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The auto shop business in GTA 5 Online expands earning options with mini-heists and exotic car exports. Costing at least $1.9 million, the business allows for customizations, but lacks passive income. Prospective owners must be VIP, MC Club President, or CEO, and the business is best for those interested in vehicle modifications. Most auto shop activities can be done solo, and the business can earn around $300K per hour, depending on expertise.
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Complete Tuner’s Auto Shop Guide in GTA 5 Online

In this video, we will be discussing the Los Santos Tuners update in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online and everything you need to know about buying and running an Auto Shop. We will explore the different earning opportunities and game mechanics that the Auto Shop offers, such as mini-heists and sourcing vehicles, and talk about the added perks such as free snacks and discounted vehicle modifications.

Why Purchase an Auto Shop?

The Auto Shop unlocks several interesting game mechanics and earning opportunities. The contracts are the mini-heists that can be done 100% solo, while with the car lift add-on and some staff, you can make a little extra coin doing up client cars. You can also receive notifications about an export opportunity that can net you some additional coin. Additionally, the shop offers a few great perks such as free snacks, discounted vehicle modifications, and additional garage space.

Getting Started with Auto Shop Business

We will take you through the entire process of purchasing, setting up, and running an Auto Shop. The video covers topics such as budgeting, location, customisation, break-even, and pro tips. We also give you a tour of all the locations and show you where to find all exotic export cars in GTA Online. You can check out our quick links for all timestamps in the video.

GTA 5 Online Los Santos Tuners

The Tuners update was a game-changer and a car guy’s dream in GTA Online. With griefer-free zones, low grip tyres, and some utterly hilarious ricer mods, the DLC expanded on the solo gains of Cayo. This was also the first story-line developed after Dan Houser left the company, and it showed.

How to get money fast in GTA Online Auto Shops

We will provide some easy and fast techniques to make loads of money with Auto Shops in Grand Theft Auto 5 online. With contracts, sourcing vehicles and customs, you have various options to make some extra cash alongside your regular heist missions.

