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THE Arena Workshop Guide

The Arena Workshop in GTA 5 brings new game mechanics and earning opportunities such as exclusive weaponized cars, an arena wars career, and an RC Bandito Workshop. Explore these features in the new "before you buy" guide by Old Grumpy Gamers.
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Arena Workshop in Grand Theft Auto 5

In this video, the Old Grumpy Gamers give a complete “before you buy” guide for the Arena Workshop in Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5), also known as Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) and GTA5Online. The Arena Workshop is a unique game mechanic that unlocks several earning opportunities and exclusive weaponized vehicles.

Why Buy an Arena Workshop?

The Arena Workshop unlocks several earning opportunities, including the Arena Wars Career, where players get to participate in Arena War matches, which is a different type of adversary mode. Apart from that, players can earn achievement bonuses, where they can achieve cash bonuses by making progress in their “career” as Rockstar call it. Additionally, the Arena Workshop provides access to the RC Bandito Workshop, which allows players to customize, store and weaponize an RC Bandito, providing an opportunity to earn quick and easy $100K every week by participating in the RC Bandito time trials. There are also additional perks like your own personal Benny’s Mechanic, a Weapons Workshop, and additional parking.

What Are Arena Wars?

Arena Wars are unique adversary modes where players fight it out in a fighting arena with weapons and cars. Unlike the standard adversary modes, Arena Wars are more in line with the Mad Max theme, where players use weaponized vehicles and gadgets to destroy their opposition.

Are Arena Workshops Worth It?

Arena Workshops are a great way to unlock exclusive weaponized vehicles, and additional earning opportunities. If you are a fan of the Mad Max or car customization theme, then the Arena Workshop is a must-have for you. It provides great scope for exploration in San Andreas and is a fantastic addition to your GTA 5 experience.


Overall, the Arena Workshop is a great purchase for those interested in Grand Theft Auto, and the Mad Max theme. With additional earning opportunities, exclusive weaponized vehicles, and access to Benny’s Mechanic and Weapons Workshop, the Arena Workshop provides an all-round experience.

