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THE Facility Guide

Learn about the facility business in GTA 5 Online, including how to unlock the Doomsday heists, garage space, the orbital cannon, and earnings potential. Plus, tips on buying a facility and managing raids. Get started with the Land Act Reservoir or Ron Alternates facility for around $1.85 million.
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Facility in GTA Online: The “Before You Buy” Guide

In this complete guide to purchasing a Facility in GTA Online, we’ll explore all the reasons why you might consider buying one, the costs involved, and the potential earnings.

Why Purchase a Facility in GTA Online?

There are four main reasons to consider purchasing a Facility in GTA Online:

  • Access to the Doomsday Heist: If you want to unlock this set of Heists and earn around $3,500,000 per round on the harder difficulty, you’ll need a Facility.
  • Unlock the Avenger: This MOC allows you to transport and modify certain weaponized vehicles and is a great airborne flex.
  • Additional Garage Space: The Facility allows you to store an additional 7 vehicles, plus specialist equipment.
  • Orbital Cannon: For $750,000 per targeted round, you can use this ridiculous weapon to take out any other player on the map.

Earning Potential and Costs

The Facility Business is similar to High-End apartments: the only way to make real money is through completing Heists, which require a team. While you won’t make as much as with the Cayo Perico Heist, there is still reasonable cash to be made if you play regularly with a team. As for costs, we’ll explore this in the next section.

Buying Options and Costs

There are three buying options for Facilities in GTA Online:

  • The Land Act Reservoir Facility – $2,950,000
  • The Zancudo River Facility – $2,525,000
  • The Paleto Bay Facility – $1,250,000

We’ll explore each facility and their unique features in the “Facility Tour” section.

Facility Tour

In this section, we take a closer look at all three Facility options and their unique features. We’ll also explore the Orbital Canon and other aspects of the facility.

Starting the Heist

Once you’ve purchased a Facility, we’ll walk you through the steps required to start your first Doomsday Heist.

Pro Tip

Our final tips for maximizing your earnings and getting the most out of your Facility.


If you’re looking to earn money in GTA Online, purchasing a Facility can be a good investment. Not only do you gain access to the lucrative Doomsday Heist, but you also unlock the Avenger, additional garage space, and the Orbital Cannon – a ridiculous but fun weapon. There are costs involved with purchasing a Facility, but with a dedicated team, you can earn reasonable cash.