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hi in this video we’re going through the auto shop business in gca5 online why you need one
how much it costs and how to make car loads of money
hi and welcome back my name is dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto is a truly massive
game between gta 5 and the constant updates from rockstar for gta online there’s no shortage of
new content and interesting things to do join me then as we look at every business in gta 5 online
as we go through the tuner updates auto shop business before we dive in if you’re new to the
channel we do how-to guides news and giveaways so consider subscribing and ringing the bell to stay
up to date the tuners update was a really welcomed change for gta online with grief for free zones
stancing low grip tyres awesome jdm tuna cars and some utterly hilarious ricer mods this dlc
expanded on the solo games made with kaio and was a car guy’s dream it was also the first storyline
developed after dan hauser left the company and oh sweet merciful crap did it show but anyway
first things first why on earth would you want to buy an auto shop well the auto shop unlocks a few
interesting game mechanics no pun intended and a few different earning options starting with a
series of mini heists so the auto shop introduces you to contracts which are essentially mini heists
that can be done 100 solo a tuner side hustle with a car lift that on and some stuff you can make
some extra coin doing up client cars additional cash for sourcing vehicles essentially this is
simeon’s car theft ring on steroids where you’ll receive notifications about
um export opportunities that can net you some additional coin in addition to the
earning potential there’s also a few additional perks you’ll get free snacks which you can find
in the lounge area next to your video games discounted vehicle modifications which is
another fantastic part of this dlc for car guys and additional garage space which more or less
speaks for itself you get a sweet new place to store your premium rights unfortunately there’s
no passive side to this business though you can do the vehicle tuning and customizations in a pretty
low effort way but there’s no passive income available the good news is though you can do
everything in this business completely solo and if you’re pretty good behind the wheel and uh decent
in a shootout you can earn upwards of 300 grand per hour more on double money and triple money
event weeks too of course that really depends on your expertise so uh don’t quote me okay so let’s
talk budget to do anything meaningful in the auto shop business you’ll need to be a vip mc
club president or a ceo honestly though you don’t want to do this being a vip there are some serious
restrictions and it’s a pain in the backside so realistically the cheapest option here is becoming
an mc club president and to do that you need to have a motorcycle club set up the cheapest one
you can grab is the great apparel clubhouse at 200 grand it’s a bit out of the way but if you’re on
a budget it’s the one to go for once you’ve got a clubhouse set up you’ll need to purchase an actual
auto shop once you’ve unlocked it you can purchase these through the maze bank foreclosures website
on your phone and we have five to choose from mission row downtown los santos at one million
six hundred and seventy grand strawberry in south los santos for one million at seven hundred and
five thousand rancho also in south los santos for 1.75 mil burton in rockford hills for 1.83
million and finally la mesa in east los santos for 1 million 920 grand each of them has the same
capacity and the same facility sets 10 vehicles two car lifts and up to two staff so there’s no
difference there nor is there any difference in income opportunities making the only real
difference travel distance and budget next we have some upgrades starting with decor you can change
the floor and walls there’s a free version but you can spend up to 450 000 if you want to get
really fancy while you’re there you can also tweak the tint there’s a few different options
available again you can leave it as it comes at no additional cost or you can spend up to 187.5
on the fancier aesthetic and finally you can also add an emblem your crew emblem is free but you can
add one of the stock ones in from 25 grand through to about 104 500. for functional upgrades you can
grab two staff members at 385 grand each a second car lift at 650 000 which you’ll need if you want
to utilize the second staff member and this can also improve your low effort income by doubling
the capacity of your car customization business and finally you can also add a personal quarters
from 340 000 so you can spawn in at the auto shop this is handy if most of your other properties are
on the other end of the map and can save you a bit of time oh and if you haven’t got one already a
membership to the ls carmate is a must at fifty thousand right so that’s it for actual expenses
this is really a minimum spend of one million nine hundred and twenty thousand including your
clubhouse the cheapest auto shop and an ls car mate membership but if you can budget five million
five hundred thousand you’ll get a nicer location personal quarters all the upgrades and that
includes your ceo’s office not bad considering what some of the other dlc’s have stung us
especially considering the daily fees are only 250 per day and with that in mind assuming you
don’t go nuts on the mods you’ll make your money back in eight to twelve hours depending on your
skill level so it’s still not kaio money but with the vehicle mod discounts additional garage
space and the really fun income opportunities it’s still worth the cash in my humble opinion
okay to get rolling with this one you will have to start by catching up with sasanta and kenny at ls
karmade head over to the ls icon on the map when you’re ready and that will trigger the cutscene
after that head somewhere safe and purchase your auto shop once you’ve made your purchase head over
to the new facility and head on in oh and it’s worth noting your customizations aren’t applied
until after the setup mission so don’t be alarmed about the state of your shop you’ll get a truly
weird cutscene with kenny and sasanta who clearly enjoy each other’s company once they’ve finished
almost literally banging on make sure you’re a vip or a ceo and head over to the whiteboard you’ll
be presented with a setup mission retrieving to santa’s car there’s a button prompt in the top
left of your screen click the button and you’ll immediately be booted back to the lobby and after
a moment so santa will call unfortunately you have to suffer through it and mate the writing
is pretty ordinary but listen carefully it is important once the santa’s finished banging on
