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Learn about the arcade business in GTA 5 Online, including its benefits, costs, and how to make money. Get access to the diamond casino heist, drones, master control center, and passive income with a fully kitted arcade. Find out which upgrades are worth the expense, and learn tips on how to maximize the potential earnings.
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Before You Buy the Arcade Business in GTA 5 Online: Starter Guide

Are you ready to become a business tycoon in the vast world of Grand Theft Auto? Do you want to unlock access to Diamond Casino Heists, drones, and the Master Control Centre? If yes, then the Arcade Business is your perfect starting point. In this video, we cover everything you need to know about the Arcade Business in GTA 5 Online.

Why Buy the Arcade Business?

Before we delve into the details, let’s answer the most crucial question – why should you buy the Arcade Business in GTA 5 Online? Well, there are four primary reasons:

  1. Access to Diamond Casino Heist
  2. Access to Drones
  3. Master Control Centre
  4. Genuinely Passive Income

We discuss each of these reasons in detail in the video, so make sure to watch it till the end.

The Arcade Business: Good for Solo?

If you’re playing solo, you might be wondering if the Arcade Business is worth investing in. Our video answers this question and provides useful insights into how you can maximize your earnings as a solo player.

Properties in Detail

We explore the various properties you can purchase as part of the Arcade Business and what each property offers in terms of earnings and other benefits.

Budget and Return on Investment (ROI)

Of course, before investing your hard-earned GTA 5 money, you need to know how much to budget for the Arcade Business and what your potential ROI could be. Our video provides a detailed breakdown of the finances involved.

Business Setup

Once you’ve made up your mind about buying the Arcade Business, you need to set it up. Our video walks you through the setup process, so you know exactly what to do.

Master Control Center and Drones

We also provide an overview of the Master Control Center and Drones, their functions, and how to use them to your advantage in GTA 5 Online.

Arcade Machines

Arcade Machines are at the heart of the Arcade Business, and we discuss the various types of Arcade Machines, their costs, and potential earnings.

Pro Tips to Get Rich in GTA 5 Online

Our video wraps up with some pro tips to help you get rich in GTA 5 Online, including how to make the most of your investments, earnings, and heists.

In conclusion, if you want to make it big in Grand Theft Auto, the Arcade Business is an excellent starting point, and our video provides all the information you need to get started.