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hi in this video we’re going through the arena workshop in gta 5 online why you’d
want one how much it costs and how to make car loads of money
hi and welcome back my name is Dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto is a truly massive
game between gta 5 and the constant updates from rockstar for gta online there’s no shortage of
new content and interesting things to do join me then as we look at every business in gta 5
online as we go through the arena updates arena workshop business before we dive in if you’re
new to the channel we do how-to guides news and giveaways so consider subscribing and ringing the
bell to start today this is a bit of a drawn out guide because there’s a lot of things to purchase
and a lot to cover so we’ll be going through the arena workshop itself vehicle purchases and trade
price unlocks the introduction and first mission your career mode and how to earn known bugs the rc
bandito workshop and a few pro tips so we’ve all received those calls from briony about the arena
wars tv show that put upon young lass has been trying to get us to buy a damn workshop since
december 2018 so i finally relented and got one and it’s kind of neat so first things first why
on earth would you want to buy an arena workshop well the arena workshop unlocks a few interesting
game mechanics no pun intended and a couple of different earning opportunities starting with
exclusive weaponized vehicles the only way to get some of the most awesome cars in the game
including my personal favorite the imperator which is an homage to the xb falcon coupe interceptor
featured in mad max the arena wars career which allows you to earn by participating in arena wars
matches which are basically a different type of adversary mode there’s achievement bonuses
so as you progress your career as rockstar call it here you’ll hit certain achievements
some of which come with first-time cash bonuses and the bandito workshop this allows you to store
modify and weaponize an rc bandito which apart from the trolling you can do with one also allows
you access to the rc bandito time trials which is a quick easy 100k every month as well as some
other neat perks like your own personal benny’s mechanic a weapons workshop and some additional
parking unfortunately there’s no passive side to this business so everything requires effort and
most of that effort goes into arena wars events unfortunately the vast majority of people doing
these now are either complete noobs who don’t know how to use the menu properly or seasoned veterans
who will kick your ass five ways to friday if you can get a game though and it doesn’t bug out which
happens a bit on pc there’s some coin to be earned and some fun to be had the good news
though is because it’s largely an event-based system this business can be managed completely
solo so if you get a good run on games and uh pretty good behind the wheel pulling 48 grand
per hour out of it is probably about right more on double and triple money event week so so not
a great earner but that’s not really why you get one of these anyway okay so let’s talk budget this
is mercifully straightforward to get started on we don’t need to buy an office or a clubhouse or
own 38 different things to get started the arena workshop only exists in the arena itself too so we
don’t even have to worry about property locations the base price of the arena workshop is 995
000. next we have some upgrades starting as always with the decor starting with the office we can go
for the business style at no additional cost or you can change the style up for an additional 260
grand you can also tweak the workshop graphics again there’s a free version but if you want to
get fancy you can spend up to 395 grand for the medici style and while we’re tinkering with the
workshop we can update the accent color this is reflected across the entire facility including
your garage the grey black and yellow combo is included but you can pick any of the other color
schemes at a flat price of 265 grand and that’s it for the aesthetics onto the functional upgrades
next there’s already 10 garage spaces included in the workshop and for most that will be enough but
you can purchase 10 additional spaces shown here as a garage floor b1 from 195 000 but they can run
you up to 590 if you want to tweak the artwork on the walls if you’d like a further 10 cars bringing
your total to 30 you can also add a garage floor b2 from 265 000 again if you want to tweak the
decor that will set you back a whopping 660 grand next up is your staff your workshop comes with a
single staff member an arena mechanic who will work on your arena vehicles you can also employ
up to two other staff members a benin mechanic who allows you to upgrade and tweak your benny’s
vehicle same as the benny’s workshop he’ll set you back 247.5 but honestly the betty’s workshop
is less than four minutes drive from the arena so i probably wouldn’t bother and a weapons expert
who will set you up with a weapons workshop at a whopping 727 500 he’ll give you access to mark ii
weapons if you’ve unlocked them and only if you’ve unlocked them and the only way to do that is
through research in your bunker if you do not own a bunker this upgrade is a complete waste of money
and even then it’s no different to the workshop in your moc if you have one finally the last upgrade
is a personal quarters at two hundred and twenty thousand dollars this lets you spawn at the arena
and if you intend grinding unlocks this is a must so realistically the minimum you want is the base
workshop at 995 grand and the personal quarters at 220 grand so that means that you can get started
for as low as one million two hundred and fifteen thousand but if you want to drop some additional
cash on a garage space and aesthetics a budget of around two four will get you everything you could
realistically need plus between 50 and 150 dollars for your daily maintenance fee so with that in
mind if you want to grind this out you’re looking at around 25 real world hours of arena work if you
go the budget option to make your money back which is still better than that damn weed farm after
you’ve purchased your arena workshop you’ll also be able to purchase some arena vehicles these are
entirely optional but if you’ve got some cash to splash oh and you can come back to this so don’t
worry if you want to skip it for now we have two distinct types of vehicles available upgradable
vehicles and arena ready vehicles so starting with the upgradables now i won’t go through each
of these individually i’ll let you do that on your own time and there are links to reviews of
each vehicle below but the way these ones work is you purchase the stock model say the rat
truck for example and it’s delivered to your arena workshop stock as a rock now you can keep these as
regular vehicles and customize them as normal and they’ll look great or you can upgrade
them to an arena variant which will cost a small fortune as you can see here the rat truck upgrades
to the sasquatch for an extra 1.5 mil or so for the base model after that comes the
customizations too which keep mounting up if i’m honest now unlike the tuner upgrades
