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THE Casino Penthouse Guide

Learn all about the Penthouse business in GTA 5 Online, including why you should buy one, how much it costs, and how to make money with it. Plus, get tips on layout and decor options.
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Description of GTA 5 Online Casino Penthouse Business

In this video, we explore the world of the Penthouse business in GTA 5 Online. Find out why you need one, how much it costs and how to make lots of money with this business venture. Join us as we take a detailed look into every aspect of the Casino Penthouse Business.

Grand Theft Auto is a famous game that offers hours of fun and entertainment to players. With the constant updates that Rockstar offers for GTA Online, there are loads of new content and unique things to do. This video explores the Casino Penthouse Business in detail, from why you should invest in one to how much money you can make.

Why You Need a Penthouse:

There are primarily four reasons why you would want to buy a Penthouse:

  • Access to casino missions.
  • Help with heist preps.
  • Additional garage space.
  • Flexing.

You’ll need a Penthouse to unlock a series of missions which will earn you approximately a million dollars. Additionally, having the Penthouse will help in several heist preps for the Diamond Casino Heist, which is a fun and entirely separate story tied to the Casino.

Furthermore, an additional ten vehicle parking spaces provide adequate space for all your cars. Lastly, the Penthouse is an affordable way for gamers to flex their wealth and also an excellent place for you and your crew to hang out.

How to Make Money with the Penthouse:

The Penthouse is similar to Record Studios in that it is a location to start specific missions, and the only way to make money is via these missions. If you play with a friend, you can make around one million one hundred thousand in approximately two hours.

After that, you’re looking at contact mission money, which is about 40 to 50 thousand per year. Your earnings will depend on your expertise and experience level. However, if you frequently kick around with your mate, there’s reasonable cash to be made.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Penthouse:

To begin with, you don’t need to purchase an office or clubhouse, and you only need to purchase the Penthouse at the Diamond Casino Resort. The base price of the Penthouse is 1.5 million dollars. You can also add upgrades to the Penthouse, such as a lounge, a cinema room, a spa area, a bar, a private gaming table, an office with a gun locker, and an additional bedroom. Additionally, garage access with ten parking spaces can be added in this price range.

The total value of these upgrades exceeds the base price by several million dollars. Once you’ve completed the floor plan, you can customize the decor, requiring an additional investment of $2,58,000. The daily fees range from 500 to 1350. The investment is not the most excellent in the game, but it’s certainly not the worst, and it typically takes around 13 to 15 hours of active gameplay to recoup your losses.

Getting Started with the Casino Penthouse:

Once you’ve picked your layout and decor, hit the next button and confirm your purchase. Head over to the casino when you arrive. You can head into the gaming floor as usual, or you can check in on the brand-new penthouse option. The first time you check in, you’ll meet Miss Baker and Tom, who later introduces Cheng and his acquaintances. Once the cutscenes are over, you’ll be dropped into your new penthouse.

After a few moments of exploration, you’ll get a call from Miss Baker explaining the casino’s precarious situation, which leads into the mission sequence. You can then head back to the casino’s gaming floor and head to the north-west corner to find a new marker. This marker leads to the first of six contact missions. For these missions, you’ll need to work with friends or an off-game chat system to make the process smoother.

After completing all the missions, you should have earned over a million dollars or so. Once complete, pass your penthouse to your friend so they can earn the quick mill and get a hundred grand incentive. Having completed the storyline, you’ll now be able to do the optional security intel prep mission for the diamond casino heist from your arcade.


The Penthouse in GTA V Online is not the most profitable business out there. However, it is a fun and exciting way to make money and entertain yourself. The Penthouse has some fun missions, which adds to the overall gameplay experience.

With plenty of upgrades and personalization options, the Casino Penthouse adds to the aesthetics of the game, allowing users to customize and style a vast house. Whether it is worth buying or not entirely depends on your preferences and how you like to play the game.