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hi in this video we’re going through the
facility business in gta 5 online why
you need one how much it costs and how
to make tank loads of money
hi and welcome back my name’s dan and
i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto
is a truly massive game between gta 5
and the concert updates and rockstar for
gta online there’s no shortage of new
content and interesting things to do
join me then as we look at every
business in gta 5 online as we go
through the doomsday updates facility
before we dive in if you’re new to the
channel we do how-to guides news and
giveaways so consider subscribing and
ring the bell to stay up to date so
first things first why on earth would
you want to buy a facility well there’s
four main reasons access to the doomsday
heists of course you’ll need the
facility to unlock the set of heists
which will earn your team around 3 500
per round on the harder difficulty you
can unlock the avenger this airborne moc
is a fantastic flex which allows you to
transport and modify certain weaponized
vehicles additional garage space more
car parks never go australia so this
facility allows you to store an
additional seven vehicles plus a bunch
of specialist equipment and of course
the orbital cannon possibly the most
ridiculous weapon ever conceived in the
gta universe allowing you to murk any
player on the map for the low low cost
of 750 grand per targeted round on the
money side of the things the facility
business is similar to the high-end
department the only way to make real
money is the heist and you can’t do them
solo but if you have three mates you
kick around with regularly there’s
reasonable cash to be made don’t be
wrong it’s not kyo money but it sure
beats fleecer so with that in mind
playing with three experienced friends
and after a few rounds of heist to get
your head around the preps the potential
earnings are around 200 to 250 000 per
hour per crew member more on special
event weeks of course that also really
depends on your experience so yeah don’t
quote me okay so let’s talk budget to be
able to start the doomsday house using
the facility you’ll need to be a vip
motorcycle club president or a ceo
honestly though you don’t want to be
doing this as a vip there are some
serious restrictions and it’s a pain in
the backside so realistically the
cheapest option here is becoming an mc
president and to do that you’ll first
need to have a motorcycle club set up
the cheapest one you can grab is the
great chaparral clubhouse at 200 grand
it’s a bit out of the way but if you’re
on a budget this is the one to go for
once you have the clubhouse set up
you’ll need an actual facility once
unlocked you can purchase these through
the maze bank foreclosures website on
your phone and we have nine to choose
from the polito bay facility in blaine
county for one million two hundred and
fifty thousand the mount gordo facility
also in blaine county for one million
four hundred and sixty five thousand
lego zancudo near the air force base for
one million six hundred and seventy
thousand the ron alternates facility at
the wind farm for one million eight
hundred and fifty five grand the zancudo
river facility for 2100 route 68 in the
grand sonora desert for 2
5 the grand sonora desert facility in
blaine county for 2 million 525 grand
sandy shores for 2 million 740 grand and
finally the land act reservoir east los
santos for
295. each of them has the same capacity
that’s parking for seven personal
vehicles storage for five specialist
vehicles including the avenger and the
kanjali a media and seminar room for the
high startup and more land than a damn
strip ball so there’s no real difference
there making the only real difference
travel distance and budget if you’re
planning on grinding out the heist a lot
then i recommend grabbing the landac
facility which is close to most of the
preps or the ron alternates facility
which has great highway access i ended
up with the ron alternates because of
the access to the main highway loop and
it was right across the way from my
bunker next up we have some upgrades
starting as always with the decor you
can change the floor and trim there’s a
free version but you can spend up to 450
grand if you want to get really fancy
with the green and white color scheme
while you’re there you can also tweak
the wall graphics there’s a few
different options available again you
can leave it as it comes at no
additional cost or you can spend up to
175 000 on the more modern look for
functional upgrades you can grab the
infamous orbital cannon at 900 grand
which will allow you to target and
destroy any other player on the map note
that the 900 is just for the cannon a
single shot will set you back up to 750
000 as well so that’s not for the
faint-hearted the security room is next
at 755 grand this gives you access to
security feeds a gun locker some ammo
and a strike team who can also target
other players and skipping over to the
lounge again there’s a free version but
you can upgrade the look for between 185
and 245 000 and finally you can add a
personal quarters from 150 000 so you
can sport in at the facility this is
handy if most of your other properties
are on the other side of the map as it
can save you quite a bit of time right
so that’s it for actual expenses that’s
really a minimum spend of 1 million 450
grand including your clubhouse and the
cheapest facility but if you can a
budget of six million eight hundred
thousand will get you much closer to the
city and will also get you the orbital
cannon a strike team sleeping quarters a
nicer aesthetic and that of course
includes the ceo’s office but at least
the daily fees aren’t too bad though at
only 500 per day for the very basics or
up to around 1050 if you get all the kit
and with that in mind you’ll likely make
your money back within the second round
of heist which will net you and your