head to the marker on the map once you get there make your way to the garage down the ramp and
retrieve the yellow tailgater and that might be a little harder than it sounds by the way there’s a
few cops and a couple of swat guys hanging about out the front once you’ve escaped the impound lot
find a spot to hide and hold tight until the cops are off your backside after that head to your auto
shop where you’ll get another insufferable cutscene once that’s complete you’ll now be
able to wonder about your newly refurbed workshop once ready head back to the workshops mezzanine
and wander over to the whiteboard you’ll now see a series of short contract jobs available these
are the short mini heists with a couple of setup missions and a main objective these are a lot of
fun and you can knock one over in under a half an hour if you practiced now i won’t go through
the setups or the actual jobs in this video but there are links to comprehensive guides in the
description below oh and you’ll need to complete at least one contract before you can unlock the
exotic exports speaking of after you’ve completed your first contract you’ll get another call from
sasanta briefly explaining the exotic exports business once that call is completed you can head
back to the shop and take a look at the board this will show you a list of the vehicles available for
your current real world day and as you head about the free roam lobby you’ll see the occasional
flash in your mini-map and a new blue dot will appear head over to the dot pop your personal
vehicle away and grab the car take it down to the docks not too far from where you drop off the cars
for simian and drive into the yellow corona you’ll be booted from the vehicle and receive around
20 grand for your trouble if you have the time and find all 10 cars for the real world day not only
will you receive the cash payment for each vehicle you’ll also receive an additional bonus of 100 000
making the day’s revenue from this if you’re willing to put in the work around 300 grand
the final way to make some coin with the auto shop is through customer vehicle modifications
the customizations aren’t terribly profitable but they’re a bit of fun and can be reasonably low
effort if you have a single list once per in game day that’s 48 real world minutes the game will
essentially roll a dice that gives you a 50 chance of at least one vehicle arriving in your shop if
you miss out on the first hour you absolutely will get one in the next those wait times are halved
if you’ve grabbed the second lift math aside you’ll receive a notification when the customer
has dropped the vehicle at the shop head on over and you’ll see a new vehicle sitting on the lift
wander over to the vehicle service it and then you’ll be presented with options to tweak it
up a little the trick here is to keep an eye on the bottom of the screen where the customer
requirements are added now you have a couple of options here you can follow the customer’s
instructions to the letter and you’ll receive the standard payout for customizing the vehicle which
can vary from 20 grand to 50 grand depending on the type of car or client if however you go a
little bit off book and the customer likes your changes you can receive a bonus if they don’t
like your changes though you will not make nearly as much coin finally we can look at the vehicle
delivery you have two options here if you deliver the vehicle yourself you’ll receive the maximum
payout possible plus you get to hoon about in a new ride for a bit completely free other players
are not notified about the transport too so shy of a genuinely random griefer you’re more or less
guaranteed a good margin you can be a little bit lazy though if you have other things to do or just
couldn’t be bothered you can ask one of your staff members to deliver the vehicle instead you’ll make
less money this way because well your staff drive like npcs but the car is out of your hair and you
don’t have to spend the time driving all over the map okay and now for some handy pro tips first up
like most other businesses if you’ve registered as some sort of manager that’s a ceo vip or an mc
president the game assumes you’re actively running a business and that means your other properties
can be open to raids and attacks so if you’re not actively working a contract then you should
resign your post as a ceo vip or mc president this will significantly reduce the chances of having
stocks stolen or otherwise destroyed from other businesses in the game while you’re not actively
working an auto shop contract in a similar fashion to the vehicle import export businesses auto shop
customer vehicles can be transported by cargobob just bear in mind you can’t drop the vehicle
directly into the corrode instead you have to drop the vehicle nearby land the chopper get into the
car and drive into the market there are around 100 fixed locations for exotic vehicles around the map
most are in the greater city of los santos but there are a few strewn about the northern parts
of the map a link to the full map is in the description below so while you have the cargo
bob out i’d encourage you to go for a bit of a putt around and see if one of the other export
vehicles spawn if you do pick it up and drop it off if you don’t have a cargobob you can use any
other airborne vehicle to scour the map or you can just drive around the different areas waiting for
one to spawning and finally afk is a great way to grind out some hours while you wait for those
custom vehicle jobs to come in if you’ve not heard the term before afk literally means away from
keyboard which is the practice of keeping the game open without actually participating in it now the
more experienced of you will know that after 13 minutes of inactivity rockstar will terminate your
session and boot you from online but there’s a way around it if you have an ls car meet membership
which you can get for 50 grand you can head to the test track once you’re in simply reverse back
out and as you head back up the ramp you’ll be dropped into an action menu when that pops up do
nothing just leave your pc or your console on that screen and your session won’t terminate
and you can do something similar in the casino if you want to as well head to the ground floor
entrance hop out of your vehicle and return it to storage walk to the front door you’ll get
this interrupt screen asking you where you want to go just leave it there and you won’t be booted
then whenever it’s convenient maybe every half or three quarters of an hour or so pop back into the
shop for a few and do up any vehicles that are waiting and that’s it thanks for watching check
out the video at the top for another business guide or the one down the bottom for some more
old grumpy game of goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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