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hi in this video we’re going through the
arcade business in gta 5 online why you
need one how much it costs and how to
make cabinet loads of money
hi and welcome back my name’s dan and
i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto
is a truly massive game between gta 5
and the constant updates from rockstar
for gta online there’s no shortage of
new content and interesting things to do
join me then as we look at every
business in gta 5 online as we go
through the diamond casino updates
arcade business before we dive in if
you’re new to the channel we do how-to
guides news and giveaways so consider
subscribing and ringing the bell to
staff today so first things first why on
earth would you need to buy an arcade
well business aside there are four main
reasons access to the diamond casino
heist you need the arcade to unlock this
set of heists which can earn you around
six million dollars including first-time
bonuses and north of 2.1 million per
subsequent heist run access to drones
with drone control up to three of your
mates can zip around los santos with
drones wreaking havoc wherever you go
which is great for trolling griefers and
kd warriors the master control center
which allows you to control more or less
every other type of business in gta this
is fantastic for resupplies and quickly
checking on the status of other
businesses in gta online and genuinely
passive income this one more or less
speaks for itself a fully kitted arcade
will net you roughly five thousand
dollars per in-game day or roughly six
thousand per real world hour on the real
money side of things the arcade business
is similar to the high-end departments i
mean there’s some passive component
don’t get me wrong but the real money is
in the heist and you can’t do them solo
but if you have at least one mate you
kick around with regularly there’s
reasonable cash to be made don’t get me
wrong it’s not coyo money but it still
beats fleecer so with that in mind
playing with a single experienced friend
and after a few rounds of heists so you
can get around the preps the potential
earnings are around one million dollars
per hour more on diamond or special
event weeks of course that also really
depends on your experience so don’t
quote me on that one so let’s talk
budget to do anything meaningful in the
arcade business you’ll need to be a vip
a motorcycle club president or a ceo
honestly though you don’t want to be
doing this as a vip there are some
serious restrictions and it’s a pain in
the backside so realistically the
cheapest option here is becoming an mc
club president and to do that you first
need to have of course a motorcycle club
set up the cheapest one you can grab is
the greatest apparel clubhouse at 200
grand it’s a bit out of the way but if
you’re on a budget this is the one to go
for once you have the clubhouse set up
you’ll need an actual arcade once this
is unlocked you can purchase these
through the maze bank foreclosures
website on your phone and we have six to
choose from oh and don’t worry about the
prices on screen i picked this up during
an event week pixel pete’s in blaise
county at one million two hundred and
thirty five thousand wonderama also in
blaze county at one million five hundred
and sixty five thousand video getting in
la mesa at one million eight hundred and
seventy five grand the warehouse in
davis at two million one hundred and
thirty five thousand insert coin in
rockford hills at two million three
hundred and forty five grand and finally
eight bit in vinewood at two million
five hundred and thirty grand each of
them has the same capacity and
facilities ten vehicles if you grab the
garage four drones if you grab the
add-on 14 games and a fifty thousand
dollar safe so there’s no difference
there nor is there any difference in the
passive income making the only real
difference travel distance and budget if
you’re planning on grinding the heist a
lot then i recommend grabbing video
again which is closest to the casino at
about a two minute drive and that’s the
one i’ve ended up going with next we
have some upgrades starting with the
decor you can change the floor and trim
there’s a free option but you can spend
up to four hundred and seventy thousand
dollars if you want to get really fancy
while you’re there you can also tweak
the mural there’s a few different
options available again you can leave it
as it comes at no additional cost or you
can spend up to 107 000 on the fancier
aesthetic for trim and markings on the
arcade floor you have a few options as
well starting with the free one and
working your way through a few different
designs right up to this really fancy
number for around 165 000. the next
aesthetic upgrade is the neon art again
there is a free option but if you’re
feeling flushed you can step it up a
notch with the top option sending you
back 320 thousand dollars and finally
you can also add high score screens
these add absolutely nothing to the
business but their acute flex at 295 for
functional upgrades you can have the
garage at 215 000 which will allow you
to store up to 10 regular-ish vehicles
and finally you can also add personal
quarters from 150 000 so you can spawn
in at the arcade and this is really
handy if most of your other properties
are on the other side of the map as it
can save you a bit of time now if you’re
wondering about the drone station master
control station and the arcade machines
we’ll get to them in a few moments but
they’re one million four hundred and
sixty thousand one million seven hundred
and forty thousand and up to five
million one hundred and twenty eight
five respectively right so that’s it for
actual expenses there’s really a minimum
spend of 1 million 435 000 including
your clubhouse and the cheaper arcade
but if you can a budget of 11 600 will
get you closer to the casino we’ll also
get you the machines drone master
control center personal quarters a
garage and of course that includes your
ceo’s office
ouch but at least the daily fees aren’t
too bad at only 500 per day plus an
extra 50 bucks if you grab the garage
and with that in mind assuming you don’t
go nuts on the arcade machines you’ll
likely make your money back in the first
round of heists which will net you and
your teammate around three million
dollars each including first time
bonuses that’s uh roughly about six
million in total and will take around
six to ten hours depending on your skill