team around 1.05 million each including
first-time bonuses that’s about four
million two hundred and twenty-five
grand in total and will take around ten
to twelve hours depending on your skill
level after that each round of heights
will net you roughly three and a half
mil in total or around 875 grand each
depending on the split but will be much
quicker as you’ll have your head around
the preps and will be able to start
skipping cutscenes so it’s still not
kaio money but with the additional
garage space access to the orbital
cannon and the opportunity to own an
avenger it’s still worth the cash in my
humble opinion okay to get rolling with
this one head somewhere safe and
purchase your facility go to your phone
open money and services then maze bank
foreclosure once you’ve made your
purchase you’ll get a quick call from
leicester and after that you can head on
over to your new facility and head on in
you’ll get a reasonably quick one-time
silent briefing about the facility no
massive cutscene or story yet just a
simple overview of the facilities uh
facilities so pay attention once you’re
through the intro feel free to have a
wander around this piece of real estate
is vast but surprisingly there’s not
much more here than in the hangar you’ve
got a mechanics workshop up the back
where you can mod your avenger thruster
or your weaponised vehicles and through
the main door here on the northwest side
you can access the lounge sleeping
quarters and heist preps also you can
find a mini gun in the security office
which you can access and stock with ammo
even if you’re not a level 120 yet okay
so let’s take a quick look at the
orbital cannon first from the main
corridor off the hangar head up to close
to the end and take a left through these
slidey doors wander over and you’ll get
a prompt which you can see top left
press the activate button and you’ll go
into targeting mode we have three
options here surveillance gives you a
top down view of the map in real time
this allows you to monitor anyone or
anything on the map you can’t do any
damage here but if you work with a crew
over discord this is a great way to
coordinate free mode events as it lets
you work as overwatch for a larger crew
manual mode which is a single shot for
500 grand allows you to manually target
a specific place this could be a player
or you can center the canon on a group
of players for a shot at killing a bunch
of people in one go once you pull the
trigger on this one money is immediately
deducted from your account regardless of
the outcome of the shot a complete miss
will still cost you half a mil so be
sure and finally automatic mode which is
a more expensive shot at 750 grand but
is a guaranteed kill all your money back
if you’re after a particular player this
guarantees you’ll hit and destroy them
if they’re out in the open at the time
of recording if the cannon misses its
mark and fails to kill any player you
get a full refund this can be great for
trolling god mode griefers as you can
keep orbiting them and keep getting a
refund and just make sure there’s no
collateral damage otherwise you’ll do
your cash next up if you’re going for
the option the security office and
strikeforce again from the main hallway
head left through these doors and go to
the pc once that’s active you’ll be able
to set up a strike team
strike pick the level of skill you think
will be required for the job honestly
though for five grand for the top tier
why would you do anything else
especially considering there’s a five
minute cooldown and next select the name
of the player you’d like to target and
finally confirm after that you’ll have
the option to observe the action which
is kind of like a limited version of
spectator mode when the target dies the
screen will cut to black and drop you
back in the facility security office and
after five minutes you can go back and
do it again okay one more major thing to
cover and that’s the highest the only
way to actually make money with this
property i won’t go through the setups
or the actual job in this video but
there are links to comprehensive guides
in the description below head to the
main hallway again and run all the way
to the end and then hang right where
you’ll find the main briefing room neat
auditorium with some colossal screens
once you step through the doors you’ll
notice avon hurt sitting with lester and
they’ll both walk you through what’s
going on this like most other heist
intros is a bit of fun and contains some
valuable information so make sure you
have a good 10 minutes and turn the
sound up once that’s done character
control will be restored and you’ll be
left in the planning room register as a
vip motorcycle club president or ceo and
then keep an eye on the top left of the
screen for the button prompts to fire up
the first act the early prep missions
can be done solo if you like but the
second one with the deluxos will really
test your patience if you don’t have at
least one friend helping you out but i
won’t spoil it for you just know this is
a lot of fun and will keep you busy for
an entire weekend finally one quick pro
tip like most other businesses if you’re
registered as some sort of manager
that’s either a ceo vip or an mc
president the game assumes you’re
actively running your business and that
means they can be open to raids and
attacks if you’re not actively working
your business and you’re not doing
something that expressly requires you to
be registered as a ceo vip or mc
president then you should resign this
will significantly reduce the chance of
having stock stolen or otherwise
destroyed in your other businesses while
you’re not actively working heists and
that’s it thanks for watching check out
the video at the top for another
business guide or the one down the
bottom for some more old grumpy game my
goodness stay safe wash your hands and
we’ll see you in the next video

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