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New complete before you buy guide: Avenger (VTOL Osprey Helicopter) in #GTA #GTA5 #GTA5Online #GrandTheftAuto
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The Avenger is a command trailer based on the US Osprey Vtol Heli; which is an absolute marvel of Engineering; and one of the most versatile aircraft ever conceived.

So, why on earth would you want to purchase an Avenger? We’ll there’s a few key reasons.

No need to head back to the Bunker or Agency to restock your Mk II ammo; you can bring the workshop to you.

This thing can tank around 23 Missiles or RPG rounds; if you need to seek refuge while you’re on the run, there are few places better.

You can transport just about anything in the back of the Avenger; so it’s super handy if you want to drop something heavy in a hot-zone, or arrive with a vehicle in perfect nic.

Know any neat mods we could use to do a bit more exploration in San Andreas? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

hi in this video we’re going through the
avenger in gta 5 online
hi and welcome back my name’s dan and
i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto
is a truly massive game between gta 5
and the constant updates from rockstar
for gta online there’s no shortage of
new content and interesting things to do
join me then as we look at the avenger
airborne ops center in gta 5 online
before we dive in if you’re new to the
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bringing the builders up today the
avenger is a command center based on the
us osprey vitol heli which is an
absolute marvel of engineering and one
of the most versatile aircraft ever
conceived so why on earth would you want
to purchase an avenger well there’s a
few key reasons the weapons workshop so
no need to head back to the bunker or
agency to restock your mark 2 ammo you
can bring the workshop to you it’s a
great hidey hole this thing can tank
around 23 homing missiles or rpg rounds
so if you need to seek refuge while
you’re on the run there are fewer places
better and the vehicle mods and
transport you can transport just about
anything in the back of the avengers so
it’s super handy if you want to drop
something heavy into a hot zone or
arrive with a vehicle in perfect nick so
let’s talk budget now the avenger is
well mobile so we don’t need to worry
about a location it’s simply stored and
modified in your facility so that leaves
us with a base price of
and 3
thousand dollars next we have some
options for the crew and cargo hold
starting with the decor looking at the
color scheme we have a few options to
choose from with the base option
included in the price or you can pick
from one of the other options at a flat
137 500. next up let’s take a look at
the weapons and functional upgrades
starting with the turret station this
little add-on will set you back 200 000
and is an absolute monster this little
blighter will rain down at 50 cal
explosive rounds at a really good rate
and with the different angles available
they’re pretty damn good defensive
measures too the vehicle workshop is up
next and this allows you to upgrade and
modify most standard size vehicles up to
and including the insurgent custom and
night shark handy but not absolutely
necessary if you have somewhere else you
can make the mods if you go for this one
it will set you back
755 thousand dollars finally the weapons
workshop this is great for restocking
mark 2 ammo and upgrading weapons if you
have a bunker but only if you have a
bunker if you don’t own a bunker don’t
worry about spending the additional 245
grand it will be a waste of money now
because this is a vehicle you also have
the regular aftermarket options too
armor ems upgrades liveries etc but
there are also some neat weapon add-ons
including bombs countermeasures and
additional 50 cal turrets so we can get
away with the absolute minimum of three
million of 450 grand for the base model
with no accessories but all the avenger
is at that point is a glorified
transport the configure i’d recommend
assuming you don’t have a bunker is the
avenger itself a gun turret cluster
bombs chaff countermeasures additional
turrets and the handling and engine
upgrades which will set you back roughly
four million and forty thousand dollars
if you own a bunker and have done a few
bits of research then adding the vehicle
workshop and the weapons workshop is a
solid investment bringing you to just
shy of five million one hundred grand
all in however and it is a big however
this thing comes with a monster paywall
so you can’t just buy the avenger you
need to unlock the avenger and to do
that you need to own an operational
facility and to do that you need to be a
vip motorcycle club president or a ceo
so that means you’ll need to spend at
minimum 200 grand on the great chaparral
clubhouse and 1.25 million on the polito
bay facility plus upgrades with that in
mind you’re looking at a minimum
additional spend of one million four