level so it’s still not kyo money but
with the drones additional garage space
the master control station and of course
the modest passive income it’s still
worth the cash in my humble opinion okay
to get rolling with this one you’ll have
to start by catching up with lester head
over to the l on the map when you’re
ready and that will trigger a cutscene
after that head somewhere safe and
purchase your arcade and once you’ve
made your purchase head over to the new
facility and head on in you’ll get a fun
cutscene with jimmy wendy and lester as
well as a bit of a briefing on how the
arcade works once that’s done head over
to your computer make sure you’re a vip
ceo or an mc president sit down and log
in you’ll be presented with a single
option start click the button and you’ll
immediately be booted back to the lobby
and lester will start talking with you
presumably through an earpiece listen to
it carefully it is important once
lester’s finished banging on head to the
marker on the map once you get there
leicester will give you someone to chase
down after you’ve found them take out
the driver and do not blow up the truck
jump in fend off any idiots and then
drive to the truck back to the arcade
and park it round the rear of the
building once that’s done you’ll be
dropped out the back of the arcade wait
a few moments and you’ll get a uh
interesting call from young it’s weird
but still worth listening to and after a
few moments you’ll get a message from
leicester head back into the arcade and
you’ll get the next cut scene as lister
does he will take you through a few
options for the heist and there’s a bit
of a back and forth but the upshot is
you have three core approaches
aggressive the big con and silent and
sneaky once leicester has finished
banging on you’ll be dropped into the
arcade basement and be presented with
the whiteboard and your first scopeout
mission this is the start of the diamond
casino heist and it’s a fair bit of fun
i won’t go through the setups or the
actual heist in this video but there are
links to comprehensive guides in the
description below the next thing we can
do budget allowing of course is to set
up the additional bits and pieces for
the arcade again this is separate to the
heist to do this head to the notebook on
the table in the basement or the one in
your office make sure you’re an mc
president ceo or a vip then sit down and
log on starting with the quality of life
updates first click the upgrades button
at the top of the screen again budget
allowing we have two options at a
whopping one million seven hundred and
forty thousand dollars we have the
master control center this is a
fantastic addition if you run a biker
business a ceo’s business or a nightclub
because it allows you to set up supply
missions and keep an eye on stock levels
you can also use it for sell missions
but don’t do that it’s silly if you’re
so inclined the drone station at 1 460
000 will allow you to fly drones all
over the local area and give you access
to the nano drone in free roam for the
uninitiated drones are equipped with a
taser and explode on command and they’re
great for dealing with trolls in those
hard to reach places and for the passive
earnings side of the business click on
the arcade games button at the top of
the screen you’ll notice you already
have a couple of machines that come with
the arcade out of the box that’ll bring
you in around about three thousand
dollars per hour and honestly that’s not
bad for doing it literally nothing as
budget allows you can purchase
individual games to fill out your arcade
once you’ve purchased every machine to
the arcade at a total cost of just under
five million one hundred and thirty
grand you’ll bring your earnings to
around about six thousand dollars an
hour so doing the figures purchasing
each additional machine will bring you
an additional three thousand dollars per
year and that means we’re looking at
around one thousand seven hundred and
ten hours of in-game time to hit
breakeven and that is a lot of hours to
give you some perspective if you played
gta online as your full-time job that’s
40 hours a week it would take you around
10 months to recoup your cash so the
machines are a great aesthetic and
they’re a nice flex but they are not a
great financial investment so that’s it
for the core business itself but before
you go i’d like to go through a couple
of quick tips so first up like most
other businesses if you’re registered as
some sort of manager that’s a ceo vip or
an mc president to access and manage
your arcade the game assumes you’re
actively running your business now while
the arcade itself can’t be rated other
businesses that are running can be so
it’s important that if you’re not
actively working on the arcades
management and you’re not doing
something that expressly requires you to
be a ceo vip or an mc president then you
should retire this will significantly
reduce the chances of having stock
stolen or otherwise destroyed where
you’re not actively managing a business
and finally afk this is a great way to
grind out some of those hours for that
purely passive side of the business if
you’ve not heard the term before afk
literally means away from keyboard which
is the practice of keeping the game open
without actually participating in it now
the more experienced of you will know
that after about 13 minutes of
inactivity rockstar will terminate your
session and boot you from online but
there’s a way around it if you have an
ls car meet membership which you can get
for fifty thousand dollars you can head
to the test track once you’re in simply
reverse back out and as you head back up
the ramp you’ll be dropped into the
action menu when that pops up
do nothing just leave your pc or your
console on that screen and your session
won’t terminate my standing record for
afk in this way is around two days
straight and if you don’t have an ls car
meet membership you can do something
similar at the casino head to the ground
floor entrance hop out of your vehicle
return it to storage walk to the front
door and you’ll get an interrupt screen
asking you where you want to go just
leave it there and you won’t be booted
and that’s it thanks for watching check
out the video at the top for another
business guide or the one down the
bottom for some more old grumpy gamer
goodness stay safe wash your hands and
we’ll see you in the next video

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