hi in this video we’re going through the
penthouse business in gta 5 online why
you need one how much it costs and how
to make bucket loads of money
hi and welcome back my name is dan and
i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto
is a truly massive game between gta 5
and the constant update to rockstar for
gta online there’s no shortage of new
content and interesting things to do
join me then as we look at every
business in gta 5 online as we go
through the diamond casino updates
penthouse business before we dive in if
you’re new to the channel we do how-to
guides news and giveaways so consider
subscribing and ring the bell to stay up
to date so first things first why on
earth would you want to buy a penthouse
well there’s four main reasons access to
the casino missions you’ll need the
penthouse to unlock a series of missions
which will earn you around a million
dollars as leader including your first
time bonuses help with heist preps
having the penthouse will help a number
of heist preps for the diamond casino
heist an entirely separate and really
fun story that’s tied to the casino
additional garage space more car parks
never goes astray and the penthouse
allows you to store an additional 10
vehicles and of course flexing this is a
fun and surprisingly affordable flex all
things considered and is a neat place
for you and your crew to hang out on the
money side of things the penthouse is
similar to record a studios in that it
really is just a place to start very
specific missions and the only way to
make money is through the missions and
of course you can’t do them so but if
you have a mate you kick around with
regularly there’s reasonable cash to be
made don’t get me wrong it’s nowhere
near kyo money but it’s still well worth
your while so with that in mind playing
with a friend you can earn around one
million one hundred thousand in around
two hours and score a sweet armored
right after that you’re looking at
contact mission money so around about 40
to 50 000 per year of course that also
really depends on your experience so
don’t quote me okay so let’s talk budget
this is mercifully straightforward to
get started on we don’t need to buy an
office or a clubhouse around 38
different things to get started the
penthouse only exists at the diamond
casino resort itself too so we don’t
even need to worry about property
locations so that just leaves the base
price of the penthouse at one million
five hundred thousand next we have some
upgrades this one’s a little different
to the other properties because you’re
just looking at facility upgrades with
very little customization to aesthetic
so we can add a lounge from an
additional four hundred thousand dollars
which we need for most of the other
penthouse floor plan upgrades so this
one’s almost a must once you have the
land selected we can also add a cinema
room for another five hundred thousand
the spa area for an additional six
hundred thousand a bar for an additional
seven hundred thousand a private gaming
table for one million and sixty five
thousand an office complete with a gun
locker and a completely useless safe for
200 grand and an additional bedroom
which actually functions for another 200
000 and quite separately we can add
garage access for 900 000 as well which
includes 10 parking spaces and is not
dependent on the lounge being in place
once you’ve sorted the floor plan you
can tweak the decor there’s a classy
black and tan look which comes included
in the price or you can change the color
a little for between two hundred and
fifteen five and two hundred and fifty
eight thousand five hundred finally the
patterns on the wall again we have one
that comes included in the base price or
you can spend up to two hundred and ten
thousand if something takes you fancy to
be honest though i’m not a massive fan
of any of these choices but i found the
leafy pattern to be least rubbish so
that means your minimum spend is one
million five hundred thousand but if you
budget six million five hundred thousand
you’ll be able to get more or less
everything and with daily fees sitting
between 500 and 1350
it will likely take you around 13 to 15
hours of active game gameplay to make
your money back it’s certainly not the
best investment in the game but it’s
certainly not the worst either okay so
once you’ve picked your layout and your
decor hit the next button and confirm
your purchase then head on over to the
casino when you arrive at the casino you
can head into the gaming floor as normal
or you can use the brand new option to
go straight up the first time you head
up we’ll catch up with miss baker and
tom and will later be joined by cheng
and his psychic and fans of story mode
will know that where chen goes trouble
always follows once the cutscene is
finished you’ll be dropped into your new
penthouse so i’d encourage you to take a
wander around and explore your new
purchase once you’re ready head back
outside and honestly the roof terrace
will do here after a few moments you’ll
get a call from miss baker explaining
the precarious situation the casino
finds itself in which is a bit of a lead
into the mission series after that head
back to the casino’s main gaming floor
up to the back to the north west corner
and you’ll see a new marker head on in
and that will drop you into the first of
a series of six contact missions now you
have to be quick on the draw for the
section option here you want matchmaking
closed and then you want to invite
friends and crew members and that way
you’ll get to do this with someone you
know i also recommend setting yourself
up with a discord or some other off-game
chat system as the in-game chat can be
buggy especially if one of you gets
killed during the mission if you don’t
have someone to help you will have to
work with a rando and while it’s
possible anyone who’s done heist will
tell you it makes the job a lot harder
now i won’t go through every mission in
this video that’s for another time but
there are links to comprehensive guides
for each of them in the description
below once you’ve completed all the
missions in the series and gone through
the storyline i guess you’d call it as
the leader you should have an additional
one million dollars or so if you’ve done
everything in order on hard mode and
without dying after that i suggest
swapping with your friend where they
initiate the jobs using their own
penthouse and you help out not only will
that get them the quick mill it will
also give you an additional 100 grand
loyalty bonus also having completed the
storyline you’ll now be able to do the
optional security intel prep mission for
the diamond casino heist from your
arcade this makes the heist a bit easier
so that’s always welcome and that’s more
or less here there’s not a lot to the
penthouse and it’s not terribly
profitable but it’s a netflix and has
some fun missions so thanks for watching
check out the video at the top for
another business guide or the one down
the bottom for some more old grumpy game
of goodness stay safe wash your hands
and we’ll see you in the next video

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