hundred and fifty thousand dollars
before you can unlock the avenger but
even then as we discussed in our
facility guide six million eight hundred
is a better price guide for this one so
if you don’t already own a motorcycle
club or a ceo’s office and a facility
your actual out-of-pocket is more like
11 900. and considering there’s no
direct way to make money off the venture
that’s a very very expensive cost center
dang ah twenty dollars i wanted a peanut
hell of a flex though right so what can
you actually do with your adventure well
there’s a couple of things if you wander
into the cockpit of the avenger while
you’re in your facility you’ll get a
prompt at the top left which will take
you into the customization menu and this
is where you can add the aftermarket
weapons and defenses as well as all the
usual stuff like engine upgrades
handling improvements paint jobs and
liveries you can call in the avenger
using your interaction menu so that’s m
on your keyboard double squares on your
xbox or swipe on your playstation once
you’re there head down to services then
avenger then request avenger you can
also call in a personal vehicle from
here if you have it stored in the
avenger itself now the first time you’re
airborne keep an eye top left where
you’ll see controls covering the bombing
system this is a bit different for every
platform so be sure to pay attention oh
and once you’re airborne you can switch
between hover and forward flight mode by
tapping e on your keyboard or right on
your d-pad while you’re in flight though
if your attitude gets a little low the
game will automatically switch between
flight and hover mode which can have
interesting results now if you’re
playing solo and want to hover so you
can bring the pain you can also drop the
avenger into autopilot mode now to do
that you’ll need to head to your
interaction menu again then into avenger
services and engage autopilot oh and you
can set up cockpit access and hold
access while you’re here too transport
next so you can drive a personal vehicle
into the back if you need to this is
great if you want to transport something
from one end of the map to the other in
addition you can drop vehicles from low
altitudes which can be super heavy you
can see here we’re moving at speed with
wallaby in the pilot seat i’m in the
back with my insurgent custom so i can
jump into the insurgent and start
driving which will instantly drop me
onto the highway will be facing the
wrong way but this is brilliant for
dropping weaponized vehicles into hot
zones and with a bit of practice you can
do touch and go pickups too the avenger
is a bit of a tank so if you have a
friend who can fly yours into a hot zone
you can load up whatever vehicle you’re
in within reason of course and then get
moving in seconds just one little caveat
though both the avenger and the vehicle
you’re driving must be owned by you
directly you can’t drive into your
friend’s avenger nor can your friends
drive into yours strangely your friends
can’t even drive your cars into your
avenger which is a bit weird but eh what
are you gonna do while your vehicle is
in the back you can activate the vehicle
workshop and customize your vehicle as
well and if you’ve unlocked specific
upgrades via bunker research you can
install them here too if you’ve been
grinding bunker research you’ll also
have unlocked some upgrades for your
weapons now the weapons workshop allows
you to upgrade eligible pieces to mark
ii which increases firepower and opens
up options for different ammo types so
you can refill your mark ii ammunition
and change ammo types as well as regular
weapon purchase this is super handy if
you’re miles away from your bunker or
agency because let’s face it those
explosive rounds only have very limited
mags and who doesn’t like a mark ii
sniper with thermal and e-rounds it’s
great fun also one of the most fun
things for free roam is the
anti-briefing measures it’s better if
you have two or three friends but you
can jump in the back and use the mounted
cannons to take out clones if you’ve got
a bit of a patience and a good eye these
have explosive rounds or a round similar
to the moc too so they’re always a good
time and given that you can gain serious
altitude with the avenger and move it
around really readily it means you can
rain merry hell down from the heavens
taking out any really annoying griefers
that camp on the top of the mazebank
tower with ease so is it worth it look
it seems to me like a whole lot of
pallava for not a lot of game look if
you’ve already got a facility and a
bunch of spare money then it’s a fun
flex with a bit of utility but it’s a
lot of money and you can do most stuff
in other places i certainly wouldn’t be
going out and buying a facility special
though and thanks for watching check out
the video up the top for another guide
or the one down the bottom for some more
old grumpy game of goodness stay safe
wash your hands and we’ll see you in the
next video

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