and in one of the more interesting displays of paywall gouging even by rockstar standards
everything is available to you from the moment you purchase however it’s ridiculously expensive like
ridiculously expensive straight out of the box a fully upgraded sasquatch will set you back around
four million and sixty thousand dollars including the original upgrade price depending on which
upgrades you go for if you have the time however you can unlock trade prices by working your arena
career which we’ll take a look at in a moment with the trade prices you’ll save yourself around 830
grand on the sasquatch not to mention any of the other upgradeable vehicles so if you really like
these and intend collecting them all it’s well worth spending some time doing the arena career
stuff oh and i would note the death bike upgrade for the gargoyle is the second fastest bike in
the game at the time of recording and any fans of the tv show supernatural might like to take a good
look at the impaler next is the so-called arena ready vehicles these ones are a bit different in
that they come somewhat hardened and have the arena aesthetic already installed you can pick
either an apocalypse future shock or nightmare variant when purchasing as the name suggests these
are more or less ready to go but still have tons of upgrade options the pricing is still a little
batty though with uh fully upgraded cerberus for example costing 5 900 if you have the trade prices
again depending on which upgrades you go for or up to an additional 789 000 if you just want to buy
it straight away so after that you should have your workshop and maybe a vehicle or two set a
marker and head over to the arena where you’ll see a new blue corona at the base of the garage
under the main arena itself and into any one of those it doesn’t matter which we’ll finally
get to meet bryony face to face after years of dodging her calls and she’ll walk us through the
basics so sound up and pay attention after the cutscene and a quick change of clothes you’ll
be dropped straight into the arena wars match now it might take a minute to get the game started in
2022 remember at this point there’s a lot of news playing arena war as part of their daily objective
so be patient and don’t be afraid to help people over the chat once you’ve finished your first
race you’ll be instantly dropped back into another cutscene again it’s informational so sound up and
make sure your notebook isn’t overheating as well after we’ve seen a bit more of al and briony and
had a bit more of a briefing you’ll finish up in your office staring at your arena career board i’d
encourage you to take a wander around your new purchase it’s a great little workshop and it’s
well laid out and as you can see i’ve gone for a few of the optional upgrades and it looks great
when you’re ready head back to your office and to your careers board this is where you can see
how you’ve been doing as you can see here after my first run with my machine literally on fire
and running at six frames per hour i did not do well but after a few runs it improved so taking
a look at the board there’s a bit going on here in the top left we have your accumulated stats
the sponsorship here is just another name for your rank in the same way that you rank up separately
for the ls carmate you rank up separately here using arena points or ap which brings me to the
second and third rows of the top left this is the number of arena points you have accumulated and
the number of points you need to rank up again on the bottom right of the screen we have your
detailed stats skill level games played wins and losses are more or less self-explanatory
the career kills and career deaths relates to your activity in the actual arena when in control of
a vehicle or in one of the in-field turrets if you use them this is about the only place where
working to increase your kd is appropriate in my opinion too spectator kills is an interesting one
for some arena game modes if you’re eliminated from the game you can take control of a weapon as
a spectator something like a 50 cal a drone or a guided missile if you manage to eliminate another
player with one of these it’s the spectator kill stat where this will appear the remaining three
favorite vehicle best event worst event uh more or less self-explanatory finally posters and photos
show the layout of the next game which is the one you’re most likely to join if you were to
jump in right now next up you may have noticed a text from briony about the laptop so let’s exit
out of the board using the controls marked on the bottom right turn around and jump on the notebook
controls are top left again everything’s available from the moment you start if you have the cache
so the unlocks they’re talking about here are actually trade price unlocks which is to save
discounts nothing else just a bit of cash off kind of neat for the clothing items but
if you’d already bought a decent workshop loadout and fully upgrade a vehicle or two it’s not much
help sadly but anyway on to making money now there’s two distinct ways to earn here the first
is the arena wars games which are essentially adversary missions think uh sumo remix or the
bunker series but with weaponized vehicles these are reminiscent of the old modded stunt racers
that were on the pc version of gta online back in the day to start an arena wars game you can
either head to your career board and press the relevant button from the options shown on the
bottom right of your screen or if you’re putting around the free mode lobby you can go to the foot
of the steps in front of the arena and wander into the corona don’t worry about what match it says
it’s lying you’ll be dropped into a starter screen if you’re lucky enough to be a host you
can set the options and you’re good to go oh and it’s worth noting that you should restrict custom
vehicles if you’re new to arena wars that will give you a much better chance of a higher rank if
you’re not a host just hold tight until the game is ready to go just remember not to invite people
and to make sure to set yourself as ready as soon as you can otherwise you’ll be holding up the rest
of the game at the time of recording there are a pretty decent number of arena wars games so i
won’t go through individual missions i’ll let you have a tinker and a practice on your own that said
i’m a massive fan of flag games and hot bomb games because they’re quick and they’re fun the second
method for earning is through achievements it’s still time spent in the arena so it’s more of the
same but if you keep these in mind you can work towards specific goals to maximize your one-time
cash bonuses this is also great for ranking up your character overall to see these achievements
find a safe spot and open the pause menu toggle across the stats then awards and you’ll be able
to see the controls on the bottom right of the screen for your specific platform next
toggle down to arena wars and wait a moment this shows your achievements now most of these are rp
awards which contribute to your overall rank but if we scroll over to the right the vast majority
