment 28 for
integrity way it’s the second cheapest
at 476 grand and has great highway
access the views aren’t super flash but
it’s still a nice place to kick around
next up we have the stilt high-end
apartments these are a bit more out of
the way and provide a refreshing change
to the high-rises and compact apartments
in the city you get more floor space
with these and they have a great
aesthetic and they’re pretty safe as
long as the tennis coach keeps it in his
pants so the stilt apartments start at
449 grand and go all the way up to 800
000. again they have all the same
interiors and facilities that’s 10 cars
six bikes in a bed so it all comes down
to location location location before i
get to my recommendation there is a
particularly annoying quality of life
quirk with the steel departments that
should be noted unlike the other types
of apartments or indeed almost any other
type of property with a garage space you
can’t access the garage directly from
the interior instead you have to exit
the apartment go for a quick total and
then enter the garage again so that’s a
whole extra loading screen that you have
to deal with which seems like a small
quirk but it can become rage inducing
after a few hours especially if you’re
in a busy lobby which can make the game
hang on loading screens my
recommendation for the stilt department
would be
2044 north concord avenue in vinewood
hills it’s one of the more expensive
options at 762 000 but it has a glorious
deck area overlooking the city which is
a stunning place to hang about in the
evening or overnight finally onto the
customizable high-end apartments now
when i say customizable we’re not
talking casino penthouse customizable
we’re talking different colour scheme
and decor packs it’s neat but not
life-changing the customisable
apartments range from 905 000 to 1.1
million given they’re in the same
building the only difference between the
apartments is the view with the cheaper
options penthouse suites one and two
overlooking the vinewood foothills and
the observatory the most expensive
penthouse three overlooks the city and
vespucci beach it’s a nice view but i’m
not sure it’s 200 grand worth of nice
view each to their own and while we’re
here we might as well check out all of
the customizable bits of the apartment
we have eight interiors to choose from
and don’t worry too much if you find you
don’t like the one you pick once you’re
in the apartment you can always change
it in your apartment management
interactions menu although it does cost
a bit so the options are modern moody
vibrant sharp monochrome seductive regal
and aqua and that’s more or less it for
the customizable high ends honestly
because the location is identical unless
you desperately need that city aspect
just go for the cheapest you probably
won’t spend too much time gazing out the
window anyways
that was a lot to take in i’m glad we
have options but damn okay so once
you’ve made your decision find somewhere
safe and bring up your in-game phone
head to the internet money and services
then dynasty 8 and view the property
listings on the left you’ll see some
filters at the top click the appropriate
one which will limit the listings to the
type of apartment you want to grab oh
and don’t worry about the pricing i
picked this up during an event week
keeping an eye on the left column scroll
down until you see the one you’d like
and click buy and that will take you
through to a details page have a quick
read and if you’re happy and you’re not
buying a customizable apartment click
purchase property if you’ve decided to
go for a customizable high-end apartment
there’s an extra step select interiors
if this is the case click that and
toggle through the different decor
options and once you’re happy then click
purchase property now if this is your
first apartment you’ll get a
confirmation screen with a prompt to
return to the map just click the x at
the top of the internet to return to the
game if this is not your first apartment
you’ll be booted out of the internet
which is a little jarring if i’m honest
and you’ll have a new menu up the top
left of the screen now you can have up
to five apartments which is super handy
if you want spawn points started all
over the map so looking at the top left
again if this is not your first
apartment you’ll have the options to
either trade in an existing apartment
for 50 of its purchase value or you can
select the empty slot to have a second
apartment i’m trading mine in so let’s
click on the first filled slot there and
that will swap the dry dock street
property for the new apartment i’m
purchasing if you wanted to keep the
other apartment simply hop down to the
empty slot and select that instead if
you’re trading in you’ll get a quick
interrupt screen confirming your choice
then you’ll be thrown back into the real
estate site with a confirmation message
just click the x at the top of the
internet to return to the game once
you’re done head back out to the lobby
set a marker on the map that’ll be the
home icon and head over to your new
place for a bit of an explore and if
it’s a high-end apartment when you and
your mates are ready head into the heist
planning room and you can start earning
and that’s about it thanks for watching
check out the video at the top for
another property and business guide or
the one down the bottom for some more
old grumpy game of goodness stay safe
wash your hands and we’ll see you in the
next video

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