of these green looking platinum badges come with a cash bonus too if you’re able to get these out
there’s an additional 525 grand of practically free money it’s not a lot but certainly enough
for an older car or a couple of new weapons before we move on to the bandito next we should also take
a quick look at a couple of known bugs with the arena matchmaking system firstly if you’re a host
occasionally when you go to start a game after setting the parameters you’ll get this blankish
kind of screen if it stays like this for more than 30 seconds it means your game is bugged out
if this happens you’ll be blocking everyone else’s ability to start the game essentially meaning
you’ve hung the matchmaking system all together and have left every other joiner in limbo where
they can literally do nothing except grab a coffee the only way to solve this is to quit and restart
the game there’s no way around it and trying will only delay the inevitable for everyone else
next up every now and then you’ll see someone who’s stuck on joining if you see someone who’s
attempting to join and their status doesn’t update for around 30 seconds it means their
session is bugged the host is unable to start a game when someone is attempting to join so
essentially this suspends the lobby for everyone obviously you can’t fix someone else’s connection
instead i’d encourage you to jump on the text chat and give the offending user a gentle nudge
remember to be nice though it’s not their fault also don’t have a go at the host or sit there
spamming start through the chat the host can literally do nothing if the bugged account holder
hasn’t responded or dropped off after around 60 seconds you’ll have to exit the lobby yourself and
then try and find another game it’s a pain but at least it’s not a complete reboot the next problem
i’ve encountered semi-regularly is the match start screen hanging if you get stuck on this screen for
more than around two minutes it means something’s gone wrong upstream i suspect this happens when
the host connection is booked or someone drops out at the wrong time or you’ve become a hung
joiner regardless this one’s a game restart too if you hang about when it becomes obvious this
isn’t going to fix itself you may inadvertently end up preventing everyone else from playing the
game also while we’re on it every now and then one team’s flag will disappear in flag walls there’s
nothing you can do about it except run down the clock and hope you’re not on the losing team it’s
important to remember that these bugs aren’t rare and there’s also a lot of noobs in the arena games
as it often appears as a daily objective if you decide to get on chat in the matchmaking lobby
please be friendly and please take into account a user’s rank when chatting with them rodeo the next
thing we need to cover is the rc bandito which is a weaponized remote control model car it’s a
hoot to drive too and it even has its own time trial mode to purchase a bandito find somewhere
safe to hang about head to your phone and open the internet go to travel and transport then
southern san andreas super autos you’ll see the bandito around a quarter of the way down click in
wince at the price of the damn remote control car and then when you compare it click buy after a few
moments you’ll notice a new workstation in your arena workshop what the head over and we can start
customizing aesthetics aside i highly recommend grabbing the remote bomb at 275 grand the kinetic
proximity mine for 135 which kind of acts like an up and atomizer and the full jump upgrade at 210
000. bringing the total out of pocket on this one to a whopping 2.21 million so about the same price
as a casaka ouch once you’ve finished tinkering head outside and call in the bandito to do this
you can go to your interaction menu that’s m on your keyboard hold double squares on xbox or swipe
on your playstation scroll down to remote control vehicles then rc bandito you’ll instantly spawn
in the bandito and take control now if this is your first time with an arms bandito don’t touch
anything take a moment to familiarize yourself with the controls steering accelerating and
braking are all the same but your weapons and boost are a little different once you’ve taken
a moment to clock the controls you’re good to go this is fantastic for dealing with ground-based
trolls because it’s not visible on the radar to anyone outside your mc club or organization it’s
super quiet and it takes an absolute pounding last i checked it took something like three missiles
to take it out and shooting it isn’t much more effective either plus owning this vehicle gives
you access to the weekly bandito time trials these are super quick and pretty easy with
the controller and a bit of practice so there’s an additional 100k in your pocket every week and more
on special event weeks okay before we finish up some pro tips if you’re in this for the vehicles
and want something that doesn’t appear weaponized i highly recommend grabbing yourself a death bike
upgrade for the gargoyle or the future shock variant of the imperator the apocalypse variant
of the death bike doesn’t look out of place in a regular biker club and with a clean build appears
to be a regular bike to the casual observer it is however the second fastest motorcycle in the game
and can take more damage than your average motorcycle the imperator is also a cracker
of a sleeper this is based on the 1973 xb falcon coupe interceptor featured in mad max this is an
aussie classic that is close to my heart with the right build this vehicle looks clean and again to
the casual observer does not appear any different to other muscle cars in the game but with a shunt
boost straight line boost and proximity mines this little sleeper can become a fantastic grinding
vehicle and is an absolute hoot in free mode don’t forget arena war matches regularly appear
in the daily objective which is something a lot of noobs use to earn extra bonuses which are if a
modest few and far between at that level sometimes that means they don’t understand the menu
system or that they need to confirm something if you see a low level in the matchmaking lobby
jump on text chat and offer to help if you can and be nice we were all noobs once finally and
full credit to the professional for this idea if you have at least one friend that you game with
regularly jump on the voice chat on discord and then create an in-game playlist with three tag
team matches or flag matches you and your friends will end up on the same team every
time and you’ll be the host for every match of the playlist so you get to set the terms then
you can coordinate to make sure you absolutely smash the competition this will help maximize
your earnings and will also help you rail through your unlocks and achievements as you rank up at a
cracking rate there’s a link to a quick tutorial on how to do that in the description below
as well as the original idea from the professional and that’s it thanks for watching check out the
video at the top for another business and money guide or the one down the bottom for some more
old grumpy game of goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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